Best Copper Jugs online in India-Buyers Guide

Copper is a mineral that has health benefits. A copper jug is made using this mineral material. Getting legit coper jugs is can prove to be hectic. The jugs are also great in making and presentable for special occasions. Many people in India are using copper jugs for different health reasons. This article will give you some insight into the topmost copper jugs in India. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best Copper Bottles, Copper Glass,  Thermos bottles,Thermos Flasks in India.

Top 10 Best Copper Jugs in India-Buyers Guide

List of Copper Jugs

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1. FEDUS Generic Kendra FEDUS Generic Kendra
2. Ayurveda  Ayurveda 
3. KC copper jugs KC copper jug
4. Xtrendz  Xtrendz 
5. VEDIC COPURE Pitcher jug VEDIC COPURE Pitcher jug
6. Copper Master jug Copper Master jug
7. Indian Art villa  Indian Art villa 
8. DN Creation  DN Creation 
9. KBB Silver touch KBB Silver touch
10. Hand-e-crafts  Hand-e-crafts 

Features of Copper Jug

  • A copper jug is made with copper.
  • They are shiny in appearance. They are of different colors, silver, peach, brown, bronze among others.
  • Copper jugs are made with dissimilar capacities. The smallest can be 750ml and the largest 2500ml.
  • It purifies water naturally when stored over a long period. This makes the jugs good for storing drinking water. The copper material kills fungi, molds, bacteria that may be in the water.
  • The copper jugs are ductile. It is therefore easy to break as the material is not as hard as iron.

Types of Copper Jugs

  • There are jugs that are coated with copper while others are pure copper.
  • Some jugs are made with a stand while others are for hand-holding.
  • A dispenser copper jug has dispensable properties. It is good for serving many people.
  • We also have those copper jars that can store hot or cold water. Some are for cold water alone.

How to Use Copper Jug?

  • Wash the copper jugs with clean and pure water. Depending on the material used, some are washed using lemon. Use a sponge to clean.
  • Rinse it well and store it while dry to avoid contamination.
  • For best results, allow water to stay in the copper jugs overnight. Ensure that it is well covered with a lid.
  • Always place the copper jar on a flat surface.

Buyer Guide for Copper Jug

  • Check the jug for any breakages or cracks before buying.
  • Ensure that the capacity of the copper jugs are right for you.
  • Buying a copper jar that won’t store enough water may cost you more.
  • This is because you end up buying a supplementary jug.
  • Look out for the material used. Pure copper jars might be expensive but they are of the best quality.

List of Top 10 Best Copper Jugs in India-Buyers Guide

1. FEDUS Generic Kendra

FEDUS copper jugs have a plain brown design.

FEDUS Generic Kendra


  • Great capacity of 1700ml
  • Has natural benefits of copper
  • Wide opening for easy use


  • The outer color deteriorates
  • Needs frequent washing


2. R Ayurveda 

R Ayurved copper jugs come with 2 copper glasses.



  • It has copper and glass materials
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • The copper jugs has all the essential properties of copper


  • It can break easily
  • Has a small capacity of 1000ml


3. KC copper jugs

The jug has a plain mirror finishing.

KC copper jug


  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • Comes with a copper water bottle and glasses
  • The copper jar has antioxidating properties


  • Very light in weightiness
  • Copper water bottle lid is hard to use


4. Xtrendz 

A generic product brand.



  • The copper jug is easy to use
  • It is very affordable
  • A beautiful and unique quality


  • One has to open the lid completely to pour water
  • Catches dirt easily


5. VEDIC COPURE Pitcher jug

A floral printed jug.

VEDIC COPURE Pitcher jug


  • The jug does not allow leakages
  • Lacquer coating prevents it from early oxidation hence lasting long
  • The flower prints look beautiful


  • Hard to clean as you must use lemon and hot water
  • Wears out easily


6. Copper Master jug

It has a stainless-steel coating on the outside.

Copper Master jug


  • Stainless out coating
  • The copper material inside regulates thyroid glands
  • Pure copper material


  • Takes time to wash as it has to be soaked for at least two minutes.
  • Tarnishes with time


7. Indian Art villa 

A hammered jug design.

Indian Art villa 


  • Large capacity of 2 liters
  • A hand-crafted copper jug
  • Fits well in a somewhat vigorous routine


  • Forms some dark marks on the inside that need regular removal
  • Handwashing only


8. DN Creation 

A silver-colored copper vessel.

DN Creation 


  • It has a proportional water outlet
  • Has a floral design
  • Good for home usage


  • The material chips off
  • The handle is not firm enough


9. KBB Silver touch

2000ml capacity.

KBB Silver touch


  • Large capacity to serve the whole family
  • It has a stainless silver coating
  • KBB copper jug is easy to clean


  • Leaks while pouring water
  • Loose cap


10. Hand-e-crafts 

The capacity of 2 glass sets of 400ml.



  • It comes with a set of glasses
  • Positively charges the water
  • Pure and high-quality copper material


  • Complete damage of the copper jug if washed with a detergent
  • Very expensive to maintain



Copper jugs are quite common in India. The market is now full of original and fake products. One needs to do a good background check before making a purchasing decision. In the article, we have just listed a few of the top copper jugs as per the reviews.

Copper is also helpful to health. Getting a genuine copper jug can boost your immunity. Anything concerning your health needs maximum attention. Do not ignore any warnings given about a product to be safe.


Is copper jug good for health?

Copper is a natural antioxidant. This property of copper makes a copper jug good for health in a series of ways. It helps in the maintenance of healthy digestion in the body. The copper vessel component also assists in the production of melanin and the pigmentation of the eyes. They protect body cells from damaging thereby slowing ageing. Water stored in a copper jug strengthens the bones, teeth and builds the body’s immunity.

Which brand copper jug is best?

The best copper jug brand has pure copper. Avoid coated copper jugs. It is strong and lasts long. It does not chip or breaks easily. A copper vessel that does not stain easily and is easy to use.

When searching for the best brand, always check their other products. The reviews of the brand can also help make a good decision. You also need to ensure that you are buying an original brand.

How much does a copper jug cost?

Copper jug price depends on a number of factors. First is the brand. Brands that have been in the market for a long might be expensive. The material used to make the copper jug is also a price determinant. A 100% pure copper jug price is higher than a coated copper jar. The other utensils such as glasses that come with the jug contribute to the copper jug price.

On average the copper jug price in India ranges between 750INR and 1800INR. The retailers may also differ in jug prices.