Best Garbage Bags online in India-Buyers Guide

The garbage bag is the cleanliness and hygiene solution to keep the office and homes safe. Install the dustbin bag in the bin and prevent any harmful germs to coat the bin. There are plenty of harmful microspecies that deposit onto the bins.

Those species stick to the bin and do not quit even after the bin is washed. Further, they pose a serious threat to health. Such as they can cause respiratory issues, as well as several skin infections. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best dustbins, Magic Mops, Mops, Mopping Robots, vacuum cleaners, Wet & dry vacuum cleaners, LG vacuum cleaners, car vacuum cleaners, Mini vacuum cleaners, Toilet brushes, and Dyson vacuum cleaners in India.

Well, the best way to prevent garbage germs is to use garbage bags. The garbage bags serve as an additional layer on the dustbins. They do not let the germs pass through and stick to the bin.

Top 10 Best quality Garbage Bags in India

List of garbage bags

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1. PRAKRUTIK Garbage Bags Biodegradable NaturePac
2. Ezee Plastic Garbage Bag bage-Ba
3. G 1 Garbage Disposable Bags G-1-Med
4. Maitri Enviro OXO Garbage Bags Maitri-Eviro
5. Ezee Bio-degradable Small Garbage Bags Eze-Bio
6. PRAKRUTIK Small Size Garbage Bags arbage-Bb
7. BLITY Clean Home Garbage Bags
8. Shalimar Premium OXO – Biodegradable Bags Shalimar
9. JOFF Premium Small Size Garbage Bags JOFF-Premiu
10. JOFF Premium Medium Size Garbage Bags ags-48cm

Buyers Guide – Garbage Bag

Picking the right garbage bag always matters. The right dustbin bag can keep you away from harmful germs and stink.

Well, let us help you pick the right dustbin bag:


  • Choose the size that matches your dustbin.
  • Picking a small size can cause trouble, as the lining may not fit.
  • However, if the exact size is not available, pick the one bigger than your garbage bin.


  • If you need a garbage bag for the bed or any other room except the kitchen, then purchase the trash bags.
  • Even that may do in the kitchen.
  • But biodegradable bags are good for kitchens.


  • Color even matters in the garbage bags.
  • And the best color for the dustbin bags is black.
  • The reason for that is, it is made from recycled material. Also, it keeps the garbage covered.

Tying Option

  • The tying option makes it convenient to dispose of the garbage.
  • Once the garbage bag is full, just tie the tape and take it away.

Scent Control

  • Every dustbin bag does not have this feature.
  • You will have to read the specification of the product before making a purchase.
  • The scent control does not let the garbage stink spread all over the place.
  • It keeps it as long as the dustbin is not put open-air or without a lid.

Features of Garbage Bag

There are several features of garbage bags that make them more outstanding than other temporary garbage disposal products.

Some of the features are:


  • The dustbin bags are made of a material that allows them to hold the garbage for a long.
  • Usually, they are made of stringent virgin plastic that has enough strength to hold solid and liquid garbage.

Scent Lock

  • One of the major features that separate the best dustbin bag from the standard one is the scent lock.
  • The best garbage bags lock the scent and do not let it out.

Tying Solution

  • Some of the best brands offer to tie solutions along with garbage bags.
  • A lace or a string is attached to the dustbin bag to tie it off when disposed of.
  • It makes the disposal process easier.

Types of Garbage Bags

The garbage or dustbin bags are of three types.

The types are:

Recycling Garbage Bags

  • The recycling garbage bags are of blue or light blue colors.
  • These are used for the material that can be recycled.
  • Such as plastic wrappings, covers, and pens.

Biodegradable Bags

  • The biodegradable bags hold the degradable material.
  • These are represented in green color.
  • Well, the degradable material includes leftover food items.

Trash Bags

  • These are the general dustbin bags, and they are represented in black color.
  • Also, these are the bags that we use in our homes and offices to dispose of garbage.
  • Further, these are good for disposing of multiple garbage types that are less in quantity.

How To Use a Garbage Bag

Using the garbage bag is pretty easy. But using it the right way is strictly essential. Otherwise, it can be hazardous.

  1. Well, the first thing is to separate the dustbin bag from the roll.
  2. You will see the instructions on the package on how to unpack the rolls and separate bags.
  3. Next, take a clean dustbin and push in the garbage bag.
  4. Line it with the walls of the bin and fold its opening.
  5. Folding the top will let you easily put the bucket back into the bin.
  6. Further, if you are using a bin without a bucket, folding will help you keep the top portion of the dustbin bag clean.
  7. Now begin using it.
  8. Fill it up to 90% and leave the rest for disposition locking.
  9. After the bin reaches 90%, tie the bag, and pull it out of the bin.

List of Top 10 Garbage Bags online in India

1. PRAKRUTIK biodegradable bags for kitchen, office

The biodegradable bags from PRAKRUTIK are made for kitchen and office bins. These garbage bags are available in two sizes, medium and large. Further, there are two color options available.PRAKRUTIK Garbage Bags Biodegradable


  • Having multiple use options besides kitchen and office, these biodegradable bags can be used in many other places
  • Two-color options are convenient for businesses
  • A couple of sizes is another convenience to consider


  • No small size is available
  • Some consumers complain that the packing is not suitable


2. Ezee plastic garbage bag

This dustbin bag is available in small sizes. There is no color option but three different sizes are available.Ezee Plastic Garbage Bag


  • Ezee plastic garbage bag is good for homes with smaller bins
  • Also suitable for offices with smaller bins
  • Can prevent leakage


  • No thread or brand on the bag to close it after use.
  • Restricted in some states of India due to accreditation issues

Ezee Garbage Bag

3. G1 black garbage bags

These bags come in black color. Further, the available size is medium, which is frequently ordered. Additionally, there are three more sizes available.G 1 Garbage Disposable Bags


  • G1 dustbin bag sizes include small, large, and industrial other than medium
  • The medium size is suitable for kitchens
  • Two more colors are available, blue and green


  • These are not biodegradable bags
  • Consumers are less satisfied with its quality


4. Maitri enviro OXO biodegradable bags roll

There are the biodegradable bags that come in green color only. These biodegradable bags are available only in small sizes.Maitri Enviro OXO Garbage Bags


  • Maitri enviro OXO bag prevents wet waste to leak
  • Suitable for kitchens or places where leftover food is disposed
  • Every garbage bag in the roll has tie tape


  • Only a single size is available
  • The packaging is not cool, bags usually tear during separation


5. Ezee biodegradable bags, trash bags, dustbin bags

The biodegradable bags roll contains 30 bags each, a total of 150 bags in a pack. These are small bags, good enough for the home kitchen.Ezee Bio-degradable Small Garbage Bags


  • 5 different sizes available for these biodegradable bags
  • No latex material is used in its building
  • Cost-effective solution


  • Some consumers report that these biodegradable bags have a leakage issue
  • And some consumers doubt that these are not biodegradable bags


6. PRAKRUTIK garbage bags are biodegradable

These are the biodegradable bags from PRAKRUTIK. Well, these bags are available in two colors but only one size.PRAKRUTIK Small Size Garbage Bags


  • These are good for home and office kitchens
  • The color option is fine
  • The manufacturer claims no leakage


  • Some consumers report that construction quality is poor
  • A few consumers also report leakage

Nature Pac

7. BLITY clean home garbage bags

These bags measure 19×21 inches. That equals a medium-sized dustbin bag. Further, these are the standard bags, suitable for kitchens.BLITY Clean Home Garbage Bags


  • BILITY clean home garbage bags have no leakage
  • Can carry up to 2-liter garbage
  • You will get 240 bags in one pack


  • Some consumers report that they receive fewer units in each pack
  • A few consumers tell that these garbage bags do not have enough strength


8. Shalimar premium OXO garbage bags

These bags are a cost-effective solution. They are cheaper than a lot of brands in the market.Shalimar Premium OXO - Biodegradable Bags


  • Shalimar premium garbage bags are totally biodegradable
  • Each garbage bag in the roll has a tie tap for disposal
  • Sealed bottom to prevent leakage


  • Only available in black color
  • No sizing option is available


9. JOFF premium small garbage bags

These are the perfect small garbage bags for the kitchens. Well, these bags are premium quality bags that can serve well than many other brands.JOFF Premium Small Size Garbage Bags


  • JOFF garbage bags are easy to use and dispose
  • Stringent material
  • No leakage


  • Expensive than many other brands
  • Only available in black


10. JOFF premium garbage bags

Need a dustbin bag only in black color but a variety of sizes? Then go with JOFF premium garbage bags. They are a bit costly, but they offer subtle strength to hold the garbage.JOFF Premium Medium Size Garbage Bags


  • A tying tap is available with every garbage bag for easy removal
  • Tough strength as per the manufacturer
  • Sealed bottom to prevent leakage


  • Not biodegradable bags
  • Costly solution



Hopefully, this content would have helped you choose the right bag. However, if you are reading just to know what garbage bags are, then please be sure that it is a way to ensure hygiene at your home and office.


Which biodegradable garbage bags are to be used?

The biodegradable bags made of potato or corn starch are more environmentally friendly than any other material. They are made of natural ingredients and they decompose faster than a standard garbage bag.

Can we use garbage bags in Hospitals?

Hospitals use garbage bags. However, they use accredited bags with thicker lining and surety of no leakage.

Does these dustbin bags handle heavyweight?

It depends on what type of garbage you are putting in the bag. Usually, the garbage bags can hold between 4 and 7 kilograms. But for the heavyweight, you will need heavier bags.

What is the capacity of these dustbin bags?

A standard dustbin bag can hold up to 7 kilograms of garbage. Further, the garbage bags for larger bins can hold around 20 kilograms.