Best Floor Mattress In India-Buyers Guide

The floor mattress is a compact and portable way to sleep comfortably at night. They are great because you can use them without any base and still provide enough comfort to have a good night’s rest.

Ideal for camping and sleeping outdoors, you can easily travel without having too much extra weight to carry. They are made using a variety of materials and foams with some having a slip-resistant base to keep you from sliding around while you sleep. Also, check the buyers’ guides for the Mattress, single bed mattresses, Latex Mattress, King size Mattress, Double bed Mattress, Spring mattresses, Coir Mattress, Memory Foam Mattress, mattress topper, Air Mattressmattress protectors, air mattresses, electric blankets, Sleeping bags, Memory Foam Pillows, Air Pillows, Neck Pillows, Sleepwell Pillows, Pregnancy Pillows, and Feeding Pillowsonline in India.

Not only is it great for the outdoors, but you can pull it out when you need to find a space for your guests to sleep. If you need a floor mattress and cannot find the right one, then you’ve come to the right place.

Top 10 Best Floor Mattress in India

List of floor mattress

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1. Sleepinns Amena Soft Cotton Mattress 72X48X4-Inch AMENA-ENTERPRISES
2. Ponperi Cotton Filled Mattress Gadda 72 x 36 Inch Ponperi-Multi
3. IRA Furniture Cotton Filled Mattress Dwell-Comfort
4. SUGANDHA Large Cotton Mattress 72X48X4-Inch SUGANDHA
5. Sugandha Large Soft Multicolour Mattress 72X36X4-Inch Mattress-4-Inch
6. Ira With Word Dwell Soft Cotton Floor Mattress IRA-Medium
7. Sale Active Cotton Filled Floor Mattress 72 x 36 Inches
8. Everwey Enterprise Cotton Mattress 3 x 6 Feet Enterprise-Cot
9. Salil 3-inch Cotton Mattress 3-inch-Mattress
10. Royal Comfort Zone Mattress 72×35 inch Royal-Comfort

Buyers Guide – Floor Mattress

There is a lot to consider if you want to get the best bed you can at the best price. You want to make sure that it will last you long enough. They are great alternatives for yoga mats if you want to do yoga or floor exercises.

  • Buying a floor mattress can be stressful if you don’t know what to expect.
  • The firmness of the mattress is important when considering how comfortably you want to sleep.
  • It is dependent on your preference because some people may prefer sleeping softer. On the other hand, some people prefer firm beds.
  • When you sleep so close to the floor, you can get cold if the mattress is too thin.
  • If you are too cold, you might be better off with a thicker one.
  • You can also put a blanket underneath the floor mattress to prevent heat loss.
  • Everyone wants a durable product that will last you a long time which is important for anyone buying a product like this.
  • You need to store them properly to keep them lasting longer and keep in mind that the more you use them, the faster they will wear out.
  • Look out for models that are within your budget and if they have a warranty then that is a bonus especially if funds are an issue.
  • Keep in mind that you can replace the cover of the mattress if it is not to your liking when you initially receive it.

Features of  Floor Mattress

  • You may be asking yourself why you need to buy one of these comfortable mattresses.
  • The reason is that there are many advantages to having them.
  • Besides the fact that they are inexpensive, you can pack them away in small spaces after use.
  • You can use them as a permanent place to sleep or just now and then when guests come over.
  • Getting one can be a great convenience for you and your guests.
  • You can fold some designs in different ways to use as pillows or lounging chairs for different occasions.
  • The fact that they are so lightweight means that they can be packed up by anyone in the house.

Advantages of Floor Mattress:

  • As with all other mattresses, you use them to sleep more comfortably when it’s time to rest your head.
  • It would be rather uncomfortable to sleep on the hard, cold floor.
  • There are different designs to choose from that will cater to different needs.
  • They can be used when you are camping or when you have guests around and you don’t want them using unnecessary money.
  • Some have non-slip bases to provide enough friction on the floor.
  • This is to keep you steady at night while you toss and turn.
  • The barrier between you and the ground prevents too much heat loss when you are asleep.
  • The barrier allows you to be toasty warm, but there are thinner versions to keep you cool.
  • Just lay down, grab a pillow and blanket, and start snoring.

Types of Floor Mattress

Types of floor mattresses are:

  • Foldable floor mattresses that you can fold easily and pack away.
  • They are considered to be quite a bit more comfortable than some other types.
  • Lightweight designs are easier to transport than any other style because they are made of extremely lightweight material.
  • Portable versions can come with a bag or carrying strap and are one of the easiest to go camping with.
  • Foam bases come either in regular or memory foam according to what you need.
  • Most people prefer memory foam for comfort, and you can roll up and put away this model easily.

List of Top 10 Best Floor Mattress in India Buyers Guide

1. Sleepinns Amena Ae Large Soft Cotton Mattress:

This multicolored cotton mattress is a great alternative to a bed and can fit two people at a time. They are recommended for hostel students or people in smaller homes that need to be able to pack away their beds after use.Sleepinns Amena Soft Cotton Mattress 72X48X4-Inch


  • Soft cotton is comfortable to sleep on
  • Two people can sleep on this mattress


  • Quite thin and can be on the cooler side

AMENA Mattress

2. Ponperi Soft Cotton Filled Mattress:

This 3 by 6 ft. mattress is multicoloured and filled with cotton for comfortable rest. It is great for one person and it comes at a very affordable price. It is very soft and quite thin for cooler nights.

Ponperi Cotton Filled Mattress Gadda 72 x 36 Inch


  • Cotton is comfortable for sleeping
  • Affordable


  • Can compress after a lot of use

Ponperi Sleeping

3. IRA Furniture Cotton Filled Mattress:

This washable mattress is comfortable and makes sure that you sleep with good posture to rest properly. The outer cover, as well as the filling, is made of cotton and it can be completely folded and packed away.IRA Furniture Cotton Filled Mattress


  • Soft cotton is great for comfort
  • Washable to make it easy to clean


  • A bit smaller than other designs

Dwell Floor Mattress

4. SUGANDHA Large Soft Cotton Mattress:

Suitable for two people, this cotton mattress is soft and comfortable for you to rest well. Besides the good posture you sleep with, it is also washable making it easy to clean.SUGANDHA Large Cotton Mattress 72X48X4-Inch


  • Washable for your convenience
  • Big enough for 2 people


  • No warranty


5. SUGANDHA Single Soft Cotton Mattress:

A good choice for one person, this bed is made of soft cotton for one of the best nights you will have. There are a variety of patterns to choose from and they are recommended for students living in a hostel.Sugandha Large Soft Multicolour Mattress 72X36X4-Inch


  • Comfortable to make you sleep with good posture
  • Washable


  • May compress after a lot of use


6. IRA With Word Dwell in Comfort Medium Soft Cotton Mattress:

A thicker design provides more comfort than some thinner versions. If you want to stay warm, this is the right design to keep you from feeling the cold on the floor. It is a single-sized mattress that is easily rolled and packed away.Ira With Word Dwell Soft Cotton Floor Mattress


  • Thicker for more comfort
  • Cotton is soft and great to sleep on


  • Quite small

IRA Mattress

7. Sale Active Soft White Cotton Filled Floor Mattress:

This mattress is good for one person and is about 4 inches thick to make it super comfortable. Easy to store and great for guests, it would be a convenient addition to the furniture in your home.Sale Active Cotton Filled Floor Mattress 72 x 36 Inches


  • Thick for comfort and good nights
  • Easily packed away and set up


  • Compresses after a lot of use

SaleActive Mattress

8. Everwey Enterprise Cotton Mattress:

The cotton of this mattress is recyclable, and the mattress can fit one person comfortably. It promotes a healthy sleeping posture so that you rest well before starting a new day.Everwey Enterprise Cotton Mattress 3 x 6 Feet


  • Comfortable for a good night’s sleep
  • Medium thickness keeps you warm


  • Might be a bit small

Everwey Cotton

9. Salil 3-Inch Single Cotton Mattress:

This single mattress is made using cotton upholstery and it is washable. Great for guests and permanent use, you can easily fold it up and put it away after use.Salil 3-inch Cotton Mattress


  • Cotton is soft and comfortable to sleep on
  • Easy to use and pack away when you’re finished


  • A bit on the smaller side


10. Royal Comfort Zone Cotton Floor Mattress:

This floor mattress is recommended for floor exercises because it is soft enough to be comfortable but hard enough to maintain yoga positions. It is made of cotton and can fit one person if it is used for sleeping.Royal Comfort Zone Mattress 72x35 inch


  • Great for yoga and floor exercises
  • Cotton is soft and comfortable


  • Can begin to compress over time

Royal Floor Mattress


There are many great floor mattresses to choose from and these are the best that we have come across. They have many different uses that you can discover after a long time of owning one.

Invest in one before you regret it and save yourself a lot of stress in the future. There is an abundance of great floor mattresses available, these are just the best out there.


What is a floor mattress?

They are mattresses that are specially designed to be used on the floor and they will not normally fit in a regular bed frame. They often have features that make them suited to being on the floor such as non-slip bottom covers to prevent movement around the floor when you sleep.

Is it good to use a floor mattress?

Many people consider them to be second to heavy mattresses that are on bed frames. They are comfortable, portable, affordable, and great for both indoor and outdoor use.