Best Hindware Taps in India-Buyers Guide

Hindware taps are suitable for use both in residential and commercial buildings. People love them because their prices are usually reasonable, and their installation is usually quite simple. They are high-quality taps in almost every respect. More specifically, Hindware has a track record for making durable products. Therefore people purchase the taps with the expectation that they would be as durable as other Hindware products.

It helps too that most of the taps from the Hindware brand come with long warranties. Therefore people get to buy them with peace of mind. Most of these taps have a chrome finish, which serves a couple of purposes. Firstly, thanks to the chrome finish, these taps remain shiny throughout. They don’t lose elegance with time. And secondly, the chrome finish enhances hygiene by reducing rust proneness.

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Top 10 Best Hindware Taps in India

List of Hindware Taps

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1. Hindware (F280026CP) Sink Cock F280026CP-Extended-Swivel
2. Hindware (F100004Qt Contessa) 2 in 1 Bib Tap F100004Qt Contessa
3. Hindware (F280001CP) Pillar Cock F280001CP
4. Hindware (F280002CP) Bib Cock F280002CP
5. Hindware (F100024QT) Contessa Sink Tap with Swivel F100024QT
6. Hindware Contessa With Stainless Steel Sink Cock Contessa With Stainless
7. Hindware (F330004) Brass Bib Cock Brass Bib Cock
8. Hindware Tall Pillar Tap Tall Pillar Tap
9. Hindware Metal Pillar Tap With Chrome Polished Finish Metal Pillar Tap
10. Hindware (F330041CP) Brass Contessa Plus Bib Tap Brass Contessa Plus Bib Tap

Features of Hindware Taps

  • One very important feature in a water tap is the flow rate.
  • Taps with better flow rates are preferable.
  • Whether a tap’s internal components can withstand a high flow rate without malfunctioning is an important question here.
  • So you may find a tap that allows a high flow rate, but whose internal components can’t withstand the pressure.
  • The best Hindware taps offer high flow rates and also have internal components that can withstand it.
  • Another greatly important feature in a water tap is elegance.
  • The best Hindware brand taps are those that are beautiful, and which don’t lose elegance as they age.
  • Yet another important feature in a water tap is durability.
  • This depends on two things. First, it depends on the materials from which the taps are made.
  • And secondly, it depends on the taps’ designs.
  • Compatibility is yet another key feature in a water tap.
  • Different types of taps are designed based on varying types of plumbing fittings standards/sizes.

Types of Hindware Taps

  • There are bib cock Hindware taps.
  • Then there are pillar cock taps from Hindware.
  • There is wall mounting Hindware taps.
  • Then there are deck mounting taps.
  • We have some Hindware taps that are on sale alongside wall flanges.
  • Then we have others that come without the wall flanges.
  • We also have a lever handle Hindware taps.
  • Then there are knob handle taps from Hindware.

How to use a Hindware Tap?

  • The main step in Hindware tap installation is that of inserting the tap into the mounting.
  • Usually, the tap has threads that align with the mounting’s threads.
  • Thereafter you screw the tap onto the mounting tightly using a hand or a wrench.
  • Before you get to that step though, you would need to have turned off the water supply first.
  • Then you would need to clean the mounting area.
  • It is after this that you insert the tap into the mounting and tighten it using the threads.
  • You can also apply silicone sealant, to prevent the tendency to leak.
  • Once the tap is in place, you can be applying downward pressure onto the knob, open water.
  • Then you simply release the knob up when you want to close the tap.
  • This applies to knob handle taps.
  • For lever handle taps, in most cases, (if installation is done correctly) you turn the lever forward to open.
  • Then you turn it in a backward direction to close the tap.

Buying guide for Hindware Taps

  • The most important factor you need to examine, before buying a Hindware tap is that of compatibility.
  • Ensure that the taps you buy will be compatible with your pipes and other plumbing fittings.
  • Another important consideration is genuineness.
  • Ensure that what you buy are real Hindware taps and not counterfeits.
  • Check the warranty for the Hindware tap you wish to buy.
  • Try to go for Hindware taps that are easier to install and easier to use on day to day basis.
  • You may also consider the elegance of the taps.
  • If you can find them, go for the taps with chrome plating and smooth curves.
  • Also, check the buyer’s guide for the Hindware Chimneys in India.

List of Top 10 Best Hindware Taps in India-Buyers Guide

1. Hindware (F280026CP) Sink Cock Taps

Hindware tap has a chrome finish. The spout can swivel in all directions.

Hindware (F280026CP) Sink Cock


  • It is easy to mount
  • The appearance is elegant, with a chrome finish
  • Comes with a long warranty


  • Price is relatively high
  • The lever handle only moves in an anti-clockwise direction


2. Hindware (F100004Qt Contessa) 2 in 1 Bib Taps

What you get here is a bib tap that includes a wall flange. It scores highly on both elegance and functionality.

Hindware (F100004Qt Contessa) 2 in 1 Bib Tap


  • Comes in the ready-to-install form
  • Includes foam flow feature
  • The tap is quite good looking


  • May is not compatible with some (few) plumbing fitting sizes
  • The warranty has a number of limitations on what it covers


3. Hindware (F280001CP) Pillar Cock

Hindware is a shiny tap, with a chrome coat. It has a lever handle type.

Hindware (F280001CP) Pillar Cock


  • It has a sleek design
  • Comes with good quality aerator
  • Price is reasonable given the quality


  • Installation can take some time
  • It is a wall-mount tap


4. Hindware (F280002CP) Bib Cock Tap

What you get in this case is a compact tap, with a chrome plating finish. It has a brass handle.

Hindware (F280002CP) Bib Cock


  • Compatible with most plumbing fittings systems
  • Does not lose sheen with time (thanks to chrome finish)
  • Lever handle makes opening/closing tap easy


  • Some may find the water flow modestly
  • Installation may require an expert


5. Hindware (F100024QT) Contessa Sink Tap with Swivel

Hindware tap has a casted spout. It is of the type that mounts to the wall.

Hindware (F100024QT) Contessa Sink Tap with Swivel


  • The design is sturdy
  • Tap is reasonably compact
  • Swivel spout gives more control


  • It May is not ideal for all sink sizes
  • The aerator may have slight limitation (but which one can live with)


6. Hindware Contessa With Stainless Steel Sink Cock

The spout in this tap has the capacity to swivel. The handle type is a knob (rather than a lever).

Hindware Contessa With Stainless Steel Sink Cock


  • Spout can reach up to 189 mm
  • Easy to open/close (being a knob handle tap rather than lever handle tap)
  • Requires only single hole installation


  • Cost is slightly expensive
  • Some may find water flow not to be particularly high


7. Hindware (F330004) Brass Bib Cock

This is another compact, low-cost tap from Hindware. It is of wall mount variety.

Hindware (F330004) Brass Bib Cock


  • The spout has an anti-spill and anti-splash feature
  • The flow rate is quite decent
  • A tap opens/closes with a knob


  • Spout reach is around 106 mm
  • Installation requires tools and expertise


8. Hindware Tall Pillar Taps

Here is a unique deck mount Hindware tap. The main material in it is stainless steel.

Hindware Tall Pillar Tap


  • Provides adequate space for hand-wash (thanks to tall profile)
  • Its aerator can withstand high water pressure
  • It is shiny and doesn’t attract rust


  • The price is quite high
  • It is only ideal for deck mounting


9. Hindware Metal Pillar Taps With Chrome Polished Finish

This is primarily a brass tap. It has a remarkably compact design.

Hindware Metal Pillar Tap With Chrome Polished Finish


  • The tap is quite sturdy
  • Installation doesn’t require too much time
  • Price is within normal range


  • Water flow is not particularly high
  • Spout reach is 80 millimeters


10. Hindware (F330041CP) Brass Contessa Plus Bib Taps

What you get here is a silver tap, with a knob handle type. It is easily compatible with most standard water supply fittings sizes.

Hindware (F330041CP) Brass Contessa Plus Bib Tap


  • It gives good water flow
  • Doesn’t ever rust
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Price is slightly high
  • Wall-mount installation may require an expert



Hindware taps offer good functionality, elegance, and cost-effectiveness. While shopping for an original Hindware tap, the information in this guide can be helpful to you.


How do you clean Hindware taps?

Because most have chrome surfaces, you should clean them using mild soap and water.

What is the price range of Hindware taps?

It is mostly between 900 and 1400 Indian rupees, though a few cost as much as 2,000 rupees.

Which is the best Hindware tap?

The best tap is one with a good flow rate, broad compatibility, and elegance.