Best Copper Glasses online in India-Buyers Guide

Glass is a vessel that is used for drinking water. It is usually made with different kinds of material. Copper mineral material has some health benefits. Copper is naturally an Anti-Carcinogenic and antioxidant. Many companies are now producing copper glasses. A copper glass is a utensil that you cannot miss in an Indian home. Most of them come as a package with copper jugs. This guide is to help you locate the best copper vessel in the market. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best copper bottles, Copper pipes, copper jugs, water bottles & hot & cold water bottles in India.

Top 10 Best Copper Glasses in India- Buyers Guide

List of Copper Glasses

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1. Copper Seamless glass Dr-Copper-Seamless-Glasses
2. Jaipur Kala Kendra Jaipur Kala Kendra
3. Obbi tm copper tumbler Obbi tm copper tumbler
4. Indian Art Villa  Indian Art Villa 
5. Generic Copper cup Generic Copper cup
6. Saga copper tumbler glasses Saga copper tumbler glass
7. AC Anand Crafts seamless AC Anand Crafts seamless
8. Neel Madhav copper vessel Neel Madhav copper vessel
9. NG Traders Pure Copper tumbler NG Traders Pure Copper tumbler
10. AVS Store AVS Store

Features of Copper Glass

  • Copper glasses are produced from copper. Copper has antioxidant properties. This property makes it good for health.
  • The weight of the copper tumbler is from 2 grams to 450grams. Copper glasses are lightweight in making.
  • Their capacity ranges from 150mls to 500ml. They are small and fit in an adult’s hand.
  • The copper tumbler can make a great wedding gift.

Types of Copper Glasses

  • Some copper glasses have a cap yet others do not have it.
  • A copper cup with a handle makes the holding easier. Most of the ones available do not have a handle.
  • The designs differ from one manufacturer to the other. There are plain copper glasses, embossed and printed copper tumblers. All function the same but have a different outlook
  • Pure copper glasses have 100% copper material. Others are coated while others only have the copper material in the inner part.

How to use Copper Glass?

  • Do not use a detergent to wash the copper glasses. This is because the detergent will wear out the copper material.
  • Avoid using a brush or scrubber to wash. Instead, we advise you to use a soft sponge. This can prevent the copper glasses from chipping quickly.
  • Be careful to read the manual and follow the care instructions carefully.
  • Store while dry and do not place one glass over another.

Buyer Guide for Copper Glass

  • Always remember that copper products tarnish over time. How you store the copper glasses matters. It may either accelerate the tarnish or slow it down.
  • Watch out for fake materials. There are many counter copper materials in the market. Insist on getting the genuine copper glasses.
  • Buy from a trusted dealer. Before you purchase, compare the market prices. This will protect you from cons who steal from innocent buyers.

List of Top 10 Best Copper Glasses in India-Buyers Guide

1. Dr. Copper Seamless glass

Dr. Copper glass is a high-capacity copper glasses.

Copper Seamless glass


  • Has a high volume of 500ml, making it hold large amounts of water
  • Pure refined copper glasses material
  • Affordable pricing


  • Difficult to wash
  • The inner part of the copper glasses tarnishes


2. Jaipur Kala Kendra

They come in 6 pieces.

Jaipur Kala Kendra


  • Good for all occasions
  • The set comes with a free cleaning powder
  • Safe for use and washing


  • The copper glass is a lightweight
  • Copper glasses in the package are of different sizes


3. Obbi tm copper tumbler

A multi-colored copper glasses.

Obbi tm copper tumbler


  • Well packaged in a velvet box
  • It has a classic design
  • The glass is 100% copper material


  • Copper glass is quite expensive
  • Wash with hot water only with no chemicals


4. Indian Art Villa 

The copper glass can be used at home or in a restaurant.

Indian Art Villa 


  • It has a lid to cover which fits well on the copper glass
  • Nice and attractive packaging
  • Sturdy and durable


  • A very small size
  • Oxidizes over time


5. Generic Copper cup

The copper glass weighs 100grams with a capacity of 350ml.

Generic Copper cup


  • Affordable
  • Good quality copper
  • Appropriate capacity


  • It is not durable
  • The copper glass tarnishes easily


6. Saga copper tumbler glass

A product of saga brands that comes in 4 pieces of 240mls.

Saga copper tumbler glass


  • Perfect for use and as a birthday gift
  • Once you use it, you prevent some ailments
  • A one-time purchase at an affordable rate


  • Lasts only a few days
  • The copper glass cannot be washed using a machine


7. AC Anand Crafts seamless

Pure copper product.

AC Anand Crafts seamless


  • Good product dimensions make it useful for any occasion
  • The copper glass is beautifully packaged
  • They have an antique design


  • You cannot store it on a wooden shelve
  • It tarnishes quickly


8. Neel Madhav copper vessel

A 350 ml set of two copper glasses.

Neel Madhav copper vessel


  • The copper glass has an ancient touch making it a fit gift for a grandparent.
  • The copper material helps to detoxify the stomach and enhance the body’s nutrition
  • Stores fresh water for a long while without going stale


  • Changes colour as it oxidizes
  • It cannot be machine washed


9. NG Traders Pure Copper tumbler

An NG Traders brand with unique qualities.

NG Traders Pure Copper tumbler


  • It can be used to drink multiply drinks such as whiskey, vodka, iced tea etc
  • A perfect design for all occasions
  • The copper glass can store water for long periods


  • Tumbler is very fragile and can easily break
  • Chips off easily


10. AVS Store

A copper tumbler that is made with 100% copper.

AVS STORE ® Drinking Copper Glass


  • Long-lasting quality
  • It is a set of four copper glasses
  • Made of a hard copper material


  • Does not have an attractive design
  • The items are quite expensive



Copper vessel is of great benefit. It is also a unique type of glass. Using a copper glass does not just give you a class but also enhances your health. Investing in your health is the greatest investment ever. You can also get a copper glass as a gift. This can be given at a friend’s birthday, a family wedding or to your parents. Copperas a mineral have been used from ancient days. Its benefits cannot be overstated. They have been tried and proved to be essential for a long and fulfilling life.


What are the benefits of drinking copper?

Copper glass purifies water. It also has some healing properties to diseases such as arthritis. In addition, copper has anti-aging properties. It does protect the body and enhances the digestive system of an individual. It stores the water from becoming stale. Copper balances the three doshas in the human body. It is also a detoxifying agent.

Why is copper stored in the water?

Copper stored water is good because it does not go stale. It is also healthy. Copper eliminates bacteria and fungi that could otherwise be found in water. Water stored in the glass does not mould.

What is the cost of copper glass?

Copper glass price in India starts at 300INR and goes all the way to 1200INR. The quality of material used and its originality is major contributors to the price. The price can also differ from one retailer to another. The difference in copper glass price is not so huge. Before settling on a given price, it is good to check out what other manufacturers are selling at.