Best Digital locks in India-Buyers Guide

In our digital age, products need to satisfy our modern needs. Digital locks provide a range of functions that normal locks don’t offer. Growing security needs mean that having keyless entry with digital functions is vital.

Modern locks come in two forms: either electronic or mechanical. Electronic locks require power either from a battery or through a power supply. However, mechanical locks are push-button devices with a safety catch. We’ll be looking at electronic digital locks and which products offer the best features.

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Top 10 Best Digital Locks in India

List of Digital Locks

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1. Lavna Digital Locks Digital-Wooden-Fingerprint
2. Open Smart Door Two Locks Open Smart Door Two Lock
3. Yale J20 Digital Locks Yale J20 Digital Lock
4. Godrej Advantis Revolution Digital Locks Godrej Advantis Revolution Digital Lock
5. AmiciSmart Multi-Access Smart Door Locks AmiciSmart Multi-Access
6. Valencia Ajax Digital Locks Valencia Ajax Digital Lock
7. Ozone OZFL-201 Digital Furniture Locks Ozone OZFL-201 Digital
8. Prosfia Digital Locks Prosfia Digital Lock
9. Yogi Enterprise Digital Locks Yogi Enterprise Digital Lock
10. Icosys Smart Digital Locks Icosys Smart Digital Lock

Features of a Digital lock

  • There are three kinds of digital locks: keypad, fingerprint readers, and card readers.
  • Keypads need you to enter a code to open the door.
  • Fingerprint access uses a reader to unlock a door.
  • Finally, card reading locks use a card that is read by a sensor.
  • Hotels and resorts mostly install card-reading digital locks.
  • Most digital locks are built from sturdy materials to resist breaking.
  • Currently, they can be run by having an app installed on your phone.
  • Digital locks can have a pin number, including an activity log which improves security.
  • Also, some digital locks have no door handles.

Types of Digital locks

  • There are many digital locks brands for a wide range of security needs and budgets.
  • For starters, we have the Lavna digital locks, which use fingerprint and mobile apps.
  • There is Open, which has similar features to Lavna but includes one-time passwords.
  • Yale is a trusted brand with its digital locks using pin code access.
  • Godrej is a high-end brand that produces advanced digital locks with many features.
  • AmiciSmart and Valencia are both similar in terms of features and pricing.
  • Ozone digital locks make high-quality digital furniture locks.
  • Other notable brands include Prosfia, Yogi Enterprise, Icosys, and Kwikset.

Buyers Guide for Digital lock

  • Purchasing digital locks require research to know your security needs.
  • As digital locks are expensive, you should research what is available and what features suit your needs.
  • Firstly, each digital lock must fit a certain door type.
  • Whether PVC, timber, or metal doors, there will be a digital lock to suit each door.
  • Then, think about the security features each brand offers.
  • You need to consider if the digital locks need upgrading and what are their power needs.
  • Also, you need to look at how many people will use the lock at any given time.
  • Also, check the buyers guide for the best fingerprint locks in India

How to use a digital lock?

  • Digital clocks don’t use keys to work and are either battery-powered or receive power from a power supply.
  • Different entry methods control the lock device.
  • The methods may be a password, card reader, fingerprint reader, mobile phone app, or the use of an emergency key.
  • One or more access methods must be programmed into the digital lock.
  • The door will open when the digital lock reads the correct code, pin number, or fingerprint.

List of Top 10 Best Digital locks in India-Buyers Guide

1. Lavna Digital Locks

Lavna digital locks make high-quality locks with the latest features. This lock is built for both wooden and metal doors and features a wide range of access methods.

Lavna Digital Lock


  • It has a fingerprint reader with a 0.4-second opening speed
  • The lock connects to mobile phones
  • There is a spy code facility for better security


  • The mobile app is not easy to find
  • This Lavna lock needs batteries


2. Open Smart Door Two Lock

Here we have a first-class product by Open. It features a five-method access system and a one-time password.

Open Smart Door Two Lock


  • It has a 360-degree fingerprint sensor
  • A mobile phone app operates the lock
  • This digital lock can handle up to 100 card users


  • This digital lock is for wooden doors only
  • It does not have a manual safety knob


3. Yale J20 Digital Locks

Yale has been in the lock and security business for over a century. Their J20 digital lock is stainless steel and features several access methods. The J20 has many functions including, Bluetooth connectivity, password, and card-reader access.

Yale J20 Digital Lock


  • Yale has voice reading technology
  • There are mobile app functions
  • It is stainless steel


  • It does not have a fingerprint reader
  • There is no handle available with this model


4. Godrej Advantis Revolution Digital Locks

One of the best brands in digital locks is Godrej. Godrej locks have the latest features in the Advantis Revolution series. This digital lock has fingerprint reading, pin code, emergency keys, and card access methods.

Godrej Advantis Revolution Digital Lock


  • This Godrej digital lock has an emergency key
  • It has a break-in damage alarm
  • It has a fire sensor that unlocks the door in a fire emergency


  • It does not have a mobile app feature
  • This digital lock has an expensive price tag


5. AmiciSmart Multi-Access Smart Door Locks

The AmiciSmart digital lock has many features including, virtual bit coding, fingerprint reading, and touchless card technology.

AmiciSmart Multi-Access Smart Door Lock


  • It includes virtual bit coding for improved security
  • It has both password and one-time-password features
  • There are mobile app functions run by Alexa AI


  • This lock is more expensive than other products
  • It has no spy code features


6. Valencia Ajax Digital Locks

Valencia produces high-quality digital locks, and this Ajax model has many features. It has a fingerprint reader, a card reader, password access, and emergency keys.

Valencia Ajax Digital Lock


  • It has an anti-dismantle alarm system
  • It features a password protection alarm
  • The digital lock also has a backup power supply


  • This digital lock does not have a mobile app feature
  • It is made from multi-alloy metals


7. Ozone OZFL-201 Digital Furniture Locks

Here we have the Ozone digital furniture lock designed to keep your valuables safe. It features automatic locking, scramble pin code technology, and pin code access.

Ozone OZFL-201 Digital Furniture Lock


  • This Ozone Digital Lock has a scramble pin feature
  • There is a pin code access
  • It has an automatic lock function


  • This digital lock has no biometric technology
  • It does not have a card or mobile app connectivity


8. Prosfia Digital Locks

The Prosfia digital lock has the latest features for the best security. It has many access methods and is well suited for outdoor use with a waterproof coating.

Prosfia Digital Lock


  • It has a mobile app and Bluetooth connectivity
  • It has a waterproof coating and anti-dust proofing
  • There are AI microchips for smart learning and fingerprint reading


  • This digital lock is expensive than other products
  • It does not have an anti-damage alarm system


9. Yogi Enterprise Digital Locks

This Yogi Enterprise digital lock suits both wooden and metal doors. It features several access functions including, an external power port.

Yogi Enterprise Digital Lock


  • It has an auto-locking feature
  • It contains a 360-degree fingerprint reading sensor
  • This digital lock can register up to 100 cards


  • It does not have mobile app connectivity
  • There is no emergency mechanical key


10. Icosys Smart Digital Lock

The Icosys digital lock is a high-quality lock system built from stainless steel. It has many security functions including, double locking mode, a lock freeze, alarm functions, and various access functions. Also, it has an emergency backup power supply and comes with a four-year warranty.

Icosys Smart Digital Lock


  • It has a lock freeze and shackles alarm function
  • This digital lock has an emergency power supply
  • It can hold up to 300 fingerprints


  • This lock does not have a mobile app
  • It comes with an expensive price tag



Digital locks take security to the next level, with advanced features not available with traditional locks. The number of features available makes digital locks powerful devices. It has many access methods, alarm warning functions, and mobile phone app connectivity. These digital locks set a new standard in business and home security.


Which digital lock is the best?

The best digital lock on the market is the Prosfia Digital Lock. It has a wide range of features, is easy to use, and is available at a competitive price.


What is the price range of a digital lock?

The price range of digital locks is from 8000 INR to above 27000 INR.