Best Cleansing Milk in India-Buyers Guide

Cleansing milk is a soft, light cleanser that uses a gentler approach to cleansing your skin. It’s made from a natural emulsion of lipids and water, and it helps to cleanse your skin without removing your natural oils. Cleansing milk is a highly effective technique to remove filth, debris, and makeup from your face, and it may be created from natural or animal-based fats.

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Top 10 Best Cleansing Milk in India-Buyers Guide

List of Cleansing Milks

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1. Lotus herbal lemonpure milk Lotus herbal lemonpure cleansing milk
2. Lustre organic whitening milk Lustre organic whitening cleaning milk
3. Ayur herbals deep milk Ayur herbals deep cleansing milk
4. Mama earth ubtan  milk Mama earth ubtan cleansing milk
5. St. Botanica Bulgarian rose otto glow milk St. Botanica Bulgarian
6. Nivea cleansing lotion refreshing milk Nivea cleansing lotion refreshing cleansing milk
7. Opal herbal milk Opal herbal cleansing milk
8. Olivia cleansing milk for glowing skin Olivia cleansing milk for glowing skin
9. Jovees citrus  milk Jovees citrus cleansing milk
10. Himalaya herbals refreshing Milk Himalaya herbals refreshing cleansing milk

Features of Cleansing Milk

  • This milk is a gentler option for cleansing your face, leaving it soft and revitalized.
  • Because they contain strong chemicals or soaps, many cleansing lotions, especially those marketed to cure acne, are overly harsh and can cause your skin to dry out.
  • The ingredients in cleansing milk are allowed to speak for themselves.
  • There are no chemicals or foaming substances in this product, and the soft, hazy texture is great for dry or sensitive skin.
  • It is a soothing approach to eliminate pollutants that have accumulated throughout the day or overnight while also re-hydrating and moisturizing the skin.

Types of Cleansing Milk

  • Before applying serums or anti-aging creams, it’s vital to cleanse the region to ensure that it’s stable. It will penetrate the skin more deeply and act more efficiently as a result.
  • Other skin care products can penetrate deeper into your skin and do their job more efficiently if you have a smooth surface.
  • It’s just as vital to pick the correct cleanser for your skin type and needs as it is to perform the cleansing action.
  • With so many alternatives for cleansing, each one has its own set of advantages.
  • Knowing the distinctions between each type makes it much easier to narrow down your selections and find the ideal cleanser.
  • Cleansers are classified as follows:
  1. Foam cleanser
  2. Gel cleanser
  3. Oil-based
  4. Micellar water
  5. Cleansing balm
  6. Cleansing bar

Buyer’s guide for Cleansing Milk

Cleansers for the face are products designed to remove dirt and other impurities from the skin. Facial cleansers should be used regularly to keep skin clear and healthy. Consider the following factors while selecting the ideal one for you to improve your skin and maintain it healthy for as long as feasible.

  • Skin type
  • Consistency of facial cleanser
  • Fragrance-free cleanser
  • Exfoliating ingredients

How to use Cleansing Milk?

Cotton wool can be used to apply the cleansing milk. If you want to use water instead of cleansing milk, dampening cotton wool or wiping the skin with a wet towel is OK, as it ensures no traces of cleansing milk remain on the skin before toning. To apply your cleansing milk, follow the procedures below.

  • Using your fingertips or cotton wool, gently massage the cleansing milk into your face and neck.
  • Take your time applying the cleansing milk to your skin, rubbing it in to assist loosen filth.
  • The cleansing milk can be removed in the shower or with dry or damp cotton wool.
  • Once a week, exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells and let your skin glow. Remove the cleaning milk off the face and neck using a damp lukewarm cotton cloth in small circular motions.
  • Swipe a natural facial toner over the face and neck once the cleaning milk has been completely removed.

List of Top 10 Best Cleansing Milk in India-Buyers Guide

1. Lotus herbal lemonpure milk (170 ml)

This one-of-a-kind cleansing milk is perfect for removing make-up and deep cleansing. Lemon has an astringent quality that helps to remove pollutants from the skin.

Lotus herbal lemonpure cleansing milk


  • It contains turmeric that is anti-septic.
  • It revitalizes skin.
  • This acts as an antioxidant.


  • It may result in acne for sensitive skin.
  • This is may take time to absorb.


2. Lustre organic whitening milk for deep clean and refreshing skin (500 ml)

It can be used to take off make-up. Exfoliates vigorously to remove dull layers of dead skin and prevents them from forming.

Lustre organic whitening cleaning milk


  • Cleans entirely of grime, oil, and makeup.
  • Your skin will be deeply hydrated and appear to be healthier as a result of using this product.
  • Clears blemishes and restores skin’s radiance.


  • This is a bit greasy.
  • It does not stay for long.


3. Ayur herbals deep milk (1000 ml)

Ayur herbal milk is a mild cleanser that penetrates deep into the skin. It works by eliminating dust, sweat, and make-up from your skin while also balancing and maintaining the pH balance of your skin.

Ayur herbals deep cleansing milk


  • It absorbs products more effectively.
  • It brightens your skin.
  • This is suitable for normal to oily skin.


  • It may cause dryness.
  • It may irritate the skin.


4. Mama earth ubtan cleansing milk for gentle cleansing (100 ml)

Cleanse your skin gently to remove the day’s debris, pollutants, and makeup without depleting it of its natural oils.

Mama earth ubtan cleansing milk


  • It makes your skin feather-soft.
  • This is non-greasy.
  • This is suitable for all skin types.


  • It may not suit some people.
  • This is expensive.


5. Botanica Bulgarian rose otto glow cleansing milk (150 ml)

Bulgarian rose Otto, aloe vera, rose water, lemon, and orange all have skin-enhancing properties that assist to improve skin texture and tone.

Botanica Bulgarian rose otto glow cleansing milk


  • This has a creamy texture that blends easily.
  • It removes the dirt from the skin.
  • It gives a velvety smooth finish.


  • This is pricey.
  • This has a bit of a greasy texture.


6. Nivea cleansing lotion refreshing milk (200 ml)

This Nivea milk deeply nourished your skin and makes it refreshed.

Nivea cleansing lotion refreshing cleansing milk


  • This is suitable for normal to combination skin.
  • It hydrates your skin.
  • This gives a fresh feeling to the skin.


  • This is not suitable for oily skin.
  • This makes your skin appear sticky.


7. Opal herbal milk deep pore gentle cleansing (500 ml, pack of 2)

To keep your skin glowing and hydrated use this milk to see the effective result.

Opal herbal cleansing milk


  • This smoothens your skin.
  • This cleanses your skin deeply.
  • You can use it on daily basis.


  • Avoid putting it in direct sunlight.
  • Always close the lid after use.


8. Olivia cleansing milk for glowing skin (500 ml)

This Olivia milk has a light solution that aids in the removal of dirt, pollutants, and other impurities that have become trapped in the pores of the skin.

Olivia cleansing milk for glowing skin


  • It has a mild and refreshing fragrance.
  • This contains aloe vera to soothe your skin.
  • This leaves your skin smooth and supple.


  • The consistency is a bit thin.
  • You need to take a large portion for the best results.


9. Jovees citrus milk for pure skin (100 ml)

A mild face cleanser with valuable herbal components that thoroughly cleanses the skin.

Jovees citrus cleansing milk for pure skin


  • This gives a matte look to the face.
  • This keeps your skin even-toned.
  • It removes makeup with ease.


  • This is not good for oily skin.
  • It may cause rashes on the skin.


10. Himalaya herbals refreshing milk (100 ml)

Himalaya’s Refreshing this milk is formulated with a unique combination of herbs and other cleansing agents. It removes grime, makeup, and everyday pollutants gently while preserving your skin’s natural moisture balance.

Himalaya herbals refreshing cleansing milk


  • It contains grapeseed that is good for skin nourishment.
  • Mint in it acts as a cooling agent.
  • This maintains moisture balance.


  • This is not suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Keep it in a dry place.



Cleansing milk is made up of emollients and oils that are gentle on the skin. Milk cleanser is a mild formula that won’t strip your skin of its natural oils and is less prone to leave a residue. It gently eliminates impurities and oil while preserving the skin’s natural balance. For healthy, beautiful skin, incorporate cleansing milk into your everyday cleansing routine.


What is the benefit of cleansing milk?

Cleansing milk is a sort of cleanser that aids in the removal of makeup, dirt, and pollutants from the face. It can also assist you in maintaining a healthy and attractive appearance on your face.

Is cleansing milk better than face wash?

 A cleanser is nourishing and moisturizing in comparison to a face wash. As an alternative to soap, face wash can be used. Face washes and soaps are harsher than cleansers.

Is cleansing milk good for the face?

Cleansing milk products are gentle on the skin and leave it moisturized and glowing. Unlike foaming cleansers, milk cleansers nourish the skin from the inside out while also removing pollutants and dead skin cells. That is why it is critical to use cleaning milk regularly.