Best HP Elitebook Laptops in India-Buyers Guide

Laptops are the need of every person nowadays. Some need them for their study purposes, some for business purposes, and some use them for entertainment purposes. Many companies have introduced huge lists of series of laptops, some basic and some professionals. Every laptop has different features, prices, capabilities, and qualities. It is difficult for a newbie or an unprofessional person to buy a laptop because there are a lot of technical things that have to be considered.

HP is a familiar company that provides very competitive laptops all over the world. This article is about buying the best HP Elitebooks easily. An Elitebook is a small, thin, durable, lightweight, and easy to use and maintain series of laptops. In this small article, it is impossible to explain every detail about a laptop, but we have made a list by comparing some basic features. This will help you in buying a good HP Elitebook for simple uses.

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Top 10 Best HP Elitebooks in India

List of HP Elitebooks

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1. HP 2019 Elitebook 840 G5 HP 2019 Elitebook 840 G5
2. HP Elitebook 850 G6 HP Elitebook 850 G6
3. HP Elitebook 840 G6 HP Elitebook 840 G6
4. HP 3RF06UT#ABA Elitebook 840 G5 HP 3RF06UT#ABA Elitebook 840 G5
5. HP Elitebook 840 G3 HP Elitebook 840 G3
6. HP Elitebook 1040 G4 Notebook HP Elitebook 1040 G4 Notebook
8. HP Elite book 840 G6 Core i5-8265U HP Elitebook 840 G6 Core i5-8265U
9. HP Elite book 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8565U HP Elitebook 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8565U
10. HP Elite book 8th Gen Intel Core i7 -8550U HP Elitebook 8th Gen Intel Core i7 -8550U

Buyer’s guide for HP Elitebook

  • Check the intensity of your work then buy a laptop or Elite book. If you are a student or need a laptop for simple work then you don’t have to go for an expensive, advanced-level laptop. But, if you are a professional programmer, or gamer, etc, you will need a high-level Elitebook.
  • Always check Ram, hard drive, processor, etc in an Elitebook before buying. These things will determine the speed and efficiency of a laptop.
  • Its size and weight are also important. If you have to set it on a table, then a large and heavy laptop will be alright. But, for mobility, it must be lightweight and in size that is easy to carry.
  • Check display quality, speakers, and keyboard quality too. If its keyboard is backlit, it will be a plus point. The keys and mouse muse be smooth.
  • Select between touch screen or keypad laptop according to your need.
  • As you have to connect your laptop with different devices for different works, then, it must have variable ports too.
  • Double-check the prices of laptops on different websites and markets.

List of Top 10 Best HP Elitebooks in India-Buyers Guide

1. HP 2019 Elitebook 840 G5 (Intel Core i5-8250U)

It is a 14-inches Elitebook by HP having pre-installed pro-Windows 10 as the operating system. The laptop has 16GB Ram and 256 GB original M.2 PCle NVMe. Its processor’s base frequency is 1.6-3.4GHz.  This screen is non-touch but has an amazing display and wide view angle. Its weight is only 3.2 lb and is 0.75 inches thick.

HP 2019 Elitebook 840 G5


  • This HP Laptop audio quality is amazing.
  • The battery backup is good.
  • The keys of its keyboard are smooth and give a good typing experience.


  • The webcam quality is bad.
  • It doesn’t have a memory card reader.


2. HP Elitebook 850 G6 (Intel Quad-Core i5-8265U)

It is a high-performance business laptop by HP that has advanced features. The laptop has 15.6 inches anti-glare display, 1 terabyte storage, and a good Ram of 32GB. Other features contain a fingerprint sensor and 1.3-3.9GHz processor frequency. It contains ports Type C port, HDMI, 3 thunderbolts, docking connector, audio combo jack, and backlit keyboard. It has professional 64-bits pre-installed windows

HP Elitebook 850 G6


  • Its design is amazing.
  • It has amazing security features.
  • The view angle and contrasts of the screen are great.



3. HP Elitebook 840 G6, (Intel Core i5-8265U) 

This Elitebook by HP also has man good features that make its space in this top 10 list. The laptop has an i7-8265 processor and UHG graphics. Its storage is 1 terabyte and the Ram is 16GB. It has a good processing speed of 1.8-4.6GHz so suitable for each type of work. Its battery is 50watt which means it can work smoothly for a long time. It has a USB 3.1 “A” type port for charging, HDMI and RJ45 connectors, audio jack, sim card space, thunderbolt port, etc.

HP Elitebook 840 G6


  • It can work for 16 hours when the battery is charged fully.
  • The screen’s view angles are wide.


  • The sound quality must be improved.


4. HP 3RF06UT#ABA Elitebook 840 G5

This HP Elitebook 840 G5 laptop is a good option and competing against many other top laptops. The laptop is silver having a stylish aluminum body. It has a 14-inches touchpad with thin edges. Its processor speed is 2.5GHz, 256GB hard drive, and 8GB, Ram.

HP 3RF06UT#ABA Elitebook 840 G5


  • Its design is sleek and stylish.
  • The keys of the backlit keyboard are soft.
  • A 50-watt battery gives a good working time.


  • This HP Elitebook price is a little higher.


5. HP Elitebook 840 G3 (Intel Core i5-6200U)

It is another Elitebook by HP that has 14 inches anti-glare screen. This is a good laptop that is suitable for business use and regular use, but, not for heavy games. It contains Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and an in-built webcam. This contains a professional 64-bit windows 7 with a professional windows 10 license.

HP Elitebook 840 G3


  • Its price is very reasonable.
  • The battery is very well.


  • Its screen’s graphics must be improved.


6. HP Elitebook 1040 G4 Notebook (7th Gen Core i7 7820HQ)

This is a 7th generation HP Elitebook that comes with many good features. If we talk about its appearance then it is a silver laptop that has 14 inches display size.  46 bit professional Window 10 is pre-installed in the system. Its Ram is 16GB that can increase up to 32GB and the storage is 1000GB. The laptop also has ports for so many devices.  It is a set of 6 items including a mouse, headphones. Bag, monitor, printer, and laptop.

HP Elitebook 1040 G4 Notebook


  • The build quality of the laptop is amazing.
  • This laptop has very good security features.
  • It has a backlit keyboard.


  • SD card slot is not available on the laptop.


7. 2020 HP ELITEBOOK X360 1040 G6 Intel Quad Core i5-8265U

This is another Elitebook by HP from their i5 series that you will like to have. It has an attractive design with 13.3 inches screen that is 360 degrees rotatable and convertible to a tablet. It has a full HD, a 2-in-1 screen that has high-quality graphics. The laptop has 265GB PCIe SSD storage and a 16GB Ram. It has 2 ports for Type C gen 1 USB 3.1, 3 ports for the thunderbolt, USB 3.1 type A, HDMI, and an audio jack. The laptop is very beneficial for professional use and studies.

2020 HP ELITEBOOK X360 1040 G6 Intel Quad


  • The manufacturer is providing a 3-years warranty.
  • Its battery life is amazing.
  • It is a lightweight laptop.


  • Its speaker’s quality should be improved.


8. HP Elitebook 840 G6 Core i5-8265U

It is a 14 inches full HD FHD 8th generation i5 Elitebook by HP. The screen has IPS technology and is 360 degrees rotatable. Its screen has 620 UHD graphics and the display quality is very good. This lightweight laptop has many good features including its 256 GB hard drive, 256GB memory storage, and 8GB Ram. Its 1-cell lithium battery has a good working period of 11 hours.

HP Elitebook 840 G6 Core i5-8265U


  • Its battery timing is very good.
  • It is a very efficient and fast laptop.
  • A good quality sound system is used on the laptop.


  • The display quality can be improved.


9. HP Elitebook 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8565U

It is a business Elitebook by HP on our top list. This is a regular-use laptop that can easily run simple software and is for simple tasks. Its screen has AMD Radeon graphics of RX 550 2GB and the hard disk is 512GB. It has pre-installed professional Windows 10.

HP Elitebook 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8565U


  • Its battery timing is almost 11 hours.
  • The display quality of the laptop is very good.


  • This HP Elitebook price is high.


10. HP Elitebook 8th Gen Intel Core i7 -8550U

This Elitebook by HP is an 8th generation laptop having a 14-inches display. The internal features ae 512GB storage, 8GB Ram, and 2GB AMD Radeon RX 550 graphics. The laptop has a grey color and is a lightweight laptop, weighing 1.4kg.

HP Elitebook 8th Gen Intel Core i7 -8550U


  • The screen is bright and has IPS technology.
  • It has various ports for many devices.
  • Its battery timing is almost 11 hours.


  • It is an over-priced laptop.



HP Elitebook has many models and series. If you are new in buying a laptop, they can make you confused. So, we, in this article have picked a few of the best HP Elitebook products. If you are planning to buy an Elitebook, have a look at our list.


What is an HP Elitebook?

It is a series of upgraded, high-quality, and high-performance laptops from HP. You can get different models and designs in this series having different features at different prices.

How much does an HP Elitebook cost?

A basic Elitebook that has general features cost start from 22000. But the professional and heavy-duty Elitebooks are expensive.

Which is the best HP Elitebook?

It depends on the features you are looking for in an Elitebook. So, we have compiled a list of Elitebooks according to different features. You can get the best one for you there.

Why is HP Elitebook so expensive?

We all know that HP is the name of reliability and quality. Their Elitebooks are expensive because of their great features, durability, quality, and much more.