Buy Jockey Thermal Wear Online In India-Reviews & Buyers Guide

Jockey thermal wear mostly made of high-quality microfibers & liked by the buyers. The material is gentle when in direct contact with skin.

Regardless of whether you’re planning to go camping, hiking, traveling, or living in an area where the climate is extremely chilly, you will need to have the right set of clothing & thermal wear to keep your body warm in those conditions.

Wearing multiple layers of clothing is an easy way of keeping your body warm. However, wearing a lot of layers can become uncomfortable and can prevent you from moving your body freely.

The best and ideal way to prevent yourself from freezing and at the same time being able to move freely without discomfort is to wear a pair of Jockey thermals.

Top 10 Best Jockey Thermal Wear in India

List of the jockey thermal wear

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1. Jockey Men’s Cotton Thermal Vest Jockey-Cotto jockey-full-sleeve
2. Jockey Men’s Cotton Thermal Long Pant Jockey-2420 jockey-thermal
3. Jockey Boys Thermal Top Jockey-Boys jockey-boys
4. Jockey Boys’ Thermal Bottom Jockey-Bottom jocke-boy
5. Jockey Mens Cotton Thermal Set Jockey-Medium jockey-full-sleeve
6. Jockey Boys’ Thermal Top KT02 Charcoal Melange Jockey-KT02
7. Jockey Men’s Miyabi Thermal Vest Jockey-89013261 jockey-men-top
8. Jockey Men’s Tailored Fit Thermal Top Jockey-2604 jockey-international

Buyers Guide – Jockey Thermal set

Before purchasing a pair of Jockey thermal wear, it is important to consider some factors. This is important because you might not be comfortable with the product you purchase

So pay close attention to the suggestions below:


  • Before anything else, the first thing to consider is the material of the thermal wear.
  • This is something one should not neglect or underestimate.
  • Various manufacturers use multiple or single fabrics for better insulation, however, they usually compromise on the factor of gentleness on the body.
  • Thermal wear made of wool is gentle on the skin and keep the body warm, however, they are slightly expensive.
  • Whereas, thermal wear made of synthetic fabric is lightweight and cheaper and offers the same level of warmth.

Proper Fit

  • It is also very important to make sure that the size of the thermal wear fits perfectly on your body.
  • Sizes that are too tight or loose will cause discomfort and not allow the body to move freely.
  • Moreover, if you buy a loose size, you will have trouble with wearing the top layer of clothing on the thermal wear.


  • Jockey thermal wear is available in two common styles, single piece, and two-piece (top and bottom).
  • The single-piece slightly warmer and lighter in weight compared to a two-piece, however, they are not that durable.
  • Whereas two-piece thermal wear is long-lasting and thicker.
  • However, two-piece thermals can be a problem in terms of fitting perfectly on the body for some people.

Features of a Jockey Thermal set

Jockey thermal wear mostly made of high-quality microfibers. This material is gentle when in direct contact with skin. Unlike regular fabrics such as cotton,

  • Jockey thermal wear has non-absorbent properties.
  • It does not retain water, or even sweat, alternately, it rapidly removes moisture from your skin.
  • The properties of these materials allow it to assist in saving the body energy and stabilizing its temperature.
  • These are light in weight, thus making them more practical to wear as a base layer under other clothing.
  • It does not add weight or burden on the body, moreover, even if it gets wet it does not add on weight to the clothing.
  • The quality of the material is designed to fit perfectly on the body allowing complete flexibility in moving the body.

Types of Jockey Thermal Wear

There are countless fabrics used for making Jockey thermal wear. The most common and widely available ones in the market are listed below.

Pure Cotton

  • These are made with pure cotton and primarily thicker and heavier in weight.
  • These properties make it capable of retaining body heat.
  • Despite being heavy, it has a soft cotton texture that feels gentle on the skin. However, such thermal wear is not successful in retaining sufficient body heat for long hours.


  • These made with polyester are progressively getting famous as they are less expensive
  • And holds a great deal of warmth inside the body.
  • Another additional advantage of thermal wear made of polyester is that they hold sweat in and will keep you warm in chilly conditions outdoors as well as indoors.


  • Thermal wear made from sheep wool known to be the softest material for the body.
  • It’s a given that the warm clothing produced using fleece or mix of fleece with manufactured filaments offers more warmth, contrasted with cotton or polyester ones.

Why Jockey Thermals is preferred by Buyers?

  1. The principle of Jockey thermals is based on the functioning of insulation.
  2. These are made with materials that act as an added layer for insulation between the body and the piece of clothing.
  3. The materials retain a very minimum volume of moisture released from the body allowing instant drying and airflow regulating in the insulating layer.
  4. The fabric is firmly sewn and firmly weaved and this is how they retain & prevents heat which is produced by the body from escaping.
  5. The additional layer of polyester on the inner surface assists in better retention of moisture helping to maintain an overall dry skin.
  6. Cotton thermal wears fail to provide insulation when they become wet.
  7. Whereas, thermal wear made of wool is successful at allowing insulation even when wet.
  8. Besides, wool is a reliable material and widely preferred for its fire-resistant properties.

List of Top 8 Jockey Thermal set online in India

Without the need for piling up layers of clothes on your body and suffocating yourself, a pair of Jockey thermal wear ought to do the job.

1. Jockey Men’s Cotton Thermal Vest:

This product is a single piece of the vest for men available in two colors – charcoal melange and off white. The vest is finely weaved and knitted which makes it a perfect thermal wear for insulation.

It consists of various fabric materials that are cotton (56%), polyester (21%), and viscose (23%). The vest is tailor-fit made.Jockey Men's Cotton Thermal Vest


  • Jockey Thermal Vest has quality stitching and weaving
  • Made with quality fabrics (gentle on the skin)
  • It is available in size, extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large.


  • Size guide might not be accurate for some

Jockey CHAMLjocke men

2. Jockey Men’s Cotton Thermal Long Pant:

This is a single piece of thermal pants from the Jockey brand & for adults. It is available in two different color shades – off white and charcoal melange.

The product is very comfortable and allows for extreme ease of body movement.  And the material of the product is made of cotton (56%), viscose (23%), and polyester (21%).Jockey Men's Cotton Thermal Long Pant


  • Jockey Thermal Long Pant is finely knitted with details to ensure a perfect fit on the body.
  • Elastane cuffs (prevents from rolling up)
  • High-quality material


  • Slightly tighter from the bottom

Jockey Melangejockey pyjama

3. Jockey Boys Thermal Top:

It is a single piece full sleeve thermal top for boys made by Jockey. The vest closely knitted and weaved making it suitable for insulation during harsh weather conditions.

It is available in sizes for kids between the ages of 3-12. The material used for this full sleeve thermal top is premium combed cotton (100%).Jockey Boys Thermal Top


  • Jockey Thermal Top comes in two shades – charcoal and off-white.
  • This is a long-sleeve top
  • Made with premium combed cotton material


  • Size chart may not be accurate

Jockey Thermaljockey-top

4. Jockey Boys Thermal Bottom:

This is a single-piece long thermal pant for boys. The long thermal pants finely knitted and weaved which makes it ideal for insulation purposes during chilly weather. The long pants available for kids aged 3-12 years.Jockey Boys Thermal Bottom


  • Jockey Long Thermal Pant available in two distinct colors – off white & charcoal melange.
  • The material of the long pants is 100%) combed cotton.
  • Soft and lightweight


  • Might slip from the waist for some kids

Jockey-Thermajockey pyjama

5. Jockey Men’s Cotton Thermal Set:

It is a two-piece set for men available in grey color & made with polyester (21%), viscose (23%), and cotton (56%). It is available in sizes, small, medium, and extra-large.Jockey Mens Cotton Thermal Set


  • Jockey Thermal Set made with cotton, polyester, and viscose material.
  • It is a soft and lightweight set that is knitted & weaved for maximum insulation.
  • Affordable one


  • Only available in small, medium, and extra-large sizes

Jockey Charcoaljockey melange

6. Jockey Boys’ Thermal Top KT02 Charcoal Melange:

This two-piece wear is available in charcoal melange color. It is light in weight and soft on the skin. This inexpensive product is available for kids of 7-8 years old.Jockey Boys' Thermal Top KT02 Charcoal Melange


  • Jockey Boy’s Thermal Wear made with 100% premium cotton material.
  • This is a two-piece set for boys
  • It closely knitted for optimum body insulation.


  • Only available for kids aged 7-8 years

Jockey Charcoa

7. Jockey Men’s Miyabi Thermal Vest:

This is a single piece of full sleeve thermal wear vest for men. It is 2 pieces set for men & available in two colors – black & winter white. It made with high-quality Miyabi fiber that makes it ideal for insulation.

The material composition is Miyabi acrylic (65%), viscose (28%), and spandex (7%). The product is available in sizes, small, medium, large, and extra-large.Jockey Men's Miyabi Thermal Vest


  • Jockey Thermal Vest made with high-quality Miyabi fiber
  • This full sleeve vest is a tailor-fit type material.


  • Round neck is too deep

Jockey Miyabijockeyp-therm

8. Jockey Men’s Tailored Fit Thermal Top:

This is a single piece full sleeve thermal top for men made by Jockey. The full sleeve top is available in only back color. The long sleeve made for heat insulation and retention for cold weather. The material composition of this product is Miyabi (65%), micro-polyester (28%), and spandex (7%).Jockey Men's Tailored Fit Thermal Top


  • Jockey Men’s Thermal Top finely stitched fabric (Miyabi, micro-polyester, and spandex)
  • The long sleeve vest closely weaved and knitted


  • The size chart provided is not completely accurate

Jockey-Plainjockey thermal top


The principle of Jockey thermal wear is based on the functioning of insulation. These made of materials that act as an added layer for insulation between the body and the piece of clothing.

Before purchasing a pair of Jockey thermal wear, it is important to consider the mentioned factors such as fabric, proper fit, and style as you might not comfortable with the product.


What is the cost of Jockey thermals?

The price of Jockey thermals varies based on the sizes and whether they are single or two-piece sets. The Jockey Thermal price for a single piece of top or pant for adults ranges from 500- 700 Indian rupees. The price for a single piece for kids ranges between 300-400 Indian rupees.

Is Jockey thermal wear the best?

Jockey is one of the best brands for underwear, especially thermal wear. Jockey products are widely available and preferred by people around the world. The quality of their products is long-lasting and is available at reasonable prices.