Buy Best Hair Brush online in India-Buyers Guide

The quality of hair and care of it is very important things today, especially for women, but also men. A hairbrush is a tool that is used for the grooming of hair. It is possible to use for purposes aside from just grooming. for styling, combing, smoothing, and detangling of human hair. The hair itself is a very delicate part of any human which is why a hairbrush is important. The hairbrush could be a lifesaver in situations where you want to style your hair because a need arose for you to step out of the house or even within the house. A hairbrush is a must-have, especially in this modern times.

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Top 10 Best Hair Brushes in India-Buyers Guide

List of Hair Brushes

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1. Wooden paddle hair brush Wooden paddle hair brush
2. Tangle Teezer Tangle Teezer
3. Wooden black brush Wooden black brush
4. Gubb paddle brush for men and women Gubb paddle brush for men and women
5. Agaro classic paddle Agaro classic paddle
6. Rozia pro boar round hair brush Rozia pro boar round hair brush
7. Foolzy brush Foolzy brush
8. Hannza hair brush Hannza hair brush
9. Alexoyan detangling brush Alexoyan detangling brush
10. Roots flat hair brush Roots flat hair brush

Features of Hair Brush

  • An important feature of the hairbrush that matters is the bristle and cushion.
  • This is the feature of the hairbrush that performs the styling of the hair.
  • The bristle is basically the part of the hairbrush that goes through your hair.
  • On the other hand, we have the cushion which is the base to which the bristle is attached.
  • Yet another important feature of the hairbrush is its main body of it.
  • This part of the hairbrush is expected to be sturdy because this is the feature of the tool that is held when the styling takes place.

Types of Hair Brush

  • There are various types of hairbrushes such as; wet hairbrushes, shower hairbrushes, cushion brushes.
  • There are also; thermal brushes, curved brushes, vented brush, Anti-static brush, natural bristle brushes, rat tail brush, straightening brush, and smoothing brush.

How to use a Hair Brush?

  • How to use a hairbrush depends majorly on whether you brush the hair when it is wet or dry.
  • If you brush your hair while it is wet:
  • Firstly, you run the hairbrush through the ends of the hair.
  • After which you carefully begin to detangle the knots in your hair.
  • You are also welcome to implore your fingers in the detangling process.
  • Once the tangles and knots have been successfully detangled, you begin to slowly brush your hair in an upward manner.
  • If you brush your hair when the hair is dry,
  • Firstly, you section or part your hair.
  • Secondly, you focus on working through each section one at a time.
  • Thirdly, you brush in a downward manner which is from the roots of your hair to the bottom.
  • And the last thing is you have to make sure that you are as gentle as possible. Dry hairs are known for being very tangled.

Buyer’s Guide for Hair Brush

  • The first thing to consider when purchasing a hairbrush is your hair type. Is your hair straight? Or curly? If it is curly, what type of curls? As stated earlier there are multiple types of hairbrushes so it is best to select the one most suitable for your hair type.
  • Also, consider the brand of the hairbrush when you purchase it and whether or not they have a satisfactory customer base. This is to ensure that you aren’t buying the right hairbrush from the wrong brand.
  • Similarly, the price and quality of the hairbrush are also things to consider. Would I get value for the money spent? That should be a question one should ask themselves before purchasing a hair besom.

List of Top 10 Best Hair Brushes in India-Buyers Guide

1. Wooden paddle hairbrush

This is a hair besom that is possible to use for detangling medium and long hair.  It possesses ball-tipped bristles that penetrate the hair with ease.

Wooden paddle hairbrush


  • It is suitable for thick hair types
  • It enables faster growth


  • It’s not good enough to use to
  • brush wet hair


2. Tangle Teezer

It uses a two-teeth technology. The long teeth allow the styling of the hair and the shorter teeth to achieve a polished finish.

Tangle Teezer


  • It is best to use for achieving pro styles and updos
  • It provides gentle and smooth styling


  • It’s not the best option for dry styling


3. Wooden black brush

It is made from a nylon material which makes the brush strong yet soft. It has a sturdy body and possesses flexible bristles.

Wooden black brush


  • It helps massage your hair
  • Minimizes damages to your scalp


  • It cannot detangle knots in all types of hair


4. Gubb paddle brush for men and women

It has a cushioned base and soft yet flexible bristles that style your hair to perfection.  Its base with cushions helps to detangle jumbled-up hair strands.

Gubb paddle brush for men and women


  • It is good to use for both short, long, and also medium-length hairs.
  • It comes with an adjustable pin to help when parting the hair and cleaning the hairbrush.
  • Improve blood circulation by massaging the scalp gently


  • Lack of quality material in hairbrush manufacturing


5. Agaro classic paddle

The bristles are made from nylon. This brand has various models which are suitable for various hair textures.

Agaro classic paddle


  • It reduces tangles in the hair
  • Various types of the brush that you can choose from


  • It is not suitable for wet hair


6. Rozia pro boar round hairbrush

It has a vented ceramic barrel and boar bristles. The handle of the hairbrush has a lightweight, ergonomic design that avoids pulling of hair.

Rozia pro boar round hairbrush


  • Best for blow-drying hair
  • Good as a close substitute for a curling iron


  • It is not anti-static


7. Foolzy brush

It has a unique cone with a shape of like plastic bristle and a sturdy body. These unique cone-like bristles help to carefully separate the hair and detangle the hair without strain.

Foolzy brush


  • It is suitable for styling kid’s hair
  • It minimizes hair breakage, loss, and split ends


  • The manufacturer used poor quality material


8. Hannza hairbrush

It has a large cushion and soft bristle. The color of the hairbrush and the unicorn design makes the hairbrush very attractive to young ones.

Hannza hairbrush


  • Suitable for detangling both wet and dry hair
  • Stimulates and massages the scalp
  • Very attractive to kids


  • There is a no refund policy


9. Alexoyan detangling brush

It is made of high-quality rubber. It possesses separate bristles and around teeth. These brushes are suitable for brushing through both wet and dry hair.

Alexoyan detangling brush


  • Suitable for hairs, Women hair wigs, Men Hair Wigs, and extensions
  • Each package includes 1 comb and 1 nylon needle
  • Full refund policy if the customer doesn’t receive it within 30 days after purchase


  • The quality in which this product arrives is usually poor


10. Roots flat hairbrush

It has a solid shell design with a gold stripe. It possesses soft and flexible bristles. The nature of the bristle makes it easier for the brush to achieve various types of styles.

Roots flat hairbrush


  • It massages your scalp
  • It is available in 4 different types; round, cushioned, paddle and styling.


  • It is currently unavailable on Amazon India and there is no guarantee that the product will be in stock soon.



In conclusion, a quality hairbrush is one you purchase when your hair type and quality of the hairbrush are taken into consideration. This is because only when you review these two important factors, then you would get a good quality hairbrush that suits you the best. We hope you find this guide highly informative and useful.


What hairbrush is good for your hair?

One that you purchase when the volume and type of your hair are put into consideration.

Is a hairbrush better than a comb?

Both the hairbrush and comb can be damaging and also beneficial for your hair, it all depends on the method of usage.

Why are brushes bad for your hair?

Hairbrushes can be damaging if you use them on your hair vigorously. The above can lead to hair loss and split ends.