Best Cricket Pads in India-Buyers Guide

When it comes to playing the sport, cricket pads are absolutely essential. Cricket is one of the most celebrated games in the world. It has gained massive popularity primarily because it offers great entertainment to the players, audience, and viewers.

To lessen the possibility of any injury during the match, cricket pads have been introduced as a safety guard. The batsmen and wicketkeepers are allowed to use cricket pads during the match. Also, check the buyers guide for cricket kits & Cricket Bats in India.

The pads should be chosen keeping in mind the height and built of the wearer. The sizes of the safety cricket pads can vary from one player to another. Having no protection against the hard leather cricket ball should be avoided at all costs.

Top 10 Best Cricket Pads in India

List of cricket pads

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1. Bas Vampire Super Legguard Vampire-Su b-men
2. SG Campus Leg Guards SG-Camp s-youth
3. SG Nexus Batting Legguard tting-Legg ting-ket
4. SG Optipro Batting Pads SG-Optip ard-men
5. Bas Vampire Batting Legguard Vampire mpire-pl
6. DSC Intense Batting Legguard 00387 gguard
7. Wasan Cricket Pads
Wasan-Cricket uard-p-8
8. WINARTR-MAX Cricket Pads WINART cricket-leg
9. Amazon Solimo Cricket Pads AmazonBrand
10. GM 1600409 Cricket Batting Pads Batting-Leg 01-youth

Buyers Guide – Cricket Pads

Cricket pads are used for the ultimate protection of the players. Here are the features you should look out for before purchasing one.

The face of the batting pads usually takes up the largest surface area and is made up of several vertically-separated sections. The vertical sections allow the pads to wrap around the shin.

  • Wicket keeping pads have fewer vertical sections.
  • The knee roll property provides additional protection around the knee joint allowing the pads to bend and flex.
  • Top hats serve to protect the lower thigh of the wearer from the cricket ball impact.
  • The traditional leather straps and metal buckles can be heavy and uncomfortable
  • While the straps of modern pads are much wider, secured, and offers a comfortable fit.
  • And the measurement of the pads is an important consideration.
  • The wearers must get the perfect fit for themselves so that they can focus on the match without facing any sort of unease.
  • The cheaper pads focus on the dexterity and safety of the cricketers but may prove to be heavier.

Costly batting pads offer great impact protection, shock absorption, and movability. They tend to maintain the perfect weight so that the players can easily run and manoeuvre in them.

Check the materials of the pads while purchasing. Ensure that the pads are durable, comfortable enough to run in, and offers a good amount of protection.

Features to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Cricket Pad

Cricket pads work as a piece of safety equipment during the game. To provide ultimate protection, the pads are generally made from PVC and PU leather.

  • Cricket pads consist of high-density foam that ensures the safety of the players.
  • The average weight of the pads is 900 grams.
  • The weight of the pads should be light enough to play in. They come in different sizes, shapes, and even colours.
  • In test and first-class matches, players use white pads.
  • The pads may be coloured in limited-over matches.
  • The players should fit the players well.
  • The common parts of batting and wicket-keeping pads are the face of leg guards, knee roll of leg guards, top hats of leg guards, the wing of leg guards, and straps of leg guards.

Types of Cricket Pads

There are two types of cricket pads:

Batting Pads

  • The importance of the batting pads cannot be stressed enough.
  • These pads are extremely crucial for batman’s security.
  • The pads cover the knees, shin, and lower thigh area of the batsman.
  • And the pads are made for protecting the legs while ensuring the comfort and flexibility of the wearer.
  • The batsmen should be able to easily run while wearing them.
  • Batting pads come in various sizes – men, youth, boy, small men, mini.

Wicket-keeping Pads

  • These pads are also known as keeper pads.
  • The keeper pads have a wing that is placed on the outside of the pads to ensure extra protection of the wicket-keepers.
  • These pads are slightly lighter than the batting pads.
  • The wicket-keeping pads work as a considerable defense against the cricket balls.
  • They come in various sizes – men, youth, small, and boys size.

Batting and wicket-keeping pads also come in different variations based on their profile including traditional pads and lightweight pads.

Traditional pads are slightly heavier making lightweight pads preferable as they provide protection and are at the same time lighter.

How to use Cricket Pads?

It is very important to know how to wear cricket pads correctly. It can cause discomfort while running if you don’t put on the pads in the right way. Many young boys and players don’t know how to wear the pads correctly.

Follow the instructions below to know exactly how you should put on your cricket pads:

  1. First, start with the left pad.
  2. Go down on your right knee and place the left pad over the shin of your left leg ensuring that the base fits well overlapping around the shoe.
  3. You should ensure that the knee roll is fitting against the knee cap well.
  4. Now tie the straps well. Make sure that the straps are inside.
  5. Now do the same thing on your right leg.
  6. After putting on the pads on both of your legs, examine if has been tightened properly.
  7. Change the tightness according to your comfort and preference.
  8. Make sure the pads feel like a part of your legs while running.

List of Top 10 best Cricket Pad Brands in India

Needless to say, cricket pads need to be super protective while also being lightweight enough to comfortably move in. Both of the batsmen and the wicket-keeper should put on the pads to keep themselves secure.

1.Bas Vampire Super Batting Leg Guard, Youth

These cricket pads are ideal for the 12-16 years age group and/or for someone below approximately 5 foot 3 inches in height.Bas Vampire Super Legguard


  • These pads ensure ultimate protection
  • And the pads are comfortable and light
  • The pads have Velcro straps with easy release tabs


  • The color of the pads may fade after a few washes
  • Also, the pads are slightly small


2. SG Campus Batting Leg Guard

Made from high-quality PVC facing, these cricket pads are ideal for men who are 5 feet 8 inches and above.SG Campus Leg Guards


  • These are suitable for both right-handed and left-handed batsmen
  • Covers most of the legs on the side and makes the player comfortable
  • High-quality straps


  • Not for men who are under 5 feet 8 inches
  • The pads are slightly thin


3. SG Nexus Batting Leg Guard

These cricket pads are made from high-quality, wipe-cleanable PVC facing. This is a youth-size cricket pad.SG Nexus Batting Legguard


  • These pads can be used by both left-handed and right-handed players
  • Their straps work well
  • Lightweight


  • Slightly uncomfortable


4. SG Optipro Batting Leg Guard

Designed for men, these pads are made from wipe-cleanable PVC facing.SG Optipro Batting Pads


  • The pads are of great quality
  • Quite comfortable to run in
  • Comes with cotton-filled knee rolls


  • The pads are slightly thin
  • Also, the pads seem to be heavy


5. Bas Vampire Champion Batting Leg guard, Boy’s

These cricket pads are ideal for the age group of up to 12 years and height below 5 feet.Bas Vampire Batting Legguard


  • These pads ensure ultimate protection
  • The pads are easy-to-use and light
  • Velcro straps


  • Not for player above 5 feet
  • May catch dust easily


6. DSC Intense Rage Cricket Batting Leg guard

Constructed with high-density foam for maximum shock absorption, these cricket pads are best for youth.DSC Intense Batting Legguard


  • Extremely comfortable and light
  • High-density sponge with vertical cane bolsters
  • 2-inch-wide straps with padded hasp protection


  • Not durable for rough use


7. Wasan Cricket Batting Leg Guard Pads

These cricket pads are specially designed for 4-6-year-old boys. They are suitable for children.Wasan Cricket Pads


  • The pads are durable and give ultimate protection
  • Velcro straps can be easily worn and removed
  • The pads are comfortable


  • The quality needs improvement


8. WINART Cricket Batting Leg guard Pad for Men

These leg guard pads for men are great for those who play powerful shots. The pads ensure perfect movements.WINARTR-MAX Cricket Pads


  • Very lightweight pads
  • Ensures decent protection and comfort
  • Good for the long-run usage


  • Slight improvement in the straps can make the pads perfect


9. Solimo Cricket Leg guard Pads, Men

These Solimo cricket pads come with an additional vertical knee bolster and are ideal men’s size.Amazon Solimo Cricket Pads


  • Fits perfectly
  • The pads are comfortable
  • Ensures protection


  • The pads are heavy
  • Quality is average


10. GM 1600409 101 Cricket Batting Leg guard

These cricket pads come in men’s size.GM 1600409 Cricket Batting Pads


  • The pads are protective
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable and easy to run in


  • Only for right-hand players
  • Quality needs improvement



Cricket pads are one of the most significant cricketing equipment. The cricket pads play a massive role in protecting the players from any potential injury.  The pads should fit the wearer perfectly.

Therefore, every player should go for the pads that are specifically made for their age and size. The pads that are comfortable, protective, and can be used in the long-run are preferable.


What is the material used in cricket pads?

The cricket pads are generally made from PVC and PU leathers. They consist of high-density foam to provide ultimate protection.

The face of the pads has cane construction for maximum shock absorption. Cane is a light wooden material that is filled with cotton. These materials provide protection and comfort.

Which is the best brand for a cricket pad?

Puma Evo SE is one of the most protective pads available in the market. SG Campus Batting Leg Guard, DSC Intense Rage Cricket Batting Leg guard, Bas Vampire Super Batting Leg Guard, Youth are some other cricket pads brands that can be considered too.