Best Ekbote furniture in India-Buyers Guide

Ekbote is a furniture brand that brings in the best contemporary and traditional Indian design designs. They believe in celebrating the diversity of India and its people by offering high-quality furniture at affordable prices. The Ekbote is a brand that inspires people to be creative, build memories, and make memories. This brand believes that every home should have a place where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best Sofa sets, L-shaped sofa, Nilkamal chairs, wooden chairs, dining table set, dining chairs, Plastic dining tables, computer tables, computer chairs, Wooden beds, Center Tables, Single Bed Mattresses  in India.

Top 10 Best Ekbote furnitures in India

List of Ekbote Furniture

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1. Ekbote ISO-02 Three Seater Sofa bote Furniture ISO-02 Three Seater Sofa
2. Ekbote SSR-04-3-STR Sofa Ekbote Furniture SSR-04-3-STR Three Seater Sofa
3. Ekbote FT01xFC01 Dining Table Set Ekbote Furniture FT01xFC01 Four Seater Dining Table Set
4. Ekbote LC01 Chair Ekbote Furniture LC01 Chair
5. Ekbote Centre Table Ekbote Furniture Centre Table
6. Ekbote SCB01 Three Seater Sofa Ekbote Furniture SCB01 Three Seater Sofa
7. Ekbote FC01 Chair Ekbote Furniture FC01 Chair
8. Ekbote RC01 Chair Ekbote Furniture RC01 Chair
9. Ekbote DBK12 King Size Bed Ekbote Furniture DBK12 King Size Bed
10. Ekbote FT01 Dining Table Ekbote Furniture FT01 Four Seater Dining Table

Features of Ekbote furniture

  • The collection ranges from furniture, padded chairs, and sofas to tables, lamps, etc.
  • It provides modern designs at affordable prices which are comfortable for all kinds of people.
  • The collections offer a stylish look for every home through contemporary design and traditional Indian creativeness.
  • The furniture is made of imported leather and natural wood.
  • Furthermore, they provide a wide range of furniture featuring conventional Indian design, uplifting all its items with clean lines and beautifully carved details.

Types of Ekbote furniture

  • The three types of furniture available are sofas, sectionals, and daybeds.
  • They offer padded armchairs in various colors to add color and character to the décor of your bedroom or lounge room.
  • In addition, they also have wooden dining sets, which are elegant with soft tones that empower their beautiful designs with retro-vintage flair.
  • They provide modern contemporary sofas which come in various shapes such as rectangle shape, round and square to suit your needs.
  • They also have chairs that offer comfort and elegance to your home with multiple designs.

Buyers guide for Ekbote furniture

  • With this India-based furniture brand, you need to pay close attention to their products.
  • You will see various options for materials used, which is the main factor that makes it different from other stores out there.
  • Then all of their cushions and pillows have been carefully selected, so they make a perfect fit with every couch or chair.
  • The best thing about Ekbote – what sets them apart from others -is the wide variety of furniture pieces available.
  • Apart from this, they provide a wide variety of furniture for your home, so go ahead and look for the perfect set.

List of Top 10 Best Ekbote furniture in India-Buyers Guide

1. Ekbote Furniture ISO-02 Three Seater Sofa (Matt Finish, Brown)

The Ekbote Furniture ISO-02 Three Seater Sofa (Matt Finish, Brown) are reclining sofas with ample seating space that can be raised and lowered to accommodate events, functions, and gatherings.

Ekbote Furniture ISO-02 Three Seater Sofa


  • These sofas are perfect in size
  • Ultra-lightweight, it is easy to maneuver to different locations
  • The material used feels relaxed and comfortable even after a long day’s work


  • The material used is easy to stain.
  • The cushions seen on the sofas are not as soft and comfortable.


2. Ekbote Furniture SSR-04-3-STR Three Seater Sofa (Matt Finish, Brown)

You can use it in a living room or bed, it can fold horizontally and vertically, and its fabric has the perfect amount of stretch, so it’s able to accommodate most people.

Ekbote Furniture ISO-02 Three Seater Sofa


  • It has a compact yet comfortable design.
  • It’s affordable and affordable to maintain as well
  • It works very well in dens that already have plenty of furniture on them


  • Might not suit people who weigh over 100 pounds.
  • Some of the cushions are hard to find and get upgraded


3. Ekbote Furniture FT01xFC01 Four Seater Dining Table Set (Brown)

This dining table and chair set are perfect for those who like kitchen accents that are chic yet comfy, modern yet casual.

Ekbote Furniture FT01xFC01 Four Seater Dining Table Set


  • It can easily be arranged to fit in spaces
  • They’re compact, yet they seat many people
  • The table is sturdy so that it can survive rough household usage


  • The chairs might not be very comfortable
  • Some of the wood used on it may scratch easily


4. Ekbote Furniture LC01 Chair (Matt Finish, Brown)

Perfect furniture for those who want to add a touch of elegance and class. This chair’s sleek, modern design makes it a great complement to your living room decor.

Ekbote Furniture LC01 Chair


  • The material is of high quality
  • It does not require any assembly
  • It will stay in one piece for years to come


  • It’s hard to change the color of it
  • The chairs might be too tall for some people


5. Ekbote Furniture Centre Table (Matt Finish, Brown)

Your outdoor living space can look modern and fresh with this table made of high-quality material. The brown color will not fade into long-term use.

Ekbote Furniture Centre Table


  • It has stain resistance
  • Affordable to maintain
  • Easily accommodates many people


  • It might scratch if used on stone surfaces
  • The wood may not be as durable for outdoor use


6. Ekbote Furniture SCB01 Three Seater Sofa (Matt Finish, Brown)

You’d want to be able to choose a fabric that will not fade quickly. If you’re thinking of buying it for some long-term use, this is the ideal choice.

Ekbote Furniture SCB01 Three Seater Sofa


  • You can match your furniture with cushions
  • You don’t have to worry about discoloration
  • The frame is durable, making it an excellent buy for those on a budget


  • Limited color choice
  • A bit costly for some customers


7. Ekbote Furniture FC01 Chair (Matt Finish, Brown)

If you’re not in favor of painting, the color scheme offered by this chair will make it a great choice. It is durable, just like the other Ekbote chairs.

Ekbote Furniture FC01 Chair


  • It’s very comfortable to use
  • The great color matches your décor style and theme
  • Will never get creaky even after heavy usage for years to come –


  • The color does not match every décor style
  • The frame of the item may be too tall for your liking


8. Ekbote Furniture RC01 Chair (Matt Finish, Brown)

Ekbote has done an impeccable job in making this furniture using materials that thrive under stressful weather conditions.

Ekbote Furniture RC01 Chair


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Suitable for heavy traffic
  • The material of the frame will not fade easily


  • Too heavy for some customers
  • Some people find it to be too compact


9. Ekbote Furniture DBK12 King Size Bed (Matt Finish, Brown)

This bed has to be in your bedroom; very soon after you find it there, the desire for sleep will recede. As you’re resting, you’ll be able to enjoy its sturdy frame and the mattress below it.

Ekbote Furniture DBK12 King Size Bed


  • Feels suitable for a restful nap or night’s dream –
  • A very durable material that lasts long under intense use
  • You can say goodbye to sleepless hours through this bed


  • The color maybe a little too matched for some people
  • Some customers may find the material to be stiff and narrow


10. Ekbote Furniture FT01 Four Seater Dining Table (Brown)

You can put this dining table in the garage or kitchen as a practical storage arrangement. It is perfect for any outdoor function where you need more space to layout food items and serves and eat conveniently.

Ekbote Furniture FT01 Four Seater Dining Table


  • Easy access to all sides of the table
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Leaves no corners for dust or dirt build-up


  • It May is not suitable for heavy traffic areas
  • The product may not be ideal for any condition that requires regular cleaning



The Ekbote furniture is designed with various styles and colors to suit your needs. It’s made from high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. The price may vary depending on the type of furniture you want, but it will be worth every penny spent because it’s very functional for any home or office setting.


1. What are the different types of Ekbote furniture?

Ekbote is a furniture style with the characteristics of modern minimalism and sustainability. It encompasses numerous collections.

2. What is the price of the Ekbote furniture?

The price of Ekbote furniture varies depending upon the type of furniture and its design because of the wide range of variety.

3. Which is the best Ekbote furniture?

Maybe the best Ekbote furniture may depend on the color, arrangement, design, and the type of furniture that you want to have for your home or office.