Best Copper Bracelet in India-Buyers Guide

A copper bracelet is a beautiful ornament. They are worn on the arm or wrist. Bracelets are made of different types of material. Diverse cultures attach different significance to certain types of bracelets. In most cases, they were used as a sign or symbol. It can be a symbol of a relationship, major event, or rite. Bracelets are worn by all genders although they vary. Copper bracelets are common in India for their use. Copper, a mineral provides benefits to the body.

Besides the ornamental purpose, the copper bracelets have healing importance. They are used to heal joint pains, arthritis, migraines, exertion, among other common ailments. Some are made with pure copper while others are coated. Also check the buyer’s guide for the best hot & Cold bottles, Milton flasks, thermos flasks, copper bottles, copper jugs, copper glasses in India.

Top 10 Best Copper Bracelets in India- Buyers Guide

List of Copper Bracelets

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1. Healing Lama Healing Lama
2. Shinde Exports  Shinde Exports 
3. Touchstone copper Kada Touchstone copper Kada
4. Chakradhari Flat Pure  Chakradhari Flat Pure 
5. Signature metal  Signature metal 
6. Healing magnetic Kada Healing magnetic Kada
7. Discount4product Copper Kada Discount4product Copper Kada
8. Bona Fide Copper Kada Bona Fide Copper Kada
9. Art of Creation bracelet Art of Creation bracelet
10. DzineTrendz DzineTrendz

Buyer Guide for Copper Bracelet

  • A good bracelet is fitting.
  • The bracelets differ in size hence it is important to buy the right size.
  • We have fixed copper bracelets and adjustable copper bracelets.
  • You can also consider buying adjustable copper bracelets for convenience.
  • The shapes of the copper bracelets differ from round, bangle, cuff and Kanda.
  • Knowing exactly what shape looks good on you is important.
  • Consider buying copper bracelets that won’t cause you allergic reactions.
  • Different skins react differently to copper.
  • It is therefore important that you buy legit items from the market.
  • Choose the material that works best for you.
  • Your budget is a major determinant.
  • The copper bracelet prices vary from one vendor to another.
  • It also depends on the brand you wish to buy.

List of Top 10 Best Copper Bracelets in India-Buyers Guide

1. Healing Lama

Healing Lama copper bracelets are thick and original. It is a non-magnetic bracelet. You can easily adjust it to fit you.

Healing Lama


  • Easy to adjust and tighten
  • Durable quality
  • A unisex bracelet.


  • Too heavy
  • It doesn’t cover the whole wrist


2. Shinde Exports 

The copper bracelet is made with an antic style. It is good to give someone as a love gift. You can gift a male friend as well as a female friend.

Shinde Exports 


  • A great antic bracelet with a unique touch
  • It is adjustable to the needed size
  • A well-polished surface that makes it shiny


  • Quite costly
  • Can easily fade when exposed to extreme heat


3. Touchstone copper Kada

Has healing properties. It is good for chakra and yoga. The copper bracelet is a product of Touchstone brands which has a reputation of 20 years.

Touchstone copper Kada


  • A great bracelet for all occasions
  • Finished with great handcrafts
  • The bracelet is inlaid with pure copper


  • It is heavy for the wrist
  • It cannot be adjusted


4. Chakradhari Flat Pure 

A brand of Chakradhari manufacturers. The copper bracelet is for menswear. A round-shaped metal material.

Chakradhari Flat Pure 


  • The Nepaliya copper purity is at 99.9%
  • It can be subjected to high energies without fading
  • Perfect packaging


  • Must be washed with pitambari
  • Only made to fit men


5. Signature metal 

The copper bracelet is well hammered to last. It is purely handmade. The signature metal copper bracelet is available for both men and women.

Signature metal 


  • The heavy and thick product that is durable
  • It is a free size bracelet
  • The open ending makes it easy to wear


  • A very light bracelet
  • The copper coating fades


6. Healing magnetic Kada

A pure copper product. It has copper healing properties. The copper bracelet is magnetic.

Healing magnetic Kada


  • The magnets help to reduce static electricity
  • You can easily tighten and loosen it
  • Sturdy and durable


  • The colour fades over time
  • It is too small for a big arm


7. Discount4product Copper Kada

A unisex copper Kada. The Kada is internally adjustable. It is good for religious functions. Gift friend with it for Shiva bhakt.

Discount4product Copper Kada


  • A unique copper bracelet
  • It is a pure copper product
  • Internally adjustable Kada


  • Too heavy on the hand
  • It bends due to its light nature


8. Bona Fide Copper Kada

A thick copper bracelet for both genders. Well crafted with good finishing.

Bona Fide Copper Kada


  • Adjustable copper Kada
  • Good for allergic skins
  • Smooth finishing


  • Can attract dirt in the coils
  • Colour fades away easily


9. Art of Creation bracelet

Has a classic design. The black colour makes it stand out.

Art of Creation bracelet


  • It has a unique design
  • Easy to adjust for any size
  • Relives joint pains


  • The black coating fades off
  • It is non-magnetic


10. DzineTrendz

A men’s copper bracelet. Made of a cable chain. It has no open ends



  • Good for formal and informal functions
  • Highly polished inside and outside
  • Safe to wear due to the anti-allergic properties


  • No open ends, hard to wear
  • The copper bracelet cannot be adjusted



Copper bracelet prices in India vary from one manufacturer to another. A good copper bracelet will cost between 350 INR to 1500INR. The copper bracelet price may be higher or lower depending on the material used to make it.


What is the purpose of wearing a copper bracelet?

Copper bracelets have a healing property. They are good for arthritis, joint pains and boosts the immune system. Apart from the health benefits, they are good for beauty.

Is it good to wear a copper bracelet?

Yes, it is good to wear a copper bracelet. This is because of the properties of copper as a mineral.

How long does it take for a copper bracelet to work?

Copper bracelets work within a few hours of putting them on. If you wear it for at least 5-8 hours, you will feel its effects.