Best Hair Bands for women & Girls in India-Buyers Guide

Hair bands are a must-have accessory for most women. They can be worn anywhere, anytime, and can style with ease. These days, there are several styles of hairbands available in the market. Choosing the right hairband is a challenging task because they are designed differently according to the needs of different people. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, it is essential to have a hairband in your collection. We’ve compiled a list of the best hair bands available in India that will help you style your hair effectively and conveniently.

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Top 10 Best Hair Bands in India-Buyers Guide

List of Hair Bands

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1. Drishti Silky Scrunchies  Drishti-Scrunchy-Accessories-
2. FAMEZA Girl’s Rubber Band FAMEZA Girl's Rubber Band
3. MINISO Miniso Hair band MINISO Miniso Hair band
4. WingDong Random Color Hairband WingDong Random Color Hairband
5. FOK High-Quality Hairband FOK High-Quality Hairband
6. Vogue Hair Accessories Hairband Vogue Hair Accessories Hairband
7. vaghbhatt baby hairband  vaghbhatt baby hairband 
8. Designer Suriya Hairband Designer Suriya Hairband
9. S R SELECTION Hair Rubber Band S R SELECTION Hair Rubber Band
10. Accessher Velvet Hairband Accessher Velvet Hairband

Features of Hair Bands

  • The hairbands come in different colors, and you can clean them using the provided maintenance kit.
  • The brand also offers tie-bangs that you can attach to your ponytail easily.
  • The band stays on one’s head or, even better, detaches from it after 1-2 hours of wearing without losing its shape or elasticity, preventing tearing anywhere else of the body parts while doing intense exercises.
  • The best hairbands are comfortable to wear, light-weight, and available at an affordable price.
  • They have pre-sized clips that easily attach around braid or ponytail without much effort.

Types of Hair Bands

  • There are several options available to choose from according to the requirements of different people.
  • Hairbands come in an assorted variety of colors, patterns, and designs.
  • The best hair bands include various sizes to accommodate a person with any hairstyle or length without compromising on comfortability.
  • Moreover, the best hairbands make with a non-irritating material that doesn’t make the hair look dry or rough, and you can wear a hairband in any weather.

How to use Hair Bands?

  • It is crucial to keep hairbands clean and healthy to last longer.
  • Frequent washing of the best hairband helps prevent odor, fungi, or molds from developing under your favorite headband, which may irritate the scalp and leave it with a rash-like appearance.
  • In addition to regular cleaning before use, check if you should be wearing specific braid designs available in fit bond bands regularly.
  • The best part of using the best hairband is that braid or ponytail completion ensures using low-resistance best among all types of human hair bands, such as a healthy chip.

Buyer’s guide for Hair Bands

  • Before buying the best hair bands, you should compare the best hairbands available and what style fits your needs and requirements best with lower prices while on a tight budget.
  • When buying the best hairbands, consider the level of quality required for the best in your headwear use.
  • The best hairband of higher quality may be more comfortable, durable, and reliable in terms of use, making it a better investment.
  • Best hairbands made of different materials, there also is a range of designs that you can choose according to your taste, such as braid or ponytail completion.

List of Top 10 Best Hair Bands in India-Buyers Guide

1. Drishti Silky High Glossy Satin Scrunchies for Girl & Woman

It helps you keep your hair looking healthy and shiny, as well as looking great every day. You can use these at home or on the go to get a fabulous look in seconds.

Drishti Silky High Glossy Satin Scrunchies for Girl & Woman


  • It enhances the appearance of great skin
  • Helps in giving your locks a crunchy texture
  • It enables you to maintain a beautiful, healthy look


  • The colors are not as bright
  • It tends to be easy to dislodge


2. FAMEZA Girl’s Rabbit Ear Hair Tie Rubber Band

FAMEZA brand is best suitable for Indian girls as they help manage tangle-free hair and control frizzy hair.

FAMEZA Girl's Rabbit Ear Hair Tie Rubber Band


  • It has a glossy shine look
  • This is best suitable for braid
  • It helps to avoid unmanageable curly hair


  • It picks up dirt
  • Color fade with time


3. MINISO Miniso Polka Dot Hair band

Miniso’s best hairbands are renowned for their top-of-the-line innovative outlook and unparalleled comfort.

MINISO Miniso Polka Dot Hair band


  • Its build quality is good
  • It’s thicker than other brands
  • In particular, they are best suited for braid


  • Not best suited silky hair
  • The white color is prone to fading


4. WingDong Combo of 60 Pcs – Random Color Hairband

You will be comfortable with WingDong elastic hair bands as they do not tug or snag hairs. It’s perfect for long-lasting ponytails, braids, and other things with a secure hold.

WingDong Combo of 60 Pcs - Random Color Hairband


  • It is best in design
  • Its elasticity is great
  • High elasticity to fit braid styles


  • Some of the colors don’t last
  • Comes loose after some time of usage


5. FOK Set Of 25 Pcs High-Quality Effortless Hairband

Fok’s best hairbands are durable in look and elastic rubber bands that do not snag hair. They design to suit perfectly for potato chip braid.

FOK Set Of 25 Pcs High-Quality Effortless Hairband


  • It’s stretchy
  • It’s anti-slip
  • Best bumper grip


  • Does not last long due to constant rubbing
  • The more you use it, the looser and thinner it gets


6. Vogue Hair Accessories Soft Knot Woollen Knitted Hairband

Its material makes of 100% eco-friendly polyester materials. It is smooth to prevent unwanted friction against the head.

Vogue Hair Accessories Soft Knot Woollen Knitted Hairband


  • It is soft
  • Perfect for braid
  • It’s easy to wrap


  • It is not good in long hair
  • A bit costly for some customers


7. vaghbhatt baby hairband Multi-Colour

These best baby hair bands stay on no matter how much your little one wiggles. It’s always as tight as it was first when wrapped/bundled around the head.

vaghbhatt baby hairband Multi-Colour


  • Great colors
  • They are stretchy
  • It’s less abrasive than other brands


  • Does not last long on babies
  • Some of them stretch out a ton


8. Designer Suriya Soft Silky Satin Hairband

It is a luxurious brand of Suriya’s best accessory collection. There are different shapes, styles, and designs that you can buy from their versatile band range.

Designer Suriya Soft Silky Satin Hairband


  • It’s stretchy
  • Grooms up the styling perfectly
  • They are best for luxurious hairdos


  • It becomes loose early
  • Not hold best on long-hairs


9. S R SELECTION Printed Hair Rubber Band

Full-fledged design and multicolor look best for girls’ and women’s hair. It is less abrasive than other brands, such as bobby pins or clips.

S R SELECTION Printed Hair Rubber Band


  • Elegant and stylish
  • It’s best for short hair
  • Softer than most brands


  • Not best for holding long hair
  • A bit pricey for some customers


10. Accessher Velvet Scrunchies Hairband

These bands make of the best quality rubber; that’s why these always bend to the user’s needs. It keeps your hair in place like a cling-wrap and won’t leave any mark on what it wraps around.

Accessher Velvet Scrunchies Hairband


  • It’s best for short hair
  • Keeps hair in place easily
  • It stays on for a long time


  • Stretch out quickly
  • Its durability will depend on the hair



There are so many shapes and designs from different bands that it’s best to be unbiased before deciding which one is best for your hair. All of it boils down to your budget, need, and expectation.


1. Which hairband is best for hair?

The hairband is best for tape-in style and any style that needs hair to hold; it depends on what we are going with the hair.

2. What is the cost of a hairband?

The best hairbands are not too heavy on the pocket and have various colors. It depends on the brand and quality.