Best Digital Watches in India-Buyers Guide

Some prefer analog watches, while some like digital ones. The digital watch is not a new product at all. A wristwatch is a necessity for some people.

They consider it essential to wear the wristwatch, soon as they leave their homes. On the other hand, wrist watches are a jewel to some people.

Well, this kind of jewel is gender-neutral. Men and women equally wear this jewel. It has been here for ages. However, analog cum digital watches are indeed among the latest products. Also check the buyers guide for Best wall clocks in India.

Well, when it comes to buying the right watch, a lot of people get confused. They do not understand which digital watch they should choose. So for all those folks, we are going to discuss the variety of digital watches in detail.

Top 10 Best Digital Watch Brands in India

List of Digital watches

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1. SKMEI Analog-Digital Men’s Watch SKMEI-Analog white-analog
2. TIMEWEAR Analogue Digital Watches Timewear 1283khakitw
3. Sonata Digital Grey Dial Watch Sonata-Digita
4. Skmei Digital Unisex Watch Skmeigita digital-watch
5. Sonata Digital Men’s Watch Digital-Grey
6. EDDY HAGER Digital Watch Hager-Digital hager-800
7. Sonata Super Fibre Digital Small Dial Watch
Super-Fibre digital-watch
8. V2A Men’s Digital Watches V2A-Premium green-digital
9. Micacchi Digital Men’s Watch Brown Micacchi
10. Sonata Super Fibre Digital Watches Fibre-Digit

Buyers Guide – Digital Watch

Buying a digital watch can be very confusing. There are so many options and features to consider. And every time you are out in the market to purchase a watch, you return confused.

Well, this guide here will keep you from confusing any more. And it will help you choose the right digital watch. Why a digital watch? The first thing you have to answer is why do you need it.

When you can see the time on your smartphone, set the alarm, check the world time, and even use a smartwatch, then why an additional expense.

Indeed, watches have an advantage over phones. Digital watches are smart and a part of the jewel.


  • What type would you prefer? Digital or the hybrid watch.
  • If you are in habit of the analog watches and do not appreciate the digital time format, then go for the hybrid watch.
  • But if you prefer the digital time display, then the standard digital watches will do.


  • What is the purpose of getting a watch? You can find it for casual wear as well as sports.
  • Certainly, choose a watch that is suitable for your purpose.
  • The sports watches will have a greater tendency for water resistance.
  • Also, they will feature a shake-proof and vibration resistance structure.

Features of Digital Watch

There are several features in digital watches. Well, some watches have plenty of features, while some are limited to a few.

The common features include:

Analog and digital time combination

  • Some digital watches have analog and digital time display.
  • They show the time in both ways.


  • The best digital wristwatches are water-resistant.
  • Some are enough resistant to bear water up to 50 meters.
  • However, the user should not press any button in water.
  • On the other hand, some are strongly resistant.
  • Whatever you do to the watch in water, it performs the same way.


  • Some of the best digital watches feature stopwatch.
  • Users can use the stopwatch to estimate sprint time and workout period.
  • Also, the stopwatch is very handy when you have to keep an eye on your break interval in the office.

Types of Digital Watches

These watches are available in two types. Well, both of the types exist since along. And today they have feature remarkable tech.

  • Further, the first type is the standard digital watch.
  • These watches have a bigger time display, and feature alarms, time zones, and many other things.
  • Some of them also feature Bluetooth for mobile phone connectivity.
  • Ahead of that, the next type is the hybrid watch.
  • These watches feature both analog and digital watch styles.
  • They have the hour, minute, and second hands along with that they even display time in digital format.
  • Further, both of the styles have almost the same features.
  • Even the performance characteristics are the same in both the watch types.

How Digital Watch Works?

It works in a simple but interesting way. Well, that is the electronic science that most of us have not studied in school.

  • The mechanism in the digital watch has a battery and chip.
  • And the battery powers the chip, making it vibrate.
  • There are tiny crystals inside the machine that vibrates.
  • Well, the crystals vibrate continuously as long as they have power.
  • And they vibrate at a steady pace.
  • Further, a silicon chip inside the mechanism picks the vibrations and converts them into pulses.
  • The watch uses those pulses to display time.
  • Additionally, the features in the watch are backed by a specific component.
  • Like the backlight and alarm.
  • When you press the button for the backlight, the machine transmits a signal to the component to turn on.
  • The same way the rest of the features work.

List of Top 10 Best Digital Watches Brands in India

1. SKMEI men’s watch with silicone strap AD1155

SKMEI analog cum digital watch is specifically made for men. It shows time in digital as well as analog format. Further, this is a waterproof watch but you cannot press any button when in water.SKMEI Analog-Digital Men's Watch


  • Analog and digital combination watch
  • Comes with 6 months limited warranty
  • Can bear water up to 50 meters


  • Can resist water but if any button is pressed it may cause trouble
  • Only available in black color


2. TIMEWEAR commando series analog-digital sports watch for men

Sportsmen have to record the time of the workout. Doing workout as per reps and time and both beneficial methods. Well, to ease the sportsmen TIMEWEAR offers the digital watch made specifically for sports.TIMEWEAR Analogue Digital Watch


  • Available in three colors
  • Digital and analog time display
  • Features stopwatch, back and night light, and alarm


  • Not suitable for swimmers
  • Appears to be an imitation of the Casio sports digital watch


3. Sonata digital grey dial Men’s watch NM7982PP04

A digital watch with a clean and tidy display is sufficient for all those who need a watch to be on time. The Sonata digital watch lets the users see the date, time, and even day easily.

Along with that, the watch is water-resistant, which is good enough for rainy days.Sonata Digital Grey Dial Watch


  • 30 meters of water resistance
  • Sonata Digi watch with a bigger display
  • Covered under 6 months limited warranty


  • Only for men
  • More like kids’ watch


4. Skmei analog-digital multicolor dial unisex watch

The hybrid watches are perfect for classic and contemporary watch lovers. The Skmei digital watch offers the hybrid time format with various other important features.Skmei Digital Unisex Watch


  • A big dial
  • Covered under manufacturer’s warranty
  • Features EL light


  • Water-resistant, but if the buttons are pressed in water, then the watch may stop working
  • Some consumer report that the analog dial has trouble working


5. Sonata digital grey dial men’s watch NM7982PP03

Sonata has introduced its Digi watch in different colours. Certainly, if you need a different colour you may choose a different model. Further, the one here is the grey digital watch by Sonata.Sonata Digital Men's Watch


  • Reasonable price range
  • Comes with 1-year limited warranty
  • Light in weight


  • This watch suitable for teens and youngsters. Indeed, not a casual watch
  • Does not feature analogue format


6. EDDY HAGER analog-digital black dial men’s watch

A Digi watch with a rubber wrist band is an optimal choice for sportsmen. Well, when the rubber is breathable, every man will prefer to get that watch. And that is what you will find it EDDY HAGER digital watch.EDDY HAGER Digital Watch


  • Big digital time format dial
  • Clear date and day visibility
  • Water-resistant digital watch


  • The display is big and clear, but it is not visible in the darkness
  • Consumers report that the time does not stay accurate


7. Sonata super fiber digital grey small dial men’s watch NL77043PP02

A basic digital watch is here from Sonata. Well, it is not that basic, it has everything you need in a watch. It is water-resistant and has a big screen.Sonata Super Fibre Digital Small Dial Watch


  • Sufficient amount of features
  • Covered under a limited warranty
  • Features backlight, stopwatch, and calendar


  • Some consumers with healthy wrists say that the band size is small
  • The band can cause the wrist to sweat


8. V2A digital black dial men’s and boys’ watch

Looking for a watch with a sober and sporty look? Then here is the V2A, a Digi watch that features elegance and rugged appearance at the same time. Further, V2A is available in several colors and with every important feature.V2A Men's Digital Watch


  • 6 color options available
  • 30 meters of water resistance
  • Big display


  • No backlight
  • Some consumers state that the alarm stops working


9. Micacchi analog-digital men’s watch

A lot of people love digital watches that have plenty of features and over numbered functionality. Well, those are the premium watches and the Micacchi analog cum Digi watch is one of them.Micacchi Digital Men's Watch Brown


  • Classic plus contemporary feel with leather strap
  • Features multi-time zone, alarm, stopwatch, and calendar
  • A watch with the luxury feel


  • Not water resistant
  • Consumers report that the digital time format is fine but the time hands stop working


10. Sonata super fibre digital grey dial unisex watch

A digital watch with only the digital display is pretty visible. Sonata super fiber Digi watch has only the digital time format. Along with that, it shows the day and date on the dial. Further, it is 30 meters water-resistant.Sonata Super Fibre Digital Watch


  • Clear and big display
  • And the clear presentation of date, time, and day
  • Comes with a year-long limited warranty


  • Consumers tell that there is only 24 hours format in this Digi watch
  • Quality strap but it cannot be replaced



So you must have learned everything about the digital watch. And for sure now it will be easier for you to get one. Further, the watches on our list must have attracted you.


What is a digital watch?

The Digi watch is the one that shows time in the digital format. There are no hands on it, only a digital screen.

However, the backend mechanism is usually the same as the analog watch. Some present-day brands have digital mechanism operating the watch.

How much does a digital watch cost?

The price of a digital watch varies brand to brand. Watches with fewer features are cheaper in prices. On the other hand, a Digi watch with greater features will have more prices.

Ahead of that, the build quality also ascertains the price of the watch. The cheapest watches are available for as low as $1 or even lower.

How long does a digital watch last?

A digital watch may last for a long time and at the same time, it may last for a few months. It depends on the build quality of the watch. Additionally, the way you use the watch also matters.