Best Foundation Cream in India-Buyers Guide

When it comes to buying beauty products, there is no doubt that they all come with different features and wide price ranges. Every year hundreds of new beauty products get launched, especially foundation cream! One of the main reasons foundation creams are wildly popular amongst females is because of their quick coverage and daily use. At first, foundations used to come with limited shades because of which it would look cakey and uneven on some skin types. But now, almost all brands offer their products for all skin types! Before knowing different types of foundation creams and sprays, let’s first know a little bit about their features and what types they come with.

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Top 10 Best Foundation Creams in India

List of Foundation Creams

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1. Lakme Natural Glow Liquid Foundation Lakme-Invisible-Finish-Foundation
2. Authentic Waterproof Foundation Lakme-Invisible-Finish-Foundation
3. L’Oreal Paris Foundation with Natural Rose L’Oreal Paris Foundation with Natural Rose
4. Techicon Waterproof Foundation Techicon Waterproof Foundation
5. Sunisa Cream Based Foundation Sunisa Cream Based Foundation
6. Liquid Foundation by REVLON Liquid Foundation by REVLON
7. Matte Liquid Foundation by Maybelline Matte Liquid Foundation by Maybelline
8. Waterproof bb Cream by SUNISA Waterproof bb Cream by SUNISA
9. Waterproof CC Cream Foundation by URBANMAC Waterproof CC Cream Foundation
10. Just Herbs Tint Foundation Just Herbs Tint Foundation

Features of Foundation Cream

  • Foundations are specially made to hide dark spots and give your skin a smooth texture.
  • Some foundation creams come with an ultra-lightweight formula and these foundations are perfect if you don’t like heavy makeup.
  • Also, foundations if blended properly and evenly can improve your temporary skin tone and give a fresh look.
  • Foundations not only give a good texture to your skin but fits your skin shade.
  • Many brands offer more than 15 skin shades and tones, perfect for all skin types.
  • If it has good qualities, some foundations can even give a non-sticky and non-cakey look all day.
  • As now foundation creams are available in small tubes and bottles, they are very eBay to carry.

Types of Foundation Cream

  • When it comes to beauty products, you will not have enough time to count all the types they come in.
  • Every brand has its unique qualities in foundation creams.
  • Some foundations come with a matte look and some come with a liquid finish.
  • Some offer a spray bottle whereas some foundations come with handy tubes and bottles.
  • Also, some types of foundations are specifically made for oily skin or dry skin.
  • They are very helpful, as people with such skin types often have a hard time finding the right products.
  • Even if you have combination skin, there is the right foundation for you! As foundation creams are becoming more about skin textures rather than skin complexions, they are coming with some good qualities and being in high demand.

Buyer’s guide for Foundation Cream

  1. Foundation creams are all about the right skin tone. Therefore, it is important that you first check your skin shade and buy the product according to that.
  2. If you have any skin condition, check and discuss the product with your doctor.
  3. Do not accept the foundation that comes with a leaking bottle or removed cap.
  4. Considering a foundation cream that is lightweight and acts as sunscreen can give you extra benefits.
  5. Do not forget to check reviews and recommendations of the product. Reviews help a lot in terms of analyzing the quality and quantity of the product.
  6. Try comparing different products from different brands to get a good price difference with similar qualities.

How to use Foundation Cream?

  1. Applying the foundation very much depends on what tool you are using to apply it.
  2. If you are using a sponge, then do not forget to first wet it and squeeze the excess water before application.
  3. Do this process even if you have oily or dry skin.
  4. Take a small amount of cream first and then blend the foundation evenly.
  5. Wetting the sponge helps to minimize the pores and cakey makeup look.
  6. Before and after use, wash the sponge clean regularly.

List of Top 10 Best Foundation Creams in India-Buyers Guide

1. Lakme Natural Glow Liquid Foundation, 25 ml

Lakme Natural glow cream-like lightweight foundation can give you an effortless natural glow! It is perfect to have a good equal coverage on your face.

Lakme Natural Glow Liquid Foundation


  1. It has an ultra-light formula.
  2. Gives SPF 8 protection from harmful rays.
  3. Perfect to have a young & fresh look.



  1. Incomplete coverage for pores.
  2. Perfect for daily use rather than party use.


2. Authentic Waterproof Foundation, 20G

Authentic waterproof foundation CC cream foundation comes with a mushroom head air cushion and it has a waterproof formula to give a perfect natural glow.

Authentic Waterproof Foundation


  1. It gives a three-dimensional moisturization.
  2. Gives a long-lasting makeup.
  3. Comes with waterproof protection.



  1. The sponge head has to be cleaned.
  2. Shades might not match.


3. L’Oreal Paris Foundation with Natural Rose, 30 ml

L’Oreal Paris cream fresh wear foundation comes with a wide range of 11 different shades, perfect for every skin tone. It gives you medium-to-full coverage.

L’Oreal Paris Foundation with Natural Rose


  1. Foundation blends evenly.
  2. It is sweatproof.
  3. Gives a healthy-looking complexion.



  1. Color shade has medium quality.
  2. Not good for oily skin.


4. Techicon Waterproof Foundation. 20Gm

This cream-based foundation comes with a mushroom air cushion. It is specifically made to cover fine lines and dark circles.

Techicon Waterproof Foundation


  1. It is water and sweat-resistant.
  2. Perfect for daily makeup use.
  3. Offers oil control.



  1. Might not be suitable for all shades.
  2. It offers a medium quality.


5. Sunisa Cream Based Foundation

This foundation is a cc cream foundation that is perfect for both natural and matte looks. It can also work to keep your skin moisturized.

Sunisa Cream Based Foundation


  1. It has a beautiful fragrance.
  2. Offers a perfect beauty blender.
  3. Perfect for fair complexion.



  1. Only one shade is available.
  2. This offers no full coverage.


6. Liquid Foundation by REVLON, 20ml

This foundation comes with a liquid type and works as a natural mist on your skin. It is lightweight and gives a perfect touch and glow.

Liquid Foundation by REVLON


  1. It has a water-based light formula.
  2. It prevents clogging.
  3. Comes with a spray form.



  1. It has a pinkish overshade.
  2. Offers a medium quality.


7. Matte Liquid Foundation by Maybelline

This foundation is perfect to have a matte look with poreless coverage. It offers sun protection as it contains SPF 22.

Matte Liquid Foundation by Maybelline


  1. It fits tone and texture.
  2. Helps to blur pores.
  3. Comes in 18 shades.



  1. Not suitable for golden undertone skin.
  2. It is a medium-quality product.


8. Waterproof bb Cream by SUNISA

This foundation comes with a mushroom head air cushion that helps to blend the foundation evenly. It is suitable for combination skin.

Waterproof bb Cream by SUNISA


  1. It helps to cover fine lines and spots.
  2. It has a long-lasting effect.
  3. Perfect for all skin tones.



  1. Comes in less amount.
  2. Comes with a hazy mirror.


9. Waterproof CC Cream Foundation by URBANMAC

This foundation has the goodness and qualities of both BB and CC cream. The foundation is waterproof, sweatproof, and scratch-resistant.

Waterproof CC Cream Foundation by URBANMAC


  1. The cream lasts for a day.
  2. It is not sticky or cakey.
  3. Gives streamlines natural look.



  1. Not suitable for dusky skin.
  2. Offers medium quality.


10. Just Herbs Tint Foundation, 40ml

This foundation can be used to enrich your skin tone. From warm to cool, it comes with a wide range of shades and tones.

Just Herbs Tint Foundation, 40ml


  1. Good for skincare and makeup.
  2. Blurs imperfections & blends easily.
  3. Provides sun protection.



  1. It is a bit expensive.
  2. Doesn’t have good coverage.



Foundation creams always come in handy to use daily. They alone can give you a perfect natural makeup look.


What is the cream foundation used for?

Cream foundations are typically used for light makeup and spot coverage. It can also be used to give a radiant look and glow to your skin.

Is foundation good for skin?

In case of no skin condition and until you remove the makeup before going to sleep, the foundation can do no harm.

What is the price of the foundation cream?

Foundation creams come with a wide price range between Rs.150-Rs.1200.