Best Glass Vases in India-Buyers Guide

Who doesn’t like a neatly decorated home? Is there any person who doesn’t like home decoration items? I don’t think there would be someone like this. Everyone likes a well-decorated home. People use different items to decorate their indoors. But when it comes to home decoration, there is nothing maximum. You can adjust a variety of things in different ways and they will look good. Whatever you are using for decoration, you all must have some crystal or glass items as your decorative material. They look very elegant and royal. But the thing is, you have to choose the right glass items. This article will give you different options for beautiful glass vases.

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Top 10 Best Glass Vases in India

List of Glass Vases

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1. DECENT GLASS Tall Square Vase DECENT GLASS Tall Square Vase
2. Pure Source India Glass Flower Vase Pure Source India Glass Flower Vase
3. Padmashri Glass Rectangle Vase Padmashri Glass Rectangle Vase
5. Bormioli Rocco Vinciana Flower Vase Bormioli Rocco Vinciana Flower Vase
6. Incrizma Glass Flower Vase Incrizma Glass Flower Vase
7. Labzio Home – Flower Vase Labzio Home - Flower Vase
8. Aakriti® Transparent Glass Flower Pot Aakriti® Transparent Glass Flower Pot
10. TIED RIBBONS Glass Flower Vase TIED RIBBONS Glass Flower Vase

Features of Glass Vase

  • The glass vases can have different sizes and shapes.
  • A good quality glass vase is clear and transparent.
  • The glass vases are also hand-crafted in different designs by artisans.

Types of Glass Vase

Masons glass jar

  • These are normal price range, typical shaped, and straight glass vases they are not very fancy or unique and can be placed in different places of the room.

Milk bottle

  • These jars are for flower decorations.
  • They have long necks and wide mouths to hold a maximum number of flowers.
  • Use full-length and thick stem flowers in these vases to enhance their look.

Cylindrical vases

  • They are simple and cylinder shale glass vases.
  • The diameter and height of these vases vary.
  • They also look good with flowers, but you can decorate them by adding colorful stones or marbles to them.
  • They also look amazing with pine cones with a candle on the top.

Rustic vases

  • These vases have a rounded base with a narrow neck.
  • You also can put flowers in it because its wider body will balance the weight of the flowers.

Trumpet vase

  • These jars have a wide body, narrow small neck, and a wider mouth.
  • These are common in wedding decorations.

Pedestal vase

  • They are also fancy vases for weddings and parties decoration.
  • These are delicate vases that are put on pedestals.

Bowl vase

  • These are simple bowl-shaped vases that can also be used as fish aquariums.

Buyers Guide for Glass Vase

  • There is no specific guide to buying a glass vase.
  • Buy the one that attracts your eyes.
  • You can buy different shaped vases and make contrasts that look amazing.
  • Decorate your table with beautiful vases with flowers, scented candles with pretty candle stands, and some other crystal decorations and frames.
  • But, the thickness and quality of the glass are things to check.
  • It must not be too thin, nor too thick to lose its delicacy.

List of Top 10 Best Glass Vases in India-Buyers Guide

1. DECENT GLASS Tall Square Vase

DECENT GLASS square vase is a simple rectangular-shaped glass vase that has a square surface. Its height is 6-inches and width is 4-inches. This is a very elegant piece of decoration that is suitable to give as a gift too. You can put it on your table as a central piece and also on console tables. Its glass quality is very good and doesn’t get damaged by water, so you can put fresh flowers in it too.

DECENT GLASS Tall Square Vase


  • You can get the vase in different sizes too.
  • Its glass is thick.
  • The finishing is very good.


  • A few customers claimed that the base of the vase got cracked after some time.


2. Pure Source India Glass Flower Vase

It is a stylish glass vase of 7.5 inches in height. It is crystal clear glass that can be placed anywhere, on side tables, dining tables, corner tables, etc. it is narrow from the base and the neck is wide having a zigzag pattern rim. You can put a bunch of flowers in it and it will look beautiful. A very good about it is, if you don’t like it, you can return it without any charges.

Pure Source India Glass Flower Vase


  • It is a beautiful choice for indoor decoration.
  • The vase is transparent and crystal clear.


  • Its price is a little higher.
  • The size is small according to the price.


3. Padmashri Glass Rectangle Vase

It is a long, rectangular glass vase for home indoor decoration. Its height is 1-inches and square walls are 3.5-inches wide. The vase is crystal clear and is hand-crafted to give a perfect finishing. It is stable on the surface because its base is thick and heavy. You can use it in different ways, including, as a flower vase, put any water plant, candle holder, and as a fish tank too.

Padmashri Glass Rectangle Vase


  • It is a strong vase because it has thick glass.
  • This glass vase price is economic.
  • Its base is almost 3-inches tall, which is amazing.


  • Some people didn’t like its quality.


4. MITHILA HANDICRAFTS Round Glass Shaped Vase

It is a beautiful and differently designed glass vase by Mithila handicraft. The vase has a little long neck, a flat base, and around body. Its height is 20-centimeters and its diameter is 16-centimeters. It is hand-crafted and is a premium quality vase. It will look beautiful if you put a real plant with water in this vase.



  • Its look is very amazing.
  • The finishing of the vase is neat and clear.


  • A few customers got the vase with small scratches.


5. Bormioli Rocco Vinciana Flower Vase

It is another beautifully, simple, and elegant glass vase for your home. Its look is very stylish, having a cut in the center of the rim. This vase size is 23.9*12.2*9.1 centimeters. Its longitudinal shape is rectangular, but otherwise, it is square. Its quality is very good and is made in Italy. The design is very beautiful that has a small foot at the base.

Bormioli Rocco Vinciana Flower Vase


  • The vase is dishwasher safe.
  • Its quality and design are also very good.


  • We didn’t find anything bad about it.


6. Incrizma Glass Flower Vase

This glass vase is also a very simple, yet simple decoration vase for decoration. It is round long body vase for multi-purposes. The vase contains lead-free glass that is safe to use. Skillful and professional artisan-made these vases and gave them a perfect look.

Incrizma Glass Flower Vase


  • Its size is big enough to hold a big bunch of flowers.
  • The glass is neat and clear.


  • This glass vase price is a little costly.


7. Labzio Home – Flower Vase

It is a beautiful, unique, and stylish glass vase by Labzio home. It is not actually a glass vase, but 3 test tubes set in a rectangular wooden box. Its design makes it unique and beautiful. These come in different designs, a holder with a single test tube, 2 test tubes holder, and the one that we are talking about. You can grow any mini water plant in them and place it on the console tables and decorative shelves. The glass used in tubes is borosilicate.

Labzio Home - Flower Vase


  • A small brush for cleaning also comes in the package.
  • You will get an extra complimentary tube in the pack.
  • This cute little decorative piece is very innovative and beautiful.


  • The size of the tubes is too small, it can hold only a tiny branch of the plant.
  • It is a little costly.


8. Aakriti® Transparent Glass Flower Pot

Aakriti plower pot is 11.4centimeters long glass vase for flowers. It has a wide bottom, narrow neck, and comparatively wide mouth. It is perfect for flowers having long stems. Fresh flowers will look perfect in this vase. This design is also suitable for use as candle handles.

Aakriti® Transparent Glass Flower Pot


  • Its height is very good so it looks beautiful in corners.
  • The design is very delicate and petty.
  • It is available at a reasonable price.


  • The glass quality is not very good.
  • It is very fragile, so needs extra care while handling.



It is a very pretty wall-hanging glass vase for your home. The vase has a semi-circle shape to fix well on the wall. Its length or dia is 18-centimeters, width is 9centimeters, and height is 14centimeters. It has a unique design and will look good in the living room, whether you put flowers in it or not. The vase is awesome as a fish aquarium.



  • Its design is very beautiful.
  • The quality of the vase is also good.


  • Some customers got vases with scratches on them.


10. TIED RIBBONS Glass Flower Vase

It is a set of 2, small and one large glass vases. They are cylindrical in shape and the large one has a diameter of 8*8*29 centimeters, while the small one has the size of a 7*7*17 centimeter. They will look pretty as flower vases and you can place them on console tables.

TIED RIBBONS Glass Flower Vase


  • The price is very reasonable for 2 vases.
  • Their appearance is good.


  • The glass is very thin and fragile.



Enhance the look of your home by adding glass vases in your home decoration. Order the above-listed items and enjoy a new look of your living area.


Can I put a plant in a glass vase?

Yes, you can put any creeper or a small plant in a glass vase, but in water.

Why glass is suitable for a vase?

Other vases are also available such as clay vases or ceramic vases. People usually prefer glass vases because they look very elegant and go with any color theme.

What can you grow in a glass vase?

You can glow small money plants, other thin creepers, and small plants in gas vases. You can also use it as a mini aquarium for fish.