Best Laptop Backpacks online in India-Buyers Guide

There is no use for your laptop if you cannot carry it, which is solely why the laptop backpack was invented. Getting to carry our laptops everywhere we go is a much underrated yet important virtue.

Along with the development of technology, laptops have become one of the most basic needs of every workaholic. Laptops can do wonders for completing almost every job of yours from creating various documents to instant communication with anyone. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the Laptop Bags, laptop stands, laptop cooling pads, Dell i5 Laptops, Dell Vostro laptops, Dell Inspiron Laptopsi7 Laptops, i5 Laptops, Lenovo Laptops, Lenovo Thinkpad, Lenovo Ideapad, Acer Laptops, Toshiba Laptops, Asus Laptops, HP Laptops, HP i5 Laptops, HP Pavilion Laptops, Hp Elitebook laptops, HP Omen Laptops, HP Laptops under 30000, Laptops under 70000, Laptops under 60000, Laptops under 50000, Laptops under 40000, Gaming Laptops under 70000, Gaming Laptops under 60000, Gaming Laptops under 50000, Acer Laptop Batteries, Lenovo laptop Batteries, Dell Laptop Batteries, Hp Laptop Batteries in India.

Jobs like sending emails or connecting with people through video conferencing can be done within the blink of an eye. But these features are almost the same for desktops as well, aren’t they? Do you ever wonder why laptops were invented when desktops already existed? That’s because laptops are PORTABLE.

Top 12 Best Laptop Backpacks in India

List of laptop backpacks

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1. F Gear Luxur Laptop Backpack Gear-Luxu
2. Lenovo Casual Laptop Backpack Lenovo
3. COSMUS Darwin Backpack COSMUS
4. HP Odyssey L8J88AA Backpack HP-Odys
5. Killer Louis 38L Laptop Backpack Killer-Back
6. Vebeto Anti Theft Backpack with USB Port Deals-Out
7. Tommy Hilfiger Laptop Backpack Tommy-Hil
8. Wesley Milestone Laptop Backpack Wesley-Mil
9. Gear Classic Anti Theft Laptop Backpack Gear-Class
10. Harissons Xeno 33 Ltrs Laptop Bag Harissons
11. HEROZ Hammer Unisex Backpack HEROZ-Ham
12. Amazon Solimo Laptop Backpack Amazon-Brand

Buyers Guide – Laptop Backpack

There are many fishes in the sea in case of laptop bag varieties, but laptop backpacks are the easiest to carry. While many people opt to use normal backpacks, they don’t have a different compartment for your laptop.

  • So going for a laptop backpack is quite a smart and ideal outlook.
  • If you want the best backpack, it’s material is something that you should consider deeply.
  • Among the huge variety of materials, neoprene is the one that I would highly recommend.
  • Neoprene is a synthetic polymer that somehow resembles a rubber. It is resistant to oil, heat, and weathering.
  • Above all, it is entirely waterproof which makes it an ideal material for laptop backpacks.
  • It ensures the safety of your laptop in a highly efficient manner. You can also consider a memory foam backpack.
  • Try going for the backpacks with padded shoulder straps as it makes carrying the laptop easier and comfortable.
  • Make sure to look into the quality of your selected product as it’s durability is a must.
  • You can opt for various sizes as per the size of your laptop and your preferences.

Features of Laptop Backpack

  • You can find a huge variety of laptop backpacks all over the internet.
  • They offer many variations in terms of colour, size, material as well as designs and patterns.
  • You can choose the perfect one for you from a wide range of simple to fancy, small to big laptop backpacks.
  • The sole purpose of these backpacks is to help you carry your laptop with ease and without causing any damage.
  • Neoprene, nylon, leather, polyester are some of the most common materials used in laptop backpacks.
  • Some of the companies also add foam to provide more protection to your laptop and prevent casualties.
  • Using a laptop backpack from a trusted company makes it long-lasting as well.

Types of Laptop Backpacks

  • Keeping the huge range of consumers and their choices in mind, laptop backpacks come in few variations such as:
  • Simple or formal backpacks that can be used to carry on every journey including the formal business meetings.
  • They can be a great option if you are more into basic yet classy products.
  • Fancy backpacks that suit best for people with high fashion preferences while it is most popular among the college crowd.
  • Size variety is also available in laptop backpacks.
  • While neoprene and nylon are the most common materials used, you can find a huge variety in the case of materials.
  • The varieties include polyester, leather, faux leather, polyester, and EVA.

The availability of a charging port and the carrying capacity are other two important things to consider while choosing your product.

Uses of Laptop Backpack?

The easy-to-carry design of a laptop backpack ensures your comfort as well as the safety of your laptop. Most of the materials available are washable which is a plus point.

  • The various compartments available inside the bag make the organizing of other things with the laptop convenient.
  • These backpacks are not very heavy and can be carried for a longer time.
  • The backpacks are never out of trend which is a good thing if you are fashion conscious.
  • It protects your device and prevents any sort of damage or loss of data.
  • The charging port inside the backpack is a huge perk to keep your work going.
  • Some of the advanced backpacks also provide dedicated pockets for iPad’s and tablets.
  • You can find a trolly handle pass-through in many backpacks which makes it way easier to carry.
  • Some brands offer you hidden stash pockets that you can use to keep your pen drives.

List of 12 Best Laptop Backpacks in India-Buyers Guide

1. F Gear Luxur 23 Liter Laptop Backpack 2404

A stylish leather bag with multiple pockets. It assists the storage of many things in an organized way.F Gear Luxur Laptop Backpack


  • A wider shoulder strap makes it easier and comfy to carry.
  • Leather, as a material, never goes out of trend which is a perk for style lovers.


  • A little more space and storage capacity would make the backpack the best choice for many.


2. Lenovo Laptop Backpack B210 15.6-inch Water Repellent Black

A branded, spacious, and affordable backpack. It has a basic yet stylish look.Lenovo Casual Laptop Backpack


  • This is a lightweight backpack. Despite having a nice storage space, the bag weighs 453 Gms.
  • The padded laptop compartment and a quilted back panel make it very comfortable.


  • Some of the consumers report poor zip quality.


3. COSMUS Navy Blue Laptop Backpack for 15.6 inches

A strong, water repellant backpack with adjustable straps. 16 inches laptop of some brands can also fit inside it.COSMUS Darwin Backpack


  • The quality and space of the bag are totally worth the money.
  • Suitable for both college crowd as well as office-makers.


  • Adding 1 more compartment would make the product a lot better.


4. HP Odyssey Backpack for 15.6-inch Laptop

An appealing backpack in terms of designs and features. The HP branding makes it more trustable.HP Odyssey L8J88AA Backpack


  • Great product in terms of both quality and looks. The vibrant colors make it look very stylish.
  • The robust padding provides better protection for your device.


  • The cost is slightly more compared to the features, but it is all worth it if you’re looking for style.


5. Killer Large Navy Blue Polyester Laptop Backpack with 3 Compartments

A sleek bag made up of nice washable polyester material. It is a perfect fit for daily use.Killer Louis 38L Laptop Backpack


  • The 3 large compartments and various pockets make it really very spacious.
  • Also, it includes a special sleeve for a tablet which is a perk.


  • Few people complain about the durability of the stitches.


6. Vebeto Backpack with USB Charging Port 15.6 Inch Casual Bag

This is a nice backpack with padding, cushioning & ergonomic design for comfortable carrying. It is also a very stylish bag.Vebeto Anti Theft Backpack with USB Port


  • This is an anti-theft backpack where the zipper of the main pocket is hidden at the back.
  • The backpack contains USB charging of electronic devices which is a huge perk.


  • The carrying capacity of the backpack is not that great.


7. Tommy Hilfiger Navy Laptop Backpack (TH/BIKOL08HRP)

The backpack can be trusted with its quality as it is the product of a renowned international brand. It also provides a warranty.Tommy Hilfiger Laptop Backpack


  • 2 years of warranty is a plus point for you to feel secure about your investment in the product.
  • The breathable cushioned back helps us to carry it with maximum ease.


  • Make sure to check you don’t receive a duplicate product from the seller.


8. Wesley Milestone 15.6 inch 25 L Casual Waterproof Laptop Backpack

A unisex backpack made up of snow yarn polyester fabric. The soft handle makes it easy to lift.Wesley Milestone Laptop Backpack


  • The water-resistant material helps to keep the inner side of the backpack dry.
  • Also, the bag contains a water-resistant lining at the inside.
  • Durable and eco-friendly backpack.


  • The bag contains only two compartments which makes it suitable only for fewer belongings.


9. Gear Classic Anti Theft Faux Leather 14 cms Navy Laptop Backpack

This is a very good-looking bag with a faux leather finish.Gear Classic Anti Theft Laptop Backpack


  • The backpack doesn’t look very spacious but it can actually fit many things.
  • And the anti-sweat fabric used at the back and shoulder straps make carrying comfortable.


  • Claims to be an anti-theft backpack but don’t offer much in that section.


10. Harissons Xeno 33 Ltrs Black Laptop Bag for Men & Women with Cover

This is a great professional backpack for both men and women. This backpack comes with a handy pouch and Ergo grip backstrap.Harissons Xeno 33 Ltrs Laptop Bag


  • This is very spacious and lightweight.
  • A stylish look is provided by the company.


  • Some of the consumers mention the problems of untidy stitches.


11. HEROZ Hammer Unisex Nylon 45 L Travel Laptop Backpack Durable

A casual backpack with a chest strap and hip belt. It is a great product for traveling.HEROZ Hammer Unisex Backpack


  • This contains earphone cord support and internal compartments with organizer pockets.
  • Many pockets make the storage of things easier and more organized.


  • The price seems to be very high when the storage capacity is concerned.


12. Amazon Brand Solimo Backpack for 15.6-inch Laptops 27 liters

A backpack with a simple design and generous size dimensions. It can carry laptops up to 15.6 inches.Amazon Solimo Laptop Backpack


  • The bag offers a really nice and simple look.
  • Also, the quality also seems to be good as per the pricing.


  • The backpack is not water-resistant which is not a good thing.



You must have known by now that there are a huge variety of products in the case of laptop backpacks. Some of them differ in quality while some of them differ in looks.

Different sizes and materials might be suitable for you according to your liking. Maybe you would like to get different bags for different purposes. Overall, laptop backpacks are of great help for you to carry your mini-desktop everywhere you go.


What are the best laptop backpacks?

The best products for you always depend upon your own preferences. While talking about the brands and quality, some of the best laptop backpacks are listed above. Please go through the list.

Are laptops safe in backpacks?

Yes, laptops are safe in backpacks as the backpacks make them easier to carry. You get various features depending on the backpack that makes carrying, charging, and using laptops easier.

Do TSA-approved laptop bags work?

Yes, TSA-approved laptop bags actually work. If you’re carrying a TSA-approved laptop bag then you don’t require to take out your laptop during the X-ray screening of your bag.

What sized backpack do I need for my laptop?

The size of the backpack you need to select entirely depends upon the size of your laptop. While a 15.6 inches backpack works in most cases, you can also purchase a 17-inches backpack.