Best Ghungroo for Dance & Music in India-Buyers Guide

Wearing a ghungroo provides a unique look to your feet and style. Women love wearing it at dance performances as it’s a dancing bracelet. That is why it is becoming a popular bracelet to wear with traditional classic dance performances. You will find all kinds of patterns and ankle bells with a ghungroo. However, some of these bracelets have no bells but other jewelry for decorations. Also, some are for dancing and doing fancy steps. Thus, it uses brass bells and materials with red color.

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Top 10 Best Ghungroo for Dance & Music in India

List of Ghungroos

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1. Ghungroo India Ghungroo India
2. Vishal India Craft Vishal India Craft
3. ESPLANADE Ghungroo ESPLANADE Ghungroo
4. UAPAN Brass Dancing Bells Bracelet UAPAN Brass Dancing
5. Yellow Chimes Yellow Chimes
6. Fancy Steps Fancy Steps
7. Abhaah German Silver Bracelet Abhaah German Silver Bracelet
8. Prisha India Craft Ghungroo Prisha India Craft Ghungroo
9. Natures Buggy Ghungroo Natures Buggy Ghungroo
10. Mozart Kathak Ghungroo Mozart Kathak Ghungroo

Features of a Ghungroo

  • There are brass bells and thick white cotton strings for a dancing bracelet.
  • Women in India wear strikingly beautiful ghungroo that have golden, silver, white, or red colors.
  • Some have an antique and classic design with silver or brass bells.
  • So, they look beautiful on the ladies’ feet for wearing as jewelry or dancing.
  • Also, there are Kada jewelry bracelets that women can wear on their arms or feet.

Types of Ghungroos

  • Some of these pretty bracelets with brass bells come in white or red colors.
  • Also, there are Khathat dancing bracelets that women can wear on their feet.
  • So, whenever they dance, the bells ring and produce a melody.
  • Most of the ghungroo use brass bells.
  • However, there are bracelets for wearing for nightwear and parties.
  • These have antique, classical, or boutique designs for women to look beautiful.
  • There are also gold and silver bracelets that you can wear or gift to your loved ones.

Buyers Guide for Ghungroo

  • Buying any jewellery can be overwhelming because of so many choices and designs.
  • That is why we have a list of ten ghungroos that you can consider.
  • When you buy a bracelet, it is better to select a silver, gold, or brass one.
  • The reason is that these materials have a long lifespan and retain their value over the years.
  • Also, you can buy a brass or cotton string bracelet with ankle bells.
  • Many beautiful bracelets feel like gold but have an artificial gold color.
  • So, these are budget-friendly and easy to use.

How to use a Ghungroo?

  • Most of the cotton string and brass or nickel ankle bells bracelets are skin-friendly.
  • So, you can wear these over the ankles or on the arms.
  • It has a long cotton thread that you can use to lock with the toe.
  • Lift your leg and swap the tying string around.
  • Now tie the bracelet over the ankles.
  • Some of these do not require you to tie it and lock it with the toe.
  • You can wear them on the ankle and lock them around.
  • So, it will not fall when you dance or perform the Kathak dance.
  • Women also wear it on their arms, and it is easy to tie around them.

List of Top 10 Best Ghungroo in India- Buyers Guide

1. Ghungroo India

These ghungroos are of export quality. There is a white cotton string for wearing with comfort.

Ghungroo India


  • It is comfortable to wear.
  • There is a soft cotton string.
  • It has brass bells with 100 ghungroos.


  • The cotton material fades in color.
  • These can fall if you will not tie them properly.


2. Vishal India Craft

There are a total of 10 ghungroos in each line for this bracelet. It has a classical red color with brass bells.

Vishal India Craft


  • You can wear it with comfort.
  • There is a red color string attachment.
  • It has three lines for the brass bells.


  • It weighs around 360 grams.
  • You have to tie the knot carefully.


3. ESPLANADE Ghungroo

It is a complete set of ghungroos for dancing. The design is for professional dancers. Also, there are five lines for the brass bells.



  • It is for the professionals.
  • There are five lines for the brass bells.
  • You can use it for dancing.


  • It weighs 620 grams.
  • Only expert dancers can use it.


4. UAPAN Brass Dancing Bells Bracelet

There is a white cotton string for this dancing brass bells bracelet. It has a hundred brass bells.

UAPAN Brass Dancing Bells Bracelet


  • You can use it for dancing.
  • There are 100 brass ankle bells.
  • The cotton string is comfortable to wear.


  • It can fall if you will not tie it properly.
  • The cotton materials can collect dirt.


5. Yellow Chimes

It is a stylish dancing bracelet with oxidized silver material. You can wear it as a fashion statement or for professional dancing.

Yellow Chimes


  • It is stylish.
  • The material is oxidized silver.
  • There are lead-free materials.


  • The silver material can be uncomfortable to wear for some.
  • You have to store it properly.

Abhaah-Oxidised6. Fancy Steps

These are good-quality professionals wearing dancing ankle bells. There are two lines for the bells.

Fancy Steps


  • It has good quality material.
  • The color is red.
  • You can use it for professional dancing.


  • It is not for fashion.
  • You have to tie it around the ankles.


7. Abhaah German Silver Bracelet

This cuff bracelet uses oxidized German silver for a stylish look. Women can wear it as jewelry.

Abhaah German Silver Bracelet


  • There is oxidized silver material.
  • The design is stylish.
  • You can wear it as jewelry.


  • Wearing silver can be uncomfortable for some women.
  • You have to store it carefully.


8. Prisha India Craft Ghungroo

The ghungroos come with a cotton string for wearing with convenience. It weighs around 250 grams. There are 25 brass bells.

Prisha India Craft Ghungroo


  • It is comfortable to wear.
  • There are brass bells.
  • The price is budget-friendly.


  • There is a need to tie it properly.
  • It has 250 grams of weight.


9. Natures Buggy Ghungroo

It has a golden color and embellished beads for a beautiful look. All of the materials are of superior grade.

Natures Buggy Ghungroo


  • You can wear it as jewelry.
  • It has embellished beads.
  • The design is beautiful.


  • It is not for professional dancing.
  • The lock can open itself sometimes.


10. Mozart Kathak Ghungroo

There are 100 brass bells for this professional Kathak cuff bracelet. The bracelet uses a cotton string.

Mozart Kathak Ghungroo


  • You can wear it conveniently.
  • There are 100 ankle brass bells.
  • The brass material is durable.


  • The cotton catches dust.
  • You have to tie it properly.



There is a cotton string ghungroo and a silver material one for dancing. Also, some of these use embellished beads or decorations for a stylish design. The red color dancing bracelet is for professional dancers. Wearing the silver material can be uncomfortable, but it provides a vintage look. Thus, you can read the top ten ghungroos list for picking the best one. You can use these for wearing as jewelry or for dancing.


What is the best ghungroo?

The best ankle brass bells bracelet is one that uses durable materials like silver or cotton string.

What is the price range of the ghungroo?   

The price of a ghungroo in India is between 200 INR to 2000 INR.