Best Extension Boards in India-Buyers Guide

An extension board is very important because you can plug-in different electric devices at a time and can do various works. You can charge multiple mobile phones at a time or can use different types of machinery in the kitchen.

We nowadays are dependent on electricity for much of our work. We need sockets to turn on our many daily-use devices to charge our phones, laptops, and other devices. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the Best Surge protectors or spike guards,  in India.

For all these uses we need a large number of switchboards and sockets in our houses.  But extension boards have solved our problems. As their name indicates that they extend the space for plugging electric devices. Extension boards are important not only for homes but also for offices, schools, shops, and much more. If you need to use an electric device outdoor where an electricity connection is not available, you can use an extension board.

This article is for giving you all the necessary information about an extension board. Keep reading it because you will also find a list of top brand extensions available online.

Top 10 Best Extension Boards in India

List of extension boards

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1. GM Modular 3041-Trio FlexBox GM-Mod
2. GoldMedal 360° Power Strip Adapter Goldmedal
3. ELV Surge Protector and Spike Guard xtension-Over
4. SYSKA ABS Power Surge Protector Power-Wheel
5. GM Modular 3045 Socket Modular-3045
6. Anchor 5219 Flexicord Board 5219-Flexico
7. APPUCOCO 4+1 Extension Board
8. Wipro Flex Box with universal socket Flex-universal
9. EYUVAA LABEL Extension Board with Sockets LABEL-Extens
10. JSTBUY LABEL Hexagon Electrical Extension Cord JSTBUY-LABE

Buyers Guide – Extension Board

You have to watch several things on an extension board before buying it:

  • The brand is very important.
  • Always buy an authentic and genuine extension because the low-grade extension will damage your devices.
  • Check the number of switches a board has. It is good to buy an extension board that has the maximum number of switches for different devices.
  • The difference between the switches is very important.
  • Because if there is a small distance then you cannot connect different plugs at the same time so it will just be a waste.
  • Voltage is also important for an extension. It must be versatile in voltage bearing.
  • Some extension boards are for heavy loads while some cannot bear it.
  • So if you are using it for heavy machines like refrigerators or washing machines, then buy one that can bear heavy loads.
  • The length of the wire is also important. Choose according to your need.

How Extension Board Works?

  1. The extension boards have different switches that are arranged in different patterns.
  2. They are connected by internal wiring.
  3. The wires are insulated outwards to protect from any damage.
  4. Take out the wire and plug it into an electric switch.
  5. Connect the devices you want to connect to the board and place it in a safe place.
  6. Most extensions have a master button to on/off it.
  7. Turn on the button. The wiring will provide an electric current to the devices.
  8. The extension also has surge protection which means if there is an overload on it, the fuse will melt and it will protect devices.

Top 10 List of Best Extension Boards in India

1. GM Modular 3041-Trio 2 Pin Flex Box 5 meters

This is a good-quality extension that has international sockets and an indicator light. It has an ergonomic design and a guard for the cable to prevent any damage. Also, it is available in white color and it works on 220 volts.GM Modular 3041-Trio Flex Box


  • The length of the wire is very good.
  • It has space for 3 plugs and has a 5 meters wire.
  • The quality of the plastic is also good and it is a durable extension.


  • Sockets are very close so it is difficult to fit 3 plugs at a time.


2. GoldMedal 360° Power Strip High-Grade Adapter

This is a multi-socket extension having a place for connecting 6 plugs. You can use different sizes and shapes of plugs in it. It has a master switch to on/off it and a LED indicator. The length of the wire is 2 meters.GoldMedal 360° Power Strip Adapter


  1. This is n a circular shape so different plugs can easily fit into it.
  2. The plastic quality is very good and is fire-retardant.
  3. Also, it has wall support so you can easily hang it on the wall.


  • Only a master switch is available. It must be available separately for all switches.


3. ELV Surge Protector and Spike Guard

This is a round board extension having 6 switches and 6 feet of cable. An ELV guard is present that protects it from fire. A LED red light indicator is also available. It works on a 240 volt and a 1-year warranty is also available for the extension.ELV Surge Protector and Spike Guard


  • This extension board is also suitable for heavy loads.
  • An automatic cut-off master switch is available that protects it from overheating & short circuits.
  • It has good quality wiring so it doesn’t show problems on heavy loads.


  • It is not a durable extension as it burns fast.
  • Many people claimed that it is dangerous because it is showing current even in on-off mode.


4. SYSKA ABS Power Wheel 3 Socket Surge Protector

This is a universal socket that has a 4 meters cord. It has an on/off switch, and the fuse is also available to protect it from any damage. And its power is 1500watts and the manufacturer is also giving a 1-year warranty.SYSKA ABS Power Surge Protector


  • The quality of the extension board is good.
  • And the length of the wire is long.


  • It has only 1 3-pin socket.
  • The board is small so difficult to place 3 plugs together.


5. GM Modular 3045-Square 3-Pin FlexBox

This is another amazing product that has international 3 sockets and an indicator. It has a rubber grommet to prevent damage. The product also has a 1-year warranty.GM Modular 3045 Socket


  • Very smooth rotation is available to pull and push the cable out and in.
  • The cable guards are also present to secure the cable.
  • Also, the quality of the extension is good.


  • The space between sockets is very less.


6. Anchor 5219 Flexicord

This is another 3-pinned extension that is suitable for use in homes and offices. It can bear up to 6 amperes or 240volt current.Anchor 5219 Flexicord Board


  • This has a long wire of 8 meters that comes out with pull action.
  • The wire is very long and insulated.
  • It is of good quality and a durable product.


  • The pins of the side pockets are very small that you cannot plug any device with them.
  • And the distance between switches is less.


7. APPUCOCO Plus PP1 4+1 Extension Board

This is another good product from our top list. It has an ergonomic design and is durable. It has 4 sockets of very good quality, a master switch, and an LED light. The manufacturer is providing a 1-year warranty for the product.APPUCOCO 4+1 Extension Board


  • As it is a square shape so it takes less space and you can plug different devices easily.
  • The wire is long having a length of 3 meters & is suitable for heavy duties.
  • Also, the wire is thick and insulated.


  • The wiring in the socket is bad.
  • Some customers claimed that they feel current in their devices after plugging in.


8. Wipro Flex Box with universal socket and 5-meter-long cord

This is a white color extension board that is made up of polycarbonate.  It has a good design and has a proper grip to carry it safely.Wipro Flex Box with universal socket


  • This has 3 universal switches that are suitable for all types of plugs.
  • It is a good quality extension at a very reasonable price.


  • No bad things have been seen about the product.


9. EYUVAA LABEL 10-ampere Extension Board

This is a multi-purpose extension board that has 4 3-pin plugs and 4 USB ports for direct charging of devices. It has a hexagonal shape that provides a good space for plugs. The wire is 6 feet long and has protection.EYUVAA LABEL Extension Board with Sockets


  • The built quality of the board and the wire is very good.
  • Also, the wire is thick.
  • You can attach multiple devices with it. Charging by USB ports is fast.


  • Here is not an on/off button on the board.
  • The cord can be long and a wall hanging should be available.


10. JSTBUY LABEL Hexagon Electrical Extension Cord 4 Surge Power Socket

This can support 110 to 250volts of electricity. Also, you can use different devices on it so it has surge protection which prevents overloading of the extension.JSTBUY LABEL Hexagon Electrical Extension Cord


  • This is a multi-purpose extension board having 4 outlets for USB and 4 plug switches.
  • Also, this is a worth buying product because of its many outlets.


  • The length of the cord is short.



Extension boards are the need in every house. So it is important to buy a safe and multipurpose extension. Read the article carefully to be able to select a good extension board for you.


Which is the best extension board?

We have arranged a list of the best extension boards. You can check it, you will find the one that is best for you.

Can I plug an extension into an extension?

The extension boards have a maximum limit to beat the load. If you plug a loaded extension into another extension that has its own plugged devices, it will be dangerous.

What cable do I need for the extension lead?

You will need an extension cable that is thick in diameter. It must also have surge protection and protection guards to prevent overload.

What are the steps in making an extension cord?

  • Separate each end of the electric cord by about 10 centimeters.
  • Cut the insulation wrapping of the wire.
  • With the help of a screwdriver lose the cap of the male plug and open it.
  • Put the wire in the male plug and tighten it with the help of a screw.
  • Then place the cap of the male plug and tighten it.