Best Hair Dryer in India Buyers Guide

A Hair Dryer is an electrical appliance that helps a great deal in drying and managing your hair every day. It helps to dry and style your hair quickly and saves a lot of time for getting ready to work and other occasions. Some hair dryers also use tourmaline drying technology. Such hairdryers have a gemstone coating that contains minerals that naturally discharge negative ions and infrared heat which keeps your hair healthy and makes them shinier. Also, check the buyer’s guide of Hair Straighteners, Hairsprays & Best Hair Curlers in India.

The current article provides detailed insights into the different features of hairdryers, considerations for purchasing them, and the best hairdryers available in the Indian market. Also check the buyer’s guide for Anti Hair fall Shampoo, Hair serum, Hair oils in India.

Top 6 Best Hair Dryers in India

List of the hairdryer Brands

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1. Wahl Professional Styling Hair Dryer 5439-024 in Black Wahl-5439-024-Super wahl-professional-2000-w
2. Philips Hair Dryer Kerashine HP8216 in Black Philips-Kerashine-HP8216 philips-hp8216-00-hair-dryer
3. Philips Essential Care Dryer HP8120 in Pink Philips-HP8120-00-Hair philips-blazon-hp8120-00
4. Panasonic Foldable Hair Dryer with Cool Air, 1200W, and Quick Dry Nozzle Panasonic-EH-ND21-Hair panasonic-eh-nd21-p62b
5. Sonar Heavy Duty Hair Dryer SN-9910 in Black Sonar-SN-43-Salon-Hair sonar-heavy-duty-sn-9910
6. Braun HD385 Power Perfection Dryer Satin Hair in White Braun-Satin-HD385-Power braun-hd385-hair

Buyers Guide – Hair Dryer

It is recommended to buy hairdryers which use a combination of heating technologies for getting the best results. Speed settings of the hairdryer come in handy for styling your hair and creating different hairstyles.

Diffusers help you to gently blow your hair and dry out the curls instead of blowing them strongly, thereby limiting any chances of hair damage.

You can consider the following factors before buying the ideal hair dryer for yourself:


  • The efficiency of a hairdryer is determined by its power which is measured in wattage.
  • The greater the wattage of a hairdryer, the more powerful it is, and the quicker it will dry your hair.
  • Hairdryer wattage can range from 1000W to 3600W.
  • Powerful hair dryers provide faster drying of the hair and reduce their exposure time to heat thus limiting hair damage.
  • Generally, a hairdryer with a wattage of 1350W-1800W will be sufficient to meet the needs of most hair types.
  • However, if you have thick, dense, or curly hair, you may want to buy hairdryers with higher wattage.

Speed and Heat Settings

  • Hair types are different and vary from individual to individual. Each hair type needs a different type of styling and care.
  • Ideally, a hairdryer should have multiple speed and heat settings which make it more versatile for different hair types.
  • The greater the speed and heat settings a hairdryer has, the more control and flexibility it will provide to you for managing the airflow and using it based on your hair type and its requirements.
  • A higher heat setting is perfect for people with coarse and thick hair.
  • For people with thin and fragile hair, a lower heat setting is recommended.
  • Damp hair should be dried using low heat settings to prevent over-drying of the hair.

Weight and Size

  • Weight and size are key considerations that you must check before buying a hairdryer.
  • You should always prefer a lighter and more compact hairdryer as it provides greater flexibility and comfort while drying and styling your hair.
  • Holding a bulky and heavy hairdryer for styling long hair can be a painstaking and miserable experience.
  • Hairdryers that are foldable can be folded after use which makes it easier for them to store in small places.
  • Another advantage of buying a lightweight and compact hair dryer is that you can carry it along in your luggage while traveling without much hassle.

Drying Technology

  • Just like other appliances, hair dryers have also evolved considerably over time.
  • They come with different drying technologies which make it easier for you to style and maintain your hair.
  • Ionic drying technology used by hairdryers breaks down the water molecules for drying your hair quicker.
  • However, it also retains the moisture in the hair for ensuring the long-term health of your hair.
  • Ionic hair dryers neutralize the positively charged ions in your hair which helps to reduce hair frizz and condition them better.
  • This drying technology also ensures that your hair can endure higher levels of heat without getting damaged.

Types of Attachments

  • Hairdryers these days come with different types of attachments for better drying and styling of your hair.
  • A diffuser is an important hairdryer attachment as it helps to uniformly distribute heat to different parts of your hair.
  • It prevents the concentration of heat from the dryer in a specific area which can otherwise damage your hair.
  • They also help to lift and separate the hair which enhances its natural texture.
  • The concentrator is also a high-utility attachment for hair dryers.
  • It allows concentrating the air from the dryer to a specific area of your hair which allows better control while styling the hair.
  • The concentrator is particularly more helpful for people with longer hair. It facilitates the dryer to reach all parts of your hair and direct the heat more efficiently.

Cool Shot Button

  • The cool shot function provides a blast of cold air from the hairdryer which helps to style your hair based on your needs.
  • It is an important feature which you should check in the hair dryers.
  • The cool shot function is used after styling to finish and set your hair.
  • It provides for a long-lasting hold and adds gloss to your hair.

Side Effects of Using Hair Dryers

Excessive blow-drying can damage your hair to some extent. It can cause flash drying of hair which means that the hairdryer can remove the moisture bound to your hair and affect their health negatively.

  • Excessively using blow dryers can make your hair cuticles dry, rigid, and brittle.
  • When you flex your hair, the pressure will lead them to crack and break.
  • It can burn and dehydrate your hair.
  • When you comb your hair while it has become weak due to excessive blow drying, it damages the hair even more.
  • It can also ruin the hair texture and make it matted.

What is the Cool Shot Button?

Most hair dryers come with a cool shot function these days. The cool shot button on your hairdryer releases a cool air blast which helps to seal the hair cuticle and provides the final setting and styling to your hair.

Experts suggest that when your hair is nearly 80% dry after using the hairdryer, then you should switch to the cool shot button. The cool shot function is very helpful for styling your hair when you want to lock in a curl or if you have used curlers on your hair.

The cool shot function cools down your hair and allows you to lock the final desired styling of your choice. Considering the utility of this function, you should always buy hairdryers with the cool shot feature.

How Does a Hair Dryer Works?

It’s better to find out the importance and working mechanism of a hairdryer in order to get full advantages. Hairdryers make use of heating elements and electric fans as the two most important working components.

  1. When the hairdryer is switched on, the electrical energy goes through the grid of wires of the heating elements and produces heat.
  2. The electric fan then pushes the hot air outside towards the nozzle of the hairdryer.
  3. The process of hot air blowing on your hair hastens the evaporation of water which makes the hair dry quickly.
  4. However, today’s hairdryers do a lot more than only blowing hot air.
  5. They also blow cold air, discharge electrically charged ions, infrared rays, and Nano electrically charged shreds.

List of Top 6 Best Hair Dryers in India-Buyers Guide

There are many hair dryers in the Indian market with several features & styles. When buying hair dryers, you should ensure that they come with the above-mentioned attachments as it will enhance the value and utility of the hairdryers significantly.

You can consider buying anyone from the hairdryers provided below:

1. Wahl Professional Styling Hair Dryer 5439-024 in Black

This Wahl hair dryer uses tourmaline technology for hair drying which makes your hair healthier and shinier on regular use. And it produces negatively charged ions and is gentle on the hair and keeps your hair frizz-free.

It is perhaps the most popular and favorite in the Indian market. You will get a 1-year warranty along with the product.

Wahl Professional Styling Hair Dryer 5439-024 in Black
Wahl Professional Styling Hair Dryer 5439-024 Black


  • Wahl Hair Dryer Brand is a powerful hairdryer, it is surprisingly noiseless.
  • This is lightweight and compact which is not only comfortable while using but also easier to carry while traveling.
  • It features 2 heating and 3-speed functions that allow you flexibility and versatility in styling your hair.
  • This dryer is made with a powerful 2000W motor.
  • It comes with two attachments diffuser and a concentrator.
wahl 5439-024 super dry professional styling hair dryer
Wahl 5439-024 super dry professional styling hair dryer

Wahl Professional Hair Dryer Brandwahl 2000w corded hair dryer

2. Philips Kerashine Dryer HP8216

The Philips Hair Dryer Brand is an exquisitely designed product that comes with lots of features like Thermo protect technology, ionic care technology, etc.

Philips Hair Dryer Kerashine HP8216 in Black
Philips Hair Dryer Kerashine HP8216 Black


  • Philips Hair Dryer Brand has Thermo protect technology which allows you to control the temperature for gentle drying of the hair.
  • It comes with a 1600W powerful motor which dries your hair quickly.
  • Also, it comes with the cool shot function which lets you set your hair to the desired style after drying them.
  • This has ionic care technology which prevents hair frizz and makes your hair glossier.
  • It has a ceramic coating for better heat protection and shines therapy for smooth hair.

Philips Hair Dryer Brandphilips kerashine dryer

3. Philips Essential Care Hair Dryer HP8120 in Pink

Philips Essential Care Hair Dryer HP8120 in Pink
Philips Essential Care Hair Dryer HP8120 in Pink

This brand Philips is one of the most trusted best hair dryer brands in India. It packs with some key features like a powerful motor, cool shot feature, etc.


  • Philips Essential Hair Dryer Brand is compact and works on a 1200W powerful motor.
  • It comes with a unique thermal protection temperature which ensures that you can dry your hair without ever overheating them.
  • This is gentle on your hair and dries it quickly which limits exposure to blow-drying and any related damages.
  • You get an oval-shaped concentrator with this hair dryer which allows you to adjust the airflow to specific parts of your hair and cover them thoroughly.
  • It has the cool shot feature for better hair styling.
  • This reliable and high-quality hair dryer is priced low which is excellent value for money.


  • The only drawback of this hairdryer is a shorter cord length of 1.5 meters.

Philips Essential Hair Dryerphilips blazon hair dryer

4. Panasonic Foldable Hair Dryer with Cool Air, 1200W, and Quick Dry Nozzle

Panasonic is another hairdryer brand that is renowned for producing quality appliances. This high-quality hair dryer comes with a 1-year warranty.

Panasonic Foldable Hair Dryer with Cool Air, 1200W and Quick Dry Nozzle
Panasonic Foldable Hair Dryer with Cool Air, 1200W and Quick Dry Nozzle


  • Panasonic Hair Dryer Brand offers 3 speed and 2 heat settings which is suitable for all hair types.
  • It comes with a concentrator nozzle and cool shot function which adds to its utility.
  • It packs 1200W of power.
  • The maximum temperature is capped at 50 degrees to reduce any hair damage due to overheating.
  • It has a foldable handle which makes it portable and it takes lesser storage space too.
  • The cord length of 1.5 meters is shorter than most other hair dryers in the market.

Panasonic Hair Dryer Brandpanasonic p62b hair dryer

5. Sonar Heavy Duty Hair Dryer SN-9910 in Black

This hair dryer from the Sonar brand is a perfect choice if you want to get your long locks dried quickly for an outing. And it provides you maximum versatility with a salon concentrator.

Sonar Heavy Duty Hair Dryer SN-9910 in Black
Sonar SN-9910 Heavy Duty Hair Dryer


  • Sonar Hair Dryer Brand is a lightweight & compact dryer that features heat matching ceramic expertise to provide you excellent performance.
  • It comes with 3 different heat settings (high, medium, low) and 2 speed settings- high and low- which make it ideal for any kind of hair.
  • Also, it comes with a 2-meter-long power cord which makes it easier for you to operate.
  • Get a supplementary shot control feature with this hair dryer which allows getting the desired styling type for your hair.
  • Its negative ions help to keep your hair healthy.
  • The hairdryer has a removable rear filter which allows you to clean the filter easily.

Sonar SN Hair Dryer Brandsonar heavy duty hair dryer

6. Braun HD385 Power Perfection Dryer Satin Hair in White

This brand Braun is a world-renowned hair dryer brand & personal care appliances. It comes with some key features like speed & airflow settings, lightweight, etc.

Braun HD385 Power Perfection Dryer Satin Hair in White
Braun HD385 Power Perfection Dryer Satin Hair White


  • Braun Satin Hair Dryer Brand has 2000W of power which makes styling your hair convenient.
  • It comes with an ionic function which helps to make your hair healthier and glossy after use.
  • Also, it comes with a diffuser that allows you to add volume to the hair roots.
  • This has a styling nozzle that helps you to create different hairstyles effortlessly.
  • It is a very lightweight and compact hair dryer which makes it easier to handle.
  • This has 3 heat and 2 airflow speed settings and can work on all temperature settings in 220V.


  • The drawback of this hairdryer is that it does not have a removable filter and it lacks cold air function.

Braun Power Hair Dryer Brandbraun hd385 hair dryer


After concise and detailed research, we have given a lengthy but helpful explanation of the hairdryer brand, features, types, how it works, and the buying guide. We have taken so much time to write this article.

So we can limit the time it will take you to look for a hairdryer brand that suits your need. Identify your needs, know your budget, read about different dryers here, and make your decision.