Buy Best Christmas Bells Online in India-Buyers Guide

A Christmas bell is a golden model of a handbell. It is useful for decoration during Christmas. Christmas bells normally decorate the Christmas tree to make them glitter. They come in a range of sizes depending on the size of the tree. Christmas bells are good for both indoor and outdoor décor. Apart from the tree, they are hung on the doorway, window, and wall. It can decorate any place that will make it look good.

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Top 10 Best Christmas Bells in India

List of Christmas Bells

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1. CraftVatika CraftVatika
2. HIGHBIX Round Rustic Tin Bells HIGHBIX Round Rustic Tin Bells
3. Evisha Christmas Bell Evisha Christmas Bell
4. Vintage Rustic Christmas bell Vintage Rustic Christmas bell
5. EPARTY Hanging bell EPARTY Hanging bell
6. Popinjay Popinjay
7. Amishi Blissful Décor Amishi Blissful Décor
8. Popinjay Plastic 5 Pack Popinjay Plastic 5 Pack
9. Popinjay 20 pack Popinjay 20 pack
10. Pop the Party bell Pop the Party bell

Buyers Guide for Christmas Bell

  • There are a number of factors that ought to be considered while purchasing a Christmas bell.
  • First is the material used to make the Christmas bell. Some are of plastic, steel, iron, tin and paper carton. The material used determines the durability of the Christmas bell. If you just want a one-time decoration, you can go for a Christmas bell that is made of light material.
  • The size and dimensions of Christmas bells are also major determinants. It depends if the décor you are going for is for a small space or a large one. You may want to go with a small size. Christmas bells that are used for outdoor events may need to be a little bigger.
  • The place that you want to decorate will also help you decide. There is a Christmas bell that has strings for while others are placed in small baskets. This is determined by your taste and how you want to use it.
  • Finally, you want to be careful with the brand you settle for. Always check some of the reviews the item has received from previous users.

List of Top 10 Best Christmas Bells in India-Buyers Guide

1. CraftVatika

A perfect Christmas décor for indoor and outdoor. It can fit well on a Christmas tree and be hung on the wall too. It is golden in colour and made of plastic shiny material.



  • Good for indoor and outdoor decoration
  • It has a string attached to it for easy hanging
  • Made of fade-resistant and long-lasting material


  • It is costly
  • Needs to be handled with care


2. HIGHBIX Round Rustic Tin Bells

It comes in a pack of 15 rustic tin bells. They are round in shape and gold in colour.

HIGHBIX Round Rustic Tin Bells


  • They produce a good quality sound
  • Affordable in pricing
  • Excellent for indoor decoration


  • It has a limited use
  • The sound does not last long


3. Evisha Christmas Bell

It is big in size and good for decoration. The Christmas bell has a red lining which makes it more attractive.

Evisha Christmas Bell


  • Big in size and visible from a distance
  • The colors are solid for long term use
  • It is cheap


  • It is not durable
  • It has no sound


4. Vintage Rustic Christmas bell

The Christmas bell is handmade and detailed. It is round in shape. They come in a set of 20 bells.

Vintage Rustic Christmas bell


  • They are of classic design
  • Made of cast iron making it to last long
  • The 20 bells produce a good sound
  • Used for more than one purpose


  • If not well handled the bells can drop off
  • The color can fade over time


5. EPARTY Hanging bell

Made of plastic material. It is used for wedding décor and Christmas décor. This can be a great birthday gift to family or friends.

EPARTY Hanging bell


  • Great and fits well for any occasion
  • You can fold them into the desired shape for different designs
  • Made of a high-quality durable material


6. Popinjay

A pack of 10 light golden Christmas bells. It is 4 inches in height and good for home décor. It can fit perfectly on a Christmas tree.



  • The Christmas bells are used in the temple, home, or workspace
  • They are good for hanging
  • It is affordable in pricing


  • Only good for hanging
  • They do not ring


7. Amishi Blissful Décor

The Christmas bell is uniquely designed. It is made with stainless steel making it last longer. It is silver in color.

Amishi Blissful Décor


  • They are durable
  • The Christmas bells do not catch the stain
  • Used for different occasions; on the wreath, coronet décor, on a Christmas tree


  • Good for hanging
  • Used together with another décor


8. Popinjay Plastic 5 Pack

Another Popinjay brand comes in 5 pieces. It is good for hanging. The Christmas bell is 7 cm high.

Popinjay Plastic 5 Pack


  • It is used anywhere
  • They are good for decoration
  • It has a good color finishing


  • The Christmas bell can break easily
  • It does not produce sound;  only used for decoration


9. Popinjay 20 pack

A pack of 20 Christmas bells. They are specifically made for decoration.

Popinjay 20 pack


  • They have a shiny lustre
  • Great for home and temple décor
  • Available in different designs


  • The Christmas bells do not ring
  • They are only for hanging


10. Pop the Party bell

They are 10 pieces of silent Christmas bells. The bells are blue in color. Their color will make your party glitter and beautiful.

Pop the Party bell


  • Good for a colorful décor
  • Made of strong and long-lasting material
  • Used for different occasions and places


  • Too lightweight and are blown away by the wind
  • They have no sound



Christmas bells make the festivals merrier. They bring the mood of celebration to life. If you have a Christmas tree, decorating it with a Christmas bell will beautify it. Christmas bell prices in India start at 200 INR to 999INR. Depending on your budget, you can beautify your surrounding with one. The Christmas bell prices differ depending on the brand, material, and design.


What is a Christmas bell?

It is a figure/ornament of a handbell. It helps to decorate Christmas trees and homes

What do you do with Christmas bells?

Christmas bells decorate homes, offices, temples for festive seasons and parties. They make the place attractive and in a festive mood.

What does a bell represent in Christianity?

A bell represents the musical aspect of the celebration. The ringing of the Christmas bells represents the Christian music sung at the birth of Jesus.