Best Fem Bleach in India-Buyers Guide

Fem bleach products work by brightening skin complexion. Most Fem products contain no ammonia: which means that they are safer to use. Besides brightening skin complexion, Fembleach products have hydrating effects. They, therefore, moisturize the skin, to make it look more youthful.

After applying the Fem, the regeneration of pigmentation cells (which are responsible for skin darkening) is stopped. Another area where this product is effective is that of improving skin texture. The end result here is softer skin – that is, skin that looks and feels soft. These bleach products are inexpensive, easy to apply, and reasonably safe.

Top 10 Best Fem Bleach Products in India

List of Fem Bleach Products

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1. Fem De-tan Creme Bleach Fem-De-tan-Creme Fem-De-tan-Creme
 2. Fem Diamond Crème Bleach Fem Diamond Crème Bleach Fem Diamond Crème Bleach
3. Fem Saffron Skin Bleach Fem Saffron Skin Bleach Fem Saffron Skin Bleach
4. Fem Gold Creme Bleach With Real Gold Fem Gold Creme Bleach With Real Gold Fem Gold Creme Bleach With Real Gold
5. Fem Turmeric Herbal Creme Bleach Fem Turmeric Herbal Creme Bleach Fem Turmeric Herbal Creme Bleach
 6. Fem Pearl Skin Bleach Fem Pearl Skin Bleach Fem Pearl Skin Bleach
7. Fem De-Tan Bleach Crème Fem De-Tan Bleach Crème Fem De-Tan Bleach Crème
8. Fem Saffron Creme Bleach (Pack of 3) Fem Saffron Creme Bleach Fem Saffron Creme Bleach
9. Fem Gold Creme Bleach (Pack of 4) Fem Gold Creme Bleach Fem Gold Creme Bleach

Features of FemBleach

  • Most Fembleach products are enriched with natural ingredients.
  • These range from gold dust to orange peel, diamond dust, and saffron extracts (depending on the specific product).
  • Almost all the products contain no ammonia.
  • This is an important feature, as it means that there is less irritation and a better safety profile.
  • These product packages come complete and ready for immediate application.
  • At the very least, for each bleach package you buy, you get the powder with which to activate.
  • All Fem products have proven melanin reduction effect.
  • It is on account of this that they are capable of brightening skin complexion consistently.

Types of Fem Bleach

  • Some bleach products are suitable for multiple skin types. Others have limitations on skin types that can use them.
  • Some Fem products have natural extracts enrichment – ranging from citrus extracts to saffron, coconut oil, and milk.
  • Others have mineral dust enrichment – including gold dust and diamond dust.
  • There are also those in which both the natural extracts and mineral dust are present together.
  • Most bleach products are available in small packages that are affordable for anyone.
  • But there are also those bigger packages that cost slightly more.
  • Most bleach products are suitable for use at home, on a DIY basis.
  • But there are also a few meant for professional use in salons.

How to use a Fem Bleach

  • It is supposed to be applied to the area of the body whose complexion needs to be brightened.
  • Then it should be left there for around 15 minutes, before being rinsed off.
  • The removal/rinsing of bleach from the skin is best done using a cotton ball and cold water.
  • Of course, before applying the bleach to any area, you first need to wash and thoroughly dry the area.
  • Ideally, you should do pre-bleach washing with cold water.
  • If you do pre-bleach washing using hot water, the risk of irritation is higher.

Buying guide for FemBleach

  • The most important thing is to ensure that what you buy is genuine bleach.
  • Wherever possible, you should go for a bleach that is ammonia-free.
  • The bleach you buy should be one that works well with your skin type.
  • So you first need to know what your skin type is.
  • Then only buy a Fem which is ideal for that skin type.
  • When buying it online, you need to get assurance that the vendor will deliver the exact chosen product.
  • You also need to get an indication of how long the Fembleach delivery will take.
  • If you opt to buy Fembleach in a local store, you would get the product straightaway.
  • You, therefore, wouldn’t have to wait for delivery.
  • But you would probably end up paying more for the bleach than you would pay online.
  • Furthermore, a local store is likely to have a smaller selection of bleaches for you to choose from.

List of Top 10 Best Fem Bleach Brands in India-Buyers Guide

1. Fem De-tan Creme Bleach

Ffem De-tan Cream is a simple 30-gram Fembleach package. It is particularly effective at removing suntan effects.

Fem De-tan Creme Bleach


  • Works with all skin types
  • Most affordable Fembleach
  • Also, soothes and nourishes the skin


  • Rather a small package (at 30g)
  • The bleaching result may not be permanent


2. Fem Diamond Crème Bleach

Here is one of those low price bleaches that anyone in need can easily afford. Low price notwithstanding, it has real diamond dust enrichment.

Fem Diamond Crème Bleach


  • Longer lasting bleaching results
  • Bleaching effect visible almost instantly (within 15 minutes)
  • Quite easy to use Fembleach


  • There may be a small irritation effect (which then goes away)
  • The package is only 30 grams


3. Fem Saffron Skin Bleach

Fem Saffron is another bleach whose price is within everybody’s reach. It is easy to apply and works quite fast.

Fem Saffron Skin Bleach


  • Enriched with saffron
  • Contains no ammonia
  • Very low price


  • Only works best for fair skin
  • Application is by spatula


4. Fem Gold Creme Bleach With Real Gold

Here is a high-quality yet low price product. It is particularly effective at making skin glow.

Fem Gold Creme Bleach With Real Gold


  • Contains real gold dust
  • Affordable by almost everyone
  • Doesn’t burn skin much (as it contains no ammonia)


  • Remarkably small package (at 8 grams)
  • Suitable mainly for use on face and neck area


5. Fem Turmeric Herbal Creme Bleach

What you get here is 8g Fembleach. It contains turmeric and milk for better effect.

Fem Turmeric Herbal Creme Bleach


  • Rather a pocket-friendly price
  • Easy to apply on skin
  • Better safety profile (as it is ammonia-free)


  • Needs to be reapplied after a while (otherwise bleaching results disappear)
  • The entire application process can take 30 minutes (from pre-bleach cleaning to rinsing)


6. Fem Pearl Skin Bleach

The package here is 24 grams, at a very low price. Gives a truly long-lasting bleaching result.

Fem Pearl Skin Bleach


  • Contains real pearl essence
  • Application is quite easy
  • Gives almost instant results


  • Some skin types may struggle with it (hence the need for a patch test)
  • The package is only 24 grams


7. Fem De-Tan Bleach Crème

Fem De-Tan is mostly a single-use 10-gram Fembleach package. It contains orange peel and aha extracts for better impact.

Fem De-Tan Bleach Crème


  • Works with almost all skin types
  • Results can be seen almost immediately
  • Price is within everybody’s reach


  • Best only for use on face
  • 10-gram package may only be suitable for use once


8. Fem Saffron Creme Bleach (Pack of 3)

Each of the 3 packages here contains 8-gram Fembleach. Besides lightening skin, also improves texture considerably.

Fem Saffron Creme Bleach


  • Application takes only 15 minutes
  • Doesn’t irritate the skin too much
  • Comes in a pack of 3 (suitable for 3 applications, before buying again)


  • Some may find the fragrance too strong
  • Some skin types may react (hence the need for a pre-application patch test)


9. Fem Gold Creme Bleach (Pack of 4)

This Fembleach has real gold dust for better effect. Being a pack of 4 means that you can use it four times before needing to go shopping again.

Fem Gold Creme Bleach


  • Contains real gold dust
  • Rather easy to use
  • Gives fast bleaching results


  • Relatively higher price
  • Need to keep on reapplying after a while to maintain bleaching results



What you get here is a 10-gram sachet of Fembleach. Besides brightening skin, also improves glow/radiance.



  • Price is within anyone’s reach
  • Comes with a free activator
  • Application takes just a few minutes


  • Can irritate certain skin types (thus usage should be after patch test)
  • Package (at 10 grams) may only be usable once



Using Fem, you can improve skin complexion, texture, and radiance. When shopping for a good Fem bleach product in India, you would benefit from the information in this guide.


Is Fembleach good for the face?

Yes, it makes the face look brighter and softer with a nice glow.

Which Fembleach is good for dark skin?

Most Fem bleaches (with the possible exception of Fem Saffron Skin Bleach) work well for dark skin.

What is the cost of the Fembleach?

Fembleach cost ranges from 30 Indian rupees to 300 Indian rupees, mostly depending on package size.