Best Elaichi online in India-Buyers Guide

Elaichi or cardamom is the queen of spices that can be used in different ways. People love using it because of its good aroma and flavor. It is a common ingredient in Arabic and eastern food but is making its place in western food as well. Due to its specific aroma, it is a common ingredient in traditional desserts and sweets in eastern counties including India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, etc. It is of different types but the most common type is green cardamom because of its good smell. This article is all about cardamom.

Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best cardamom powder, green cardamom, and black cardamom in India.

List of Top 10 Best Elaichi Online in India-Buyers Guide

List of Elaichi

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1. SHRILALMAHAL Elite Aroma, Whole elaichi SHRILALMAHAL-Elite-Arom
2. FarmOwn Green Cardamom FarmOwn Green Cardamom
3. SFT Cardamom Green SFT Cardamom Green
4. Vedaka Whole Cardamom  Vedaka Whole Cardamom 
5. Seeds and Hands Wayanad Cardamom Seeds and Hands Wayanad Cardamom
6. Spicy Carte Green Cardamom Spicy Carte Green Cardamom
7. Namo Organics – Green Cardamom Namo Organics - Green Cardamom
8. Truebrew All Natural Green Bold Cardamom Truebrew All Natural Green
9. Mannat Green cardemom Mannat Green cardemom
10. Spicy Carte Green Cardamom (250g) Spicy Carte Green Cardamom

Features of Elaichi

  • As cardamom is of different types so those types will have different features.
  • Green cardamom is small in size, about 4 to 7mm. It is a light green color pod that has about 4 to 5 seeds.
  • It has a very good and sweet aroma.
  • The aroma is actually due to the seeds so people sometimes add only cardamom seeds in their dessert.
  • While black cardamom is a thick and pure black color spice that is about 1 inch in size.
  • Its pod is dry and wrinkled that also contains sticky seeds. Its aroma is strong.

Types of Elaichi

Cardamom is of 3 types that we are discussing here.

Green elaichi

  • The origin of this elaichi is Sri Lanka and southern India.
  • Other countries are also cultivating it.
  • It is included in luxury herbs as this elaichi price is higher.
  • It further has 2 types including intense green cardamom known as Mysore cardamom and Malabar cardamom.
  • Green cardamom has a very good aroma and is usually used in desserts.
  • Many people also use it in other dishes.

Black elaichi

  • It is large in size, black color cardamom having a very strong flavor.
  • It is cultivated in China, Nepal, and Vietnam.
  • The Chinese use this black cardamom in treating nausea, digestive issues, and stomachache.
  • They also add in their many dishes including strews, noodle broth, casseroles, chops, and many other.
  • Indians and Pakistanis also add their seeds to their foods in powder form.
  • Its taste and aroma are not very good.

White elaichi

  • Its flavor is similar to green elaichi and is also used in desserts and many Indonesian and Indian dishes.
  • White cardamom is of two types, one the original one is known as Siam cardamom.
  • The other type is gained by bleaching the green cardamom.
  • People of Cambodia and Thailand use Siam elaichi.

Buyer’s guide for Elaichi

  • When you go to buy the cardamom, check the condition of its pods.
  • They should be light green and the shell should not be very hard and dry.
  • Smelling it will also help you in buying a good quality elaichi.
  • Fresh and good cardamom will smell good if you take it in your hand.
  • But if the pods are old, their shell will be whitish in color, crispy, and will not have any aroma.
  • Also, check the size of the pods because a long pod will have more seeds.
  • If you are buying black or white elaichi, the guide will be similar, just check the pod’s skin and its size.

How to consume & use Elaichi?

  • You can use it in many ways in different foods.
  • If you are using black cardamom in your food, you have to grind it with other spices like cumin, cinnamon, and cloves and add them to the curry at the end.
  • For making the tea, take 2 to 3 pods of cardamom, open them and add them to boiling water.
  • It will enhance your tea.
  • For making desi desserts like halwa or sivaiyan, you have to add 2 to 3 pods of elaichi in oil.
  • Then add sugar in the oil, fry them and add other ingredients then.
  • Another way you can use elaichi is to use it as a mouth freshener.
  • Just take a pod, wash it, and put it in your mouth. Don’t swallow it.

List of Top 10 Best Elaichi in India-Buyers Guide

1. SHRILALMAHAL Elite Aroma, Whole elaichi

It is a hygienically packed cardamom that is taken from the farm. The pod is 8mm in size and no extra color, aroma, or preservatives are present. The cardamom has passed through certain tests to ensure FSSAI food safety level.

SHRILALMAHAL Elite Aroma, Whole elaichi


  • Its packing is very good that intact its freshness.
  • It has a strong fragrance.
  • The pod size is also good.


  • Many dry seeds pods are present in the pack.
  • This elaichi price is higher.


2. FarmOwn Green Cardamom

FarmOwn elaichi is a 100 percent genuine and original product that you can buy. It is whole dried elaichi that doesn’t contain any artificial flavor, aroma, preservatives, and color. They pick high-quality and large-size elaichi and pack in a glass bottle. You can get a pack of different sizes from them.

FarmOwn Green Cardamom


  • The seeds contain a natural aroma and the size is good.
  • Its glass jar packing is good, recyclable, and eco-friendly.
  • They have the best quality elaichi.


  • Some pods are old and dried.
  • The old pods have lost their smell and are of no use.


3. SFT Cardamom Green

It is a super quality 100 percent original premium product by SFT. They collect the pods from farmers and pack them in high-quality packaging to lock aroma and freshness. They are selling high-quality products for 22 years all across the country.

SFT Cardamom Green


  • The flavor of the elaichi is very good and strong.
  • Its smell is very natural, freshening, and good.


  • The pods’ size is pod but inside, the seeds are small.


4. Vedaka Whole Cardamom 

Vedaka is another brand that maintains the quality of its spices by passing them to certain laboratory tests. It is also an organic product that is free from preservatives and additives.

Vedaka Whole Cardamom 


  • It is available at a very reasonable elaichi price.
  • The taste and aroma are up to the mark.


  • The quality of the elaichi is not very good.
  • Many pods are hollow or dried from inside.


5. Seeds and Hands Wayanad Cardamom

It is organic green cardamom that is obtained from Wayanad, Karela. The pod is 8mm having a good aroma. They are picked from small-scale growers and help them in increasing their trade. Seeds and Hands ensure to pick the high-quality products from the farmers.

Seeds and Hands Wayanad Cardamom


  • Its aroma is very strong that enhances the smell of your tea or traditional desserts.
  • The package is very good.
  • The seller takes less time in delivering the product.


  • It has some artificial aroma.


6. Spicy Carte Green Cardamom

They have 6 to 7mm size elaichi pods that are collected from farms of district Karela. The brand sells pure organic spices having no or very little amount of preservatives that are safe for health.

Spicy Carte Green Cardamom


  • The size of the elaichi is very good.
  • The seeds are very fresh and have a strong fragrance.
  • Its flavor is original and very nice.
  • The packing is also very good


  • Some customers received small-sized and dry elaichi.


7. Namo Organics – Green Cardamom

It is premium quality, 100 percent organic, dried green elaichi seeds from Namo organics. They handpick high-quality pods, pack them in a high-quality packing, without the addition of any artificial thing.

Namo Organics - Green Cardamom


  • The quality of the cardamom is great.
  • It has a strong aroma that will spread throughout the whole house.


  • Its price is a little higher.


8. Truebrew All Natural Green Bold Cardamom

Truebrew makes it possible to supply the best quality products to its customers. The cardamom is picked and packed in a high-standard packing in hygienic conditions. The packing is of high quality that locks its freshness and aroma and protects the pods from the attack of insects.

Truebrew All Natural Green Bold Cardamom


  • The size of the pods, as well as the seeds, is very good.
  • Its packing is very good.
  • The flavor and aroma are also great.


  • Many people found old, grey and dried cardamom.


9. Mannat Green cardemom

Mannat spices are also very famous all over India because of their freshness and flavor. Their green cardamom is also very good that you can use in many dishes. They make it sure to provide high-quality products.

Mannat Green cardemom


  • The cardamom is of great quality.
  • When the seeds are crushed or soaked in water, the aroma becomes stronger.


  • The packing is not very good.


10. Spicy Carte Green Cardamom (250g)

It is the last product on our top list that we recommend you to try. They sell high-quality cardamom and ensure its quality. The brand picks organic products from the farmers of Idukki and packs them for sale3. This is 250 grams of elaichi that you can buy in a jar.

Spicy Carte Green Cardamom


  • The glass jar is airtight to store the flavor and freshness.
  • The elaichi size is 7 to 8mm that is very good.


  • The supplier should take care of old and new stock. Some customers complained that they got the old product.



Try to use cardamom in your daily routine to enhance the taste and aroma of your tea and desserts and to improve your health. Choose the best suitable product from our list and enjoy.


What is Elaichi good for?

Elaichi has many benefits. You can add it to your tea or green tea to improve digestion. Also, you can put it in your mouth and it will act as a freshener. It helps in controlling blood pressure and contains many cancer-fighting substances.

What is the price of Elaichi 1 kg?

It is a luxury spice and is very expensive. The starting price of 1kg elaichi is 2600 rupees.

Which is the best Elaichi?

You can find a list of “best elaichi” in this article, please check that part of the article.