Best Makeup Highlighter in India-Buyers Guide

A highlighter is a beauty product. It is used to mirror light for easy visibility of facial features. It makes the skin brighten. Highlighter makeup is common in theatres and photo/media studios. It highlights the nose, forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. Highlighters come in an assortment of forms; liquid highlighters, creamy, jelly, and gloss forms.

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Top 10 Best Makeup Highlighters in India- Buyers Guide

List of Highlighters

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1. Maybelline Metallic Highlighters Maybelline Metallic Highlighter
2. Lakme’ face sheer Highlighters Lakme’ face sheer Highlighter
3. Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighters Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighter
4. Swiss Beauty Pro highlighters Swiss Beauty Pro highlighter
5. Sugar Cosmetic Force mini-highlighters Sugar Cosmetic Force mini-highlighter
6. Ronziller Shimmer highlighters Ronziller Shimmer highlighter
7. Huda Beauty highlighters Huda Beauty highlighter
8. Make-up revolution highlighters Make-up revolution highlighter
9. Mars wonders Highlighters Mars wonders Highlighter
10. F.R Color Contour highlighters F.R Color Contour highlighter

Features of Highlighter

  • There are highlighters that come in a powder.
  • This is then applied using a blush brush.
  • You can also get highlighters makeups in jelly, cream, or liquid forms.
  • They are smooth to apply to the skin.
  • Highlighters are made of a different range of colors.
  • The colors are made for different skin complexions and skin tones.
  • The product is skin-friendly and can be removed after a while.
  • You do not have to worry if it will stick on your skin.

Types of Highlighters

  • Powder highlighters- made of precipitate and are applied using a sponge.
  • Cream highlighters – It is a half-liquid product and smoothes the skin.
  • Liquid highlighters – fluid in form and needs to be applied carefully to avoid spilling.
  • Some highlighters are packed in cans while others are in small bottles.

How To use Highlighter?

  • First, apply foundation on the skin to conceal it.
  • The highlighters’ make-up is usually the last makeup to apply.
  • Select the places you need to apply the highlighter’s make-up.
  • It may be on the cheekbones, jaw bone, nose, or forehead.
  • Take a little highlighter with a blush brush or fingertips and put it in the selected places.
  • When using the blush brush, use the narrow side.
  • With the blush brush, gently pass it over the highlighted areas.
  • Now you may use the wide side of the brush to highlight.
  • Do this in front of the mirror.
  • Continue until your desired reflection appears.
  • Ensure you apply it in an upward direction.
  • Then use a sponge to tone down the highlighters.

Buyer Guide for Highlighter

  • When shopping for highlighters, you first need to consider your skin complexion.
  • Then buy a color that matches your skin tone.
  • You also need to consider the sensitivity of your skin.
  • Some skins are too sensitive and can react badly to the wrong highlighters.
  • Do not be afraid to seek guidance from a beautician.
  • Consider the other makeups that you are using alongside the highlighters.
  • Some will work well together while others won’t give you the desired results.
  • Having the right foundation will give you a great result.

List of Top 10 Best Highlighters in India-Buyers Guide

1. Maybelline Metallic Highlighters

The beauty highlighter is in powder form with molten gold color.

Maybelline Metallic Highlighter


  • It has a metallic finishing type
  • The Maybelline highlighters give a bold radiance from reflective tints
  • A soft and easy application of the powder


  • The Maybelline metallic highlighters do not stay for long
  • The golden color may become too bright on fair skin.


2. Lakme’ face sheer Highlighters

Made with a desert rose color.

Lakme’ face sheer Highlighter


  • The Lakme highlighters are packet in a compressed size and light to carry
  • The sheer highlighters blend well with the skin
  • Comes with a sponge applicator making it easy to apply


  • Only works well with a yellowish skin tone
  • Lakme highlighters do not glow too much


3. Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighters

A powder form highlighter with gold color.

Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighter


  • Leaves your skin with a shimmering glow
  • It has a natural finishing
  • It is good for all skin tones


  • It is not smooth for the skin
  • Has chunky glitters hence not good for office


4. Swiss Beauty Pro highlighters

A beauty product with for an average skin tone

Swiss Beauty Pro highlighter


  • The swiss beauty highlighters have a dewy finishing making them smooth to apply
  • Premium ingredients are used to make it good for both dry and oily skins
  • Has a silky and smooth texture for the skin


  • The swiss beauty highlighters are sticky and not good for oily skins
  • It is not good for official functions


5. Sugar Cosmetic Force mini-highlighters

The highlighter is a royal rose in color and has a shimmery finishing

Sugar Cosmetic Force mini-highlighter


  • Sugar cosmetic highlighters are made of 4 color shades for all skin tones
  • A small amount can go a long way
  • The packaging is portable


  • It does not have a specific pigmentation
  • It is only good for daytime application


6. Ronziller Shimmer highlighters

A multi-colored highlighter with a great finishing

Ronziller Shimmer highlighter


  • It gives the skin a fresh and calm touch
  • Good for all skin tones
  • Has a long-lasting effect


  • Poor packaging for traveling
  • It is not good for sensitive skins


7. Huda Beauty highlighters

A powdered beauty product with a wide range of finishes

Huda Beauty highlighter


  • Has a good texture for the skin
  • Huda beauty highlighters have wide pigmented shades
  • It is free from cruelty


  • The glitters fall off over time
  • Huda beauty highlighters are not so good for professional application


8. Make-up revolution highlighter

A 15g highlighter for a light skin tone

Make-up revolution highlighter


  • It has a subtle highlighting pallet
  • Revolution highlighters are of great quality
  • Great packaging that doesn’t break


  • Quite heavy to move around with
  • Limited color shade to accommodate all skin tones


9. Mars wonders Highlighter

A shimmer and golden highlighter

Mars wonders Highlighter


  • Removes dark rings of the face
  • 3D whitening cream
  • Blends well with other cosmetics


  • Only good for daytime
  • Can cause skin reactions


10. F.R Color Contour highlighter

The highlighter is made of natural ingredients

F.R Color Contour highlighter


  • Good for the skin with no side effects
  • 4 color shades for every skin
  • Comes with a blusher highlighter and contour in the pallet


  • Ineffective bronzer
  • Does not have a shimmering finishing



The beauty and makeup market has advanced over years. There are a number of products that are available for all skin types. It is important that before you buy a highlighter, you know your skin tone. The skin tone will help you settle for a highlighter that won’t have side effects. We hope that you can learn from this article.


What is highlighter used for?

A highlighter lightens some parts of the skin and reflects light. It makes them reflect light. It gives the face a bright look and can alter the complexion. The highlighter is good for movie producers and actors. This is because it makes the person visible to the camera. It shows all the angles of the face, chin, cheekbone, nose among others.

A highlighter also protects the skin from damage caused by excess light.

Which type of highlighter is best?

The best highlighter works best with your skin. However, a great highlighter is one that is friendly to your skin tone. A highlighter that does not react with the skin.

When buying a highlighter, buy one that has a wide range of shades. The different shades can help you change your outlook as preferred. A highlighter with a wide range of shades is best for a make-up artist. With one set, you can serve many clients.

What is a price of a highlighter?

Different kinds of highlighters come at different prices. Highlighter price in India ranges from 275 INR to 1765 INR. The prices are dependent on the manufacturers of the highlighters. The brand and quality of the product also determine its price. However, the highlighter price should not be the only way to ascertain quality.