Best Guitar Wall Hangers in India – Buyers Guide

A guitar wall hanger is a type of hook that is screwed onto a concrete or wooden wall. It is specially designed to secure a guitar from damages like scratches or slipping off.

The guitar wall mount is a unique accessory for holding guitars in place. The material used to make the wall hanger determines the strength and sturdiness to hold the weight of the guitar.

Not only does the guitar wall hanger provide a convenient place to store the guitar but it also provides a decorative element.

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Top 12 Best Guitar Wall Hangers in India

List of guitar wall hangers

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1. Juarez Hanger JRZ100 with Fittings & Accessories Juarez-JRZ100
3. Mustang Guitar Hanger Hook Holder Fits  Mustang-Guitar
4. Nadsadhna WM001 Guitar Holder  Nadsadhna-WM001
5. Monoprice Wall Hanger for Electric Guitar  Monoprice-Wall
6. HRB Musicals Hanger Combo  HRB-GUITAR
7. Leo Martin Wall Hanger Stand for Electric Guitar
8. Hype String Wooden Wall Hanger  Hype-String
9. Hype String Guitar Wooden Wall Hanger  Hype Guitar Hanger

Buyers Guide – Guitar Wall Hangers

Before heading to the store to purchase a wall hanger, first, familiarise yourself with what a guitar wall hanger is, the primary features of a hanger, and the different types of wall hangers.

Below are some key points to help you with your purchase:

  • A secure wall hanger prevents the guitar from movements caused by door slams or an earthquake which can cause the guitar to swing and fall.
  • Therefore, purchase a guitar with a deep bow and fitted with slip guards or designed with a lock mechanism.
  • Identify the quality construction of the guitar wall mounts to prevent the hanger from slipping or getting loose thus damaging your equipment.
  • Mainly ensure the protection of the guitar’s neck.
  • Some hangers have rough hooks that may damage the neck and finishing of the guitar.
  • Wall hanger hooks should be coated with foam or quality rubber providing a gentle place for the guitar’s neck.

Features of Guitar Wall Hanger

The wall hanger comprises a hook that has a deep bow to hold the guitar via the neck in a steady position. Its hook has a slip guard to prevent the guitar from sliding off during strong winds or earthquakes.

Below are some of the primary features of a guitar wall holder:

  • A holder can either be made of wood or metal. The holder has a screw hole to fix the thread holding the guitar hanger.
  • Therefore, the holder mounts onto the wall or rod using mounting screws and plugs to provide steady support.
  • The thread fits onto the holder with a built-in screw.
  • The thread attaches to a wall arm made of plastic, metal, or rubber to reduce tension from the weight exerted by the guitar.
  • Rubber wrap or foam covers the hook to protect the guitar’s neck from damage because of the weight of the guitar.
  • Also, it protects the guitar’s finish.

Types of Guitar Wall Hangers

Top Stage Guitar Hangers

  • This hanger is structured with a twist feature for the hooks to accommodate different types of guitars.
  • It is wrapped with rubber which is a convenient non-slip feature that provides great support and protects the guitar’s neck.

String Swing Wall Hanger

  • The string swing design has a unique firm hook that is durable.
  • The hook has a large surface area and a convenient bow to hold multiple varieties of guitars.
  • This is wrapped with a sticky surgical rubber with a plastic arm reducing tension on the guitar.

Fret Rest Guitar Hanger

  • This guitar wall mount is made of metal, giving it firm and sturdy support.
  • The hanger fits on the wall with a two-screw connection.
  • It can hold a variety of guitars.

How Does a Guitar Wall Mount Works?

Guitar wall hangers are simple to use, however, the assembling of the guitar wall mount is the crucial part.

  • First, ensure you have the right tools to mount the guitar wall hanger.
  • These include mounting screws or plugs, hammer drill, spirit level, pencil, and tape measure.
  • The tools will help in installing the guitar wall hanger in a precise position.
  • Identify the wall position to screw the guitar wall mount.
  • This has to be a hard surface to support the weight of the guitar.
  • Make the required measurements to estimate the distance from the hook to the wall surface.
  • Prep the essential parts of the hanger together, then fix it to the already mounted holder.
  • Ensure the hook is wrapped with rubber or foam to avoid damaging the guitar’s neck or finishing.
  • The hanger should rest precisely on the neck of the guitar; therefore, the gap distance should be convenient for a variety of guitars.

List of Top 10 Best Guitar Wall Hangers in India Buyers Guide

1. Juarez Guitar Wall Hanger JRZ100 with Fittings & Accessories:

This has a foam coating that protects the instrument from getting scratches. The mount’s rubber material is used to prevent the guitar’s neck from damage and protect the guitar’s finish. It holds various types of guitars such as acoustic guitars, mandolins, electric guitars, ukuleles, and bass guitars.

It is made of steel, hence it is a long-lasting and sturdy mount. The accessories are easy to assemble, and the guitar wall hanger screws on either a wall, amp, or rack.Juarez Guitar Wall Hanger JRZ100 with Fittings


  • Juarez Guitar Wall Hanger mount made with neoprene black rubber tubing material
  • It can be used at home or in the studio.
  • This is a sturdy, affordable & easy to install product.
  • It is specially formulated paddings to provide safety to the guitar’s finish.


  • Not durable one
  • Poor packaging

Juarez Guitar Fittings

2. PENNYCREEK Guitar Wall Mount:

This is a robust and useful hanger. The company has focused on the sturdiness and durability of the guitar wall mount. And the screw holes are precisely aligned, and generally, Pennycreek is a good quality guitar wall hanger.PENNYCREEK Guitar Wall Mount


  • Pennycreek Guitar Wall Hanger is made with thin metal.
  • It is convenient for heavy-duty guitars and can hold a variety of different guitars. Sturdy
  • This is a durable & affordable product.


  • Screws need to be bought separately
  • Poor packaging


3. Mustang Holder Fits with All Size Guitars, Banjo Bass, Mandolin:

This is a 100% authentic product by the Mustang brand. The material used to construct the Mustang guitar wall mount is strong and sturdy. It can hold a variety of guitars like acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and bass guitars.Mustang Guitar Wall Hanger Hook Holder Fits


  • Mustang Guitar Wall Hanger is wholly constructed with durable steel material.
  • This has a black neoprene rubber tubing, hence it protects the guitar’s finishing and neck.
  • It is a durable, sturdy & fairly good product


  • Missing accessories
  • Quite expensive

Mustang Guitar Wall Hanger

4. Nadsadhna WM001 wall Guitar Holder With Metal Wall Mount:

This wall mount holder metal base has an attractive appearance. It is securely holding the guitar via a specially-formulated foam that covers the yoke completely. This metal wall mount can hold a capacity of five kilograms.Nadsadhna Guitar Wall Hanger WM001 Holder


  • Nadsadhna Guitar Wall Hanger has a stylish design convenient for home use.
  • Made with a strong construction material
  • This is an affordable and sturdy product.


  • Defective parts
  • Poor quality foam

Nadsadhna Guitar Holder

5. Monoprice Wall Hanger for Electric Guitar with 6 Inch Wall Extension:

This wall mount is attached to the wall with two screws. It comes with an extension of 6.25 inches from the wall. The braces of the hooks are wrapped in rubber, protecting the guitar’s finish and neck from tension damage.Monoprice Wall Hanger for Electric Guitar


  • Monoprice Guitar Wall Hanger brace has a y-shape design,
  • It is convenient to hold most electric guitars.
  • This hanger is a durable, sturdy, and lightweight product.


  • Quite expensive
  • Has no twist feature

Monoprice Wall Guitar

6. HRB Musicals Guitar Wall Hanger Combo with 10 Free Guitar Picks:

This can hold all types of guitars including acoustic, bass, electric, semi-acoustic, and electro-acoustic guitars. The hanger is made of long-lasting material, thus, convenient for use at homes or studios.HRB MUSICALS GUITAR WALL HANGER STAND


  • HRB Musicals Guitar Wall Hanger has a sturdy bracket that can hold different types of guitars
  • It’s a sturdy and good quality product
  • This mount is easy to assemble and install.


  • Quite expensive
  • Has no rubber covering


7. Leo Martin Wall Hanger Stand for Electric Guitar:

This wall mount can hold most the guitar varieties. It has an easy installation process. This is only sold by authorized sellers to avoid substandard and fake products.Leo Martin Wall Hanger Stand for Electric Guitar


  • Leo Martin Guitar Wall Hanger made with a sturdy design.
  • It is ideal for the display purposes of the guitar.
  • This is a sturdy, affordable & easy to use product


  • Not attractive
  • Manual bending is required to obtain the necessary mount angle

Leo Martin stand

8. Hype String Wooden Guitar Wall Mount with Reindeer Horns Design:

This hanger has a wooden base, convenient for supporting acoustic, bass, and electric guitar. The design of the wall hanger provides a classy look on the wall with or without an instrument. Also, the package has two wall anchors and two mounting screws.Hype String Wooden Guitar Wall Hanger


  • Hype String Guitar Wall Hanger made with wooden material.
  • This lightweight hanger is good for home décor.
  • It is a sturdy and strong product and can hold a wide variety of guitars.


  • Defective product
  • Quite expensive

Hype Guitar Hanger

9. Hype String Guitar Wooden Wall Hanger with Mustache Design:

This hanger is strong and sturdy and supports various types of guitars like electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. The mustache design gives a classy look on the wall, with or without an instrument. And the strength of the material provides the hanger with agility in supporting different types of guitars.Hype String Guitar Wooden Wall Hanger Design


  • Hype String Wooden Wall Hanger made with pure wood & shaped in a mustache design.
  • This compact hanger has a unique classy look
  • Overall it is a good product.


  • Quite expensive
  • Poor quality rubber covering

Hype Guitar Hanger

10. HRB MUSICALS Wall Mount with Fittings, Blue Belt, Capo & 5 Picks:

This is designed to support many different types of guitars. The package comes with a blue nylon belt used to add extra support to certain guitars like ukulele, bass, acoustic and electric. A blue capo comes with the package.HRB MUSICALS GUITAR WALL MOUNT


  • HRB Musical Guitar Wall Mount made with iron material thus durable & good for long time use.
  • This quality product is best for beginners
  • It is a durable product.


  • Quite expensive
  • Difficult to assemble



Are wall hangers bad for guitars?

Wall hangers save space and protect your guitar from unnecessary damage.

Can I hang my guitar on the wall?

It is not good to hang the guitar on the wall for the long term. Changes in temperature and humidity and downward exertion can lead to damage.

Should guitars be kept in cases?

Good quality hard-shell cases are the safest storage for guitars so you can keep them in cases.

Do guitar stands damaged guitars?

The stands do not damage guitars. However, they can easily be knocked off, which can cause damage.

Do hanging guitar damage the neck?

By using quality wall hanger products your guitar is less likely to be affected by neck damage.