Best Foot Cream brands in India-Buyers Guide

The foot cream is specially formulated to deal with the kind of thick skin you’ll only find on your feet. It’s thick, heavy, and buttery; making it perfect for feet. And because it’s so thick, it takes more time for the skin to soak it up. Compared to hand cream, what is often called foot care cream has more oils and a richer texture meant to counteract the roughness of the feet.

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Top 10 Best Foot Cream Brands in India-Buyers Guide

List of Foot Creams

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1. Moha Foot Cream Moha Foot Cream
2. Trycone Cracked Heel Repair Foot Cream Trycone Cracked Heel Repair Foot Cream
3. Kaya Clinic Foot Cream Kaya Clinic Foot Cream
4. Oriflame Feet Up Heel Repair Foot Cream Oriflame Feet Up Heel Repair Foot Cream
5. Body Herbals Lemon Foot Cream Body Herbals Lemon Foot Cream
6. Bella Vita Organic Feet Love Foot Cream Bella Vita Organic Feet Love Foot Cream
7. Dr. Foot Repair Cream Dr. Foot Repair Cream
8. Plum BodyLovin Foot Cream Plum BodyLovin Foot Cream
9. Khadi Natural Foot Crack Cream Khadi Natural Foot Crack Cream
10. Earth Therapy Foot Cream Earth Therapy Foot Cream

Features of Foot Cream

  • You’re talking about a cream that’s packed with thickening and stabilizing agents.
  • As mentioned before, penetrating the skin is not a two-minute affair with this cream.
  • Unless you spend time rubbing it in for a while, you won’t get much out of it.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties and some will even contain antibacterial ingredients.
  • You want the kind that’s rich in exfoliating agents and hydrators.
  • You’re also better off with a cream that deals with your unique needs.

Types of Foot Creams

  • Certain foot creams are best for those with cracked skin, calluses, and dry patches.
  • Others will help alleviate the swelling.
  • You may have flaking skin and may be in need of a soothing ointment.
  • Some are for more sensitive skin and some will be useful in treating medical issues like eczema and corns.
  • Even the packaging will be different, as some come in tubes you can squeeze while others are packaged in little bottles.

Buyer’s Guide for Foot Cream

  • Sticky creams are something you want to avoid when it comes to your feet.
  • Applying a sticky cream could result in bacteria setting up a breeding ground on your feet.
  • That’s especially with all the sweating that takes place down there.
  • If it contains essential oils, it’s worth buying.
  • If you have sensitive skin, you’ll do well to stay away from the ones with artificial fragrances.
  • Natural aromas are perfectly fine though.

How to use Foot Cream?

  • The best foot creams create a protective layer on your sole, so nothing comes in and nothing comes out.
  • They help trap the moisture your body produces while keeping irritants at bay.
  • We said it takes a while to seep into the skin of your feet.
  • That’s why it’s a good idea to wear socks after applying the lotion in a massage.
  • This will make applying the cream worthwhile, encapsulating long enough for it to take effect.

List of Top 10 Best Foot Creams in India-Buyers Guide

1. Moha Foot Care Cream

The benefits of aloe vera, peppermint, and papaya all come together to bring you Moha Foot Cream. The makers of this lotion took the time to study Ayurvedic medicine to bring a nourishing cream for the feet you stand on.

Moha Foot Cream


  • Moha Foot Cream is friendly to all kinds of skin.
  • It contains natural ingredients.
  • It’s great for blood circulation, which is something it achieves because of the peppermint content.


  • The pungent smell of peppermint, aloe Vera, and papaya can be a bit unpleasant.
  • There are way too many customers claiming to have received an unsealed tube of the cream.


2. Trycone Cracked Heel Repair Foot Cream

Combining the goodness of rose oil, kokum butter, and rose petal extract was the idea behind this one. The maker of this cream is a leading brand in skincare, meaning expectations are high.

Trycone Cracked Heel Repair Foot Cream


  • It has antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal components.
  • Kokam butter enriches it with a bunch of fatty acids, which is supposed to promote skin elasticity and softening.
  • It helps to reduce suppleness and tighten the skin pores.


  • Doesn’t seem that effective for cracks in the feet.
  • It contains alcohol and paraffin wax, which might not sit well with all customers.


3. Kaya Clinic Foot Cream

This shea butter and coconut oil-based cream is something out of a high-tech laboratory. A team of skin specialists developed the formula after researching Indian skin for some time, meaning it just might be your safest bet among other creams.

Kaya Clinic Foot Cream


  • The glycolic acid they’ve mixed in is great for moisturizing dry skin, softening the feet, and assisting with cracks.
  • It’s specially designed to cater to Indian skin.
  • It’s perfect for use during the winter months.


  • Concerns around a broken or open seal are far too numerous to ignore.
  • It has a greasy texture which makes wearing footwear after application nearly impossible.


4. Oriflame Feet Up Advanced Cracked Heel Repair Foot Cream

Three moisturizers join forces to give us this foot cream from Oriflame. Panthenol, cocoa butter, and urea help to protect the skin and restore it back to health. It’s targeted at women, with softening actives that any lady would appreciate on her feet.

Oriflame Feet Up Advanced Cracked Heel Repair Foot Cream


  • It’s been tested clinically, by consumers, and by dermatological experts.
  • Customers can usually see results within a few days.
  • It isn’t too rich, it moisturizes well, and it’s not sticky.


  • There seems to be a duplicate or fake product duping people into believing it’s the original.
  • When it comes to foot cream price, this one is on the higher end of the scale.


5. Body Herbals Lemon Foot Cream

The team from BodyHerbals came up with this beeswax, lemon, and shea buttercream. They branded it as something specifically meant for rough, dry, and cracked heels. This herbal blend contains plant extracts, herbs, and essential oils.

Body Herbals Lemon Foot Cream


  • The lemon gives you a good dose of Vitamin C, which helps with skin toning and conditioning of the nails.
  • The beeswax helps get rid of cracks in the feet.
  • It acts fast and penetrates deeply.


  • While it gives the impression that it’s made only from natural ingredients, it actually isn’t.
  • There are suspicions among repeat customers that the formula may have changed, resulting in a different product.


6. Bella Vita Organic Feet Love Foot Cream

From odour control to feet moisturizing, and even hydration of dry feet; this one promises a lot. Coconut butter, coconut oil, Shea butter, and sesame oil; are the key ingredients the product relies on to fulfill its promises.

Bella Vita Organic Feet Love Foot Cream


  • With butter and essential oils mixed in there, foul-smelling odours should be eliminated without a problem.
  • It’s free from chemicals, with natural ingredients and Ayurvedic herbs making for a safe product.
  • The kokum butter helps regenerate skin cells while keeping the feet soft.


  • It doesn’t have a creamy consistency, but rather, it leaves the feet feeling oily.
  • The product doesn’t absorb well into the skin.


7. Dr Foot Repair Cream

This non-toxic, cruelty-free, and dermatologically tested cream is designed to be safe for all skin types. It contains peppermint oil, tea tree oil, lemongrass oil, and vitamin E oil.

Dr Foot Repair Cream


  • It soothes inflamed skin and makes calluses soft.
  • These have special moisturizers that are supposed to penetrate different skin layers.
  • It gets absorbed quicker than most creams on the market.


  • While it seems to do well with moisturizing, it doesn’t appear to be very effective at eliminating cracks.
  • The box the cream comes in is big, which is deceiving because when you open it, the cream comes in a small container.


8. Plum BodyLovin’ Coffee Wake-a-ccino Foot Cream

Shea butter, cocoa butter, Brazil nut oil, coffee arabica seed oil; that’s what makes this product what it is. The Plum foot cream comes in a little tube you can squeeze into your pocket or pop in your bag.

Plum BodyLovin' Coffee Wake-a-ccino Foot Cream


  • It doesn’t have any of those bad chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. It’s even free from animal ingredients, making it perfect for vegans.
  • It smells just like cocoa, and you’ll wish you could apply it all over your body.
  • The ingredients are sustainably sourced, which can’t be said of many other creams like this.


  • It’s far too sticky and the stickiness doesn’t go away, even after a while after applying it.
  • The scent doesn’t last as long as one would like.


9. Khadi Natural Jasmine and Green Tea Herbal Foot Crack Cream

 What we have here is a handmade cream with natural herbal ingredients. Ingredients include sunflower oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, shea butter, and green tea extract, among others. Khadi natural foot cream also got comfrey extract, mogra flower extract, and jojoba oil, just to name a few.

Khadi Natural Jasmine and Green Tea Herbal Foot Crack Cream


  • Aching heels are no match for this mixture, they easily gain relief after adequate application.
  • The herbs contained within promote freshness of the skin, smoothing and softening it the natural way.
  • It’s great for damage control, helping get rid of cracks quickly and easily.


  • There’s a knock-off version going around, leaving people uncertain about which one is the real product.
  • The smell can be a bit too strong, especially for sensitive people.


10. Earth Therapy Foot Cream

Mint oils and kokum butter endow this Earth Therapy crack cream with the power to protect your skin from the elements. Whether your feet are swollen, tired, or rough and dry; you’re supposed to get some relief from this product. Peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender oils are also expected to fortify your feet. These are meant to address challenges associated with darkened spots, cracked heels, and dryness.

Earth Therapy Foot Cream


  • The cream has a cooling effect that should deal with inflamed feet and puffy ankles.
  • It has quite a punchy aroma that neutralizes any bad smell coming from the feet.
  • It’s GMO-free, 100% organic, and non-toxic, with not a trace of synthetic fragrances.


  • There’s some confusion about what the cream is actually for since the instructions say to rub the cream on your face and neck.
  • It’s one of the priciest creams on our list.



Now that you have a better idea about which foot cream is suitable for you, you can go ahead and make the right choice. Instead of finding out through trial and error, you have this guide. Take into consideration the information presented to you above and get yourself some foot cream that will be everything you hope it’ll be.


 Which is the Best Foot Cream?

We determined that Khadi Natural Jasmine and Green Tea Herbal Foot Crack Cream is the cream to beat. It’s a quality product with great reviews and value for money.

What are the Benefits of Foot Cream?

The foot cream isn’t just great for massaging when you want to relax. It nourishes the skin, removing that bad feet smell while moisturizing and repairing your heels and ankles.

What is the Price of Foot Cream?

A lot of foot creams will be just under 300 Rupees. Be that as it may, it isn’t unheard of for others to inch towards the 400 Rupee mark to be safe, you’re better off budgeting 400.