Best Quality Gomutra online in India-Buyers Guide

Gomutra is a urine liquid of the cows. It is a significant product for a few religious groups in India, Myanmar as well as Nigeria. These religious groups claim that there are numerous advantages of cow urine and cow dung. However, there is no scientific basis for the claims made by the proponents.

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Top 10 Best selling Gomutra in India

List of Gomutra

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1. Krishna’s Herbal Medicine cow urine Krishna's Herbal Medicine cow urine
2. Affordable and Good Quality cow urine Affordable and Good Quality cow urine
3. Keen Buyers Goseva Herbal Gomutra Keen Buyers Goseva Herbal Gomutra
4. Gaurashtra Cow Urine Gaurashtra Cow Urine
5. Hetha Store Cow Urine Hetha Store Cow Urine
6. Inducare Gomutra Inducare Gomutra
7. Orgure cow urine  Orgure cow urine 
8. Sri Sri Tattva Gaumutra  Sri Sri Tattva Gaumutra 
9. Top-Quality and Beneficial Khillar Cow Gaumutra Top-Quality and Beneficial Khillar Cow
10. Gokul Naturals Gaumutra  Gokul Naturals Gaumutra 

Features of Gomutra

There are multiple features of the Gomutra.

  • It consists of amazing benefits.
  • People can use it in different recipes.
  • The product has amazing health benefits.
  • Cow urine relieves you of the fever, increases immunity levels as well as cleanses the body.
  • Cow urine has to be pure and natural.

Types of Gomutra

  • There are different flavors of cow urine available.
  • For instance, you can buy cow urine with added flavor.
  • Likewise, there is a wide collection of flavored cow urine
  • However, most o people prefer to buy pure and natural cow urine products.

Buyer’s Guide for Gomutra

There are different factors that you should keep in mind while purchasing the Gomutra.

  • For instance, you must check the quality and quantity of the product. It should match the price.
  • Next, also check the flavor of the bottle.
  • If you want to purchase pure cow urine, go for pure cow urine.
  • Also, check the packaging of the product.
  • If it is good packaging, the contents inside the bottle should also be beneficial and high-quality.
  • The price of the cow urine also is reasonable.

How to use Gomutra?

  • It is easy to use cow urine.
  • You can use it for religious worship also.
  • There are multiple religious uses of cow urine.
  • So, you can use it in whatever the religious script commands you.

List of Top 10 Best Gomutra in India-Buyers Guide

1. Krishna’s Herbal Medicine 500 ml cow urine Ark Desi Cow Urine (Pack of 2)

Krishna offers herbal and ayurvedic products for its consumers. If you would like to improve your health, this is the best herbal cow urine for you. It helps in retaining immunity during the tough times of the Covid-19. So, keep a bottle of gomutra just the way we keep sanitizers near us.

Krishna's Herbal Medicine 500 ml cow urine


  • Gomutra contains benefits for the liver and other parts of the body.
  • It immunizes the body against illness and diseases in your surroundings.
  • The product works efficiently for your benefit.



  • The cow urine is a bit acidic. It may cause heartburn.


2. 500 ml Affordable and Good Quality cow urine Arka (Pack of 2) by IMC

IMC offers well-packaged cow urine. It is a vegetarian product. If you are opting for cooking or other purposes, the top-quality cow urine is an ideal product.

Affordable and Good Quality cow urine


  • The cow urine purifies the entire body.
  • Liquid cow urine contains beneficial properties for the liver.
  • Goseva cow urine also helps in killing the germs in the body.



  • It may not be suitable for people with gastric or other stomach problems.


3. Pack of 2 Bottles Available for Keen Buyers Goseva Herbal Gomutra 500 Ml

Herbal Gomutra has taken care of the expectations of its consumers. The Company has offered clean, safe, and pure cow urine.

Bottles Available for Keen Buyers Goseva Herbal Gomutra


  • The cow urine comes from healthy and local Indian cows.
  • The cow urine has herbal benefits.
  • Buyers can get 02 bottles in this price range.



  • It is an expensive gomutra product.


4. Tulsi 500 ml Bottle of the Pure, Natural, and Well-Packed Cow Urine by Gaurashtra

Our Company offers the best-quality, well-packaged, pure, and natural desi cow urine. It is large and beneficial cow urine. So, you do not have to spend on a new bottle anytime soon. It lasts longer.

Tulsi 500 ml Bottle of the Pure, Natural, and Well-Packed Cow Urine by Gaurashtra


  • It contains the flavor of basil.
  • The cow urine drink comes packed in a healthy bottle.
  • Buyers will find it easy to consume the drink.



  • The gomutra is not a pure cow urine drink.


5. Nicely Stored and Well Packed Cow Urine (Pack of 2) by Hetha Store

Hetha Store offers a good-quality and healthful Gomutra. It is a deal of 2 packs. You get 2 large bottles of healthy drinks. Instead of having locally available sweet drinks, religious followers can take advantage of this drink.

Nicely Stored and Well Packed Cow Urine (Pack of 2) by Hetha Store


  • The bottle contains pure and natural cow urine without any added ingredients.
  • It is a drink full of benefits for people.
  • The cow urine comes packed in a good-quality bottle.



  • Hetha offers an expensive Gomutra product.


6. Pharma Gomutra Capsules of Ghan – 60 Capsules Pack Available by Inducare

Inducare offers a wide variety of benefits. Pharma Gomutra capsules are highly effective in reducing different types of diseases. Pharmacists have produced a great solution by combining the benefits of gomutra with other effective ingredients.

Pharma Gomutra Capsules of Ghan


  • It enhances the functioning of the liver.
  • It also lowers cholesterol levels as well as cures other health problems.
  • The drink also boosts energy in people.



  • It may not suit the temperament of a few people.


7. Pure Indian cow urine of Best Breed – Urine Taken From the A2 Cattle Breeds – Best Product for the Treatment – Comes Packed in Premium Glass Bottle by Orgure

This is another great drink bottle. If you would like to boost your immunity or remain healthy, this product is for you. You must go for the Pure Indian Best Breed Urine Cow drink by Orgure. All in all, it improves health.

Pure Indian cow urine


  • The drink contains purifying elements for the body.
  • It also increases the health of the heart.
  • Cow urine comes packed in glass bottles.



  • The glass bottle can break easily.


8. Best-Quality and Effective 3 Packs of Bottles by Sri Sri Tattva

Have you tired yourself by visiting every doctor every now and then? You do not have to waste your energies like this. Sri Sri Tattva urine cow product is healthier. It is also a top-quality choice for people experiencing skin problems.

Best-Quality and Effective 3 Packs of Bottles by Sri Sri Tattva


  • An Indian cow produces the urine cow only.
  • The company produces cow urines keeping cleanliness in mind.
  • It cures a variety of skin conditions.



  • The product has hard and thick urine.


9. 500ml Top-Quality and Beneficial Khillar Cow Gaumutra/Urine

If you would like to follow the religious ritual, we recommend you the Khillar bottle. There are no added colors or other items. The product is 100% original, natural, and an immunity booster.

Top-Quality and Beneficial Khillar Cow Gaumutra/Urine


  • The cow urine is 100 percent natural and herbal.
  • The product does not contain any added sugar, flavor, or side effects.
  • It works as an immunity booster, which makes it good for your health.



  • There is no customer review to find the usefulness of its features.


10. 500 ml Good-Quality and Desi Indian Gaurashtra Pure Gomutra Ark Comes with Tulsi (LOW AMMONIA & EASY TO CONSUME) by Gokul Naturals

Gokul Naturals offer an ammonia-free and easy-to-consume pure cow urine product. The advantage of cow natural feed is a high-quality product made from cows. A combination of Triphala, cow urine, and cultured buttermilk is said to aid in the treatment of anemia.

Good-Quality and Desi Indian Gaurashtra Pure Gomutra


  • The drink helps in curing a variety of diseases.
  • To cure fever, combine it with salt and pepper, yogurt, and butter.
  • The cow urine drink cleanses the entire body.



  • The cow urine drink is quite expensive.



The Gomutra is a religious drink of the Hindu community. However, anybody can drink to take advantage of its nutritional value. If you have skin disease or other problems, you can consume it. There are also scientific researches that support the benefits of cow urine. So, go through the above list and select a suitable product.


What are the benefits of Gomutra?

There are various benefits of cow urine. For instance, it improves the health of different organs of the body.

Is it healthy to drink gomutra?

Yes. It is healthy to consume cow urine.

What is the price of the gomutra?

The average price of cow urine ranges between 300rs to 500rs.