Best Garden sprayer in India-Buyers Guide

Garden sprayers are one of the most useful tools in gardens of all sizes. They are spray bottles. Having nozzles to deliver the right amount of fluids to the garden plants. You can spray many different fluids by using garden sprayers and in different quantities. The most common usages of garden sprayers include spraying pesticides, insecticides in plants, washing plants, leaves, and flowers, and watering plants.

Different plants need different amounts of fertilizers for their growth. You can also spray liquid fertilizers by using garden sprayers to deliver the right amount of fertilizer to each plant. This would ensure the best growth of your plants and minimal damages from pests and insects. Many companies offer different garden sprayers & Spray Bottles. Choosing the right one is a very important thing. I will simplify the whole process for you in this article.

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List of Top 11 Best Garden sprayers in India

List of Garden Sprayers

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1. Kisan Kraft KK-PS2000 Manual Sprayer Garden-sprayer-bottles Garden-sprayer-bottles
2. Kraft Seeds Garden Pressure Spray Pum Garden-sprayer-bottles Garden-sprayer-bottles
3. Flix-Kart 1.5 Litre Handheld Garden Spray Bottle Garden-sprayer-bottles Garden-sprayer-bottles
4. Vgreen Garden Store Garden 2 Ltr Pressure Sprayer Garden-sprayer-bottles Garden-sprayer-bottles
5. CAPPL Pressure Spray Pump Garden-sprayer-bottles Garden-sprayer-bottles
6. ECO365 Garden Sprayers Garden-sprayer-bottles Garden-sprayer-bottles
7. HOME CUBE 1 Pc Garden Pump Pressure Sprayer Garden-sprayer-bottles Garden-sprayer-bottles
8. KWEL Garden Pump Pressure 2.2 L Capacity Water Mist spray bottle Garden-sprayer-bottles Garden-sprayer-bottles
9. SAI AGRO Garden Pressure Sprayer Garden-sprayer-bottles Garden-sprayer-bottles
10. SHAFIRE Mouth Garden Spray Pump Garden-sprayer-bottles Garden-sprayer-bottles
11. AKR 1 Liter handheld spray bottle Garden-sprayer-bottles Garden-sprayer-bottles

Features of a Garden sprayer

  • A garden sprayer comes with a large container made up of hard material.
  • You can fill this with your desired fluid to spray on the plants.
  • There is a nozzle connected with this tank.
  • This nozzle delivers the fluid with various spraying options.
  • There is a pressure release valve to depressurize the sprayer.
  • A handle is attached with the nozzle for you to hold and press when you need to spray.
  • There is a filling aperture for you to fill in the fluid of your choice easily into the tank.
  • The tank can be carried from place to place and it comes in varying capacities.
  • There are control valves to control the amount of spraying liquid.
  • Lock valves are also there to lock the nozzle settings if you are spraying for long.

Types of Garden sprayers

There are five main types of garden sprayers:

Liquid Sprayers

  • Liquid sprayers are the most commonly used garden sprayers having a tank joined with a long wand hose to deliver the chemical spray to the desired area.
  • It can deliver a fine spray and a coarse spray.

Air Sprayers

  • Air sprayers to spray fine powders on delicate flowers and plants.

Gasoline-Power Sprayers

  • Gasoline-powered sprayer, used by professionals that uses power to spray large areas of land.

Tank Sprayers

  • Tank sprayers compress the spraying fluid and spray it using a wand.

Garden Sprayers

  • Garden sprayers are backpack sprayers.
  • They function in a similar fashion as the compression sprayers but fit on your shoulder for easier spraying.

Buyers Guide for Garden sprayer

  • Before choosing any garden sprayer, there are a few things that you need to consider on your end.
  • Some things are worth considering on the product’s end as well.
  • First, you need to determine your usage.
  • You need to sort out the purposes which you need the garden sprayer to serve.

The things that you need to look for in the garden spray are:

  • First, you need to check the design of the spray bottle. There are many different designs available for the spray bottle, some are handheld, and some fi on your shoulder. You need to look at your needs and then determine the right sprayer for your garden.
  • The next thing is the capacity or size of the garden sprayer. There are some garden sprayers available that are able to hold 2 liters. Whereas, some have a capacity of 1 liter. You should consider the job that you need the sprayer to perform and then determine the right sprayer.
  • Next comes the weight of the garden sprayer. If you wish to carry the sprayer around, then it must be lightweight. Whereas, the sprayers that are used to spray large areas of land are heavy-duty.

Determining your requirements would enable you to choose the right sprayer for your garden.

How to Use Garden sprayer?

  • When you get a new garden sprayer, you should know how to use it.
  • There are a few things to do before using it for all your purposes.
  • First, fill the garden sprayer to the indicated level with your desired fluid.
  • Do not overfill it, or otherwise, the tank may burst.
  • Plus, if you overfill it, the sprayer would not be able to develop enough pressure to spray the right amount of fluid.
  • Then, adjust the nozzle setting according to your needs.
  • Then screw the cap down until it seems firmly closed.
  • The next step is to pump the plunger.
  • You should continue to pump the plunger until you feel resistance.
  • Then simply press the lever and start spraying the fluid on the desired area.
  • An important thing is to keep the equipment clean, debris may get stuck in the nozzle.
  • This would prevent the nozzle from functioning properly.
  • If you wish to spray continuously for long, then engage the trigger lock.
  • Always test the sprayer on a rough surface such as ground before trying it out on plants.
  • This prevents damage to the plants because of malfunctioning of the equipment.
  • An important thing to note is that you should store the garden sprayer with the pressure released.
  • This increases the lifetime of the sprayer.

List of Top 11 Best Garden sprayer Varieties in India Buyers Guide

1. Kisan Kraft KK-PS2000 Manual Sprayer

Kisan Kraft sprayer serves the purpose of spraying pesticides and water in the garden. It also sprays perfumes and serves cleaning purposes and many other household tasks. It can store 2 liters of fluid and comes with an easy-to-grip handle and an effective nozzle design.

Kisan Kraft KK-PS2000 Manual Sprayer


  • Has a thick body to withstand a wide variety of chemicals
  • Adjustable nozzle to easily move between fine mist and pressure jet mode
  • The easy handgrip design enables you to spray without stressing your body and joints


  • The design isn’t strong enough to bear pressure for long
  • Gets clogged up and needs cleaning from time to time


2. Kraft Seeds Garden Pressure Spray Pump

Kraft seeds spray offers a one-hand operation to save time and energy. You can adjust the nozzle for different spraying options. It has a broad application to cleaning, gardening, misting veggies, spraying pests, flushing the car, and watering flowers.

Kraft Seeds Garden Pressure Spray Pump


  • Very broad application
  • Easy to adjust the design
  • One-hand operation


  • The body is of breakable plastic
  • Improper suction


3. Flix-Kart 1.5 Litre Handheld Garden Spray Bottle

Flix-kart sprayer is an easy-to-pump bottle offered in a range of colors. The spray is adjustable spraying a long stream of fine mist. The spray bottle is a tough poly-jar and offers an easy-to-fill design.

Flix-Kart 1.5 Litre Handheld Garden Spray Bottle


  • Serves many purposes
  • Offered in a range of colors
  • The quality of the product is on par with the price


  • Bad packaging and bad handling
  • Starts to leak after a few times of usage


4. Vgreen Garden Store Garden 2 Ltr Pressure Sprayer

The plastic bottle of this garden sprayer is made of good quality plastic. It has the capacity to hold 2 liters of fluid to serve many purposes. You can use it to spray pests in your plants and other things in your garden.

Vgreen Garden Store Garden 2 Ltr Pressure Sprayer


  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • Ensures good spray


  • Bad packaging
  • Little pressure build-up even after much effort


5. CAPPL Pressure Spray Pump

CAPPLPressure spray offers two operation options, i.e. mist and spray. This is a great spray to use for indoor gardening as well as many other purposes. It sprays water and fertilizers on plants, seeds and flowers, and much more.

CAPPL Pressure Spray Pump


  • Multi-purpose spray bottle
  • Sprays a fine mist as well as a shower of fluid
  • Nice pressure develops inside the bottle


  • Nozzle gets clogged and needs to be cleaned regularly
  • The plastic is not of good quality


6. ECO365 Garden Sprayers

ECO garden sprayer is made with heavy-duty material to make it more durable. It works as a multi-purpose sprayer for spraying sanitizer, garden sprayer, glass cleaning, and car wash.

ECO365 Garden Sprayers


  • Multi-purpose sprayer
  • Anti-slip handle for better grip
  • The capacity of 2.2 liters


  • Not made of good-quality plastic
  • Starts to leak after prolonged usage


7. HOME CUBE 1 Pc Garden Pump Pressure Sprayer

HOME CUBE sprayer is a multi-purpose hand sprayer to serve you in the garden and in other places around your house. You can adjust the water intensity with a high-quality brass nozzle. The easy-grip handle is arthritis-friendly and offers a strain-free experience.

HOME CUBE 1 Pc Garden Pump Pressure Sprayer


  • Adjustable brass nozzle
  • Best for indoor gardening and many other purposes
  • Efficient pump to make spraying nan easy process


  • Quite expensive
  • Product colors are different from the ones displayed on Amazon


8. KWEL Garden Pump Pressure 2.2 L Capacity Water Mist spray bottle

KWEL sprayer is a multi-purpose mist spraying bottle that can be used for pest control, automotive, and gardening. Comes with an efficient pump and is easy to grip handle. It creates a strain-free experience even if it is used for long.

KWEL Garden Pump Pressure 2.2 L Capacity Water Mist spray bottle


  • Continuous spraying is less straining
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Multi-purpose misting


  • Pressure does not last long for spray
  • Heavy to hold


9. SAI AGRO Garden Pressure Sprayer

SAI AGRO Sprayer is a multi-purpose sprayer that has the capacity to hold 2 liters of fluid. It has an easy-to-press handle that sprays a fine mist of fluid onto the desired place.

SAI AGRO Garden Pressure Sprayer


  • Easy to use
  • Single hand operation
  • Multi-purpose sprayer


  • Doesn’t work for long
  • Bad packaging


10. SHAFIRE Mouth Garden Spray Pump

SHAFIRE sprayer comes with an adjustable nozzle design and sprays water in two spraying modes. You can adjust the rotating nozzle and use it for many purposes. It is made with safe, non-toxic, and non-odor materials.

SHAFIRE Mouth Garden Spray Pump


  • Two available options, for pouring and spraying
  • The quality of plastic is good
  • Serves its purpose well


  • No color options are available
  • The size is small, so needs to be refilled


11. AKR 1 Liter handheld spray bottle

It has a capacity of holding 1 liter of fluid and delivers a fine mist spray. There is a pressure release valve, an adjustable brass nozzle, and a built-in measuring scale.

AKR 1 Liter handheld spray bottle


  • Easy to use
  • Can be used in the home as well as in the garden
  • Adjustable brass nozzle


  • Leakage issue
  • Quite small



In a nutshell, having a good garden pump ensures better spraying of insecticides and other fluids. You can also wash the plants by using the fine mist and water the plants in small plant pots. Go for the best garden sprayer, making the decision as per your needs and your budget.


Which garden spray pump is the best?

The best one offers different spray options and has a sturdy grip for you to hold on to for long.

What is the price of a garden spray pump?

The price depends upon the size and the type of garden sprayer you are going for. The smaller ones can come for ₹ 215 and the larger ones cost you more.

For what purpose a spray pump is used?

A spray pump is used to create a shower-like flow of water for watering your garden.