Best Cup and Saucer Set In India Buyers Guide

Cup and saucer set is a dishware piece used to serve tea or coffee. Initially, people use saucers for serving sauces and condiments. Now, people use saucers for supporting the cups.

The centre of the saucer is depressed in the middle with a raised ring so that it can fit the cup properly. This design of the saucer was introduced in the 18th century. Saucers protect your hands from the hot surface of the cup. Here we have listed the Tea Cup Sets, tea powders, Girnar Tea, Tata Tea, Brooke bond Red Label Tea, Tea Glasses, Coffee Machine, Coffee Mugs, Milk Powders, Coffee Table, Teapoy, best Masala tea powders in India, best Green tea in India & Best Coffee Powders in India buyers guide.

In case of hot beverage splashes, overflows, or drips, the saucer catches the same thereby averting any damage. Saucers also provide a place for keeping the wet spoon after stirring the sweeteners and creamers into the coffee or tea.

Top 10 Best Cup and Saucer Sets in India

List of cup and saucer sets

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1. Larah By Borosil Mimosa (LH) C12-Pieces Larah-Borosil
2. ivook Tableware Serving Cups Saucer Set 12 Pcs ivook-Table
3. La Opala English Cup And Saucer 6 Pieces Set LaOpala-Piece
4. FnP CL Ceramic 6 Pieces Tea & Coffee Cup Set 120 ml FARKRAFT-Ceramic
5. FARKRAFT Ceramic Tea & Coffee Cups Set of 6 Farkraft-Tea
6. Femora Indian Ceramic Fine Bone China Set of 6 Femora-Fine
7. Larah By Borosil Cup and Saucer Set 12-Pieces
8. Femora Indian Ceramic Fine Bone White Set of 6 Femora-China
9. La Opala English Cup And Saucer 6 Pieces Set Mystrio-Black
10. Femora Indian Ceramic Fine Bone China Tea Cup China-Orchi

Buyers Guide – Cup and Saucer Set

If you are intending to purchase a decent-quality cup and saucer set, you must consider the points below:


  • First and foremost, you must consider what material cups and saucers you are willing to buy.
  • Ceramic is the top choice for most users.
  • However, there are various other materials also available and you can choose the material that fits you best.

The Capacity of the Cups:

  • Different cups are capable of holding different capacities of the hot beverage.
  • Some cups can hold a lower capacity of 60 ml, 80 ml, and 100 ml.
  • While other cups can hold larger capacities of 150 ml and 180 ml.
  • So, the size and capacity depend on you and what your preferences are.

Pattern and Design:

  • Cup and saucer sets come in varied patterns and designs and the pick is entirely dependent on personal choice.
  • Some people prefer pretty floral designs while others prefer solid-coloured sets.
  • The choice also depends on when and where you wish to use the set.
  • If you want one for daily use, you can opt for basic patterned designs.
  • However, if you want a set for special occasions, then perhaps you would like to invest in a slightly sophisticated set with gold rims.

Microwave and Dishwasher Friendly:

  • Sometimes we need to use the microwave to re-heat our beverage
  • And washing the cups and saucers by hand can also be a tedious task.
  • Therefore, it would be ideal to buy a set that is compatible with both devices.

Features to Keep in Mind While Choosing Cup & Saucer Set

  • Cup and saucer sets have various features.
  • These sets are made of quality material that efficiently holds the warm tea or coffee inside it.
  • The cups may or may not have a handle, but generally, there is a small handle present that users use to hold the cup.
  • Usually, one or two fingers are enough for holding the cup.
  • There are various price points for the cup and saucer sets.
  • The prices vary according to the quality of the materials used to make the set.
  • Cup and saucer sets are usually also microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Some of the top-quality cups and saucer sets are strong and sturdy and do not break easily.

Types of Cup and Saucer Sets

  • Various brands offer different ranges of cup and saucer sets in the market.
  • These vary in design, colour, quality, and capacity.
  • Usually, cup and saucer sets are classified according to the material they are made of.
  • Fine bone china material is the most popular material they are made of.
  • Good-quality cups are also made of ceramic.
  • The colours and designs of cup and saucer sets vary significantly.
  • These cups can hold 100 ml, 120 ml, 120 ml, 140 ml, 160 ml, or 180 ml of hot beverages.
  • Cups and saucer sets can also be classified according to their price point.
  • Some top brands can charge a pretty penny for their sets whereas there are also affordable, decent-quality variants available in the market.

How to use a Cup and Saucer Set?

  1. People initially used the saucers for serving hot sauces, homemade sweet and sour sauces, chilli sauces, condiments, etc.
  2. Later, as drinking tea became prevalent in Britain, saucers changed their purpose and became a means to support a cup.
  3. Thus, cup and saucer sets came into being.
  4. People use cups mainly to serve hot beverages.
  5. Typically, the size of cups used depends on the time of day the hot beverage is being consumed.
  6. In the morning, people usually need a large cup of their favourite beverage.
  7. However, the quantity required may decrease for subsequent cups of teas and coffees.
  8. Cups and saucers are delicate and can break easily as they are made of ceramic or similar delicate materials.
  9. It is best to store them in a place where kids cannot reach them.

List of Top 10 Best Cup and Saucer Sets in India Buyers Guide

1. Larah by BOROSIL – HT12CS14MIM0 Mimosa (LH) Cup and Saucer Set:

This is one of the most beautiful cups and saucer sets featuring a sky-blue flower design. This is 12 piece set, and the cups easily contain 140ml of beverage.Larah By Borosil Mimosa (LH) C12-Pieces


  • This set is made of toughened glass
  • It is microwave safe and dishwasher safe
  • The cup and saucers are sturdy


  • Users have asserted that it is a poor-quality product


2. ivook Tableware Serving White Dotted Tea Coffee Cups Saucer:

This set offers excellent-quality cups and saucers featuring a delicate and classic golden strip design.ivook Tableware Serving Cups Saucer Set 12 Pcs


  • ivook set is made of fine bone china
  • It is made of top-quality food-grade material
  • You get 6 saucers and 6 cups in the set


  • It is not dishwasher safe


3. LaOpala 12 pieces English lavender cup and saucer (white):

Made of bone china, you’ll get 12 pieces in this set of cups and saucers. It has a beautiful lavender design on a white base.La Opala English Cup And Saucer 6 Pieces Set


  • This set is made of good quality material that does not break easily
  • It is an affordable product
  • Also, it is dishwasher safe


  • Users have complained that they have received broken products.


4. FnP CL Ceramic Tea and Coffee Cup:

This offers beautiful cups handcrafted by regional artists at your doorstep. These tea and coffee cups are made of ceramic and are both microwave and refrigerator friendly.FnP CL Ceramic 6 Pieces Tea & Coffee Cup Set 120 ml


  • FnP Tea & Coffee cups have a capacity of 120 millimetres
  • These are the designer cups with a gloss finish
  • The cups are lightweight and therefore easy to hold


  • Buyers have complained that the cups have a poor-quality interior


5. FARKRAFT Ceramic Tea And Coffee Cup:

These are decent-quality classic cups that are pretty enough to serve coffee or tea to guests. They are available at an affordable price.FARKRAFT Ceramic Tea & Coffee Cups Set of 6


  • These are large-size cups
  • They have good-quality finishing and gloss
  • Also, these cups are sturdy


  • Users have said that they received a few broken cups


6. Femora Indian Ceramic Fine Bone China Tea Cup Set:

If you are one of those people who like to enjoy every moment of life, morning tea or coffee is probably an important part of your life. These cups made of fine ceramic bona china are bound to make your drink even more enjoyable.Femora Indian Ceramic Fine Bone China Set of 6


  • Femora Cup and Saucer Sets are highly chip-resistant cups
  • The thick cups keep tea or coffee warm
  • Also, these cups are durable and sturdy


  • Customers have said that they have received cups that had spots


7. Larah by BOROSIL – HT12CS14RLI0 Red Lily (LH) Cup and Saucer Set:

This is a 12-piece cup and saucer set. The cups have a great capacity of 140ml. These have a beautiful white and red lilies design.Larah By Borosil Cup and Saucer Set 12-Pieces


  • These cups and saucers sets are 100% bone-ash free
  • The cups are made of Opalware material
  • Also, the cup and saucer set is chip resistant


  • Consumers have complained that the cups broke after they poured hot water or tea into it


8. Femora Indian Ceramic Fine Bone China Gold Line:

This set offers the best-quality gold line diamond-cut white teacups and saucers. Plus, if you do not like the product, you can return it within ten days.Femora Indian Ceramic Fine Bone White Set of 6


  • Femora Cup and Saucer sets are stylish and elegant
  • This set is perfect for sophisticated parties
  • The manufacturer offers a 1-year doorstep replacement warranty


  • Users have complained that the product does not have good packaging


9. LaOpala diva iris l mystrio black cup saucer set:

The cups and saucers feature top-quality flowery patterns. It has a good quality finish and is perfect for parties and special occasions.La Opala English Cup And Saucer 6 Pieces Set


  • At this price, you get 6 cups and 6 saucers
  • These have a large capacity of 180ml
  • The cups are made of the best quality material that lasts long


  • Users have said that cups are not worth the price paid


10. Femora Indian Ceramic Fine Bone China Tea Cup and Saucers Set:

This is another elegantly designed cup and saucer set that is made of good-quality fine bone china.Femora Indian Ceramic Fine Bone China Tea Cup


  • The cups and saucers have a stylish design
  • These cups are perfect for office use as well as parties and occasions
  • Upon buying the product, you get a 1-year replacement warranty


  • Users have complained that they received defective pieces

China Saucer


Cup and saucer sets are top-quality tableware that people use to serve teas or coffees. Types of cups and saucer sets vary based on their colours, patterns, designs, styles, materials, and price points.

Depending on your budget, you can buy good-quality cups and saucer sets. Various brands offer affordable cups and saucer sets. You may go through the list above and choose the set that best suits your requirements.


What is the use of cups and saucers?

Hot beverages, such as coffee and tea, are served in the cups and the saucers support the cups. The saucers safeguard the surfaces from the damage of drips, overflow, heat, and splashes.

What is the meaning of cup and saucer?

A cup is dishware in which people serve tea or coffee. A saucer is a small plate that supports the cup and protects the holder from the heat or overflowing beverage.

What was the original purpose of a saucer?

Originally, people in the 17th century used the saucer for serving sauces or condiments.

Who drinks tea from a saucer?

Passionate tea lovers drink tea from saucers. When drinking tea became fashionable in the 17th century, people sipped tea from saucers slowly and enjoyably.