Best Indigo Powder in India-Buyers Guide

Indigo powder is a compound that is often used to color hair black these days. It’s commonly referred to as black mehndi, however, it produces a blue color. When mixed with natural henna powders, it produces a dark brown to lustrous black color. It also produces a blue dye, even though it appears like henna. It’s also called Indigofera Terminalia in botanical terms, which is used to dye textiles to produce a denim blue color. The petals of the indigo species are used to make indigo powder.

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Top 10 Best Indigo Powder Brands in India-Buyers Guide

List of Indigo Powders

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1. Attar Ayurveda Indigo Powders Attar Ayurveda Indigo Powder
2. Indus Valley Indigo Powders Indus Valley Indigo Powder
3. Buy H&C Natural Indigo Powders  Buy H&C Natural Indigo Powder 
4. Kama Ayurveda Hair Color Kit Kama Ayurveda Hair Color Kit
5. Hennaveda Store Indigo Powders Hennaveda Store Indigo Powder
6. Natural Health life Hair colors Natural Health life Hair colors
7. Herbvilla Indigo Powders Herbvilla Indigo Powder
8. Natural and Organic Indigo Powders Natural and Organic Indigo Powder
9. Naturenna Good-Quality Indigo Powders Naturenna Good-Quality Indigo Powder
10. Natural Pack of 1 Herbal Hair Color Natural Pack of 1 Herbal Hair Color

Features of Indigo Powder

There are multiple features of the indigo powders.

  • First of all, it blackens the hair naturally.
  • It offers fresh, smooth, top-quality, and silky hair color.
  • The best feature of the product is that it does not only color hair but also heal them.
  • It makes them healthier and thicker. It strengthens the roots.

 Types of Indigo Powders

There are different types of indigo powders available in the market.

  • You can choose any color.
  • From brown to black shades, a variety of colors is available.

Buyer’s Guide for Indigo Powder

There are different features of the indigo powder.

  • First of all, you must check whether the product is 100% safe, pure and chemical-free.
  • Then, you should gauge the quality of the product.
  • There is also a variety of shades available in the market.
  • You can pick a product that looks good on you.
  • The indigo powder is the healthiest way to color hair.
  • So, make sure to get the only natural and chemical-free products.

How to use Indigo Powder?

  • Indigo powders are always used with henna.
  • When combined with Henna Powder, Organic Blue Powder is a completely natural and chemical-free approach to dyeing hair a dark, rich black, or auburn hue. Indigo has a lot of pigment.
  • It aids in the concealment of greys, the restoration of hair thickness, and the creation of volume.
  • It should only be used with mehndi.

List of Top 10 Best Indigo Powders in India-Buyers Guide

1. Best Indigo Powders by Attar Ayurveda – Gives Shinny Black Hair

There are no additional stabilizers, such as parabens, in Attar Ayurvedic Indigo powder. To preserve the quality of our Indigo powder, we make it in low amounts. Indigo powders from Attar Ayurveda are 100 percent organic and manufactured from Indigo plants.

Best Indigo Powder by Attar Ayurveda


  • The mixture stays gently on the head of the user.
  • It does not consist of any types of chemicals.
  • It is safe to use for women, men, children, and animals.



  • Many may not like the shade of this color.


2. Indus Valley Black and Strong Black Hair via Natural Henna and Indigo Powders

Indus Valley Black Henna and Indigo Powder are an excellent mixture. Both are organically grown powders made entirely of natural components with no additional additives. Indigo powder and herbal henna powder used together can make your hair look a beautiful black hue.

Indus Valley Black and Strong Black Hair


  • It strengthens the hair while reinvigorating its roots.
  • Indigo powder and natural henna make hair look black in a natural tone.
  • The mixture contains a blend of 09 herbs.



  • This is an overpriced product.


3. Buy H&C Natural Indigo Powders for Good Black Hair

Indigo Powder does not contain any types of chemicals. It is 100% all-natural medicinal indigo powder that provides your hair with a healthy and appealing indigo blue hue. Indigo Leaves (Indigofera Tinctoria) are used to create the blue color in this natural indigo powder for hairs. When mixed with mehndi, it produces a black color. For optimal outcomes, combine with or just use after applying pure henna.

Buy H&C Natural Indigo Powder for Good Black Hair


  • It is convenient to use this mixture for blackening the hair.
  • The indigo gives a good-quality blue color to the hair.
  • The color only gives strength and shine to the hair.



  • It can cause hair fall in a few consumers.


4. Kama Ayurveda Organic and Natural Hair Color Kit

Indigo Powders from Kama Ayurveda are all-natural. We recognize that various skin and hair varieties respond to natural products in different ways. Before applying all over, we advise doing a skin patch or hair thread health check.

Kama Ayurveda Organic and Natural Hair Color Kit


  • For usage at home, it’s both free from side effects.
  • It gives out a lot of color and gloss.
  • The mixture adds volume and texture.



  • Few customers may not appreciate its pitch-black shade.


5. Get Colored Hair with Hennaveda Leaf Henna Indigo Powders by Hennaveda Store

Hennaveda was founded in response to an issue with the purity of henna produced in the United States. Using advanced methods, our brand’s objective is to give the desired, entirely organic, and natural excellence to the Indian customer at a reasonable price.

Get Colored Hair with Hennaveda Leaf


  • It helps protect against pollutants and damage.
  • The powder of the hennaveda is 100% pure and natural.
  • It is certified and organic.



  • This is quite an expensive henna mixture product.

Get Colored Hair

6. Natural Health life Good-quality Pack of 3 Hair colors

Natural Health Life offers the best quality and highly reliable pack of hair colors. It is the indigo color that is quite famous nowadays. Consumers use the hair color for applying a particular color. However, indigo does not only change the color of hair but also strengthens them. So, you can depend on the quality and excellent benefits of this product.

Natural Health life Good-quality Pack of 3 Hair colors


  • Local farmers have grown the indigo powder.
  • It is 100% safe, organic, natural, and certified.
  • It is easy to use the packs.



  • It may not be suitable for people with dyed hair.


7. Herbvilla Indigo Super-Quality and Reliable Indigo Powders

Herbvilla Indigo powder is a wonderful option if you’re seeking a healthy alternative to conventional hair colors. This indigo powder is made by smudging the stems of the indigo plant, which has great hair advantages. The leaves generate a dark blue dye that produces a dark black shade when used as a hair color after applying henna.

Herbvilla Indigo Super-Quality and Reliable Indigo Powder


  • It consists of the best quality indigo leaves.
  • It makes hair shinier, healthier, and smoother.
  • Indigo does not damage the hair at all.



  • The price of the product is a bit higher.


8. Natural and Organic Super-Quality and 100% Result Giving Jaivik Indigo Powders

Simply Jaivik 100% Organic Indigo Pigment is a great natural substitute for artificial hair dyes. The product does not consist of any type of chemical element. All of the chemicals are absent. To achieve dark brown or brown to black hues on locks, use for the or after mehndi applications.

Natural and Organic Super-Quality


  • The Jaivik Indigo Powder gives 100% satisfying results.
  • It is easy to apply the indigo powder to the hair.
  • Organic quality ensures the safety of the user.



  • The color does not remain on hair for an extended period.


9. Naturenna Good-Quality Indigo Powders – Offering Good Shade

Indigo Powder ensures purity and high quality by including no PPD, ammonium, or chemicals. When combined with NATURENNA mehndi powders, NATURENNA Indigo powder creates a brown to black tint.

Naturenna Good-Quality Indigo Powder


  • The product does not consist of chemical elements.
  • It is 100% natural, safe, and high-quality.
  • The product offers black and brown shades.



  • It is leaf henna and indigo powder. Few people may not prefer it.


10. Natural Pack of 1 Herbal Hair Color – Good-Value Pack

Herbal indigo provides hairs with a bluish to violet hue. Khadi is a reliable and reputable manufacturer. You can trust the products of the Khadi. Khadi hair pack is suitable for people of all skin types. Hair treatment is one of the advantages. So, get the khadi pack to treat your hair well.

Natural Pack of 1 Herbal Hair Color - Good-Value Pack


  • This is a safe, pure, and super-quality product.
  • The khadi offers herbal hair colors for adults and older.
  • The application of the product is also easier.



  • You can get only one pack at this price.



Indigo powder is a blue shade. The indigo powder is used along with henna. With henna, the powder gives off black color. It becomes easy to apply the indigo powder and henna if they are high quality. We have recommended the top 10 indigo powder products. So, you should use them. They will provide you with greater results. So, take into consideration the above guide and choose a product.


What does indigo powder do?

The indigo powder provides particular hair color. Indigo, often known as real Indigo, is an organic herb that comes first from the bean group. Indigo is a pigment that can also be used for medical reasons. It’s mostly cultivated in Asia and a few African countries. The parts of plants are crushed to produce indigo powders. It colors the hair.

Is indigo powder safe for hair?

It’s okay to apply mehndi and indigo on your head as long as the materials are 100 percent pure, natural, and chemical-free.

Can I apply indigo without henna?

No. You cannot utilize the indigo powder without using henna.