Best Garden Umbrella in India-Buyers Guide

A garden umbrella serves the primary purpose of offering protection from the sun. It can also offer some protection from rain during the wet season. Although it is called a ‘garden umbrella’, there are many other places where it can be used. For instance, you can use it on beaches, in restaurant settings, and on roadsides. It can also be used on the poolside, in lawns, or on terraces.

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Further, businesses are known to use these umbrellas as promotional merchandise. That is because the garden umbrella is always very conspicuous wherever it is put to use. Therefore a business aims to get its brand names on such an umbrella. Then wherever the umbrella is deployed, people get to see the business’ brand name prominently. Further, these umbrellas are suitable for use while camping and while conducting awareness outreach programs for various things on the streets.

Top 10 Best Garden Umbrellas in India

List of Garden Umbrellas

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1. Brandway Promotional Umbrella Brandway-Promotional-Garden-Umbrella
2. Akshar Tabla Mart Umbrella Akshar Tabla Mart Garden Umbrella
3. Flmas Outdoor Umbrella Flmas Outdoor Garden Umbrella
4. Signistics Umbrella Signistics Garden Umbrella
5. Lords Umbrella for Garden Lords Umbrella for Garden
6. Invezo Impression Patio Umbrella Invezo Impression Patio
7. BM & Sons Umbrella BM & Sons Garden Umbrella
8. Pentagon Engineering Instruments Umbrella Pentagon Engineering Instruments Garden Umbrella
9. Epic Synthetic & Canvas Stick Umbrella Epic Synthetic & Canvas Stick Umbrella
10. RAINPOPSON Heavy Duty Umbrella RAINPOPSON Heavy Duty Garden Umbrella

Features of Garden Umbrella

  • An ideal garden umbrella is one that is easy to install. In this regard, the best umbrellas have designs that make it possible to install them without using much energy. And that is also without using any major tools or expertise.
  • Further, a good garden umbrella would be one that is easy to wash. The last thing you want is an umbrella that takes too much effort to wash. Or worse still, one that is impossible to wash without damage.
  • ‘Foldability’ is an important feature in a garden umbrella. This determines how easy it will be to move from place to place with the umbrella.
  • For obvious reasons, the umbrella’s color matters, as does its size.

Types of Garden Umbrella

  • There are polyester garden umbrellas. Then there are nylon garden umbrellas. We also have a polyester blend and taffeta garden umbrellas.
  • There are waterproof garden umbrellas. Then we have others that are not waterproof (but maybe water-resistant to some degree).
  • There are single-color garden umbrellas. Then there are multicolor garden umbrellas.

How to use a Garden Umbrella?

  • The first step in using an umbrella is usually that of attaching the umbrella’s covering to its mount.
  • After attaching the umbrella’s covering to its mount, you attach it to the metal pipe/pole. In some umbrellas, you find a strong plastic rather than metal pipe.
  • Then you attach the umbrella assembly (metal pipe, umbrella coverage, and its mount) to the base. If you feel that the base is not strong enough, you can place a heavy objective on it. This would be to protect it from being blow away by the wind.
  • In some umbrellas, the covering comes already (permanently) attached to the mount and to the pole/rod. You therefore only need to attach it to the base, then open up the umbrella to enjoy the shade.

Buying guide for Garden Umbrella

  • First of all, you need to ask yourself what material the umbrella you wish to buy is made from. Ideally, go for an umbrella made from a material that offers good shade and is potentially durable.
  • Secondly, you need to check the umbrella’s size. Ensure that it is big enough for the purpose you have in mind.
  • Thirdly, ask yourself how easy to fold and how easy to wash the umbrella is.
  •  Fourthly, consider the umbrella price. Ensure that you get good value for your money.

List of Top 10 Best Garden Umbrellas in India-Buyers Guide

1. Brandway Promotional Garden Umbrella

Brandway umbrella is made of waterproof fabric. Ideal for use in advertising/promotional campaigns and comes complete with a stand.

Brandway Promotional Garden Umbrella


  • Height is good, at 6 feet
  • Suitable for use in all weather conditions
  • Has the colorful cheerful appearance


  • Cleaning may sometimes be tricky
  • Setting this umbrella up can take a bit of time


2. Akshar Tabla Mart Garden and Beach Sun Protection Umbrella

Akshar Tabla Umbrella is a blue and white outdoor umbrella. Ideal for both garden and beach use.

Akshar Tabla Mart Garden and Beach Sun Protection Umbrella


  • Umbrella material is thick (hence offers good quality shade)
  • Appearance has genuine elegance
  • Both height and diameter are adequate for most people’s needs


  • The middle pipe is somewhat delicate
  • Colors require frequent cleaning (as they attract dirt easily)


3. Flmas Outdoor Garden Umbrella

What you get here is a multicolor umbrella. Comes with a tripod stand.

Flmas Outdoor Garden Umbrella


  • Rather easy to install
  • Comes ready to use (complete with tripod stand)
  • Size is quite big


  • Middle pipe may be prone to denting (if not carefully handled)
  • Some may find the price too high


4. Signistics Garden Umbrella (for Beach, Terrace, Patio, and Outdoor Use)

Signistics umbrella is an elegant 6 feet umbrella. Comes with a base stand that has 4 legs.

Signistics Garden Umbrella


  • It is truly waterproof
  • 4 leg base offers good stability
  • Price is reasonable for the quality


  • Some may find the umbrella covering to be rather light
  • Washing this umbrella can be a tedious process for some


5. Lords Umbrella for Garden and Beach Sun Protection

Lord’s umbrella is a big, 8 feet umbrella. Has considerable elegance.

Lords Umbrella for Garden and Beach Sun Protection


  • Umbrella covering doesn’t allow leakage
  • Size is considerably huge
  • Base is sturdy


  • The middle pole/pipe is somewhat delicate
  • Folding may be slightly difficult in certain situations


6. Invezo Impression Patio/Garden Umbrella

Comes complete with a base. The umbrella color is white.

Invezo Impression Patio/Garden Umbrella


  • It is an elegant umbrella
  • Offers good ultraviolet light protection
  • Comes with a metal (rather than plastic) pole


  • Price is rather high
  • White color may attract dirt easily


7. BM & Sons Garden Umbrella

What you get here is a 42-inch umbrella. Suitable for both garden and patio use.

BM & Sons Garden Umbrella


  • Provides good shade
  • The umbrella is quite sturdy
  • Easy to set up


  • May not withstand extreme wind
  • It is somewhat heavy and therefore not easy to move around with


8. Pentagon Engineering Instruments Umbrella

Unique umbrella, made using parachute cloth. Offers good sunlight protection.

Pentagon Engineering Instruments Garden Umbrella


  • Can withstand windy conditions (being a parachute cloth umbrella)
  • Price is reasonable for umbrella size and quality
  • Can be durable with adequate care


  • Proper setup can be slightly time-consuming
  • Some may find the colors too loud


9. Epic Synthetic & Canvas Stick Umbrella

Has ultraviolet protection layer. Comes in cheerful colors.

Epic Synthetic & Canvas Stick Umbrella


  • Offers both rain and sun protection
  • It is easily portable
  • Size is 40 inches


  • Canvas material may sometimes attract dust easily
  • Seems to lack the proper base


10. RAINPOPSON Big Size Heavy Duty Garden Umbrella

RAINPOPSON is a 48 inch/8 feet umbrella. The color is blue and white.

RAINPOPSON Big Size Heavy Duty Garden Umbrella


  • It is a super-size umbrella
  • The middle pole/rod is sturdy
  • Has neat colors


  • Comes without a stand
  • Maybe prone to getting dirt easily



A high-quality garden umbrella can offer you good shelter in the garden, while also enhancing elegance. This guide has the information you need to help you identify and buy a decent garden umbrella.


What is a garden umbrella?

It is a special umbrella designed for use in the garden and other outdoor spaces.

What is the best garden umbrella?

The best garden umbrella is one that offers good shade, is not easily blown by the wind, and has an elegant appearance.

What is the price of the garden umbrella?

Garden umbrella price ranges from 1,200 to 2,500 rupees. But there are some special ones that cost up to 9,000 rupees.