Best Coconut Powder Online in India-Buyers Guide

Coconut powder is ideal for use in the preparation of dishes like fish curries, stews, puddings, cakes, and casseroles. Others are blender drinks, ice creams, and pastries. In some of these recipes, you add the powder directly to the other ingredients. In others, you first convert the powder into milk, by adding it to water. Thereafter you proceed to use the milk in the recipes.

Genuine coconut powder is rich in minerals like copper, manganese, and selenium: which are very hard to find elsewhere. The best thing about the powder is the fact that turning it into milk is very easy. The traditional approach to obtaining coconut milk entails breaking, scraping, and squeezing coconuts. But the powder saves you from all that trouble. If you have the powder, you only need to add it to water, to obtain coconut milk instantly.

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List of Top 10 Best Coconut Powders in India

List of Coconut Powders

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1. KLF Coconad Coconut Milk Powders KLF-Nirmal-Coconut-Milk
2. Rose Desiccated Coconut Rose Desiccated Coconut
3. MAGGI Coconut Milk Powders MAGGI Coconut Milk Powder
4. Maharaja Eco-Products Coconut Powders  Maharaja Eco-Products
5. Jai Jinendra Coconut Powders Jai Jinendra Coconut Powder
6. NatureVit Desiccated Coconut NatureVit Desiccated Coconut
7. Coco Mama Desiccated Coconut Powders Coco Mama Desiccated
8. HealthyHive Coconut Powders  HealthyHive Coconut
9. Thanjai Natural Coconut Jaggery Powders Thanjai Natural Coconut
10. Minimal Unsweetened Coconut Powders Minimal Unsweetened

Features of Coconut Powder

  • One of the features that matter in coconut milk powder is taste. The best coconut milk powders have an authentic coconut taste. The said taste comes about without the use of artificial flavoring or sweetening.
  • Coconut milk powder has the best aroma. The best of these powders have the defining natural coconut aroma which cannot be mistaken for anything else.
  • The powder is creamy. Upon mixing with water, the best of these powders yield milk that is truly creamy.
  • Yet another feature that matters in the powder is its shelf life. The best of these powders have shelf life that is quite long. They last long without the use of potentially harmful preservatives.
  • The level of dietary fiber in coconut milk powder matters too as does its granule size or powder fineness.

Types of Coconut Powders

  • There are coconut powder products that contain artificial flavoring/sugar. Then there are others that are free of artificial flavoring or sugar.
  • There are coconut powder products that contain artificial preservatives. Then there are others that are free of artificial preservatives.
  • We have coconut powders that are made using the desiccation process. Then we have others that are made using the spray drying process.

How to use Coconut Powder?

  • There are two ways in which you can use coconut powders. The first is where you first convert it into milk. The second is where you use it directly (in powder form).
  • The approach that entails converting the powder into milk starts with warming some water. Then you add the powder to the water (as per the necessary ratio). Thereafter you stir the water into which you have added the powder, in order to end up with coconut milk. You can then proceed to use the product in a similar manner to how you’d have used traditional coconut milk.
  • The approach that entails adding the powder directly starts with measuring an adequate amount of the powder. You thereafter add it to other ingredients, in a manner similar to how you’d have used grated coconut.

Buying guide for Coconut Powder

  • The most important thing, while shopping for coconut milk powder, is to ensure that it is natural. It should be a powder that comes from actual coconut fruit flesh.
  • Another important consideration is the date when the powder was made. The recently made powder is likely to have more freshness than powder that was made very long ago. Remember, genuine coconut milk powder usually has a limited shelf-life.
  • Yet another important key question is as to what additives the powder contains. So you watch out for things like sugar/artificial sweetening, preservatives, and flavoring agents.
  • Also consider the ease with which the powder can be used, as well as its taste, aroma, and creaminess.
  • Further, pay attention to the packaging. Ensure that the coconut milk powder you buy is one that comes in hygienic packaging.

List of Top 10 Best Coconut Powders in India Buyers Guide

1. KLF Coconad (Instant) Coconut Milk Powder

What you get here is a full kilogram of powder. The vendor says that the powder comes from authentic Kerala coconuts.

KLF Coconad (Instant) Coconut Milk Powder


  • The milk that comes from this powder is truly creamy
  • It has long shelf life (one whole year)
  • It has an authentic taste


  • Preparation requires the use of warm water (not ideal with cold water)
  • Some may find the price to be a bit high


2. Rose Desiccated Coconut

The quantity is 1 kilogram. Shelf life is 6 months.

Rose Desiccated Coconut


  • Contains no added sugar
  • The powder is fine enough
  • Price is low


  • Package requires careful handling after first time opening
  • Shelf life has a limit of 6 months


3. MAGGI Coconut Milk Powder

Ideal for use as either a cream or as milk. Quantity is 1 kg.

MAGGI Coconut Milk Powder


  • Contains no allergens
  • Suitable for use by vegetarians
  • Easy to convert into milk or cream


  • Price is somewhat high
  • Some may find the taste rather sugary


4. Maharaja Eco-Products Desiccated Coconut Powder 

This is a keto-friendly powder. It comes in a 1 kg package.

Maharaja Eco-Products Desiccated Coconut Powder 


  • Rich in dietary fiber
  • Packaging is top-notch
  • Price is reasonable


  • Requires careful storage after initial opening to preserve flavor
  • There is a limit to its shelf life.


5. Jai Jinendra Coconut Powder

Quantity is 400 grams. It is a product of desiccated coconut copra.

Jai Jinendra Coconut Powder


  • It is versatile (ideal for use in many recipes)
  • The aroma is good
  • The packaging is healthy


  • Quantity is only 400 grams
  • Some may find the price to be quite high for the given quantity


6. NatureVit Desiccated Coconut

Ideal for use as a raw grated coconut substitute. The quantity is 400 grams.

NatureVit Desiccated Coconut


  • Has no cholesterol or trans fat
  • The packaging preserves the purity
  • Easy to use in recipes


  • Some may find the taste bland (as it has no artificial sweetening)
  • Quantity is modest (at 400 grams)


7. Coco Mama Desiccated Coconut Powder

This comes in a 500 grams pouch. Suitable for use by vegetarians and even vegans.

Coco Mama Desiccated Coconut Powder


  • Contains no moisture in it
  • Price is within most people’s reach
  • Versatile (suitable for use in many recipes)


  • May start losing flavor upon opening the pouch
  • The taste may be too sugary for some


8. HealthyHive Coconut Powder 

Shelf life is 6 months. The package is in pouch form, with 400 grams quantity.

HealthyHive Coconut Powder 


  • Contains no gluten
  • Versatile (suitable for use in many different recipes)
  • The pouch it comes in is of reusable type


  • Some may find that the powder granules are not fine enough
  • After 6 months, the product’s shelf life ends


9. Thanjai Natural Coconut Jaggery Powder

This is a unique jaggery powder, made using coconuts. Quantity is half a kilo.

Thanjai Natural Coconut Jaggery Powder


  • Has low glycemic index
  • Taste is delicious
  • The texture is quite smooth


  • Has sugary (rather than the natural coconut) flavor
  • Quantity is modest, at 500 g


10. Minimal Unsweetened Coconut Powder

What you get here is 1 kg of powder. Suitable for use in keto and paleo diets.

Minimal Unsweetened Coconut Powder


  • Comes in a decent package
  • Quantity is big enough for most people’s needs (at 1 kg)
  • Quite easy to use


  • May have only modest creaminess upon mixing with water
  • Some may find the powder to be not very fine



Authentic coconut powder gives you all the various coconut benefits in a convenient way. This guide can be of help to you if you are shopping for authentic coconut powder.


What kind of coconut is in coconut powder?

The coconut’s fresh kernel is usually dried and ground to make the powder.

What is the purpose of coconut milk powder?

Upon adding warm water to it, it turns into milk which is ideal for use in cooking and baking.

What is the price of coconut powder?

Most packages range between 220 and 690 rupees.