Best Keyboard Adapter in India-Buyers Guide

Beginner or professional, every music-maker deserves the best instrument and accessories. Therefore, if you are planning to buy an electronic keyboard, you must have the best keyboard adapter too. One of the basic demands of a music keyboard is that it needs an efficient power supply as it is an electrical instrument. Whether you want to produce different sounds and effects or make your music, your electronic keyboard gives you all you want. But for that, it needs to be powered up. And that’s where the keyboard adapter comes into great significance.

It attaches your instrument to the main power supply and gives a better performance than batteries. Read on to find your perfect one from our top 10 keyboard adaptor recommendations. Also check the buyers guide for the best Casio Keyboards, Pianos, dholaks, Flutes in India.

Top 10 Best Keyboard Adapters in India

List of Keyboard Adapters

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1. Shekhar International LAD-6 AC Power Adaptor For Casio Keyboards Casio-LAD-6-AC-Adaptor
2. Yamaha -PA130 Keyboard Power Adapter Yamaha-PA130-Pa130
3.  PRR-V DC Adapter for Piano & Electronics Keyboard PRR-V DC Adapter
4. PPI Power Adapter PPI Power Adapter
5. Whipcord adapter- Yamaha PSR-I455 Whipcord adapter
6. KEBILSHOP DC Power Adapter KEBILSHOP DC Power Adapter
7. Mexa Adapter Compatible for Yamaha Keyboards Mexa Adapter Compatible
8. Taapsee AC Power Adapter- Yamaha keyboards Taapsee AC Power Adapter
9. CARE ‘N’ TOUCH Yamaha Keyboard Cord & AC Adapter CARE 'N' TOUCH Yamaha Keyboard
10. Blueberry Adapter for Casio Digital Keyboards Blueberry Adapter for Casio

Features of Keyboard Adapter

  •  There are two most common power supply options for your music keyboard- the power adapter and batteries.
  • A keyboard adapter is an essential component that comes along with your instrument.
  • It joins your electronic keyboard through the power socket to the main power supply.
  • Unlike the batteries, adapters give a constant power supply and better play.
  • The most typical issues with using batteries are that they are expensive and can damage your keyboard.
  • If left inside the board for several days when not in use, they can leak and ruin the keyboard.
  • To save your keyboard from these mishappenings, you must have a power adapter.
  • The adapter should be the specified one and genuine that suits your keyboard.

 Types of Keyboard Adapters

  • Talking about the types of power adapters, it depends on the model of your keyboard.
  • Based on voltage requirements and compatibility with the instrument, we can divide the power adapters into two types.
  • These are the original or genuine and the universal keyboard adapters.
  • The genuine power adapter is the specified one that comes along with the instrument.
  • It meets the exact voltage specifications and is designed to handle voltage fluctuations that are the most common issue with universal adapters.
  • While the universal adapters are meant to be used only when you have lost or damaged the original one.
  • Still, you need to check if it is compatible with your instrument before buying.

Buyers Guide for Keyboard Adapter

  • Though it is always better to use the recommended adapter, it could also be possible that you may not find the original one.
  • Brands like Casio and Yamaha suggest using adapters of the same brand.
  • But, they could be out of stock, or you may be in urgent need.
  • Getting the right adapter is not a tough task.
  • In this case, you may follow some points and get the perfect AC power supply for your keyboard.
  • Check the voltage and milliamp rating needed for your keyboard that you’ll either find at the backside of your keyboard or in the user manual.
  • These are the two numbers that should match the voltage and milliamp rating mentioned on the power adapter.
  • Apart from that, ensure that the pin of the adapter fits in the power jack in your digital keyboard.
  • The universal alternatives may not be as reliable as the original ones.
  • Therefore, consider buying surge protectors or UPS systems to protect your instrument from voltage changes.
  • And last but not least, look for the prize and a trusted brand that is more likely to sustain than the duplicate and cheap adapters.

How to use Keyboard Adapter?

  •  The keyboard power adapter is easy to use.
  • The adapter has two ends, one that goes into the wall unit, and the other connects to the power jack of your instrument.
  • Once connected, switch on the power supply and press the power button on the keyboard, and it will be ready to be played.
  • Usually, instruments have a light indicator that glows to show that the keyboard has been powered up and you can use it.
  • A power adapter simply transforms a relatively high voltage alternating current into a smooth low-voltage direct current suitable for supplying energy to most electronic devices.
  • They come with basic security precautions so that none of you and your keyboard face any harm and discomfort.

List of Top 10 Best Keyboard Adapters in India-Buyers Guide

 1. Shekhar International LAD-6 AC Power Adaptor For Casio Keyboards

 LAD-6 9.5 Volt 1 Amp this Casio Keyboard is also agreeable with specified models from SA-46 to CT-X870IN. It comes with an input unit of 185-250V – 50hz which makes it compatible with many keyboards.

1 Shekhar International LAD-6 AC 9.5V Power Adaptor for Casio Keyboards


  •  Money worthy
  • Good cable length
  • 2 Pin round edge configuration


  •  Wire quality is average
  • The adapter is somewhat big


2. Yamaha -PA130 Keyboard Power Adapter

One of the best adaptors, this one is a 12 Volts 1 Amp AC power adapter that is lightweight and has a cable length of 8’4”.

Yamaha -PA130 Keyboard Power Adapter


  •  Lengthy cable
  • Suitable for various Yamaha models
  • Fast and safe


  •  Doesn’t come with the keyboard
  • Some users complain about the working efficiency


3. PRR-V DC Adapter for Piano & Electronics Keyboard

With an AC input of 220-240 Vol & output Dc &.7.5 volt 500 mA, this high-quality power supply is compatible with all other piano and electronic keyboards.

PRR-V DC Adapter for Piano & Electronics Keyboard


  •  Nice cable length
  • Suitable for other electronic devices that require adapters
  • 2 pin plug configuration


  • Users complain of poor product quality
  • Works well initially but stops working after using some days


4. PPI Power Adapter

 7.5V 500mA this power adapter is made in India with a high-quality transformer and is one of the cheapest you can get online.

PPI Power Adapter


  •  Works well for any electronic device along with piano and keyboards.
  • Value of money
  • The cable length is satisfying


  •  Faulty design
  • Loose body


5. Whipcord adapter- Yamaha PSR-I455

 This 12V 1.5A high-quality power adapter is compatible with several Yamaha models and has a high rank among the power suppliers for musical instruments.

Whipcord adapter- Yamaha PSR-I455


  • Safe and secure
  • Compatible with many models
  • 2 pin smooth edges plug configuration


  •  Short cable length
  • Poor quality


6. KEBILSHOP DC Power Adapter

Manufactured in India, this is a 7.5 volts 500mA power supply adapter that is suitable for Piano and Other Electronic keyboards.

KEBILSHOP DC Power Adapter


  •  Made of high-quality components
  • Compatible with Casio keyboards and other devices
  • Cheap but worthy


  •  Sometimes performs poor
  • Not safe enough


7. Mexa Adapter Compatible for Yamaha Keyboards

This adapter for Yamaha PA-150B is proper for other keyboard Yamaha models like PSR-E453, I400, I425, I500 and has a nice cable length.

Mexa Adapter Compatible for Yamaha Keyboards


  •  Best for replacement adapters
  • Good cable length
  • Suitable for various models


  •  Cheap material quality
  • Not worthy


8. Taapsee AC Power Adapter- Yamaha keyboards

This AC/DC cord with the output of 12V 2A 24W & an Input of 100-240V is one of the best replacements for the Yamaha original adapter. It works for almost every model and has a nice body structure.

Taapsee AC Power Adapter- Yamaha keyboards


  •  Lightweight
  • Nice cable length of 6.5’
  • Compatible with many models


  •  Some complaints of poor performance
  • Defected materials


9. CARE ‘N’ TOUCH Yamaha Keyboard Cord & AC Adapter

 This product is made in India of high-quality materials and is one of the top replacements for Yamaha original adapters. It has an input of 100-240V,50-60Hz & an Output of 12V, and has good built quality.

CARE 'N' TOUCH Yamaha Keyboard Cord & AC Adapter


  •  5 feet cable length
  • Compatible with several other keyboards
  • Certified and safe


  •  Bad product material
  • User complaints of poor performance


10. Blueberry Adapter for Casio Digital Keyboards

This power adapter of 9 volts & 1 Amp is suitable for Casio and other models like MA 150, CTK 810IN, & Zoom Processor.

Blueberry Adapter for Casio Digital Keyboards


  •  2 pin configuration
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Good cable length


  •  Not money worthy
  • Stops working after using some days



 A power adapter is a great way to supply power to your instrument and use it to its full potential. If you’re planning to buy a good and expensive keyboard then make sure that you don’t waste it in the absence of good accessories. Thus, browse and research thoroughly beforehand and get the best keyboard adapters for your precious instrument.


 Which is the best keyboard adapter?

 The one with the long cable length and high-quality transformers makes the best power adapter for digital keyboards.

What is the price of the keyboard adapter?

 They come in the range of 250 INR to 600 INR.