Best Dholak in India-Buyers Guide

The best dholak in India uses a percussion instrument with a high-pitched sound. Musicians love to play decorative drums that produce vibrant sounds. You can be looking to join or form a band or orchestra. So, you require the best drum. Thus, the dholak price in India depends on the materials and type of wood it uses.

Most Dholaks weigh around 1.4 kg for carrying with convenience.  Some also produce sounds that resemble tabla or pakhawaj beats for a traditional music session. Therefore, we have a list of the top ten instruments that you can consider.

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Top 10 Best Dholaks in India

List of Dholaks

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1. Handmade Wood Drum Handmade-Dholak
2. Hemlata Handicrafts Hemlata Handicrafts
3. Oriental Music Palace Oriental Music Palace
4. Generic Ls Bd 01 Generic Ls Bd 01
5. Ganesh Musical Drum Ganesh Musical Drum
6. SG Musical Dholak SG Musical Dholak
8. India Meets India Imi India Meets India Imi
9. GT manufacturers Wooden Drum GT manufacturers Wooden Drum
10. Tilak Raj & Sons Drum Tilak Raj & Sons Drum

Features of a Dholak

  • The dholak is a traditional drum in India for playing classical and dancing music beats.
  • Thus, it uses wood and materials that produce a high-pitched sound.
  • Some of these drums are handmade and come with eye-catching decorations.
  • Also, there are goatskin drums with screw fittings.
  • So, you can tune them and play them according to your liking.
  • There are generic and oriental dholaks that produce classical drum beats.
  • Plus, these are easy to carry.
  • You can use these for weddings, festivities, and parties.
  • Most of these are easy to tune.

Types of Dholak

  • You will find many types of dholaks for playing at parties or music sessions.
  • Most of these use mango or other wood materials for producing drum beats.
  • Some have decorations, and some come with a free manjira & ghungroo.
  • Also, there are oriental, traditional, and generic drums.
  • The dancing drums use screw fittings, bolts, and hand-beaten acoustic materials.
  • Therefore, the round-shaped drum produces an energetic and high-pitched sound.
  • It is best for wedding ceremonies and dancing occasions.
  • You can play fold music beats and classic music tunes.

Buyers Guide for Dholak

  • When buying a dholak, you must consider the occasion or purpose you require it.
  • If you are looking to buy a drum for marriage parties, any decorative and energetic drum will do.
  • Also, there are drums for playing folk and traditional music.
  • These oriental and generic drums use mango wood with screw fittings for tuning the sounds.
  • Thus, you can look for these online.
  • The dholak price in India will depend on the materials and construction.
  • You can buy it from 600 INR to 2,000 INR.
  • Only high-quality and professional drums are expensive.
  • Some produce sounds like a tabla for supporting folk music.
  • Also, check other types of musical instruments like Harmonium, mouth organ.

How to use a Dholak?

  • Learning the dholak is easy.
  • However, the bass part takes some time to understand.
  • You can practice daily to improve yourself.
  • These drums are best for wedding festivities because it is easy to play.
  • Professional drummers use sticks to beat the drum for producing high-pitched sounds.
  • Also, there are fabric handles and support for carrying around with comfort.
  • You can play these while sitting or standing.
  • The mango wood drums have vibrant and energetic sounds for the parties.

List of Top 10 Best Dholaks in India-Buyers Guide

1. Handmade Wood Drum

It is a handmade drum with a percussion instrument. There are decorations and it is easy to learn. You can play it for vibrant sounds.

Handmade Wood Drum


  • It is handmade.
  • You can learn it quickly.
  • The drum produces high-pitched sounds.


  • The color can vary.
  • There is no carrying support.


2. Hemlata Handicrafts Dholak

It comes in a yellow colour that is eye-catching. Also, this drum produces a high-pitched sound for playing at the festivities.

Hemlata Handicrafts


  • The design is decorative.
  • It has a yellow color.
  • The sounds are vibrant.


  • It can be out of stock sometimes.
  • There is no carrying handle or support.


3. Oriental Music Palace

The Oriental Music Palace offers a goatskin dholak that uses high-quality materials. However, there is no handle for carrying it around. You can use it for folk music or marriage parties.

Oriental Music Palace


  • It is easy to clean with a dry cloth.
  • There is goatskin material.
  • You can learn it quickly.
  • There is a carrying case.


  • There is no carrying handle.
  • It is not waterproof.


4. Generic Ls Bd 01

It comes in decorative colours, and there is a fabric handle for carrying around. The materials are wood and skin. You can move it around with comfort because of the 1.4kg weight.

Generic Ls Bd 01


  • There are decorations.
  • It has strings for handling.
  • The weight is only 1.4kg.


  • It is not waterproof.
  • You have to store it properly.

5. Ganesh Musical Drum

This drum is easy to tune and is one of the bestsellers on Amazon. It is a handmade and high-quality drum.

Ganesh Musical Drum


  • You can tune it with ease.
  • It is handmade.
  • There are nickel-plated bolts.
  • The tuning spanner comes with the package.


  • It is not water-resistant.
  • You have to tune it.


6. SG Musical Dholak

The SG Musical drum uses dried mango wood for its construction. You can tune it with comfort using nickel-plated bolts.

SG Musical Dholak


  • You can tune it with ease.
  • There are mango wood materials.
  • It is a professional drum.


  • There is only seven days replacement.
  • It has no carrying support.



It is for folk music sessions and professional musicians. You can use it for learning how to play or at wedding ceremonies also.



  • It has a carrying handle.
  • You can tune it with comfort.
  • The sound is high-pitched.
  • This drum is a bit pricey.


  • It is not waterproof.
  • You have to store it properly.


8. India Meets India Imi

This dholak is 100% handmade and has a decorative multi-colour design. It uses mango wood for its make. Also, this drum is easy to play, and there are no tuning bolts. The kids can also play it with comfort.

India Meets India Imi


  • It is for all age groups.
  • The design is colourful.
  • The mango wood makes it durable.


  • There no tuning bolts.
  • It has no carrying support.

9. GT manufacturers Wooden Drum

This drum comes in a dark brown colour. There are bolts for tuning it. Also, it is easy to learn and play at weddings. The size of this drum is 18 inches, and it has a high pitch.

GT manufacturers Wooden Drum


  • It is easy to learn.
  • You can play it at the wedding ceremonies.
  • There are tuning bolts.
  • There is a handle for carrying around.


  • It is a bit pricey.
  • The materials are not waterproof.


10. Tilak Raj & Sons Drum

It has decorative colours with strings. The drum uses leather skin and wood for its construction. You can use it for marriage festivities or learning.

Tilak Raj & Sons Drum


  • It has multi-colors and a decorative design.
  • There is wood and leather skin material.
  • You can learn it with comfort.


  • There are no tuning screws.
  • It comes without support for carrying around.



Playing a dholak for folk music and wedding ceremonies is common. The traditional drums use mango wood and leather materials. Thus, these produce sounds that have a high pitch. The percussion instrument also can make similar sounds to the tabla because of tuning bolts. So, professional musicians can use it for musical tours. The dholak price in India is around 500 to 2,000 INR. You can select the best one from the top ten list. Some of these use multi-colors for decorations.


What is the price of dholak?

The price depends on the wood and leather materials. Also, there are decorative and professional playing dholaks. The drums for professional musicians can be expensive. The dholak price is between 500 INR between 2,000 INR.

Which type of instrument is dholak?

It is a folk percussion music instrument. You play it using your hands or a drum stick. Mostly, it is used for qawwali, dancing, folk music, classical music, and bhangra.

What is the shape of dholak?

It comes in a barrel shape with a round top and bottom drum cover.

Which is the best dholak?

The best dholaks use mango wood and tuning bolts.