Best Educational Toys for Kids in India-Buyers Guide

Educational toys are a boon for kids, especially in India. This country is often praised for its vast knowledge. Yet many of our kids are left out of education due to a lack of essential learning tools. Parents must equip their children with the best educational toys. These educational toys for kids will improve your child’s development early, from toys to bicycles, balls to remote-controlled cars, and robots. Every child has a different personality some need active play while others require time. These educational toys are great for children from toddlers to pre-schoolers.

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Top 10 Best Educational Toys for Kids in India

List of Educational Toys For Kids

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1. Imagimake Mapology Toy magimake Mapology Toy
2. ButterflyEdufields Toy ButterflyEdufields Toy
3. Seven Moon Toy Seven Moon Toy
4. Webby Wooden Toy Webby Wooden Toy
5. WISHKEY Wooden Toy WISHKEY Wooden Toy
6. SARTHAM Kids Metal Toy SARTHAM Kids Metal Toy
7. Smartivity Hydraulic Toy Smartivity Hydraulic Toy
8. Smartivity Optics Educational Toy Smartivity Optics Educational Toy
9. FunBlast Educational Toy FunBlast Educational Toy
10. FunBlast Planetarium Toy FunBlast Planetarium Toy

Features of Educational Toys

  • Education toys are toys that can help develop the intelligence of children.
  • It is a way of developing their skills early and helping them grow in different ways.
  • There are some of the best educational toys available which may be helpful for your kid to have fun and learn at the same time.
  • Educational toys help children learn in the classroom or at home.
  • You can use these toys to teach children basic math and language skills and help them develop imagination and creativity.

Types of Educational Toys

  • There are several types of educational toys.
  • For example, some teach students about different subjects and their skills.
  • Some help students develop certain learning habits or traits.
  • There are also some toys for young children that encourage them to interact with others for fun.
  • One of the best educational toys is a puzzle.
  • Puzzle play can help build and promote problem-solving skills and motor function.
  • These types of projects are very creative and simple.

How to use Educational Toys?

  • There are several ways to use educational toys.
  • Some of these include playing with them for fun, using specific parts to make new things such as a toy car or bike, and studying the different characters with educational toys.
  • Games can help improve academic readiness and promote language development by increasing vocabulary knowledge while promoting social interactions in school classes.

Buyers Guide for Educational Toys

  • There are several things to look for when it comes time to do so to buy educational toys.
  • These include the design of items such as faces and characters or their size.
  • The quality must also be good, whereas making sure that you get your money’s worth is essential.
  • It is also vital to know how to store the educational toys not to get damaged.
  • There are also some things that you need to look for when it comes to educational toys.
  • These include the child’s age, how long they have been using them, and whether or not they are easy to use.

List of Top 10 Best Educational Toys for Kids in India-Buyers Guide

Here is a list of the 10 best educational toys for kids in India.

1. Imagimake Mapology Educational Toy

It is an educational toy that helps children learn the names of the states in India and their capital cities. The entire set includes states, capitals, pictures, a highlighted map, and puzzle pieces.

Imagimake Mapology Educational Toy


  • It boosts focus, concentration, and hand-eye coordination
  • Many pieces ensure all kids will get a chance to complete
  • This educational toy helps children learn the names of the regions


  • It is more suitable for older children
  • This educational toy can be frustrating to some kids

Imagimake Mapology Educational Toy

2. ButterflyEdufields Educational Toy

It is an educational toy that helps kids expand their vocabulary by learning new words and then using them correctly. The magnetic shapes in this puzzle help children work on fine skills.

ButterflyEdufields Educational Toy


  • This toy helps kids practice their thinking skills
  • It is a fun way to encourage creative expression
  • Encourages physical wellness by promoting exercise


  • The pieces are not small enough for an infant
  • This educational toy can be expensive in price


3. Seven Moon Educational Toy

It is an educational toy that helps children improve their coordination, balance, and talent while playing various games.

Seven Moon Educational Toy


  • It helps children develop fine skills
  • It boosts the overall health of a child
  • There are various options for games to keep the fun going


  • The quality of the wood used is not as strong
  • It begins with more than 30 pieces, and it may be too long


4. Webby Wooden Educational Toy

This educational toy helps children improve their skills by learning the alphabet. This wooden board has 24 spiral-cut letters, precut wooden blocks, and built-in magnets.

Webby Wooden Educational Toy


  • It encourages creativity in the children
  • This helps develop a child’s reading and writing skills
  • It helps kids learn to pronounce each letter of the alphabet


  • It may seem too simple for older children
  • You need to assemble this before you can use it


5. WISHKEY Wooden Educational Toy

It helps build a child’s simple math skills & counting abilities; it also provides hands-on experience through fun games of numbers/math activities & colors with tiny beads strings.

WISHKEY Wooden Educational Toy


  • It helps build a child’s skills
  • It allows kids to create and share different doodles
  • Kids discover new things about their world through it


  • This toy is a bit costly for some customers
  • It is not suitable for a child who has not been introduced to counting


6. SARTHAM Kids Metal Educational Toy

An excellent way to encourage this creative process in a child’s life is by providing them with an artistic craft that you can use on any flat surface such as wood, paper, plastic materials, etc.

SARTHAM Kids Metal Educational Toy


  • It encourages a child’s imaginative abilities
  • This is a very suitable toy for all genders & backgrounds
  • It provides children with a creative outlet to express themselves


  • Lack of instructions about making models
  • It is not suitable for toddlers because of the small parts


7. Smartivity Hydraulic Educational Toy

Show all the different ways a child can build, repair, and learn through hands-on experience. It helps inspire a young mind to be creative and innovative.

Smartivity Hydraulic Educational Toy


  • This is an open-ended toy
  • It helps build critical thinking skills
  • It helps to foster a child’s imagination, encourage creativity


  • It must be assembled before using
  • If not used properly, the whole set might get broken down


8. Smartivity Fantastic Optics Educational Toy

An optical instrument that can not only be used as a kaleidoscope but can also function in other ways to help the player see. It helps foster imagination and creativity in children from an early age.

Smartivity Fantastic Optics Educational Toy


  • It promotes critical thinking skills
  • This produces an exciting way to see
  • It allows children to experiment with different ideas and methods


  • It may not be sustainable to use
  • Not cost-effective for some families


9. FunBlast Multifunctional Educational Toy

This chalkboard magnet pen is made from a strong magnetic material, which allows it to draw and write on surfaces like a table with chalk or bread. It may also function as a wall blackboard.

FunBlast Multifunctional Educational Toy


  • It promotes creativity in kids
  • It contains magnet and chalk that you can use in multiple ways
  • The combo function will help children to develop a range of skills


  • It does not last for very long before wearing out
  • It may not be durable for a child who abuses the toy


10. FunBlast Planetarium Educational Toy

A science DIY toy to educate children about the solar system and parts of the system: this activity set is designed with an educational role in mind, a creative task that forces kids to solve it themselves.

FunBlast Planetarium Educational Toy


  • Allows creativity through guided exploration
  • It helps children learn astronomy from different angles
  • It will help young ones learn how to tell the time in various ways with this set


  • The pieces may not be durable if a child uses too much force
  • The pieces may not be stable enough for a child who is a rough user



Educational toys are favorites among kids and help them develop their social or physical skills. They can also be referred personally to the parent’s budget. A child is never too young to get some educational toy in his hands at home or even borrow it from a friend’s house; otherwise, you give your kid many blessings for which he will always treasure them.


1. What are educational toys for children?

An educational toy (also known as a learning-oriented or hands-on toy) is an object that helps children learn through play.

2. What are the best educational toys for 6-year-olds?

The above toys are best, and they will help 6-year-olds identify and master essential skills through fun games that also exercise their brain.

3. What is the price of the educations toys for kids?

The price varies from 300 to 1,000 depending upon the toy and the brand. You can choose one that suits your kid and your budget