Best Dry Coconut Online in India-Buyers Guide

There are numerous food items available today to promote better health. Coconuts have been part of human diets for thousands of years and are dubbed the tree of life. Today there is a huge industry of coconut-based products from oils to face creams. Dry coconut is a popular product that packages dried coconut halves in sealed packaging. Storing the coconut is easier when it is dried and can keep for several months. Coconuts grow naturally in warm climates, particularly in Southeast Asia, the Pacific islands, and the Caribbean. Also, check the buyers’ guide for the best coconut oil, cold-pressed groundnut oil, musted oil, cold-pressed oils, Fenugreek Oil, and cold-pressed coconut oils in India

Top 10 Best Dry Coconut online in India

List of Dry Coconuts

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1. Nature Vit Dried Coconut NatureVit-Whole-Dry-Coconuts NatureVit-Whole-Dry-Coconuts
2. Godka Dried Coconut Halves Godka Dried Coconut Halves
3. Minimal Dried Coconut Minimal Dried Coconut
4. Dry Fruit Hub Coconuts Dry Fruit Hub Coconuts Dry Fruit Hub Coconuts
5. More Choice Dry Coconuts More Choice Dry Coconuts
6. Indian Delicacies Dried Coconut Indian Delicacies Dried Coconut
7. Desire Dried Coconut Desire Dried Coconut
8. Leeve Dries Coconuts Leeve Dries Coconuts Leeve Dries Coconuts
9. Farm 2 Dried Coconuts Farm 2 Dried Coconuts
10. Pureganic Tree Whole Coconuts Pureganic Tree Whole Coconuts Pureganic Tree Whole Coconuts

Features of Dry Coconut

  • Coconuts are part of the palm tree family, which grows in the tropics.
  • The word “cocoa” comes from the 16th-century Portuguese word for skull, as the coconut has a shape similar to a human head.
  • Although the name suggests it, a coconut is not a nut but a drupe.
  • It consists of three layers, an outer yellow-green skin, a middle shell with hairy fibers, and the inner layer.
  • Additionally, inside a coconut is a liquid referred to as coconut milk.
  • Dried coconut has no milk and only has dried coconut flesh.

Types of Dry Coconuts

  • Coconuts come in many varieties of shapes, sizes, as the trees vary in size and features.
  • Malaysian dwarf coconuts produce a yellow color and are between 6-12-inches in size.
  • Macapuno coconuts are a rare coconut from a dwarf mutant tree species.
  • King coconuts hail from the islands of Sri Lanka and contain a sweet liquid inside.
  • The Mayan coconut is a tall tree species that grow around Florida and the Caribbean islands.
  • The Panama and Jamaican Tall coconut trees grow in the Caribbean and produce between 100 and 200 coconuts per year.

Buyers Guide for Dry Coconut

  • When purchasing a coconut, shake them to feel if there is liquid inside.
  • These are the best coconuts to buy.
  • Coconuts should not have cracks or mold on them, and the browner the shell, the whiter the flesh inside.
  • Dried coconuts come vacuum-packed and are available from most supermarkets.

How to use Dry Coconut

  • To dry coconuts, remove the husk from the kernel and crack it open.
  • To dry the white flesh, place the halves out in sunlight, or use hot air to dry the coconut flesh.
  • Once dried, the coconut flesh can last much longer than freshly ripe coconuts.
  • Many recipes can use coconut flesh, from curries, salads, grated into flakes for garnishing, or used in desserts.

List of Top 10 Best Dry Coconut Online in India-Buyers Guide

1. Nature Vit Dried Coconut

Nature Vit produces high-quality dried coconut products. It comes in a resealable package and is suitable for vegetarians.

Nature Vit Dried Coconut


  • It comes in a resealable package
  • There are many vitamins and minerals
  •  It contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties


  • The coconuts are not halves
  • Not suitable for individuals with allergies


2. Godka Dried Coconut Halves

Here we have coconut halves produced by Godka. It contains vital nutrients in a resealable package.

Godka Dried Coconut Halves


  • The package contains pre-sliced halves
  • Coconuts contain magnesium and iron
  • It features a resealable package


  • It may cause allergy problems
  • Breathing difficulty could occur from over easting


3. Minimal Dried Coconut

Minimal produces dried coconut halves in a vacuum-sealed package. Coconut can work for skincare as well as cooking.

Minimal Dried Coconut


  • It comes in a 1000g packet
  • The coconut comes pre-cut
  • The coconut flesh works for garnishing and gravies


  • It is high in saturated fat
  • Individuals may have allergy problems



4. Dry Fruit Hub Coconuts

Dry Fruit Hub makes dried coconuts. The coconuts come in vacuumed-sealed packaging and have 12 pieces.

Dry Fruit Hub Coconuts


  • The coconuts come in vacuumed-sealed packing
  • There are 12 pieces per package
  • Each coconut contains enriched nutrients


  • The coconut contains saturated fats
  • It may cause allergic reactions


5. More Choice Dry Coconut

More Choice produces packaged whole coconuts. The coconuts contain dietary fiber and are high in vitamins.

More Choice Dry Coconuts


  • It comes in a sealed package
  • The coconuts contain copper and iron
  • It helps treat skins issues


  • It does not come pre-sliced
  • Coconuts are high in saturated fats


6. Indian Delicacies Dry Coconut

Indian Delicacies produces nutrient-rich coconuts. They come in a resealable package in packs of threes.

Indian Delicacies Dried Coconut


  • The coconuts come in resealable packs
  • Each coconut is rich in minerals and vitamins
  • Each package contains three whole coconuts


  • The package does not come with halved coconuts
  • Coconut might not be suitable for people with allergies


7. Desire Dried Coconut

Desire dried coconut is low in sodium and cholesterol. The coconuts come in easy to slice halves.

Desire Dried Coconut


  • The coconuts have low sodium and cholesterol
  • Each package consists of pre-sliced halves
  • They are rich in magnesium and iron


  • They are high in saturated fats
  • The packaging is not resealable


8. Leeve Dry Coconut

Leeve is a fine producer of dried coconuts. They come in resealable packets and are ideal for cooking or hair and skincare.

Leeve Dries Coconuts


  • The dried coconut comes in a resealable package
  • Each coconut comes pre-cut in halves
  • Coconut works for cooking or hair and skincare


  • They are high in saturated fats
  • Coconuts can spoil if not stored properly


9. Farm 2 Dried Coconuts

Farm to produce top-quality dried coconuts. They come pre-packaged and rich in nutrients and vitamins D and B12.

Farm 2 Dried Coconuts


  • Coconuts have a high amount of fiber and nutrients
  • They come in a large package for extra value
  •  Coconut flesh works for skin care as well as cooking


  • They do not come in a resealable packet
  • Breathing difficulty may occur due to allergic reactions


10. Pureganic Tree Whole Dry Coconuts

Pureganic makes a variety of health food products. The medium pack comes with whole coconuts rich in vitamins and minerals.

Pureganic Tree Whole Coconuts


  • Each coconut contains a variety of minerals and vitamins
  • It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Coconuts are low in sodium and have no cholesterol


  • The coconuts are not pre-sliced halves
  • They contain large amounts of saturated fats.



Coconuts are one of the most versatile foods in the world. They contain rich nutrients that can aid in weight loss and immune system health. Dried coconut has many uses as an ingredient in curries, gravies, as well as a garnish. Coconut has a variety of other health benefits, such as uses in skin and hair care. Be sure to add dried coconut as part of a healthy diet.


Is dried coconut good for your health? 

The flesh of dried coconut contains many health benefits. The coconut flesh contains fiber and MCT’s which aid in weight loss, improved digestion, and improved heart health. As coconuts are high in saturated fats, the general advice is to eat them in moderation.

What is the price of dried coconut?

The price of dried coconuts ranges from 165INR up to 500INR.

How do you protect dried coconut?

To protect dried coconut from spoiling, keep it in an air-tight container and store it in a fridge or freezer.