Best Fastrack Watches for Women in India-Buyers Guide

Fastrack is a watch company under Titan industries which is among the biggest manufacturers in the world. Fast track was started in the year 1998 and focused on producing watches that were youth-oriented. Fastrack watches are well known for their strong and reliable build. They come in a number of varieties such as analog, digital and hybrid. They provide watch designs both for men and women of all ages. The focus of this article will be on Fastrack watches for women. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best sonata Watches, smart bands, waterproof watches, Digital watches, wall clocks, Pendulum clocks in India.

Top 10 Best Fastrack Watches for Women in India

List of Fastrack watches

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1. Fastrack Analog Dial Women’s Watch Fastrack Analog Dial Women's Watch
2. Fastrack Upgrade-Core Analog Watch Fastrack Upgrade-Core Analog Watch
3. Fastrack Beach Upgrades Analog Watch Fastrack Beach Upgrades Analog Watch
4. Fastrack Hip Hop Analog Watch Fastrack Hip Hop Analog Watch
5. Fastrack Analog Grey Dial Watch Fastrack Analog Grey Dial Watch
6. Fastrack Analog Green Dial  Watch Fastrack Analog Green Dial  Watch
7. Fastrack Black Dial Women’s Watch Fastrack Black Dial Women's Watch
8. Fastrack Analog Women’s Watch Fastrack Analog Women's Watch
9. Fastrack Core Analog Watch Fastrack Core Analog Watch
10. Fastrack New OTS-Upgrade Watch Fastrack New OTS-Upgrade Watch

Features of Fastrack Watches

  • The majority of these watches have alarms, date display, dual light, and resistance to water.
  • Each watch is designed for a particular occasion.
  • There are analog dials, color dials, square dials, chronograph, and tone dials up for choosing.
  • The analog versions can be used for occasions such as family gatherings, social events, etc.
  • If you’re looking for a more official look, the digital and analog-digital variants are your best fit.
  • They also feature convenient strap builds like real quality leather, stainless steel, synthetic leather, plastic, etc.

How to use Fastrack Watches?

  • Using a Fastrack watch is convenient and straightforward.
  • Once you purchase the watch of your choice, you want to select which wrist you want to wear your watch.
  • Choose the wrist that is most convenient and where the watch will not interfere with your movements.
  • It is advised that you wear your fast-track watch beside your wrist bone.
  • Ensure that the headrests are near to the bone on the outside of the wrist.
  • Also, choose one whose band fits nicely.
  • This will prevent it from looking sloppy and appear comfortable and natural.

Buyer’s Guide for Fastrack Watches

  • There are a couple of factors to consider when purchasing Fastrack watches for women. These include;
  • The style of the watch preferably goes for a round shape although some women have a preference for the masculine square-shaped versions.
  • Secondly, the size of your wrist. On average a woman’s wrist is about five to seven inches in diameter.
  • Consider purchasing a watch with a diameter of twenty-eight to thirty-four millimeters as those are best suited for that wrist size.
  • The third consideration would be if you have a preference for straps or bracelets kind of watches.
  • There are a number of varieties on either side for example stainless steel bracelets, rubber straps, etc.
  • However, the latter option would be to pick a watch that has interchangeable bands.
  • To add on, perhaps one of the most important considerations is color.
  • Picking a good color is very important as it helps set the tone and fashion of the wearer.

List of Top 10 Best Fastrack Watches for Women in India-Buyers Guide

1. Fastrack Analog Dial Women’s Watch (Pink, 6150SM04)

This is an analog Fastrack brand watch. It has a case length of thirty-six millimeters. Case thickness of seven and a half millimeters. A case breadth of thirty millimeters and a strap broadness of seventeen millimeters.

Fastrack Analog Dial Women's Watch


  • It is water-resistant for up to thirty meters.
  • Has a stainless-steel strap.
  • Attractive analog display.


  • The size of the dial is small
  • The size of the watch is not suitable for those with smaller wrists


2. Fastrack Upgrade-Core Analog Dial Women’s Watch

A round case-shaped Fastrack watch with a dial color of black. It has a silver band color made of stainless steel.

Fastrack Upgrade-Core Analog Dial Women's Watch


  • Perfect for women with taste in small dial watches
  • Water-resistant as well for up to thirty meters
  • Ideal for numerous occasions such as date nights


  • The belt of the watch tends to get loose.
  • Can only submerge in water for a short amount of time


3. Fastrack Beach Upgrades Analog White Dial Women’s Watch NM9827PP07

This is a pink strap-colored, silicone-made watch. It features a Quartz movement type with an Analogue display.

Fastrack Beach Upgrades Analog White Dial Women's Watch


  • Equipped with a buckle clasp that ensures a secure fit
  • Features dial that has studded stones to give a classy appeal
  • The silicone band makes it sturdy and durable.


  • Available in one color which is pink
  • The watch does not come with a battery


4. Fastrack Hip Hop Analog White Dial Women’s Watch NM9827PP01

A white dial-colored Fastrack watch featuring a circular-shaped case. The dial glass is made of mineral material. The color of the band is white as well and made of silicone.

Fastrack Hip Hop Analog White Dial Women's Watch


  • It has a stone-studded bezel that gives an attractive look
  • It is water-resistant up to a depth of thirty meters
  • Comes with a two-year warranty plus an added six months warranty for the battery


  • The white strap gets dirty fast
  • Not reliable for the long term


5. Fastrack Analog Grey Dial Women’s Watch NM6152SL02

A grey dial-colored Fastrack watch. Round-shaped case with an orange band color consisting of leather.

Fastrack Analog Grey Dial Women's Watch


  • It has a water resistance depth of 50 meters, 20 meters more than the previously mentioned watches
  • Stainless steel case material
  • Smart and attractive leather strap


  • The strap color will fade after a while
  • The strap material is light and tends to be weak


6. Fastrack Analog Green Dial Women’s Watch NM6078SM01

This is a green-colored dial watch along with a spherical fashioned case. Dial glass is made of a mineral along with a silver band color.

Fastrack Analog Green Dial Women's Watch


  • Lavish looking dial that gives the wearer a glamorous look
  • The Push-button clasp feature ensures the watch is secured well to the wrist
  • Water-resistant for up to 30 meters.


  • Not ideal for women with small wrists
  • Not scratch resistant


7. Fastrack Analog Black Dial Women’s Watch NM6117SM01

This Fastrack watch features a black color dial, circular design, and dial glass material made of Acrylic. The band color is silver formed from stainless steel.

Fastrack Analog Black Dial Women's Watch


  • Two-year domestic warranty
  • Stylish appearance, ideal for any occasion
  • Water-resistant for 30 meters as well


  • Warranty does not feature option to return in case the watch gets spoilt
  • Some may find the dial to be too small


8. Fastrack Analog Blue Dial Women’s Watch NM6150SM03

A blue color dialed, the spheroid case with a dial glass made of mineral. The band color is silver and made of Brass.

Fastrack Analog Blue Dial Women's Watch


  • Steel strap bound to button clasp for easy fitting
  • Pink clock hands bond refinement and ladylike feel to the watch
  • Best worn with jeans and a solid blouse


  • Only suitable for ladies with small hands
  • The battery does not last long


9. Fastrack Core Analog Black Dial Women’s Watch NM2298SL04

A black color dial Fastrack watch featuring glass made of brass. Band color is black as well consisting of leather finishing.

Fastrack Core Analog Black Dial Women's Watch


  • Slender and sturdy
  • Convenient polished leather strap
  • Collision-resistant and graze-proof mineral crystal glass


  • Only for ladies with small hands
  • Color fades over time


10. Fastrack New OTS-Upgrade Analog Black Dial Women’s Watch NM9735NL02

A black color dial Fastrack watch with a rectangular case shape. Featuring a leather finished band that is black as well.

Fastrack New OTS-Upgrade Analog Black Dial Women's Watch


  • Lightweight watch for maximum comfort on the hand
  • Can be worn in any season, even in monsoon season
  • Frame casing brings out a jewelry charm sentiment


  • Original spare parts of the watch are hard to come by
  • It will mostly appeal to ladies who like big dial, manly watches



Fastrack watches vary in shapes, build, quality but all serve the same primary purpose of providing the wearer with information on time. The women versions exist to appeal to women of all ages. Imploring them with the feeling of class, luxury, elegance, sophistication, etc.

The list above will serve as a guide to those having a hard time picking exquisite Fastrack watches for women. Each of the watches listed above is unique and will serve you well over time.


Are all Fastrack watches waterproof?

The preferred term would be water-resistant but in general, not all Fastrack watches are waterproof. Make sure to be on the lookout when buying one.

Which is the best Fastrack watch for women?

The watches mentioned in the list are all appealing. However, one has to come out on top of the others. That would be the Fastrack Analog Grey Dial Women’s Watch NM6152SL02. It ticks all the boxes if you are willing to look past the minor cons.

How much is a Fastrack watch for women?

Fastrack watches for women range from one thousand and eleven rupees to two thousand seven hundred rupees. You can get decent ones if you are on a budget as well, say if your budget is under one thousand, five hundred rupees.