Best Cricket Kookaburra ball in India-Buyers Guide

Kookaburra is one of the leading sports equipment-making brands. Kookaburra is mostly famous for its Kookaburra cricket balls. These balls are used in all three formats of cricket. A kookaburra ball is a combination of both ancient traditions and modern technology. These balls consist of both hand stitches and machine stitches. The inner stitches are done by hands while the outer row of stitches is machine-based. It is test cricket and in top-level matches. The important fact about the Kookaburra ball is that it does not swing much. Because its seam is embedded in its surface. Some of the Kookaburra balls are among the best balls of cricket. Australia is the main manufacturer and biggest supplier of Kookaburra balls.

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Top 10 Best Kookaburra Balls in India

List of Kookaburra Balls

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1. KOOKABURRA Leather Cricket Ball KOOKABURRA Leather Cricket Ball
2. Red Cherry by Kookaburra Red Cherry by Kookaburra
3. Red Cherry Kookaburra Red Cherry Kookaburra
4. KOOKABURRA Pace Synthetic Ball KOOKABURRA Pace Synthetic Ball
5. KOOKABURRA County Test Balls KOOKABURRA County Test Ball
6. Red Cherry Leather Cricket Balls Red Cherry Leather Cricket Ball
7. KOOKABURRA Leather Balls KOOKABURRA Leather Ball
8. Kookaburra Cricket Leather Balls Kookaburra Cricket Leather Ball
10. Kookaburra Cricket Balls Super Test Kookaburra Cricket Balls Super Test

Features of Kookaburra ball

  • One of the most prominent features of the Kookaburra ball is that tends to seam quickly.
  • It swings less and hence puts the bowler at disadvantage.
  • The use of the kookaburra ball favors the batter due to the flat seam.
  • Kookaburra ball swings during the first 10-15 overs.
  • After that, the ball becomes softer and starts losing pace.
  • Moreover, the red color of the balls makes them more visible in sunlight.
  • Another key feature of the Kookaburra ball is its waterproof nature. the waterproof nature allows playing even in moist conditions.

Types of Kookaburra balls

In cricket, three distinct types of balls are used commonly.

Kookaburra Balls

  • Kookaburra balls provide more advantage to the batter as compared to the baller.
  • It is because as the ball gets older, it reduces the capacity to swing.
  • That makes it easier for the batter to play shots without much difficulty.
  • Kookaburra balls consist of both handcrafting and the latest technology.
  • Mostly Pakistan, Australia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, and South Africa use this type of ball.

Duke Balls

  • The duke balls are the finest in terms of quality.
  • They are completely handmade. the superior quality of these balls makes them swing for up to 50-56 overs.
  • Also, their bouncing rate is high as compared to other cricket balls.
  • The United Kingdom is the main producer of these balls.
  • Mostly, England and West Indies use Duke balls.

Sanspareils Greenlands (SG) Balls

  • these balls allow more spin and thus are helpful for the spinners.
  • The reason for a greater spin is the use of thick thread in their manufacturing.
  • These balls are also handmade.

Buyer’s Guide for Kookaburra ball

  • Before buying a cricket ball, one needs to consider the purpose for which they will use the ball.
  • For instance, if they need a ball for league matches or training purposes.
  • Also, consider whether you need a ball for indoor playing or outdoor playing.
  • For indoor playing, softballs are available.
  • The Kookaburra ball is also available for indoor playing. these balls are different from other balls as they are much softer and lighter in weight.
  • In addition, consider the age group and gender that will be playing with the specific balls.
  • As the weight of the ball differs depending upon the age and gender of players.

How To Use Kookaburra ball?

  • As the Kookaburra balls lose the swing after a few overs.
  • Therefore, this ball requires frequent changing.
  • Moreover, they need prevention from scratching as they will damage its stitches.
  • The dry and harsh atmosphere causes the ball to lose its shine.
  • This makes it hard to see for the batter.
  • After use, clean the ball and keep it in a clean and dry place, not to mention away from direct sunlight.
  • Hence, the ball should be used with caution, and if it starts to lose its impact change the ball with a new one.

List of Top 10 Best Kookaburra balls in India-Buyers Guide

1- KOOKABURRA Leather Cricket Ball (Red)

This international cricket council-approved kookaburra ball is suitable for all cricket formats.

KOOKABURRA Leather Cricket Ball


  • The cricket ball swings quickly due to the leather
  • Ideal for all three types of crickets
  • Approved by Internation Cricket Council


  • Some may find it expensive
  • May lose seam quickly


2- Red Cherry by Kookaburra

This red cricket cherry ball comes in red color. It is approved by International Cricket Council. It comes in the standard size and is suitable for outdoor playing.

Red Cherry by Kookaburra


  • It is available in standard size
  • It swings swiftly in the beginning
  • Suitable for all three cricket formats


  • some may find it quickly
  • Gets older quickly


3- Red Cherry Kookaburra (Pink)

This red cherry Kookaburra ball is in pink color. International Cricket Council approves this ball for outdoor playing.

Red Cherry Kookaburra


  • A red cricket ball is made of high-quality leather
  • Available in standard size
  • Good swings in initial overs


  • Shape may alter
  • Expensive


4- KOOKABURRA Pace Synthetic Ball

This ball is made of synthetic material and is available in red color. It is also ICC-approved and in standard size.

KOOKABURRA Pace Synthetic Ball


  • Appropriate for adults
  • Available in standard size
  • Gives good seam


  • It is expensive
  • Some may not like the stitching


5- KOOKABURRA County Test Ball

This ball Kookaburra ball is a perfect choice for test cricket. It is red and consists of four-piece construction.

KOOKABURRA County Test Ball


  • This Kookaburra ball is according to the standard size
  • Cost-effective
  • Suitable for the test format


  • Some may not find the weight appropriate
  • Can cause injury if hit


6- Red Cherry Leather Cricket Ball

The Kookaburra’s red cherry leather cricket ball consists of high-quality four-pieces. Top-quality Portuguese cork mixed with 100% wool wraps the center of the ball.

Red Cherry Leather Cricket Ball


  • This Kookaburra ball consists of High-quality material
  • It is ideal for club cricket and tournaments
  • It has high resistance against air friction and shape alteration


  • Some may find it expensive
  • Not suitable for indoor playing


7- KOOKABURRA Leather Ball  

This Kookaburra cricket ball is available in white color and according to the standard size. It is approved by International Cricket Council.

KOOKABURRA Leather Ball  


  • It is waterproof, that is why it is possible to use in rains
  • It has an air-dried inner core
  • Its center is 5 layered


  • Due to its white color, it is difficult to see in sunlight
  • Not suitable for children


8- Kookaburra Cricket Leather Ball

This ball is made of leather. It is present in standard size. In addition, this one got approval from the International Cricket Council.

Kookaburra Cricket Leather Ball


  • Consists of 4-piece construction, due to which is durable
  • It has good-quality stitching
  • Consists of an air-dried inner core which provides it with a waterproof feature


  • It can cause injury if hit
  • Some people may find it expensive



This piece of Cricket Kookaburra ball comes in white color. It is according to the standard size and is approved by International Cricket Council.



  • Made of high-quality leather
  • Suitable for adults
  • Its finishing is as per the requirements of the Indian environment


  • Due to its white color, it sometimes becomes difficult to see in sunlight
  • It swings only for the first 10-20 overs


10- Kookaburra Cricket Balls Super Test

This ball weighs 200gm. Its finishing is according to the Indian climate requirements. It consists of fine stitching and is available in red color. It is suitable for all three cricket formats.

Kookaburra Cricket Balls Super Test


  • Its red color makes it more visible
  • Provides a good seam and swing
  • 4-piece construction and alum tanned cover


  • some people may find it expensive
  • Not safe for indoor playing



Cricket, undoubtedly, is one of the world’s famous games. Cricket gets the same level of passion and enthusiasm worldwide. Kookaburra is one of the known brands that made cricket equipment. Some of the best Kookaburra balls that are available in India are listed above. So, if you want to buy a Kookaburra ball in near future, the above guide is for you.


Which Kookaburra ball is used in the Test match?

In the test format, different Kookaburra balls are used. A list of some of these balls is given above.

How much does a Kookaburra ball cost?

The price of a Kookaburra ball ranges between ₹350 to ₹1000.