Best Garden Lights in India-Buyers Guide

The lighting of your outdoors is as necessary as you light your indoors. Whether you have arranged a party or you have a family function or you have organized small sports for kids lights play an important role. It is also used for safety purposes and to enhance nighttime beauty. Garden light or landscape light is used to illuminate private gardens and public gardens and parks for a nighttime aesthetic.

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Top 10 Best Garden Lights in India

List of Garden Lights

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1. Imper!al Gen6001 garden light Imper!al Gen6001 garden lights
2. BENE round garden light BENE round garden lights
3. D’Mak 3W LED  garden white light D'Mak 3W LED  garden white lights
4. DMT 3W LED garden green light DMT 3W LED garden green lights
5. Lysa Décor garden light Lysa Décor garden lights
6. Mufasa changing 6-WattsOrED garden light Mufasa changing 6-WattsOrED garden lights
7. SATYAM KRAFT garden light SATYAM KRAFT garden lights
8. WIDEWINGS garden light WIDEWINGS garden lights
9. Varnet ground rod LED 5W garden light Varnet ground rod LED 5W garden light
10. Auto-ON solar-powered garden light Auto-ON solar-powered garden lights

Features of Garden Light

The main features of garden lights are mentioned below:

  • It provides security and keeps your surroundings crime-free.
  • It helps in finding a way better in the darkness of night.
  • They are great for a barbecue party especially on the darker night as it enhances and beautifies the environment.
  • It gives your guests a warm welcome to the house.
  • It enriches the beauty of your garden and makes it more appealing.

Types of Garden Lights

There are numerous types of garden lights are available that can be bought for your outside area. People choose different styles and colors of light accordingly to uplift their outdoor settings. These garden lights are used not only for illuminating the outdoor but also used to make your garden look unique and amazing. The names of different types of garden lights are given below:

  • Spotlights
  • Floodlights
  • Uplights and downlights
  • Step lights
  • Pollard lights
  • String lights

Buyer’s guide for Garden Light

  • As you know there are various types of garden light available always buy them with full specifications.
  • There are a few things that you need to be aware of before buying a light for your outdoor.
  • Always check the brightness of the light if it fulfills your purpose or not.
  • Also, consider its battery life if it is a chargeable one.
  • Do not forget to check its electricity consumption if it runs on electricity.

How to use Garden Light?

  • Different parts of your garden need different types to lightings to make it look outstanding.
  • Some light can be connected to the electrical wiring of the house and can be easily handled with switches.
  • Then there is light with solar power.
  • It automatically charges itself with solar energy and saves electricity.
  • You can add beauty to your garden in different ways with different types of garden lightings.

List of Top 10 Best Garden Light in India-Buyers Guide

1. Imperial Gen6001 garden lights (Black, set of 2)

This is a holder type of light and can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Imper!al Gen6001 garden lights


  • It is portable.
  • It has a rustic look.
  • This light gives a long-lasting performance.


  • It requires a good electrician to fit.
  • Not very good for the hot summer season.


2. BENE round garden lights (Black, set of 2)

These round-shaped garden lights are great to give your outdoor a modern look.

BENE round garden lights


  • This light has an outer rust-proof material.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It is durable.


  • The bulb is difficult to install.
  • The cord wire is short.


3. D’Mak 3W LED ground rod garden white lights (pack of 2)

Get this light to elevate the beauty and enjoy any party in your garden area.

D'Mak 3W LED ground rod garden white lights


  • This has high-temperature resistance.
  • It is made of premium quality.
  • It has less electricity consumption.


  • This is not waterproof.
  • It focuses on a particular place.


4. DMT 3W LED ground rod garden green lights (pack of 2)

This light comes in different colors and is great for focusing on a specific place or thing.

DMT 3W LED ground rod garden green lights


  • It is made up of aluminium material
  • This is waterproof.
  • It saves energy.


  • The focus of the light is not good.
  • They may be not long-lasting.


5. Lysa Décor garden lights (pack of 2)

These are portable lights to illuminate your garden area.

Lysa Décor garden light


  • It is rust-resistant.
  • It is suitable for both LED and CFL lights.
  • This is made up of premium quality.


  • The finishing is not good.
  • They are costlier for their quality.


6. Mufasa default colour changing 6-WattsOrED garden lights (pack of 1)

This garden light is made up of aluminum and is suitable for lawn, patio, etc.

Mufasa default colour changing 6-WattsOrED garden lights


  • It has a good spotlight effect.
  • It is water-resistant.
  • This is environment friendly.


  • The intensity of light is weak.
  • May not provide good brightness.


7. SATYAM KRAFT solar energy LED warm white ground rod garden lights (set of 2)

This light is great to decorate your garden for special occasions.

SATYAM KRAFT solar energy LED warm white ground rod garden lights


  • It has a polysilicon solar panel.
  • This has a 300 mAh rechargeable battery.
  • It has a moisture-proof design.


  • The size of the light is comparatively smaller.
  • It has poor brightness.


8. WIDEWINGS solar energy Mashall garden lights (set of 2)

This beautiful and innovative design has a dynamic flame that gives it a look of real Mashall.

WIDEWINGS solar energy Mashall garden lights


  • It can bear all types of seasons.
  • It switches on automatically in the dark.
  • This has a 2200 mAh rechargeable battery.


  • It has dim light.
  • It has a poor quality of ground spike.


9. Varnet ground rod LED 5W garden light (pack of 1)

This is a stylish and durable spotlight for your garden.

Varnet ground rod LED 5W garden light


  • It is adjustable at 270 degrees up and down.
  • It provides great focus.
  • This has powder-coated finishing.


  • It is not good for underwater.
  • It has low customization.


10. Auto-ON solar-powered remote control multi-coloured garden lights (pack of 1)

This is an antique design with solar panels that charges themselves in the sunlight.

Auto-ON solar-powered remote control multi-coloured garden lights


  • It has an in-built battery system.
  • This is easy to install.
  • It came with remote control.


  • It is not pocket-friendly.
  • It needs to be installed in the direct sunlight location.



The people are now giving equal importance to illuminating their outdoors as they give to their indoors. They want to make their entrance and their garden area as beautiful as the inside of their homes. So, garden lights are gaining popularity nowadays to make homes luxurious inside out. You should get the perfect fit for your garden from a huge variety for both beauty and security of your outdoor. You can also consult a professional to choose the best-suited lights for your garden if you have any doubts about your choice.


Which garden lighting is best?

The best garden light is Hardoll solar string lights with 200 LED. It switches on and off automatically according to the darkness. It is also free from any harmful chemical radiation and it is environmentally friendly.

What are the types of garden lights?

The types of garden lights are LED garden lights, floodlights, wall lights, landscape lighting, ceiling lighting, post lights.

How much cost is the garden lights?

The price of the garden lights can go from Rs. 700 to Rs. 20000 approx. based on its quality and functions.