Honey is a sweet natural food substance that comes from bees. It can help increase energy levels. Consequently, it can assist the consumer to improve performance in all aspects of life. Besides increasing energy levels, honey can help improve boost immunity. Thus a person who takes honey regularly is less prone to falling ill.

Another area where honey can be useful is that of weight loss. This is because honey has the effect of improving the body’s metabolism rates for the person taking it. Finally, honey is rich in most of the vitamins and minerals that one needs for good health. And it has a good antiseptic effect.

Top 10 Best Honey in India-Buyers Guide

List of Honey Brands

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1. Apis Himalaya Honey Apis-Himalaya-Honey Apis-Himalaya-Honey
2. Zandu Pure Honey Zandu Pure Honey Zandu Pure Honey
3. Dabur Honey Dabur Honey Dabur Honey
5. Saffola Honey Saffola Honey Saffola Honey
6. DADEV Unprocessed Raw Honey DADEV Unprocessed Raw Honey DADEV Unprocessed Raw Honey
7. Patanjali Honey Patanjali Honey Patanjali Honey
8. Dabur Organic Honey Dabur Organic Honey Dabur Organic Honey
9. DiSano Honey 500g DiSano Honey 500g DiSano Honey 500g
10. ORGANIC INDIA Organic Honey ORGANIC INDIA Organic Honey ORGANIC INDIA Organic Honey

Features of Honey

  • One very important feature of honey is purity.
  • The easiest way to gauge honey purity is by checking the lab tests it has passed for purity.
  • Another important feature of honey is its capacity for granulation.
  • Generally, you would expect better-quality honey to have a higher capacity for granulation.
  • This is the tendency of the honey to naturally form crystals under certain conditions.
  • Yet another important feature of honey is sugar content.
  • This should be about the natural sugar in the honey (in the form of glucose and levulose/fructose).
  • That is in contrast to artificial sugars/syrups added to boost sweetness.
  • Viscosity is another key feature in honey.
  • This refers to the level of stickiness in the honey.
  • There would be an expectation for the best quality honey to be more viscous, in a natural way.

Types of Honey

  • There is raw honey, on the one hand.
  • Then there is pasteurized/processed honey on the other hand.
  • There is blossom honey and honeydew honey.
  • Then there is mono-floral and multi-floral honey.
  • We also have what is referred to as organic honey.
  • Then there is inorganic honey.

How to use Honey?

  • One way in which you can use honey is by eating it directly.
  • So this is where, for instance, you just take a spoonful of honey and lick it.
  • Another way in which you can use honey is by adding it to beverages.
  • Ideally, those should be cold beverages.
  • That is because there are experts who warn against adding honey to warm/hot beverages.
  • But there are also many people who stir honey into their tea and/or coffee without problems.
  • Yet another way in which you can use honey is by spreading it on bread and other similar foods.
  • This way, it enhances the taste of whatever it is spread onto, while also giving the consumer various health benefits.
  • There are also those who rub honey onto burns and wounds for faster and better healing.

How to buy Quality Honey?

  • The most important consideration while shopping for the best honey in India is genuineness.
  • Ensure that what you buy is genuine honey, harvested from bees, and not some sort of sugar syrup.
  • You will need to make a decision on whether what is best for you is raw honey or regular/processed honey.
  • Then ensure that that is what you actually get from the vendor.
  • You also need to have insight into honey price trends.
  • This way, you can tell when a particular brand is on sale for too high a price.
  • You can similarly tell when a particular brand is on sale for an unrealistically low price.
  • The latter could possibly be indicative of adulteration.
  • Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best dates, Dry fruits in India.

List of Top 10 Best Honey in India-Buyers Guide

1. Apis Himalaya Honey

What you get here is 1 full kg of honey. They have an offer whereupon buying one can of honey, you get another one for free.

Apis Himalaya Honey


  • The quantity of Himalaya honey (at 1 kg) is adequate for most needs
  • The price is low for the amount of honey you get
  • The honey is of decent quality


  • Packaging is basic, with a plastic jar
  • Viscosity seems to be limited


2. Zandu Pure Honey

The package in this case is 500 grams. The vendors say that it is 100% pure, with absolutely no added sugar.

Zandu Pure Honey


  • This Zandu honey has passed many quality tests
  • Packaging is of high quality
  • Price is affordable by almost anyone


  • Honey quantity is 500 grams only
  • Some may find the honey’s density/granularity wanting


3. Dabur Honey 100% Pure With No Sugar Adulteration

Dabur’s particular honey product is sold in a 1 kg package. It comes with a purity guarantee.

Dabur Honey 100% Pure With No Sugar Adulteration


  • Dabur Honey color and taste seem authentic
  • The price is not particularly high
  • The amount of honey (at 1 kg) is decent


  • The honey seems to be pasteurized, hence not raw
  • There seems to be a limit to its crystallization ability


4. INDIGENOUS HONEY Raw Organic Unprocessed Original Honey 

INDIGENOUS honey in this case comes in a 530-gram package. It is in its natural, unprocessed form.

INDIGENOUS HONEY Raw Organic Unprocessed Original Honey 


  • Packaging is in a glass jar
  • Honey seems to have all properties of purity
  • The honey is natural/raw form, with no processing


  • Price is relatively high, considering the honey hasn’t undergone processing
  • Tendency to crystalize very fast is a hindrance to some uses


5. Saffola Honey (1000 gm)

Saffola honey is another full kilogram package of honey. Vendors say it has passed all quality tests well.

Saffola Honey (1000 gm)


  • Seems to genuinely contain no artificial sugar
  • Quantity is 1 full kg
  • Has good viscosity and smoothness


  • Bottle contains very little usage information
  • The honey seems as if it is from commercial apiculture, rather than natural forest harvesting


6. DADEV Unprocessed Raw Honey

What you get here is 750 grams of honey. The honey is in natural form, without any processing.

DADEV Unprocessed Raw Honey


  • The Dadev honey is in raw form: hence retains all nutrients
  • It seems to be forest honey (rather than commercial apiculture honey)
  • Price is reasonable for the quality


  • The fact that is raw unprocessed honey means that it may be unsuitable for certain (few) uses
  • Quantity is only 750 grams.


7. Patanjali Honey

Patanjali honey is 1kg of reasonably good quality honey, at a low price. The taste and color look good enough.

Patanjali Honey


  • Price is quite low
  • The Patanjali Honey quantity is at full 1 kg, which can last
  • It is organic honey


  • Honey mostly seems to crystalize at a slower pace
  • Opening the package for the first time can be slightly hard


8. Dabur Organic Honey

Dabur organic honey in this case comes in 300 grams. It is in raw form, without industrial processing.

Dabur Organic Honey


  • Comes with a purity guarantee
  • Honey is raw (hence no interference with any of the nutrients)
  • It is an organic apiculture product


  • The product is only 300 grams
  • Some may find the packaging to be uninspiring


9. DiSano Honey 500g

The vendor in this case offers a buy one get one free deal. This Disano honey product is sold in 500-gram units.

DiSano Honey 500g


  • Very low price honey
  • The honey seems to have good viscosity.
  • Container/jar is of a good standard


  • The package is only 500 grams
  • Color may be slightly off-putting (but the quality is otherwise quite decent)


10. ORGANIC INDIA Organic Honey Multi Floral

What you get here is 250g of honey. The honey is organic and is of a multi-floral variety.

ORGANIC INDIA Organic Honey Multi Floral


  • The taste and look of Organic honey is good enough
  • It is organic produce
  • Price is within most people’s reach


  • Only 250 grams package
  • Container lid may be prone to spillage after first time opening



Good quality honey can bring numerous health benefits to your body. With this guide, you are empowered to make a better choice while shopping for honey in India.


What are the benefits of honey in the body?

It enhances energy, boosts immunity, and has an antiseptic effect. It can also help with weight loss and maintaining youthful looks.

How much honey is healthy?

For most people, a tablespoon or so should be healthy.

Which is the best honey in India?

The best honey in India is that which is organic, with good density and excellent taste.