Best Full Length Mirrors in India-Buyers Guide

Whether you do or do not love taking mirror selfies, having a full-length mirror at home is a must-do. Large floor mirrors do not only help you see the head-to-toe overview. But, also work as a creative and clever ornamental element for home and workplace interior designing. Mirrors give a luxurious and classic look to your home. They also turn out to be of significant advantages in commercial uses.

A large mirror can be a meaningful aid for tailors, dancers, or barbers. While many clubs, salons, and boutiques use large mirrors for decorating purposes. Wondering which one is best for you? Don’t worry! We have got your back with our top ten recommendations.

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Top 10 Best Full-Length Mirrors in India

List of Full Lenth Mirrors

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1. NeuType Full-Length Floor Mirror NeuType-Standing-Bedroom
2. PexFix Frameless Mirror PexFix Frameless Mirror
3. FANYUSHOW Full-length Mirror Tiles FANYUSHOW Full-length Mirror Tiles
4. Creative Arts n Frames Glass Wall Mirror Creative Arts n Frames Glass
5. Amanti Art Full-Length Wood Mirror Amanti Art Full-Length
6. BLUEWUD Akira Dressing Mirror BLUEWUD Akira Dressing Mirror
7. Quality Glass Silver Wall Mirror Quality Glass Silver Wall Mirror
8. Home Centre Garnet Contemporary Standing Mirror Home Centre Garnet Contemporary
9. Pipercrafts Rosewood Wall Mirror Pipercrafts Rosewood Wall Mirror
10. SDG Full-Length Dressing Mirror SDG Full-Length Dressing Mirror

Features of Full-Length Mirror

  • A full-length mirror is a great way to style your home and renovate its appearance.
  • They make the room look spacious and brighter.
  • These mirrors come with a variety of frames that enhance their charisma.
  • And provide you with several options to choose what is going best with your home’s heart.
  • They fill empty spaces, reflect sunlight, and give positive vibes.
  • You can use the mirror artfully and be creative on your own.
  • Above all, a large floor mirror helps you to check yourself.
  • It assists you while dressing up every day and decide if the shoes are going well with your outfit.

Types of Full-Length Mirrors

  • There’s a variety of full-length mirrors in shapes, sizes, and styles.
  • However, floor mirrors are usually of three types: cheval, leaning, and traditional.
  • A cheval mirror is a full-length mirror screwed in a decorative frame supported with a powerful base.
  • It is pinned with the frame in such a way that allows it to be easily tilted at different angles.
  • Traditional floor mirrors are the most standard type.
  • Giving a view from head-to-toe, these can be free-standing or mounted on the wall either vertically or horizontally.
  • On the other hand, leaning floor mirrors stand on the floor leaning against the wall.
  • These mirrors come with elegant and intriguing frames.

Buyers Guide for Full-Length Mirror

  • Buying a perfect full-length mirror can be a bit confusing.
  • Therefore, consider some pointers beforehand.
  • Think of the size and shape. Make sure the leaning mirror is not blocking your passages.
  • A modern yet classic leaning mirror is a remarkable fashion statement but can be bothering to move.
  • The chival mirror is both beautiful and serviceable.
  • It is easier to move in comparison to learning or traditional mirrors and can be adjusted as well.
  • Brood over which one is coming under your budget.
  • Good quality and chic mirrors do come a little expensive.
  • But, it depends on your choices of frame materials and mirror length.
  • Full-length mirror frames include a wide range of materials.
  • Wood, metals, glass, and LED are the most common framing materials and designs you’d find these days.
  • Explore various options and choose what is complementing the design of your room.
  • Lastly, make sure the mirror is safe enough to keep at home.
  • The glass should be shatter-proof, and the frame should have smooth edges.

How To Use Full-Length Mirror?

  • There are numerous ways in which you can use a large floor mirror.
  • You can hang or mount them on the wall.
  • You can fix them above furniture or in the middle of an empty wall.
  • Some people like to set large mirrors in their closets or bathroom.
  • And some have mirrors facing each other in their entryways that create an amusing illusion.
  • A large leaning mirror is one of the tricky & favorite ideas of interior designers these days.
  • Turn your mirror into windows, put them beside racks or get them hanged or mounted on your cupboards.
  • You can also hang a large mirror horizontally that will give a unique presentation of the room.

List of Top 10 Best Full-Length Mirrors in India-Buyers Guide

1. NeuType Full-Length Floor Mirror

NeyType full-length 5 mm high-definition silver mirror is about 65″x22″. It weighs around 12.5 kg and can either lean to a wall, stand with the help of the stand, or can be hanged or mounted on the wall.

NeuType Full-Length Floor Mirror


  • Multi-protective layer glass
  • Anti-rust aluminum alloy frame
  • Shatter and explosion-proof glass


  • Comparatively less wide
  • Some users complain about a bad product quality


2. PexFix Frameless Mirror

PexFix Frameless mirror full-length frameless wall mirror is a set of 4 pieces of self-adhesive 12-inch x 16-inch mirrors. Clear and bright, it is an ideal option for home decor purposes.

PexFix Frameless Mirror


  • Delicate edges
  • Easy to install
  • Shatter-proof and safe


  • A bit expensive
  • Users complain about the poor adhesive quality


3. FANYUSHOW Full-length Mirror Tiles

FANYUSHOW MIRROR is a set of 3 mm thick and 14 x 14-inch sized 4 mirror pieces. It comes with foam tape that helps to glue this mirror to the wall or door surface, making it the best for home decoration.

FANYUSHOW Full-length Mirror Tiles


  • Corrosion-resistant glass
  • Smooth edges
  • Easy to install


  • Complains about service quality
  • Pieces always similar shapes


4. Creative Arts n Frames Glass Wall Mirror

Creative Arts n Frames Glass wall mirror is 5 mm thick frameless slick mirror is of 18 x 6-inch dimension. You can hang or mount on the wall either vertically or horizontally and elevate your home’s interior.

Creative Arts n Frames Glass Wall Mirror


  • Highly reflective glass
  • Harmless edges
  • Easy to mount


  • Buyers complain of missing accessories
  • The product quality doesn’t match with the preview image


5. Amanti Art Full-Length Wood Mirror

With a glass size of 14 x 48-inch, this one is great for door or full-size mirrors for the walls. It has a woodgrain textured wide frame made of the best quality plastic.

Amanti Art Full-Length Wood Mirror


  • Handmade mirror
  • Has a paper backing to prevent moisture and dust
  • Versatile in use


  • It is expensive
  • Some may find it look cheap


6. BLUEWUD Akira Dressing Mirror

Made of engineered wood board, this wall mount full-length dressing mirror is a DIY home decor assistant.

BLUEWUD Akira Dressing Mirror


  • Slim and easy to install
  • Clean and finished edges
  • Tall and sturdy


  • The wood frame can decay due to moisture
  • The glued mirror often fall out of the board and breaks


7. Quality Glass Silver Wall Mirror

This frame-less wall mounting mirror is lightweight and finely polished. It has 5 mm in width and can be easily hanged anywhere with the help of hanging clips.

Quality Glass Silver Wall Mirror


  • Lightweight
  • Slim and stylish
  • Smooth finished edges


  • Some may find it too small
  • Complains of broken glasses and missing clamps


8. Home Centre Garnet Contemporary Standing Mirror

This standing mirror is the perfect example of traditional mirrors. Made of plastic and glass, it is 161.3 cm tall and weighs 8 kilograms.

Home Centre Garnet Contemporary Standing Mirror


  • Lightweight
  • Movable
  • Affordable and nicely finished.


  • You may find it a bit small
  • You’ll have to call a professional to install it


9. Pipercrafts Rosewood Wall Mirror

Made with premium Sheesham wood, it is ideal for modern and classy home interiors. It is lightweight and has relevant dimensions.

Pipercrafts Rosewood Wall Mirror


  • The product comes pre-assembled
  • Affordable
  • Proper accessories are provided to hag the mirror to the wall


  • Users complain of cheap quality
  • The clamps are on the sides that may cause some difficulty while installing


10. SDG Full-Length Dressing Mirror

This modern floor mirror is quite affordable and perfect as home decor, yoga, and wardrobe mirror.

SDG Full-Length Dressing Mirror


  • Stylish and useful
  • 18 x 54- inch dimension
  • Smooth and safe edges



  • You’ll need a carpenter to install it
  • You may find the width less in comparison to others



Whether you like to get ready or not, a full-length mirror is a necessary element to have. It lets you take a proper look at yourself and dress up. It does not only add elegance to your home’s environment but also makes it glow and light. Place a wide mirror at the right place where it can reflect the sunlight. It will fill the whole room with shining rays of positivity every morning. Thus, we tried to give you a list of the top 10s. So, you can choose the best for yourself.


1. Which is the best full-length mirror?

 The wall mounting mirrors with shatter-proof glass and anti-rust frames and clamps give better security assurance. Thus, these are wise choices.

2. How much does a full-length mirror cost?

 These come in a range of 1,5000 INR to 12,000 INR.

3. What should be the height of a full-length mirror?

 They are available in all sizes. The approximate height of a full-length mirror can be around 40 by 13 inches to 65 by 40 inches.