Best Keypad Mobile Phones in India-Buyers Guide

As we know keypad mobile phones have a stronger battery that can last longer than the ones on our modern touch-screen phones. This vintage device is amazing, and many people use it to date. Back in the day, our folks had to charge their phones once in two or three days.

Wouldn’t it be great if this modern digital generation could go back in time and see what using the keypad mobile phone looked like? Of course, nowadays you can find Android keypad mobile phones. Also, check the buyer’s guide on the best Samsung Keypad Mobile Phones, Nokia Keypad Mobile Phones, Portable Mobile Chargers, Fast Mobile Chargers, Solar mobile chargers, Samsung Mobile chargers, Bike mobile chargers, Car mobile chargers, Mi Mobile chargers, bike mobile chargers, Bike Mobile Holder, power bank brands, Mobile Holders for Cars, Waterproof Mobile Pouch, and Tempered Glass in India.

People still use these kinds of phones because they feel it is more functional. And, if you are in the market for a keypad mobile phone, regardless of the reason, we will be giving you some tips that will help you choose a keypad mobile phone that is best suited for you.

Top 10 Best Keypad Mobile Phones in India

List of Keypad Mobile Phones

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1. Samsung Guru 1200 Keypad Mobile GT-E1200 Samsung-Guru
2. Nokia 106 Dual SIM Keypad Mobile Nokia-Grey-Dual
3. Micromax X412 Mobile with Auto Call Recording  Micromax-X412
4. Kechaoda K116 Plus Keypad Mobile Phone  Kechaoda-Keypad
5. Karbonn K19 Rock Keypad Phone Karbonn-K19
6. Lava A1 Keypad Mobile Lava-A1
7. IKALL K50 Multimedia Mobile 
8. Bloom Selfie Keypad Phone with 6.1 cm Screen  Selfie-Feature
9. Snexian Keypad Flip Phone  Snexian-Mobile
10. Blackbear B5 Click Plus  Blackbear-B5

Buyers Guide – Keypad Mobile Phone

Keypad phones are usually small, but, if you cannot see the things on the screen clearly, the phone is not for you. It is for the best if you choose a larger keypad phone.

When you are going keypad mobile phone shopping, you have to check a few things:

  • First of all, check the size of the phone and see if it fits your hand, or if it is too small.
  • If you want a keypad phone that is a bit more modern, look for one that has a camera.
  • Check the quality of the camera to see if you like it and if it is up to your standards.
  • Like on any other phone, memory is super important on keypad phones too.
  • Look for a phone that can support many contacts, photos, and other items.
  • The larger the memory, the better the phone is.
  • And lastly, the weight of the actual phone is very important too.
  • You surely do not want to buy a phone that weighs a ton, it would make it harder to handle.
  • Look for a lightweight one, try it out to see if you like it before buying it.

Features of a Keypad Mobile Phone

There are two types of keypad mobile phones out there. We will be giving you a small description of them and their differences.

Phones with Tactile Keypads

  • A tactile keypad is a physical keyboard that contains numbers and the letters of the alphabet.
  • It is a default keypad for those kinds of phones.
  • If a button ever falls out of it, you could easily replace it at the repair store, and have it working just like before.

Keypad Phones with QWERTY Keypads

  • QWERTY on-screen keypads are often used in Android phones.
  • This is a standard keyboard that contains both numbers and letters of the English alphabet.
  • If you want to type much faster, it is for the best if you buy a phone with a QWERTY keypad.

How Does a Keypad Mobile Phone Work?

  1. Keypad phones have a keypad installed on them in the form of buttons.
  2. You navigate through your phone using those keypad buttons.
  3. Usually, these kinds of phones also have arrow buttons if you want to go down, left, up, or, right. Also, they contain the Ok, dial, and hang up a call button.
  4. If you want to type the word “Hello”, for example, you would have to press the number four two times to type the letter H.
  5. If you have a keypad phone with a QWERTY keypad, things get easier.
  6. The QWERTY keypad has a separate button for every number or letter.
  7. On the other hand, the regular keypad is kind of hard to handle, and the younger generation has trouble using those phones.
  8. That is the reason why usually people over 50 prefer these phones.

List of Top 10 Keypad Mobile Phones in India Buyers Guide

1. Samsung Guru 1200 Keypad Mobile GT-E1200

This is a very simple phone. It has a large screen that is very clear and displays vivid colors. You will not need to change the settings of the screen. One amazing feature is that it has a torchlight that every new touchscreen phone has.Samsung Guru 1200 Keypad Mobile GT-E1200


  • Samsung Guru Keypad Mobile has a modern design.
  • Also, it has a built-in torchlight
  • This contains the anti-dust keypad
  • Easy to handle


  • It only has 153MB of RAM

Samsung Guru Mobile

2. Nokia 106 Dual SIM Keypad Mobile

This phone has a very powerful battery that can last a couple of weeks before needing another charge.Nokia 106 Dual SIM Keypad Mobile


  • Nokia 106 Keypad Mobile has a very long-lasting battery
  • This supports games too


  • It fits perfectly in your hand, but it is a bit small

Nokia Dual SIM

3. Micromax X412 Mobile with Auto Call Recording & 800mAh Battery

This device is a bit larger than the Nokia 106 and it has one amazing feature, and that is it can accommodate two SIM cards. Plus you can change the language of the phone to another language.Micromax X412 Mobile with Auto Call Recording & 800mAh Battery


  • Micromax X412 Keypad Mobile comes with a dual SIM feature
  • This has auto call recorder function


  • Is available only in one color – blue.

Micromax Recording

4. Kechaoda K116 Plus Keypad Mobile Phone in Slim Card Size with Dual Sim & Bluetooth Dialer

This phone is a bit more advanced than other keypad phones because it has Bluetooth. You can also read books on this because it supports the EBook reader. It is very lightweight, but it is only available in one color, gold. The company offers a 10-days replacement if you are not satisfied with your new device.Kechaoda K116 Plus Keypad Mobile Phone in Slim Card


  • Kechoda Keypad Mobile has a headphone jack.
  • This has built-in Bluetooth technology
  • It supports headphones too


  • The company does not offer a warranty for this product


5. Karbonn K19 Rock Keypad Phone

This phone is black and red, and it supports Bluetooth technology. When you buy this product, you get all of the necessary accessories with it like a battery, the charging cable & everything. The company Karbonn offers a one-year warranty.Karbonn K19 Rock Keypad Phone


  • Karbonn Keypad Mobile supports Bluetooth technology.
  • The design is modern, and the phone itself is not too big and not too small either.


  • The product is a bit overpriced

Karbonn Rock Red

6. Lava A1 Keypad Mobile

This is very similar to other keypad phones. However, a great positive is that this phone supports two SIM cards and you can this as a personal and work phone.Lava A1 Keypad Mobile


  • Lava A1 Keypad Mobilebattery can last for a few days before needing another charge
  • This supports two SIM cards
  • You will receive all of the necessary accessories when you buy this phone


  • The product is slightly expensive

Lava A1 Green

7. IKALL K50 Multimedia Mobile with 2.8 Inch Big Colour Screen

This phone supports FM radio, which enables you to listen to your favorite radio stations anywhere you go. It is very practical because it also has a LED torch that can help you see better in the dark. The battery lasts for days before needing another charge.IKALL K50 Multimedia Mobile with 2.8 Inch


  • IKALL Keypad Mobile has a very modern and edgy design.
  • It supports FM radio
  • This has a LED torchlight too


  • It supports only a 2G network

IKALL Multimedia

8. Bloom Selfie Keypad Phone with 6.1 cm Screen, 3.5 mm Audio Jack, Camera & 1400 mAh Battery

This phone’s design looks a bit like the old iPhones, except it is nothing like an iPhone. The keypad is very delicate, but also very small and people with big hands would have trouble using this phone. It has a 1400mAh battery that can last for hours. One great feature of this phone is that it has a selfie camera.Bloom Selfie Keypad Phone with 6.1 cm Screen, 3.5 mm


  • Bloom Selfie Keypad Mobile itself is very thin, has a back camera, and supports Bluetooth too.
  • And due to its small size, it can perfectly fit in your pocket and your hand.
  • It has Bluetooth technology
  • Also, it features a LED torchlight at the back.
  • This comes with a selfie camera at the front


  • The keypad is a bit too small

Bloom Selfie Keypad

9. Snexian Keypad Flip Phone with Rock Car Design & Dual Sim

Now, this phone is shaped like a small car. Just like those small cars kids play with. If you are looking for a kitschy phone, this one is the best for you. One amazing feature that this phone has is the MP3 Player that lets you listen to your music anywhere you go. It has a six-month warranty.Snexian Keypad Flip Phone with Rock Car Design & Dual Sim


  • Snexian Keypad Mobile can perfectly fit your hands or your pockets due to its small size.
  • It comes with a LED flashlight
  • This is very small and therefore practical
  • Let’s not forget, this is a flip phone.


  • The design of this phone is a bit out there and looks childish

Snexian Keypad Phone

10. Blackbear B5 Click Plus with 1.8 Display, Talking Keypad, Dual Sim, 1100 mAh Battery & Auto Call Recording

This phone does not have a selfie camera, but it does have a back camera that can take good photos. You can connect your headphones to it because it has a 3.5MM standard audio jack input. However, the color options are limited. The keypad is just perfect, it is not too small nor too big. Also, it supports an external memory card.Blackbear B5 Click Plus with 1.8 Display, Talking Keypad


  • Blackbear B5 Keypad Mobile supports a 3G network and has Bluetooth technology built into it.
  • The design is very delicate, modern, and stylish.
  • It supports external memory card
  • Also, it supports Bluetooth & Bluetooth tethering


  • It is only available in one color

Blackbear Click Mobile


Which is the best 4G keypad phone?

There are several phones with a 4G network that have keypads. These phones are usually not expensive. For example, Nokia 8110 is a phone that works on a 4G network, has a modern look, and features a keypad.

Can I use 4g SIM in basic mobile?

The answer to this question is: Yes. Your SIM card is going to work on any device. SIM cards are compatible and can easily fit in any phone, even the old ones with keypads.

What are the best basic phones?

The most famous basic phone is the Nokia 3310. You can buy the old version of this phone or the new one. The new one is way more modern and can even contain two SIM cards. The Nokia 105 Dual SIM phone is also amazing if you are looking for a phone that looks modern and minimalistic.

Which basic mobile brand is the best Nokia or Samsung?

When it comes to basic phones, people usually go with Nokia. And people usually like Samsung smartphones more. Nokia made a fortune when the basic mobile phones first came out and it is still famous in that segment.