Best helmet for ladies 

Types of Ladies’ Helmets

  • Full Face
  • Open Face
  • Modular Helmets
  • Semi-Open face
  • Half Helmet

Ladies Helmets – Buying Guide

  • Weight
  • Internal Effects
  • Dynamic Features

List of best Ladies Helmets

  1. Steelbird Hi-Gn SBH-5 VIC
  2. Vega Verve
  3. Fastrack HB01BK04
  4. Studds Urban OpenFace
  5. THH Open Face Helmet
  6. JMD Modern Grand Open Face Helmet
  7. Dass Getz Open Face Helmet
  8. Kingsway Armex Series Huber
  9. Virgo Trekker
  10. StarvinRhynox
  11. Vega Girl’s Verve Motorbike Helmet

The motorcycle helmets differ for both the genders. But most of the ladies do not consider it much. They think that helmets are the same for everyone. In reality, they are not and even the comfort level also differs. Being a woman if you get a men’s helmet to ride a two-wheeler, it might not be much comfortable. But getting exactly the right thing, the women’s helmet will change a lot of stuff drastically. Similarly, getting the right type could add more benefits than going orthodox.

Let’s dig down into the types of ladies’ motorcycle helmets:

Types of Ladies’ Helmets:

The ladies’ helmets look the same as the men’s helmets. But there are some differences that make them separate. Though their types are even the same. But that does not make them resemble the men’s helmet. Here is a brief detail of the ladies’ motorcycle helmets:

  • Full Face:

These are the standard helmets for riding the motorcycles. But most of the ladies do not prefer getting them as they feel that they cannot really breathe properly while wearing this type. The improving technology has added some new features to this type, such as the multi vent system with the exhaust hose to keep the helmet free from heat and humidity. Some advanced helmets also have the Bluetooth, enhanced visors and air purification system.

  • Open Face:

This is one of the common types ladies prefer wearing while riding a two-wheeler. Especially the ones who ride the scooters get this type of helmet. This also one of the oldest form of the helmet.

  • Modular Helmets:

One modern shape of the helmets is the modular helmet. They are full as well as open helmets. A switch inside the helmet raises the chin panel and the visor converting it into an open face helmet. Ladies preferring modern products get this type of helmet.

  • Semi-Open face:

The semi-open face or quarter face helmet is a modern type of an open face helmet. The design is the same as that of the open face helmet, but additionally, it gets a visor or a dual visor.

  • Half Helmet:

Half helmet or the brain cap is the initial form of the motorcycle helmets. They were the first to be worn by any women while riding a motorbike. Though vintage, but still an active style. The advanced shapes include visors.

Ladies Helmets – Buying Guide:

The expensive helmets are not always the safest ones. Though they might have more features, they may not be exactly the same that you would be needing. Before moving into purchasing a helmet, it would be better to consider some things that matter a lot.


Weight is one of the biggest obstacles for women who ride two-wheelers. If the helmet has more weight than what you can really wear, the chances of collision or slide may increase. As the weight does not disturb the vision but it agonizes the rider causing to lose vision.

Internal Effects:

Most of the helmets apparently appear to be comfortable when worn for the first time. But it would be better if they are tested for nearly half an hour. As a couple of minutes cannot really tell how really comfortable are they. But after they are worn for long, the catches start appearing.

Dynamic Features:

In the present era, there are tons of safety features available for the vehicles. Cars got the blind-spot monitors, and the bikes got nothing much but the helmets do have some amazing features. Do check the features in the helmets before buying one, as they might appear as the literary terms, but in reality, they matter a lot.


Mostly Helmets comes in 4 different sizes varies brand-wise like Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large.

Helmet size guide

Helmet size guide

List of top Helmets for Ladies:

We have considered a few of the helmets for ladies from a list of many of them. They have been considered based on quality, features, rigidity and safety level.

  1. Steelbird Hi-Gn SBH-5 VIC Open Face Ladies Helmet:

  • The Steelbird Hi-Gn SBH-5 VIC is considerable when a decently priced helmet is needed with standard safety features.
  • Size is 580mm( Medium- size)  & dimension is 31x25x23.5 cm
  • Helmet weight is 1.06 Kg
  • It has the ABS thermoplastic polymer shell that is tested to reduce the impact of the collision.
  • Further, it gets an anti-theft ring, for all those ladies who prefer tying the helmet to the bike.
  • In addition to that, the interior gets a comfortable padding layer with breathing valves to keep the head free of sweat.
  • Some of the users complain that the helmet is tight. That is certainly not the helmet’s fault.
  • Instead, whenever you choose a helmet do try it so that it for almost half an hour to avoid such an issue.
Steelbird Hi-Gn SBH-5 VIC Open Face ladies Helmet with Plain Visor

Steelbird Hi-Gn SBH-5 VIC Open Face ladies Helmet with Plain Visor

  1. Vega Verve Helmet:

  • The Verve is another considerably cheap helmet with standard safety level.
  • This is a lightweight helmet, preferable for all those ladies looking for nothing but weight-less. Weight is around 1.22 Kg
  • The helmet comes in 4 sizes small – 55 to 56cm, Medium- 56 to 58cm, Large-58 to 59cm & Extra large – 59 to 60cm
  • Helmet Dimensions-30.5x 27.9 x25.4cm
  • Many consumers compare the interior quality of Verve with Vega’s own models produced nearly half a decade back.
  • The interior shreds out with regular use, that reveals the hard plastic surface that tends to hurt the head.
  • Vega Verve ladies helmet price is Rs 1100
Vega Verve Helmet Medium Size

Vega Verve Helmet Medium Size

  1. Fastrack HB01BK04 Girls Helmet:

  • The ladies version of the Fastrack HB01BK04 comes with nearly the same features as the men’s one.
  • The exterior structure, as well as the interior layer, is acceptable for the city as well as the extra-urban riding.
  • Further, it lies on the international safety standards.
  • All that could be taken as a catch is its price. But the good quality product is certainly expensive than the average quality.
  • The helmet is ISI certified.
Fastrack HB01BK04 Girl's Helmet, Large

Fastrack HB01BK04 Girl’s Helmet, Large

  1. Studds Urban OpenFace helmet for Girls:

  • Studds Urban is one of the cheapest helmets produced by this company.
  • Dimension: 33.4x 27.6x 25.8 cm with 0.998 Kg of weight
  • It includes nearly every safety measure that is necessary for a helmet.
  • As long you ride in the city wearing this helmet, things would go really fine.
  • Even wearing it for a shorter span daily would not cause any issue.
  • But once you take it out on the highways, or wear it for long, the interior would start ripping off.
  • And in that very situation, only the visor remains the best thing in this helmet.
Studds Urban half Helmet BK-BK Strip

Studds Urban half Helmet BK-BK Strip

  1. THH Open Face Helmet:

  • The THH Open Face Helmet for ladies is as same as that for the gents.
  • But the only difference is the color. It comes in pink with all other same specs.
  • The polyester interior and ABS exterior are the same.
  • Additionally, it has the cap top instead of a visor.
  • All you can fight about is its price.
  • THH produces Pink Helmets for Girls.
  • It is way expensive than many other open face helmets.
  • Size is 58cm & Dimension is 20cm x 15cm x 10 cm
  • Weight is 0.899 kg Very Lightweight Helmet.
THH Helmets Open Face Helmet

THH Helmets Open Face Helmet

  1. JMD Modern Grand Open Face Helmet:

  • The JMD Modern Grand is available in many attractive colors.
  • The standard is pink, while yellow, blue, red and purple are also available.
  • Further, it is available in two sizes, medium and large.
  • Ahead of that, the exterior design is nicely-created.
  • And the interior is quite comfortable.
  • The usual complaint so received is about the small size, which is not available in this helmet.
  • Some even doubt its quality as it appears to be sub-standard and cheaper in quality than many other brands.
  • Helmet Dimension: 28cmx 24cm x22cm & weight is 0.848 gms
  • ISI certified Helmet.
JMD Helmets Modern Grand Open Face Helmet

JMD Helmets Modern Grand Open Face Helmet

  1. Dass Getz Open Face Helmet:

  • DassGetz is an economically priced helmet with all the needed safety ingredients.
  • The exterior shell is composed of thermoplastic polymer with nylon restraints.
  • Inside is the polystyrene foam with interior and exterior vents.
  • Ahead of that, the visor remains scratch-free for long.
  • It is one of the best helmets you can get. But good enough as long as there is no summer.
  • The Helmet weight is 798 gms & Dimension is 10cmx 1cm x 10cm
Dass Getz Open Face Helmet-Pink Helmets

Dass Getz Open Face Helmet-Pink Helmets

  1. Kingsway Armex Series Huber:

  • Mostly, this helmet is men only.
  • But actually, it is a unisex helmet, even good for ladies.
  • The helmet is pretty much cheap.
  • And it nearly has everything needed for a safe ride.
  • Well, most of the ladies review it to be too much heavy.
  • Its weight restrains their head movement even causing pain in the neck during the journey.
  • 1.3kg is the weight of Helmet & also ISI Certified.
Kingsway armex series huber half face helmet for men and women

Kingsway armex series huber half face helmet for men and women

  1. Virgo Trekker:

  • Having vision problems? Then get the Virgo Trekker with a bigger visor.
  • This yellow dirty fellow has an extremely amazing exterior structure.
  • Even it is quite light in weight.
  • Further, the price is also quite low when you consider many other open face helmets.
  • But the interior may not be so good for long and might start coming off because of sweat.
  • Virgo Helmet weight 898gms & Dimension is 22cm x15cm x15cm
  • ISI certified Helmets.
Virgo Trekker Helmet

Virgo Trekker Helmet

  1. Starvin Rhynox Open Face-Half Helmet

  • The StarvinRhynox is a cheap helmet to consider.
  • The design is simple but not too much attractive.
  • It looks old school, colored with modern shades.
  • You would not hear people complaining about it because of its very low price.
  • But you may find some catches with the interior as it is really not a long term investment.
  • Its weight is 399gms. Dimensions: 10x10x10cm
  • ISI Approved Helmets


  1. Vega Girl’s Verve Motorbike Helmet:

  • The Vega Girl’s Verve Motorbike Helmet is a stylish helmet available for ladies.
  • The exterior, as well as the facial design, has plenty of styles.
  • Well, the structure is composed of the ABS thermoplastic polymer that could withstand collision impact.
  • And the interior is filled with polystyrene.
  • This is certainly one of the best picks for young ladies.
  • Price is one of the major catches for this helmet.
  • It is expensive, and it should be because of the style included in it.
  • Besides, the visor loosens up after a few months of usage as it starts dropping down on uneven roads.
  • Dimension- 31cmx 27.2cm x 25.9cm & Item Weight is- 1.19kg
  • ISI approved Helmet
Vega Girl's Verve Motorbike Helmet

Vega Girl’s Verve Motorbike Helmet