Best Christmas Crib in India-Buyers Guide

Christmas is celebrated universally as a holiday. In the commemoration of the birth of Jesus to a virgin woman, Mary, and Joseph. A Christmas crib is a prototypical display of the story of Christmas. It shows the occurrences of the ‘holy night’. The crib helps to picture the events that took place on Christmas night.  The models display images of Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, the shepherds, sheep, a manger among others. Christmas cribs differ in that some may have a few of the models’ others all.

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Top 10 Best Christmas Cribs in India

List of Christmas Cribs

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1. Puja N Pujari Puja N Pujari
2. Excel Impex Excel Impex
3. Salvus APP Solutions Salvus APP Solutions
4. Lilone  Crib Lilone  Crib
5. Vaticano Collezione Vaticano Collezione
6. APSAMBR Marble Crib APSAMBR Marble Crib
7. Vaticano Collezione Vaticano Collezione
8. MDT India Nativity  MDT India Nativity 
9. Arte House Realistic party crib Arte House Realistic party crib
10. SK Craft Christmas celebration cribs SK Craft Christmas celebration crib

Buyer Guide for Christmas Crib

In the Christmas festive, you probably want to have Christmas cribs. There are several factors to consider;

  • First is the type of material used. Different materials create Christmas cribs. Some are made of plastic, wood, ceramic, resin among other materials. How you want to use the Christmas cribs will help you determine the material you want. If you would love it to last long then you need to select a crib with long-lasting material.
  • Product dimensions; This is an important factor to consider while purchasing. The space where you are going to place the Christmas cribs will help you settle for one. The dimensions vary in size and area coverage. It is good to have a Christmas cribs that fits perfectly in your space.
  • Other factors to consider are the color; choose one that impresses your kids. Check also the number of pieces in the Christmas crib depending on how you intend to use it. Finally, look at the cost implication, let the price be within your budget. You do not want to begin the new year with a zero balance.

List of Top 10 Best Christmas Cribs in India-Buyers Guide 

1. Puja N Pujari

The Christmas crib is a multi-colored model. Plastic material. The set contains 18 pieces.

Puja N Pujari


  • The 18 pieces create a real and relevant scene
  • It is good for decoration with the multi-colors
  • The dimensions are small


  • Poorly packaged
  • The colours can wear off easily


2. Excel Impex

It has 18 pieces in a set. The Christmas crib set is 7 cm in height.

Excel Impex


  • Well designed for Christmas decoration
  • It has a perfect colouring
  • Great Thermocol material


  • Quite costly in pricing
  • It has a poor finishing


3. Salvus APP Solutions

A traditional collection of Christmas cribs. The set has 10 pieces and is made of porcelain.

Salvus APP Solutions


  • Detailed faces and clothing
  • Stands out due to the hand painting
  • The fine wood and marble dust are beautifully designed


  • It misses an angel in the pieces
  • Very small in size


4. Lilone  Crib

It displays the nativity of the holy night. The Christmas crib is made of 5 pieces.

Lilone  Crib


  • Small in size and you can move around with it
  • Beautifully crafted for Christmas décor
  • It has a good finishing


  • A very limited number of pieces in the set
  • The packaging is not well done


5. Vaticano Collezione

A 3.5 Inch height Christmas crib. It is beautifully designed with mini-plastic material. It weighs 180grams.

Vaticano Collezione


  • Catchy to the eye
  • Great quality Christmas crib
  • It has a unique finishing


  • Quite small in size
  • The plastic material can break


6. APSAMBR Marble Christmas Crib

A native 9 pack set. It is brown. Made of marbles which make it unique in making.

APSAMBR Marble Crib


  • Creates a traditional native look giving it the holy night feel
  • Well packaged
  • The design is deeply detailed


  • Very small in size
  • The figurines can chip off


7. Vaticano Collezione

A 6” ceramic Christmas crib. It is big with 12 pieces in the set.  It weighs 1.6 kg.

Vaticano Collezione


  • Big in size
  • Well designed with ceramic material making it last long
  • It has a good packaging


  • Quite expensive
  • Might break if moved around frequently


8. MDT India Nativity 

A brightly coloured Christmas crib set. It has 18 pieces in the set. The height of the plastic Christmas crib is 3 Inches.

MDT India Nativity 


  • Attractive colours used to mould the festival crib
  • The angels’ position is in a unique area
  • Goes at an affordable price


  • The plastic material can break easily
  • It is not much detail in the crafting


9. Arte House Realistic party crib

The stylish Christmas crib set is made of Polymarble. The set has 11 pieces of figurines. The height is 7.5 inches. The different figurines vary in height to give the nativity and traditional feel.

Arte House Realistic party crib


  • The pieces are made in a realistic manner.
  • Handcrafted with many details in it
  • They are available in different varying heights


  • It is quite expensive to buy
  • It can break easily if not handled carefully


10. SK Craft Christmas celebration crib

The crib has been made with wooden material and the finishing is done with Polymarble. it has a design that is classical.

SK Craft Christmas celebration crib


  • It has a nativity feel
  • The wooden hut gives it a different and unique touch
  • It is well packaged with each figurine in a box


  • Very expensive
  • It does not have a carving of an angel



As we draw close to Christmas day, you need to get yourself a Christmas crib. This can serve as a good gift to your family and loved ones, especially those who are Christians.  Christmas crib price in India is between 350 INR and 4500INR. It is easy to get any type of Christmas crib in online shops. They are normally very fragile. One needs to handle it with care to avoid breakage.


What is the Christmas crib mean?

A Christmas crib is a model that shows the holy night scene. It decorates homes during the Christmas festivals. It is usually placed under a Christmas tree, foyer table or on a shelve. This makes the décor stand out.

When should I take my Christmas crib?

You should take your Christmas crib at least a week to Christmas day. The earlier you pick your set the better for you. This is to ensure that you check that all the pieces are in place and in good shape. It will also give you the time to set up your decoration in your preferred position.

How do you make a Christmas crib?

A Christmas crib idea is easy to make with the materials available. Some of the materials you can use are plastic, marbles, wood. The Christmas crib idea is to have a symbol of the Christian story of the birth of Jesus.

Before you start to make one, you need to identify the number of pieces that you will include. The more the pieces the more relevant to the story. Once you have made the model, furnish it and paint with the desired colors.