Best Quality Floor Mats in India-Buyers Guide

A floor mat or floor carpet is a thing that everyone buys for their homes. Some people buy it to cover their boring floors, some for decorating rooms, and some buy for making play areas for children. You can get different options of floor mats online and in nearby stores. But, in this article, we also have compiled a list of top brands selling floor mats that you can check. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best Floor mattress, single bed mattresses, double bed mattresses in India.

Top 10 Best Floor Mats in India

List of Floor Mats

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1. DAILZ Ethnic Carpet DAILZ Ethnic Carpet
2. Braids Floral Persian Carpets Braids Floral Persian Carpets
3. Vram Floral Carpet Vram Floral Carpet
4. REVIVE Abstract Carpet REVIVE Abstract Carpet
5. Royalking Floral Carpet Royalking Floral Carpet
6. Status 3D Printed Carpet Rug Status 3D Printed Carpet Rug
7. Sparrow World Solid Carpet Sparrow World Solid Carpet
8. Shankara Reversible Carpet Shankara Reversible Carpet
9. kk Home Store Decor Velvet Carpet kk Home Store Decor Velvet Carpet
10. ROYAL TREND Floral Rug ROYAL TREND Floral Rug

Features of Floor Mat

  • A floor mat is made from threads of different materials including cotton, polyester, and nylon, etc.
  • Usually, good-quality floor carpets are hand-crafted but now, machine-made floor carpets are also available.
  • The floor mats are available in different sizes, prints, colors, and shapes.
  • A floor carpet is made by twisting and knotting the threads. A good quality carpet has more twists in an inch and that also shows its density.
  • The thickness of the carpets may vary.
  • Good quality floor mats have an anti-slip material on the lower side that increases its grip on the floor.

Types of Floor Mats

The floor carpets are of 2 main types including cut pile and loop pile. These further have several other types.

Loop pile

  • Berber

It is the most common loop pile in which threads are bent to make loops. This is a dense and smooth type of carpet that has resistance to stains. It is a durable type of carpet that doesn’t tear easily.

  • Level loop

As the name shows that the loop in this carpet has an equal measurement. This carpet is also durable and suitable for high-traffic areas.

  • Multi-level loop

In these carpets, the ace of the loops has different heights that provide extra pleasing design with visual thrives. These are different from floral printed carpets because their designs are not clearly visible, but still, look good.

Cut pile

  • Saxony

In these carpets, the fibers are tightly filled and the ends of fibers are cut to make them equal. The length of the fibers is about half an inch that making it a soft and luxurious carpet. A bad thing about the carpet is that its thread can easily be tearable.

  • Pattern

In these carpets, different colors of fabrics are arranged to make different patterns.

  • Frieze

These carpets have small threads that are scattered in different directions. These are not suitable for heavy-traffic areas as they can become dirty so quickly.

Buyers Guide for Floor Mat

  • The first thing to see while buying a carpet is your carpeting area. It is important because the design can vary according to that. If you want it for the whole room you will need a flat carpet, but if you need a small piece you can find many beautiful printed floor mats. In the same way, the design will differ for different areas of carpeting.
  • The size is also important. For carpeting a full room, you will have to measure the room precisely. But, if you want a small floor mat, the size will also matter for that.
  • Another thing to notice is the color of the carpet. To give a beautiful look to the room it is important to go with the color theme of the room.
  • Its material is also important to check. The materials can be woolen, polyester, polycotton, nylon, acrylic, and cotton. Their prices and quality change, so buy accordingly.
  • The density or tightness is another factor to check. High-density carpets have more grip on the floor as compared to low-density carpets.
  • Weight is another important factor to check that directly depends on the density. So, if the carpet is heavy, this means it has a high density that tells it is good for high-traffic areas.
  • The twisting technique is used while making the carpet and it shows its quality. So if it has more twists per inch or TPI, it will have good quality.
  • Buy a carpet that is easily maintainable and cleanable.

List of Top 10 Best Floor Mats in India-Buyers Guide

1. DAILZ Ethnic Carpet

It is a maroon carpet piece of 2*1.4 meters in size. This is a beautiful mat of abstract print that has polyester chenille stuff. The mat is machine-made and has a velvet finish that looks elegant on the room’s floor. It is a very lightweight carpet piece that is easy to handle and cleanable by professionals.

DAILZ Ethnic Carpet


  • You can easily carry it to picnics as it is lightweight.
  • Its material is soft and is easily foldable.
  • The design and colors are beautiful and eye-catching.


  • Its thickness is very less.
  • It doesn’t have a strong grip on the floor.


2. Braids Floral Persian Carpets

Another floor mat of size 4.5*6 feet is on our top list. It is a rectangular carpet piece of different colors that has polycotton chenille material. This small piece of carpet is suitable for the lounge area, bedroom, kids playing area, and you can also carry it outside for yoga or picnics. You can easily clean it with a vacuum cleaner or carpet shampoo.

Braids Floral Persian Carpets


  • It is an easily-washable floor carpet.
  • Its price is very affordable.
  • The carpet has a beautiful design.


  • It slips on the floor.
  • Some customers didn’t like its quality.


3. Vram Floral Carpet

It is a 5*7 feet floor carpet having a stylish floral pattern. This easily foldable carpet has a beautiful sky blue color that will look very attractive in your sitting area. You can easily wash it with cold water without any professional help

Vram Floral Carpet


  • Its quality and design are very good.
  • The size is perfect to use in the sitting area or the room.


  • The finishing and stitching of the edges must be improved.


4. REVIVE Abstract Carpet

It is another abstract print floor carpet that you can buy in different colors. This is a rectangular floor mat of 5* feet. Its material is chenille and is easily washable in the washing machine. The carpet has a beautiful traditional design that will complement your entire room’s setting and will look amazing.

REVIVE Abstract Carpet


  • It is a good piece of carpet at an amazing price.
  • Its style is very good and traditional.


  • The carpet is a little small from the mentioned size.
  • Its thickness is less.


5. Royalking Floral Carpet

This floor mat from Royalking is another attractive floor carpet. It is a rectangular carpet having a decent size of 5*6 feet. The carpet has a floral pattern and is available in different colors. It has tufted weaving of cotton threads to give a luxurious feel. The carpet is very easy to carry and clean.

Royalking Floral Carpet


  • Its size is very good.
  • The quality is also good according to its affordable price.


  • It is a very thin floor mat.


6. Status 3D Printed Carpet Rug

It is a small rug piece of 3*5 feet size. The rug contains a beautiful checked and floral 3D print. It has nylon stuff and the back is made from the material that is anti-slip on the floor.  The rig is very lightweight and is machine washable.

Status 3D Printed Carpet Rug


  • The rug has environment-friendly and high-quality natural fabric.
  • You can choose between different sizes options.
  • Its colors and design are beautiful and suitable for formal and casual use.


  • Its price is high for the size.
  • Some customers complained about its bad quality.


7. Sparrow World Solid Carpet

It is a light-color, beautiful printed floor mat having 5*7 feet in size. Its weight is less than 1kg so you can easily take it with you anywhere. High-quality chenille fabric is used in its manufacturing. It is super-soft and you can wash it by hands or in a washing machine.

Sparrow World Solid Carpet


  • Its quality is very good.
  • The print and color are very elegant and soothing.


  • Its beneath side is not secured with anti-skid material.


8. Shankara Reversible Carpet

It is a very beautiful, multi-color floor carpet that you can buy. The carpet has cotton material with a stripped pattern that looks decent. It is a machine-made carpet that has the size 6*9 that is enough for a large sitting area. The carpet contains different combinations of colors that you can choose according to your choice.

Shankara Reversible Carpet


  • You can easily clean it by spot wiping and is also washable.
  • Its price is very affordable according to its size.


  • It can be slightly thick.
  • Some customers claimed that the length is shorter than the mentioned size.


9. kk Home Store Decor Velvet Carpet

It is a stylish, beautifully printed, floor carpet that you can buy in different colors. Its material is velvet and has the size 5*7 feet. Its floral print will give a luxurious look to the area and will make it attractive. You can complement it with your color theme and it will enhance the beauty of your sitting area. You also can use it for other purposes such as yoga mat, playing mat, and sitting area for winters, etc.

kk Home Store Decor Velvet Carpet


  • It is a nice product at a low price range.
  • Its finishing and threads quality is great.
  • The colors are bright, vibrant, and eye-catching.


  • Some people don’t like its thickness and quality.


10. ROYAL TREND Floral Rug

It is the last carpet piece on our list that has the traditional floral print. Its size is 5*7 feet that is enough for a normal room. The carpet is durable with high-quality material and an elegant style. It will play a main part in your room decoration.



  • Its threads are very soft and skin-friendly.
  • You will like its colors and print.


  • It’s less thickness is a bad point.



Buying the right floor mat is very important. It is because if you choose the right mat, it will change the look of the room in an amazing way. But, if you don’t buy it wisely, it can destruct the whole look of the room. So choose the right floor carpet and if you want, give a look on our recommended products.


What are floor mats good for?

Floor mats enhance the beauty of your room and give a fuller look. If they are lightweight you can take them on trips with you. You can also use them as your exercise mats or yoga mats.

Which is the best floor mat?

If you are searching for the best floor mats at a reasonable price then you must visit our top list section.

What is the cost of a floor mat?

It depends on their material. Thin, small size mats are easily available in 400 and above. But, if you want luxurious, best quality, best material, and expensive mats then they are available for several thousand rupees.