Best CPVC Pipe Brands in India-Buyers Guide

These are chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipes that are used in different buildings. These pipes are used for the transportation of water and other liquids. These are special pipes that are good from normal PVC pipes because many good features are added to these pipes. The CPVC pipe is resistant to high temperatures and chemicals. These pipes are used domestically for hot and cold water, while these are also suitable for mining industries, chemical industries, and more. If you are searching for good quality CPVC pipes then read the full article. You will get many options of the best pipes for your home.

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Top 8 Best CPVC Pipes in India-Buyers Guide

List of CPVC Pipes

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1. Plasto CPVC Pipes Plasto CPVC Pipes
3. Idol CPVC Plumbing Pipe Idol CPVC Plumbing Pipe
4. Plasto CPVC Pipes Plasto CPVC Pipes
6. Idol Cpvc Pipe Idol Cpvc Pipe
8. Plasto CPVC Pipe Plasto CPVC Pipe

Features of CPVC Pipe

A special feature of these pipes is that they cannot catch fire.

  • They require much more amount of oxygen than is available in the atmosphere.
  • These pipes turn black on heating.
  • The smoke of these pipes s very less toxic.
  • These pipes are resistant to corrosion.
  • Their material is very good so any microbe cannot grow on them.
  • These pipes are very suitable for hot fluid transfer because heat loss is very low in them.
  • They don’t produce harmful greenhouse gases.
  • The cost of these pipes is less.

Types of CPVC Pipes

  • The types of CPVC pipes are dependent on the sizes and type of fittings. On the bases of these, the CPVC pipes are
  • SDR 11 pipes are available in 0.2-2 inches sizes and are heavy.
  • SDR 13.5 pipes are also available in ½ to 2 inches in size and are lighter.
  • Sch. 40 pipes are available in 2.5 to 6 inches size and are used domestically.
  • SDR 11 and 13.5 are included in class 1.
  •  Sch. 80 pipes are available in 2.5 to 4 inches sizes and are industrial pipes.

Buyer’s guide for CPVC Pipe

  • Buy the CPVC pipe according to the type as per your requirement.
  • Different pipes have different diameters, buy according to your need.
  • You have to attach it with an attachment to fix it, so it must be compatible with that.
  • Buy from a genuine place to buy original CPVC pipe.
  • Compare prices at different places and then buy it.

How to use CPVC Pipe?

  • CPVC pipes are very easy to install and use and are very good for water supply.
  • To install them in your home, use the following steps.
  • Make a square cut on the pipe to make it suitable for installation.
  • You can use it with a saw or a blade but do it carefully.
  • Remove the scrap from the pipe with a knife or by burning it to make it suitable for fitting.
  • Make the edges polished and smooth.
  • Now, take the joining solvent and apply it to the opening of the pipe.
  • Apply a thick coat to make the bond strong.
  • It is time to join the pipe with its fitting.
  • Do it before the cement solvent is dry.
  • Hold tightly, and give a proper time to dry.

List of Top 8 Best CPVC Pipes in India-Buyers Guide

1. Plasto CPVC Pipes 20mm

It is a set of 20 CPVC pipes available in yellow color. These are good pipes whose quality is tested and can bear high temperature and high water pressure. The width of these pipes is 20mm or ¾ inches. They have approximately 3 meters in length. These pipes are certified and have an ISI mark.

Plasto CPVC Pipes 20mm


  • These pipes are very easy to fit.
  • The pipes are strong and sturdy.


  • There are not many options for the sizes.

Plasto CPVC Pipes 20mm


It is another CPVC pipe that is strong and sturdy and can withstand up to 93 degrees Celsius temperature.  This set contains 5 pipes. These are strong pipes that are leak-proof too and the length of the pipe is 5meters. A very good thing about the pipe is that bacteria cannot grow on it. The fitting of these pipes is so easy.



  • The pipe has a low thermal conductivity and expansion.
  • It is a very suitable pipe for hot and cold water.
  • The pipe also has resistance against chemicals.
  • Chlorine and other hard water impurities don’t damage the pipe.
  • This CPVC pipe price is also very economic.


  • The length of the pipe is small.


3. Idol CPVC Plumbing Pipe

It is another CPVC pipe brand that sells very good quality pipes. It is a set of 10 pipes of 5 meters in length and 2 inches in diameter. The net weight of the package is 38kg.

Idol CPVC Plumbing Pipe


  • The length of the pipes is very good.
  • These are very easy to install.
  • They can easily bear high temperatures.


  • The pipes are not very durable.


4. Plasto CPVC Pipes 40 mm

This CPVC pipe is also from Plasto, but these are wider in diameter. The pipes are SDR 11 having a length of 3-meters. You will get 10 pipes in a pack. High-grade material is used in these pipes to make them suitable for drinking water.

Plasto CPVC Pipes 40 mm


  • The pipe is thick and strong.
  • Its quality is very good.


  • This CPVC pipe price is slightly higher.
  • The length of the pipes should be longer.


5. ASTRAL CPVC Pipe ¾  inches

This Astral CPVC pipe also has the same features as mentioned previously, but differs in length and diameter. This set contains 10, high-quality pipes. These pipes are very easy to clean and fit. The pipes are suitable for hot water and hot climate areas because they can withstand high temperatures.

ASTRAL CPVC Pipe ¾  inches


  • The pipes are strong and leak-resistant.
  • It doesn’t allow the growth of bacteria and other microbes.
  • These pipes are durable.
  • The pipes have low conductivity and low thermal expansion.


  • The delivery option by the seller is limited to certain areas.
  • Some customers got their packages very late.


6. Idol Cpvc Pipe 25mm

It is a pack of 30, 5 meters long and 1-inch wide PVC pipes. They are ideally suitable for hot water because of their resistance to high temperatures. Their material is very good.

Idol Cpvc Pipe 25mm


  • The length is very good for domestic use.
  • The installation of the pipes is very easy.
  • The CPVC pipe price is very affordable.


  • We didn’t find anything bad about the product.


7. PRINCE CPVC PIPE 1.5/2 inches

These are high-grade CPVC pipes that are very suitable for residential buildings. The pipes supply cold ad hot water and even drinkable water without contaminating it. These pipes are also good for water treatment plants and wastewater units. The pipes are resistant to chemicals so are also used for the transportation of acids, chemicals, and corrosive liquids.

PRINCE CPVC PIPE 1.5/2 inches


  • Due to their high-quality and resistant nature, the pipes are used for vast purposes.
  • The company has a vast variety of CPVC pipes for various purposes.
  • These pipes have very good material that is chemical resistant.
  • The pipes are also suitable for drinking water.


  • The price of the pipes is high.
  • The customer service should be improved.
  • Some customers got damaged pipes.


8. Plasto CPVC Pipe 25mm

This is another set of Plasto pipes that have a diameter of 25mm. the pack contains 20 pieces of SDR 11 pipes. Plasto is the name of high-quality pipes, so you cannot doubt its quality. These pipes are available for various purposes.

Plasto CPVC Pipe 25mm


  • The package has so many pipes at a reasonable CPVC pipe price.
  • Their quality is great.


  • Some customers got less number of pieces.



We have made the decision of buying CPVC pipes easy for you. Choose the best product and install it yourself in your home.


Is CPVC Pipes safe for drinking water?

Yes, these pipes are very good and safe for drinking water.

Which is the best CPVC Pipes?

It is difficult to choose one product as the best. We have collected a list of the best products that you can check.

What is the price of the CPVC Pipe?

As the length, thickness, and types of CPVC pipes are different, their prices are also different. Industrial pipes have good features, so they must be more expensive than domestic ones.