Best Engine Oil in India Buyers Guide

Just like us humans who need food to perform daily activities, an engine needs its food that is nothing but a special engine oil to run properly. You can consider engine oil as one of the most important and essential aspects of the whole car service. Not only does it help to run the engine smoothly but it keeps it cool. The quality of engine oils is defined by different grades. These grades are based on viscosities which is the quantity expressing the internal friction of the fluid. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best Engine Guard for bikes in India.

Top 10 Best Engine Oils in India

List of Engine oils

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1. Motul Engine Oils, 800ml Motul Engine Oil, 800ml
2. Motorbike Engine Oils by The Shell Motorbike Engine Oil by The Shell
3. Castrol Bike Engine Oils Castrol Bike Engine Oil
4. Synthetic Engine Oils by Liqui Moly Synthetic Engine Oil by Liqui Moly
5. Motor Engine Oils by HP Lubricants Motor Engine Oil by HP Lubricants
6. GULF Scooter Engine Oils GULF Scooter Engine Oil
7. Mobil Premium Engine Oils Mobil Premium Engine Oil
8. Engine Oils for Scooters by SAVSOL Engine Oil for Scooters by SAVSOL
9. Yamahlube Premium Synthetic Engine Oils Yamahlube Premium Synthetic Engine Oil
10. Full Synthetic Oil by ECSTAR Full Synthetic Oil by ECSTAR

Features of Engine Oil

  • One of the most important features of engine oils is helping in the reduction of wear and tear of engine parts.
  • Engine oils reduce this problem by lubricating the engine parts.
  • The process happens by forming a thin layer of oil between them.
  • This way engine parts do not rub each other harshly.
  • Also, when the vehicle is active for a long time, there is a possibility that the temperature between mechanical parts varies to a great extent.
  • Engine oils help to reduce this heat and keep the specific part of the vehicle cool.
  • Engine oils also help to neutralize certain unwanted acids.

Types of Engine Oils

  • Engine oils come with different advantages and types.
  • Some of the main types of engine oils are mineral engine oils, semi-synthetic engine oils, synthetic engine oils.
  • Apart from the engine types, parameters of it also come in different types such as the marked grade on the container.
  • For example, The grade when cold and the grade when hot.
  • These grades are important to indicate oil fluidity according to the high and low temperatures.

Buyer’s guide for Engine Oil

  1. As all engine oils come with their own features, it is important that you buy an oil that is suited to your vehicle and local climate conditions to use its benefits.
  2. To choose and buy the right oil, check your vehicle’s handbook or get advice from a professional.
  3. Depending on your engine design, check the fluidity and viscosity of the oil.
  4. Check other customers’ reviews to prevent yourself from any side effects of the oil on your vehicle or receiving faulty products.

How to use Engine Oil?

  1. According to their features and capabilities, all three types of engine oil work differently on the vehicle.
  2. Mineral oils work better or are more suitable for older vehicles and motorcycles as they offer little to no lubrication.
  3. Semi-synthetic oils work better if you want the affordability of mineral oil and the benefits of synthetic oil
  4. Last but not least is synthetic oils. This oil offers premium quality and delivers excellent protection.

List of Top 10 Best Engine Oils in India-Buyers Guide

1. Motul Engine Oils, 800ml

This engine oil is the best to give your motor a smooth ride. It comes with premium mineral engine oil and has low emissions.

Motul Engine Oil, 800ml


  1. The oil is compatible with Honda Activa
  2. Specially designed for fuel economy
  3. Reliable in tough racing conditions



  1. Only suitable for gearless scooter
  2. Comes with a medium quality oil


2. Motorbike Engine Oil by The Shell

This is a premium mineral motorbike engine oil. It helps to keep pistons and engines clean and gives excellent wear protection.

Motorbike Engine Oil by The Shell


  1. Gives a high-temperature protection
  2. Superior quality wear protection
  3. Provides a better pick up and acceleration



  1. Might cause a noise-related problem
  2. Offers medium quality performance


3. Castrol Bike Engine Oils

This is a petrol engine oil made especially for bikes. It gives your vehicle three-stage protection: engine start-up, running, the engine is off.

Castrol Bike Engine Oil


  1. It deposits build up and impact engine performance
  2. Protects vehicle from the corrosion
  3. It has good resistance



  1. Not suitable for all scooters
  2. Comes with no return policy


4. Synthetic Engine Oils by Liqui Moly

This is a made in Germany street synthetic engine oil. It gives you a distance interval of 6000km to change the oil.

Synthetic Engine Oil by Liqui Moly


  1. It is suitable for extreme conditions.
  2. Perfect for sporty use.
  3. Gives you high performance



  1. It is a bit expensive.
  2. Comes with medium quality oil


5. Motor Engine Oil by HP Lubricants

This is a motorcycle engine oil that comes with unique CSP technology to give you a very smooth ride and high engine durability.

Motor Engine Oil by HP Lubricants


  1. Comes with good compatibility
  2. Gives a longer engine life
  3. Very good thermal resistance



  1. It is a mineral oil
  2. Less quality than other brands


6. GULF Scooter Engine Oil

This oil gives your scooter a superior performance. It is 4-stroke engine oil that comes with 800ml.

GULF Scooter Engine Oil


  1. Very superior for modern scooters.
  2. Helps to reduce engine friction
  3. Great to reduce maintenance cost



  1. Might give you less mileage
  2. Might give a different performance to a different vehicle


7. Mobil Premium Engine Oil

This engine oil comes with premium quality in terms of technology. It gives 40% more wear protection against industry standards.

Mobil Premium Engine Oil


  1. It offers good wear protection
  2. It helps to extend engine life
  3. Good corrosion protection for critical engines



  1. It might be a bit expensive
  2. Offers comparatively less quality


8. Engine Oil for Scooters by SAVSOL

This engine oil is specially formulated for gearless scooters and gives your vehicle excellent friction control.

Engine Oil for Scooters by SAVSOL


  1. Offers the best performance for gearless scooters
  2. It has a very fast heat dissipation
  3. Provides longer engine life



  1. Packaging might not be goo
  2. Might cause noise-related problems


9. Yamahlube Premium Synthetic Engine Oil

This is a 4-stroke premium engine oil for sports bikes. It offers the quality of fully synthetic oil. It is perfect for Yamaha motorcycles.

Yamahlube Premium Synthetic Engine Oil


  1. It has a fully synthetic new formulation
  2. It provides great oxidation control
  3. Gives longer engine life



  1. It is very expensive
  2. Offers medium quality


10. Full Synthetic Oil by ECSTAR

This is a fully synthetic engine oil specially made for Maruti Suzuki. It is a petrol engine oil and developed with special base oil.

Full Synthetic Oil by ECSTAR


  1. It keeps the engine clean and new
  2. Meets API SM requirements
  3. Perfect for Maruti Suzuki Engines



  1. It is very expensive
  2. It is more suitable for Maruti Suzuki bikes only.



The motor of your vehicle works best when conditioned with quality engine oil. It helps the engine to run smoothly and efficiently.


What is engine oil used for?

Typical engine oil is nothing but complete internal care for your vehicle. It is used for various benefits like lubrication, cooling, cleaning, sealing, and many more.

Which oil is best for the engine?

The best engine oil can only be decided on the basis of your engine’s design and properties. You can check your vehicle’s handbook to get the perfect engine oil for your vehicle.

How much does engine oil cost?

Different brands offer different prices. The average price range of the engine oil can be between Rs.300 to Rs.900.