Best Christmas Caps in India-Buyers Guide

The Christmas holiday is around the corner. Every Christian household organizes a party to mark this day in the Christian calendar. Christmas caps are won to give the celebration the party feeling. They are mostly won by Santa Claus. The Christmas caps are usually red with a white lining. If you have been invited to a party, you may be asked to have a Christmas cap. In this article, we highlight some of the considerations to make as you shop for one.

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Top Best Christmas Caps in India

List of Christmas Caps

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1. Zest 4 Toys Zest 4 Toys
2. Evisha Christmas caps Evisha Christmas caps
3. Kaku Fancy Cap Kaku Fancy Cap
4. HK Balloons Christmas caps HK Balloons Christmas caps
5. Tied Ribbons Christmas cap Tied Ribbons Christmas cap
6. Summid Christmas hat Summid Christmas hat
8. Kuyou Women’s Santa hat Kuyou Women’s Santa hat
9. Masti zone Masti zone
10. SC Santa caps SC Santa caps

Buyers Guide for Christmas Cap

  • A Christmas cap should be fitting. It is therefore important to check on the size of the Christmas cap. They are available in different sizes, small, medium, and large. You need to get one that fits well with the shape of your head.
  • The texture of the Christmas cap is an important consideration. Best Christmas hats are soft. This gives your head a good feel. The material used to make the cap determines the texture of the cap. It is therefore important to know what works best for you.
  • There are different ways of washing Christmas caps. When purchasing one, check for the washing instructions. If you do not own a dry cleaner, go for one that is hand-washed. This will help you cut down on the cost of dry-cleaning.
  • There are Christmas hats that come in packages. Knowing the exact package that you need can be helpful. If you are buying for many people, buying a large pack can save you the cost.

List of Top Best Christmas Caps in India-Buyers Guide 

1. Zest 4 Toys

It is a free-size Christmas cap and comes in packs of 2. The Christmas cap has a good velvet touch.

Zest 4 Toys


  • Easy to wear
  • Offered in all sizes and for all ages
  • It is light to carry around


  • It is not so warm
  • Can tear easily


2. Evisha Christmas caps

Free size Christmas cap that fits both children and adults. It comes at affordable pricing. The brand is known for its quality designs.

Evisha Christmas caps


  • Free size fitting for kids and adults
  • It is a family pack of Christmas caps
  • Cheap and affordable pricing


  • Tears within a short time
  • Catches dirt quickly


3. Kaku Fancy Cap

The Christmas hat is perfect for both boys and girls. It is created from a piece of velvet fabric. To wash, you dry clean for good maintenance.

Kaku Fancy Cap


  • A regular fit cap for kids
  • The velvet fabric is of high quality and safe for kids
  • Lasts long and will use for more than one Christmas holiday


  • Can only dry clean
  • Expensive to maintain


4. HK Balloons Christmas caps

Made both for kids and adults. Once you buy a set, you can use it with your entire family. They are free-size Christmas hats with a ball on top. They are a pack of 6 caps.

HK Balloons Christmas caps


  • The balloon ball on top makes it unique
  • They are good for a family gathering party
  • Bright and attractive


  • They are not a fitting size
  • Only good for a single-use


5. Tied Ribbons Christmas cap

The caps have an elongated ribbon. They are available in packs of 12 for both kids and adults.

Tied Ribbons Christmas cap


  • Carefully packaged to avoid spoil
  • They are good for all ages
  • Best for gaming activities and events with Santa Claus


  • The color can fade over time
  • They stretch and become too big for small heads


6. Summid Christmas hat

Two pieces of neatly woven Santa caps. They are made from wool which makes them warm and elastic. The Christmas caps are available in all sizes.

Summid Christmas hat


  • Warm Christmas hats for summer
  • They are elastic making them fit on any type of head
  • They are soft and good for all occasions


  • The wool can tear apart
  • Not good on a sunny day, can get too hot and make you sweat



The Santa hat is made in India and is distributed throughout the country. It is easy to access it in your local cloth wear shop. The Christmas cap comes in a twin pair and an adult.



  • Perfect gift for a family with twins
  • It is soft and smooth on the inside giving you a cool feel
  • Can use for all occasions


  • The color can fade over time
  • It is not elastic


8. Kuyou Women’s Santa hat

A Christmas cap for women. The cap has been nicely woven with wool material.

Kuyou Women’s Santa hat


  • Stretch is adjustable
  • It is beautiful and eye-catching
  • Good for winter weather


  • When washed for long it can overstretch and be baggy
  • Catches dirt fast


9. Masti zone

a 12 set of Christmas hats. Soft velvet material and a free-size cap.

Masti zone


  • It is soft and fluffy inside
  • They are bright and set the party mood
  • Free size Christmas caps


  • Does not have a regular fit
  • Only for a single occasion


10. SC Santa caps

A 6-piece pack of well-made Christmas caps. The caps are free size and are good for both kids and adults.

SC Santa caps


  • A soft cloth that makes you feel good
  • Free size
  • Attractive color that will make you stand out


  • No regular fit and can be over-size
  • It needs adjustments for head type



Christmas is a festive season with its origins from a pagan holiday Saturnalia. It is celebrated worldwide and many family’s re-unit during this season. As you celebrate with your family and friends, Christmas caps can switch the mood. Purchasing the hats in advance can help you plan out your party well. This article is to help you know the best Christmas caps you can choose from.


What is a Christmas Cap called?

A Christmas cap is called a Santa Claus cap/hat

What is the ball on a Santa hat called?

The ball is called a pom pom

How much cost is the Christmas cap?

Christmas caps are available in the market at varying prices depending on the material and brand. A Christmas cap price in India ranges from 189INR to 1299INR. They are way much affordable for any budget you have.