Best Folding Dining Tables in India-Buyers Guide

A dining table is a type of furniture in a living room, dining room, and kitchen. It is for serving and eating meals. However, it has a variety of uses such as reading and writing. Folding dining tables can be transported. A person can move them around easily, because of their light weight and ability to turn into a smaller compact object. They are convenient to use and make storage easier.

Houses, schools, hospitals, and other structures with many rooms for different purposes use folding tables. When there is less open space, sit-down activities carry out on a folding table. The table moves into storage after use. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best 4-seater dining tables, Plastic dining tables, Steel Dining Tables, Round Dining tables, 4-seater Dining Tables, Dining chairs, Dining Table Covers, rocking chairs, Dining Chairs, Console tables, Bed Table, Side Table, Bedside Table, Computer tables, Teapoy, Plastic Stools, Bar stools, Plastic chairs, Wooden chairs, plastic tables, wooden stools, Step stools, Lounge chairs, diwan set covers, Folding chairs, coffee tables, Recliner Sofas, Quality waterproof Plywood, wooden beds, Camping Tents, Garden Umbrellas, Executive Chairs, Rolling Chairs, Computer Chairs, Garden Chairs, Wheel Chairs, Sofa sets, Recliner Sofas, Sofa Cushion, Cushion Covers, Pillows, Air Pillows, Air Mattresses,  Mattress Protectors, Mattress Toppers, Sofa Cover sets, 5 seater sofa sets, 3 seater sofa sets, Teak wood sofa sets, sofa cum beds, Evok Furniture, Teak Wood Furniture, Sliding wardrobe, Ekbote Furniture, console table, centre tables, chest of drawers, wing chairs, rocking chairs, Dining Chairs, diwan set covers, Folding chair, coffee tables, Quality waterproof Plywood & L-Shaped Sofa brands in India.

A folding table (trestle table) is one that can turn into half or more folds for easy setup, transportation, or storage. The folding table uses a lightweight manufacturing material. This is because it makes it easier to move it from one location to another. Event venues, hotels, restaurants, street vendors, and anybody else who needs extra table space can use folding tables to quickly and easily add or remove tables depending on the demands of the day.

The following are the components of a foldable table:

The top of this table, like the tops of other tables, is silky and smooth. The two portions of the top will blend together once locked in place.

All folding tables have a locking mechanism that secures the legs in place. While the table is open, this ensures stability.

Apron: This is a piece of extra support that sits directly beneath the tabletop.

Legs and foot caps: The table’s two legs provide additional support. The rubber or plastic foot caps protect the floor from harm, reduce noise when moving the tables, and keep them from sliding around when in use.

Top 10 Best Folding Dining Tables in India

List of Folding Dining Tables

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1. Urbain Home Dining Table Urbain Home Dining Table
2. Brownie Foldable Dining Table Brownie Foldable Dining Table
3. Livzing Folding Camping Table Livzing Folding Camping Table
4. Angel Furniture Dining Table Angel Furniture Dining Table
5. Furniture Folding Table Furniture Folding Table
6. BLUEWUD Hemming Dining Table BLUEWUD Hemming Dining Table
7. MV Furniture Wooden Dining Table MV Furniture Wooden Dining Table
8. The kashth Wooden Dining Table The kashth Wooden Dining Table
9. InnoFur Forio Dining Table InnoFur Forio Dining Table
10. PAGHADI Wood Dining Table PAGHADI Wood Dining Table

Features of Folding Dining Table

  • The most important feature of a folding dining table is the space they provide. As they are easy to store. They save a lot of space in rooms, as they open up when they are in need. Easily folded back up and kept in the store.
  • These folding tables fold in half again, in addition to having their legs fasten below the tabletop. The majority of them feature handles that come in use to transport them to their storage location.
  • They also have the feature of adjusting heights according to the person using them. Adjustable heights allow the top of tables to rise, to adjust the height according to the comfort of the user.  These tables are extremely adaptable, accommodating toddlers and adults of various sizes.
  • Folding tables with modesty panels provide people standing at the table with some privacy while also protecting their legs. These commonly come into use in schools and universities for educational purposes. Modesty panels are now rarely used and can be replaced with table cloths or conference baize.
  • Folding tables are also portable. They can be easily moved around the room or be transported from one place to another.
  • An important feature is their weight. As they are designed to be easily folded up, they are made with lightweight material so that they can be easily picked up and removed, or stored.
  • Folding tables are also multipurpose. Folding tables are also multipurpose. They come in use on camping trips. They are also taken on road trips and serve as dining tables as well as reading tables or gaming tables.

Types of Folding Dining Tables

There are many types of folding tables. The feature that differentiates them is their shape.

  • Round or oval folding tables are circular, portable, and lightweight. They allow the seaters to face each other and typically serve as dining tables, because of their classy look and smooth countertop. They are also great for parties and banquets. Wedding receptions use them, for a great aesthetic appeal.
  • Square or rectangular folding tables have sharp or slightly curved edges, that mimic the right angle. They allow more space on the table and more seats. They also typically have adjustable height too.
  • Buffet services use serpentine-shaped tables. The design is made in a way, to allow attention to draw to the table. They also provide greater space for placing dishes and the movement of people along a line.
  • Camping tables are usually small and portable and come with matching chairs. They have height adjustability and are made extremely lightweight, to be easily moved around and transported.
  • A quarter table has straight edges of a square or rectangle table are combined with the additional surface space of a circular or oval table to create quarter round tables. Because of their straight edges, the tables may be placed against walls, freeing up space in the middle of dining spaces.

    Differentiation based on Material:

  • They can also be differentiated on the basis of the materials used to manufacture them.
  • Plastic material makes a table that is inexpensive, non-porous, lightweight, flexible, and easy to maintain. The tables are so light that they pose no threat to the surfaces they are placed on. They include a set of rubber feet to keep this otherwise lightweight table from rolling about while in use. Polyurethane is a form of plastic that is more stable and long-lasting. Its surface may withstand harsh cleaning without being damaged.
  • Stainless steel table is utilized in the catering sector. Between services, it’s simple to clean and wipe down.
  • Aluminum is a lightweight metal that is also extremely strong. This metal is simple to keep clean, doesn’t rust, and can withstand high heat and abrasive cleaning products. Aluminum tables normally have an extra coating that maintains them sanitary and safe for outdoor use with regular cleaning.
  • Wood tables with metal frames are frequently utilized as more durable folding tables. Wooden tables are produced from a variety of materials depending on whether they will be used indoors or outside.

Buyer’s guide for Folding Dining Table

  • The best dining table for you will be one that matches the budget, is well-made, suits the space, and has a style you’ll enjoy for many years. When selecting a decent one, there are a few key elements to consider.
  • The most important is the material of the tabletop used. This depends on the intention of the buyer. What the buyer intends the table for. Typically for a dining room table, a wooden tabletop or a Sheesham wood tabletop material is preferred. However, for kids, the tabletop material could be plastic.
  • Consider a high-pressure laminate tabletop. This feature ensures the table remains intact when it stains with water or any other liquid and doesn’t blow up or start to tatter.
  • Keep storage space in mind. If the table is to be also used as a desk, storage space is necessary to keep papers, books, and other stationery. However, standard folded dining tables placed in the kitchen or dining room do not have storage space.
  • Consider the use for the table. For instance, if it is used indoors, woodentops are ideal. For outdoors, vinyl and plastic tops are used.
  • A good dining folding table will be sturdy. A decent dining table will be solid and well-made, with a finish that can endure a lot of use while still looking beautiful. A table’s joinery is only as excellent as its construction. The joinery is the word used in the industry to describe the connections between the base and the tabletop; the more strong these connections are, the longer the table will endure.

List of Top 10 Best Folding Dining Tables in India-Buyers Guide

1. Urbain Home Big Size Folding Study Table

Rectangular shaped Folding table with round corners and plenty of leg space.

Urbain Home Big Size Folding Study Table


  • Good quality
  • Not expensive
  • Worth the cost.


  • Smudges easily so need frequent cleaning.
  • The locking mechanism could be simpler


2. Brownie Engineered Wood Foldable Dining Table

Wooden work from the home rectangular foldable table with a size of 30 x 20 x 10 cm.

Brownie Engineered Wood Foldable Dining Table


  • Smooth, without scratches
  • Comfortable enough with two people
  • Good quality


  • Minor defects
  • Height is not adjustable


3. Livzing Multipurpose Adjustable Height Folding Camping Table

Space-saving, multipurpose, lightweight folding table with 4 portable chairs

Livzing Multipurpose Adjustable Height Folding Camping Table


  • Adjustable height
  • Has a handle and umbrella hole which means can be used on sunny days outside.
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Low quality
  • Not made for everyday use.


4. Angel Furniture Solid Sheesham Wood Foldable Dining Table

Dining room rectangular table, made from rosewood. It is also foldable.

Angel Furniture Solid Sheesham Wood Foldable Dining Table


  • Good finishing.
  • Make it smaller to save space.
  • Use as a four-seater or a two-seater.


  • A bit heavy
  • Since it’s wood, it expands slightly in the monsoon.


5. Furniture Folding Table

Lightweight, space-saving foldable round table with a height of 72 cm.

Furniture Folding Table


  • Good looking
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Good for a single person


  • Since it is light, it is not sturdy and steady
  • Quality is not long-lasting


6. BLUEWUD Hemming Wall Mounted Folding Dining Table

Wooden wall mounted 116Cm into 57Cm, with a height of 72Cm folding table.

BLUEWUD Hemming Wall Mounted Folding Dining Table


  • Space-saving
  • Good fit in a small space
  • Durable and strong


  • May need a technician to fit it
  • Damaged screws.


7. MV Furniture Wooden Dining Folding Table

Dining room folding table made from pure Sheesham wood with four chairs.

MV Furniture Wooden Dining Folding Table


  • Good and sturdy
  • Robust and rigid
  • Four-seater or a two-seater, it can turn easily.


  • Heavy, due to the Sheesham wood used
  • Portability is not usable, as it is very heavy to move around.


8. The kashth Wooden Folding Dining Table Only

Dining room or kitchen table with dimensions: 175 x 90 x 75 Centimeters

The kashth Wooden Folding Dining Table Only


  • Good quality
  • Sturdy and rigid
  • Glossy and smooth


  • It is not foldable
  • Information about the product is not given,


9. InnoFur Forio Folding Dining Table

Lightweight rectangular space-saving dining table with storage space made of wood.

InnoFur Forio Folding Dining Table


  • Stable and sturdy
  • Worth the price
  • Has storage space


  • Issues when putting the table together, screws may not fit
  • Storage space means less leg space


10. PAGHADI Wood Folding Dining Table

Six-seater folding dining table without chairs.

PAGHADI Wood Folding Dining Table


  • Good quality
  • Reasonable price for a good design
  • It is folding which means it saves space


  • A lot of information about the product is missing.
  • Storage space means less legroom



The main aim of a folding table is to reduce the space a table takes up. Folding dining tables can be folded and stored after their usage is finished.


Do round dining tables save space?

Round tables lack edges. This makes round tables suited for small spaces. Round dining tables allow more space so people can walk around. It is more suited to formal and fancy settings and allows personal interactions.

How big is a round table that seats six people?

A 48 to 60-inch diameter table seats six people.

How much is the cost of a round dining table?

The cost of a round dining table can vary from 1500 rupees to 25,000 rupees. It depends on the material used. Sheesham wood is very costly. Any table made of this Sheesham will cost a lot. Sheesham is long-lasting. However, a table made of vinyl or plastic will be cheaper but won’t last very long.